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 Editor's NOTE


      We are more or less aware of what is going on in the physical plane and whatever we can perceive with the five senses. However, there are other realities beside the virtual (digital) reality of 3D games and movies. For example, when we dream, we lose body awareness but we can still see, hear, etc. another world that appears very real.
We also know that there are other physical worlds beyond our sense limitations for we can increase our range of sensitivity by a microscope, telescope, satellite, some electronic equipment, etc.
Likewise, there might be other subtle worlds according to some reports. In most ancient and current cultural traditions, we hear about angels, nature spirits (salamanders, undines, gnomes, sylphs, etc.), devas, elementals, etc. These entities play special roles in assisting nature and its inhabitants. Some people are already building some Natural Oasis by working with these nature


spirits. Examples are the Findhorn community in Scotland, the Bhrugu Aranya Homa community in Poland, Paramadham and Baltimore Homa Community in USA, Shree Dham in Australia, and Tapovan in India.

So the next question is:
Do you have to have special qualities to work with angelic beings? The Bhagawad Geeta explains this beautifully in chapter 3 ´the path of Karma Yoga´. The verse 11 expresses: “Nourish the Devas with Yajnya and the Devas will nourish you. Thus nourishing one another you shall reach the Supreme Goal.” Human beings can prosper and fulfill all desires by Yajnya (3.10)

What is Yajnya? It is the purification (elimination of pollution) in Nature through special Homa fires. Agnihotra is the basic fire of Homa Therapy and it can be performed by anyone. So let´s join hands and work in cooperation with the nature spirits, elementals, devas, etc. by doing Agnihotra. The mass practice of Agnihotra can give a strong push to nature and all its inhabitants in the right direction, the direction of LOVE.


Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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Homa Healing Stories

Sofia, Lucas and Martha Maya at sunrise Agnihotra

Martha de Maya
Armenia, Colombia

"12 years ago, in the month of December, we began with the practice of Homa Therapy. We started doing Agnihotra daily.
8 or 9 years prior to that date I was operated and my fallopian tubes were tied up and since then I could no longer have children. My youngest son was 17 years old, my daughter was 20 and I was 40 years old.

At that time, I had a friend who wanted to have a child but she was not practicing the Homa fire. And surprise! - it was me who ended up pregnant. We were doing Agnihotra for approx. one month. Now I have a beautiful 11 year old daughter.
By the way, I had  placenta detachment for the first 3 months but then the placenta returned miraculously to its place.  I only lay still during the first 3 months  even though I was supposed  to do that during the whole pregnancy. Little by little, I could get up and have a "normal" life. My daughter is healthy, pretty, and she is a beauty inside and out. Her health and her mental development are excellent. She is a very good student. She belongs to the skating league of Quindío. She skates the whole week and on Saturdays she mounts the bicycle. She is a girl who loves activity.
After the pregnancy, my husband Luis Carlos experienced a big change in his life. Before he used to drink a lot and was out whole nights. But when we started with the practice of Homa Therapy, he stopped  all that and our lives changed. I advise families with similar problems to take the time to practice Homa Therapy and do Agnihotra, it is worth it!"
Lucas Maya:
"We have had many experiences with Homa Therapy. We both had strong temperaments, but  Homa Therapy changed our lives very much for the better. We have shared our lives for 33 years and the last 12 years have been much calmer and more pleasant. I would recommend the practice of Agnihotra to all who receive this message. Really, take advantage of this opportunity! Please, don't waste it, allow it to happen. When the student is ready, the Master appears."

Jesús Mancilla
Santa Marta, Colombia

I am 18 years old. Yesterday, I was participating in Agnihotra in the home of Mr. Rafael and his wife, Maria Cristina. And during the fire, I felt an energy that ran up my right arm and my face. I felt this energy inside my body fighting obstacles like a force that expanded. It was an impressive force,  dragging away everything on its way. It fills me with happiness to see how our thoughts and Nature  can help us. My illness  is "osteogenesis imperfecta". First of all, the doctors told my mother that I would not pass 4 years of age. When this time arrived, they said that I could live till the age of 9. Now, I am 18 years old, thanks to God.

With the alternative medicine and  Homa Therapy I see other changes, different to what the doctors say. This morning, I practiced Agnihotra  with Mr. Oscar and again I felt that energy inside my body with more force. It almost made me elevate. I felt that it went directly to the affected areas of my body. I am truly very happy and want to continue practicing Homa Therapy.




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This poor farmer has the answer to India's food crisis
IST: September 23, 2010 19:27
Article sent by Hrishikesh Paranjpe

Apni kheti, apna khaad / Apna beej, apna swaad
Our own farm, our own fertiliser / Our own seeds, our own taste -- Prakash Singh Raghuvanshi.

(Excerpts) A farmer from Tandia village in Varanasi has a solution to India's burgeoning food crisis.

In a land where poverty, hunger, malnutrition and farmer suicides are rampant, Prakash Singh Raghuvanshi's innovation could work wonders.
He has single-handedly developed a number of high yielding, nutritious and disease-resistant varieties of wheat, paddy, pigeon pea (tur dal) and mustard, which can also withstand adverse weather changes.
Financial problems and falling crop yield prompted him to think about starting a seed bank of the best varieties of crops.
"The Union Bank has sent a notice as I have not been able to pay up the loan. They will seize my property if I do not pay Rs 75,000 immediately. I can't imagine losing my precious land. I hope someone will help me out of this crisis," he says.
"I believe that God has given me the power to help other farmers and help my country be self-sufficient in food grain production. Every variety I developed has a yield of 20-40 per cent more than the ones available in the market. I can challenge anyone to grow a better variety of crop beside my plot," says 50-year-old Prakash Singh, who is ushering in a unique green revolution by supplying seeds free of cost to hundreds of thousands of farmers across India.
Prakash Singh has developed over 80 varieties of high yielding wheat, 25 varieties of paddy, besides pigeon peas, mustard and vegetables. As an indigenous creator of a seed bank, he has sent samples of seeds to the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Agriculture and the rice research institute in Hyderabad.
However, he has not received any help from the government yet.
While he has applied for a patent for the different varieties of seeds, he has also distributed the seeds free of cost to over 20 lakh (2 million) farmers across Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Chhattishgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal.
While many farmers have benefited from Prakash's seed bank, some big companies have cheated him by buying some of his seeds from other farmers and selling it as their brand.
Today, India has become a hotbed for companies selling seeds. "Several companies have made agriculture a big business, looting poor farmers. They claim to sell seeds with a high yield and charge up to Rs 200 per kg but the yield is never good and the cost of conventional farming is high."
"The debt-ridden farmers fall prey to their false claims. Foreign companies are taking our farmers for a ride. We need to make them aware of the potential dangers of buying seeds from these companies. They have an ulterior motive of destroying our environment and make us diseased."
"Today, we have more sales of medicines than essential food items," Prakash Singh explains.
A promoter of organic farming, he says using pesticides and chemicals destroys the soil and contaminates the food, water and the entire life cycle of plants.
"The seeds sold by big companies are not pest-resistant, though they claim to be. We should preserve Nature, agriculture and the indigenous seed varieties. Nature by itself is so knowledgeable; it knows when there should be sunshine, when it should rain, the change of seasons, everything happens on time. We should not reverse this cycle by going against Nature," he remarks.
While companies selling seeds claim that the yield will be 70 quintals from 200 kg of seeds grown in 1 hectare of land, in reality it will not be more 50 quintals, he says. Besides this, they are not disease-resistant, they are heavily dependent of pesticides, cannot withstand the changes in weather.
A deeply religious person, he also performs Agnihotra (an offering in fire of a combination of natural products) in the fields and house for better productivity, and purification of the atmosphere.
'I got the chance to do this work due to divine intervention'
"I have six children, 3 daughters and 3 sons. All my daughters are educated. My elder daughter did her MA. My younger daughters have completed graduation. They promote our seeds and make other children, women in the village aware of various aspects of farming. My youngest daughter, Soni, performs Agnihotra which is very useful for the environment and the fields. "I am very proud of my father. I also wish our Kudrat seeds reach each and every farmer in India," says Soni, his daughter.
An expert at bhajans and keertans, Prakash Singh has taught his daughters to sing as well. Prakash starts his day with a bhajan and Agnihotra. "It is very useful for us and our farm," says Soni and she sings melodiously...
Jeevan mein kuch karnaa hai to mann ko maare mat baitho / Aage aage badhnaa hai to himmat haare mat baitho / Himmat haare mat baitho... (If you want to achieve something, never suppress your dreams / If you want to keep progressing, never lose courage. . .)
'A day will come when no farmer will commit suicide'



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Night-time lights bring insects, disease

October 12, 2010 07:12 AM
Environmental Health News

Use of artificial lighting at night can change human and insect behaviors, increasing the risk of insect-borne

disease. Consider that before gas street lamps and electric light bulbs were invented in the 1800s, the world settled into darkness after sunset, relying only on the moon and stars for light. That is still the case in more remote regions of the world. But, as artificial lighting spreads through these mostly tropical areas, research is showing how night-time light can alter human and insect behavior and bring about some unexpected results — an increase in the transmission of insect-borne diseases. Altering human and insect interactions is one example of how light pollution may be changing disease risk patterns. The evidence suggests researchers should consider this when conducting future studies of how diseases spread. Synopsis by Thea Edwards

Hungary races to raise dam to avert new toxic spill

October 9, 2010.
Credit: REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh

Hungarian authorities raced to finish building an emergency dam by Tuesday to hold back a threatened second spill of toxic sludge, and hunted for clues to the causes of last week's deadly industrial spill.
A million cubic meters of red mud, a by-product of alumina production, burst out of a plant reservoir into villages and waterways in

Photo shows the damaged reservoir near an alumina plant, seen from the air in Kolontar, 150 km (93.2 miles) west of Budapest

Hungary last Monday, killing seven people, injuring 123 and fouling rivers including a tributary of the Danube. "We hope to have the dam finished by Tuesday," Prime Minister Viktor Orban's spokesman told TV2 on Monday”.
"We have 4,000 people and 300 machines working at the scene so we are doing our utmost to prevent another tragedy."
With the nearby town of Devecser, home to 5,400 people, still on alert and the village of Kolontar evacuated, the cause of the disaster -- described by the prime minister as Hungary's worst ecological catastrophe -- remained unclear.
Article continues: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE69415O20101011


Dongria Kondh victory in India
VICTORY: Vedanta Mine Plan on Sacred Tribal Mountain Halted by Indian Government

- Vedanta's controversial bauxite mine on the Dongria Kondh’s tribal land has been stopped, after four years of protests by local peoples supported by Survival International and a wide range of affinity campaigns, including most recently by EI’s Earth Action Network

Jane Burgermeister
more shocking news about vaccines, Pharmaceutical Companies and Governments!


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Popayan, Cauca
A Homa Therapy presentation in the Health field was given by Prof. Abel Hernandez in the Medical Center of Dr. Francisco Parra
(2nd to the left) in Popayan. He wants to include the daily practice of Agnihotra in the range of different "alternative" healing methods he offers. Agnihotra was celebrated with family, friends and some patients.



Cali, Valle del Cauca
Homa Therapy presentation for the staff of the "Alpha and Omega" school in Cali. This school in the suburbs of Cali teaches approx. 400 children. The owners, Adela and Juan Melendez Vega started the practice of Agnihotra in order to help the students to improve their behavior, grades and reduce the violence.



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Armenia, Quindío
After many years we were happy to meet our "old" friends Lucas and Martha Maya and continue the Homa fire celebrations together in various

locations in the city. Photo above shows a morning Agnihotra in their home with neighbors.  Photos below show the Homa Therapy video presentation in the  School "Campestre"  organized by Lucas and Martha Maya. Their daughter Sofia attends this school and many people participated and several started the practice of Agnihotra.



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The Martinez family are the owners of this upper class private school "Colegio Campestre Edelmiro Niño Nieto", and they invited Prof. Abel to meet the students. He did some simple concentration and Yoga exercises to calm this crowd of over 400 children in the age between 6 and 18 years.
Photo below shows the meeting with the teachers, where many issues and problems regarding the students were discussed.
The school offers vegetarian food and healthy sweets and drinks thanks to Mrs. Martha and her husband, Mr. Alfredo Jaramillo.




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Armenia, Quindío
A couple of Homa video presentations on health and farming were shared at the "Zen Garden" of Mrs. Marta Isabel Alvarez in a beautiful and peaceful surrounding.
Agnihotra is such a simple practice, only takes a few minutes of time and helps in so many unimaginable ways. Sometimes it is hard to believe that this little fire is so powerful.



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Filandia, Quindío
Even though, the keys to the house did not arrive in time, it did not stop Prof. Abel to start teaching outdoors and talking  about the many, many benefits of the practice of Agnihotra. 
When the keys finally arrived, it was time for Agnihotra. One person, who came to  Homa Therapy for the first time, and  had suffered from spasm and pain in his leg for several weeks,  reported in front of everyone present that his pain has completely

disappeared. He did come to the Homa presentation because of his son's allergy and was blessed with his own healing experience. Photo above: Mr. Lucas Maya doing Agnihotra in Filandia



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Bogota, Cundinamarca
At the UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL de BOGOTA, a circle of Agnihotra friends met in the afternoon to share many Homa healing testimonies and to practice Agnihotra for the healing, cleansing of this area and charging it with Light and Love.
Julian Acosta organized this meeting and he arranges once a month a Agnihotra gathering here. Jaime Valbuena surprised all of us by singing beautifully and with much devotion the "Ave Maria".



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ExpoYoga 2010 Festival in Bogota
Asdrual Lozano
organized this event with many booths showing how to live, eat and be healthy. Of course, Agnihotra had to be part of this event.
Several tables were arranged for the Agnihotra fires and people gathered around. One man reported immediate relief from a 6 months lasting intense pain on the sole of his foot. He could again walk easily "like on clouds" as he said.



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The Vegetarian  Restaurant "Nuevo Horizonte" (New Horizon) invited for a couple of Homa video introductions and presentations with the practice of many Agnihotra fires at sunset. Each Agnihotra fire makes a difference!
Maria Teresa Nunez organized these gatherings in the center of Bogota, where lots of Light is needed. Dr. Jose Magmud sponsored the video beam equipment.



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Tenjo, Cundina-marca
In the community hall of Chence, the Agnihotra fires were lit again, and this time by many children who participate and practice regularly Homa Therapy at Maria Teresa´s Homa farm.


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Tabio, Cundinamarca
Gloria Triana, her children Angelica, Daniel and Edison and her husband
Horacio organized a Homa video presentation and Agnihotra healing session in their Foundation "Gea Despierta" (Awakened Earth). The people of this village were invited through the radio and they were received with much love. (see photos this page)
In this center, Agnihotra is practiced continuously, Yoga and Martial Arts for children are taught professionally, Reiki sessions are offered and delicious vegetarian food is delivered from this healing atmosphere.

Yoga teacher Horacio, Prof. Abel and Reiki Master Gloria in front of the "Gea Foundation".

Children love doing Agnihotra and it helps them in their integral development - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



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Bucaramanga, Santander
In Bucaramanga, our  hosts and organizers were Judith Sanabria, Tita Pulido and Pablo Gallinazo. They did a marvelous job and many, many people came to know about Homa Therapy. This group of Agnihotris is growing fast.
Photo above shows the Agnihotra session in the SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendisaje = National Service for Learning) Bucaramanga.
Photo below shows the Agnihotra celebration in the house of Tita Pulido and Pablus Gallinazo, where the reporters of the most important local newspaper (Vanguardia Liberal) arrived and interviewed Prof. Abel Hernandez and then produced a half  page article with many photos of  the Agnihotra celebration. Tita and Pablus are sharing Agnihotra in thier home on Wednesdays with people interested in Homa Therapy.



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Govindam Restaurant:
The Homa program,  started  at 4 Pm. with over 70 enthusiastic people interested in knowing more and wanting to experience the effect of Agnihotra.
A Medical Doctor, after seeing the healing testimony of a child with cerebral palsy, he got up in front of everybody exclaiming joyfully that this is usually "too good to be true" and he did not wanted to lose this chance. He purchased an Agnihotra kit right on the spot. He has patients with similar problems and with the so-called modern medicine is not able to help them in the way Agnihotra does.
We want to thank the crew of the Govindam Restaurant, Mr. Luis Antonio Melán & his wife, Mr. Nelson and Nida, who are all practicing Agnihotra and who decided to invite everybody on Wednesdays for the evening Agnihotra session.



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D´Pachamama Restaurant:
The Homa event in this veg. Restaurant of Eng. Miriam Hernandez was attended by approx. 50 people. The place was filled with the healing light of many Agnihotra pyramids. People come here to learn and practice Agnihotra twice a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays).



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"La Pola", the Cattle Farm  of Mrs. Martha Sierra, was a perfect place to gather for the Homa presentation, a workshop on preparation of  Homa home made medicines, and for celebrating evening Agnihotra healing fire. (see photo above) Mrs. Elsa Oliveros and her helpers prepared a gourmet meal for the hungry Agnihotra family.

This interesting photo above was captured by Ceneth Sanabria during Agnihotra. The photos to the left show Ceneth with one of the friendly bulls of the farm and her sister Judith performing Agnihotra in the stable.
The love we give to anything on our planet comes back manifold. Through the practice of Agnihotra the capacity to open our hearts and to love grows.



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 Homa farm "Huerta Ecologica"  of Mr. Virgilio Gavassa in Mesa de los Santos
In this lovely Homa farm, a Rudra Yajnya was carried out by several Agnihotris. Everybody received a delicious lunch prepared with much love by Ms. Jimena and her helpers. In the afternoon, Prof. Abel Hernandez presented Homa Therapy farming results. The evening Agnihotra was the perfect closure for this beautiful day on this 10 ha farm. Photo below to the left shows Mr. Virgilio Gavassa, Ceneth y Judith Sanabria. The photo to the right was captured by Ceneth during sunset Agnihotra.



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Dr. Luis Eduardo Ramirez Castro's Medical Center became a place of Homa healing during sunset Agnihotra with the many fires lit. Prof. Abel gave an introduction to the newcomers about HT and its effects.
Dr. Luis Ramirez will continue doing Agnihotra sessions for the public every Thursday.
The hope and faith this Agnihotra fire awakens in the hearts of the people can be seen in their faces, in their shining eyes and in their lasting smiles. What a blessing, what Grace to be able to carry this healing AGNIHOTRA Fire to the people who had no hope left, who had lost their road, who had suffered so much and who had prayed on their knees asking the Divine for help. And then,  AGNIHOTRA appeared!
Maria Teresa Nunez says: "People are so grate-ful that they can come to my house to share Agnihotra, even though it is only once a week. "

Mrs. Tita Pulido arranged for a Homa meeting and a Yoga class with Prof. Abel and the students (age 15 to 17) of the Jaivana School.


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The 2010 Colombia Homa Tour continues from Bucaramanga with the supportive, loving and kind company of Mrs. Teresa Nunez and her helpful son, Sebastian. We are traveling in the car of Maria Teresa and the trip is a source of so much joy and love. Everywhere we meet Light workers and it seems that the energy of love spirals higher and higher, touching

everyone on its way.
So much Divine Grace! So many brothers and sisters join the Healing Path of the Sacred Homa Fire. We want to thank everyone for having been an instrument in the spreading of Homa.

Chiqui, Ruth, Alcira y Manuel arranged for a series of Homa presentations (on health and farming)  and Agnihotra meetings in the Veg. Restaurant "El Huerto" (The Garden), where also excellent meals  are served made with love! 
Sunset Agnihotra is done here daily for the public.



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In Puerto Colombia, Mrs. Chiqui arranged for a Mantra workshop on her premise. Prof. Abel taught these group of new and "old" Agnihotris the Vyahruti Homa and the Tryambakam Homa, which enhance the effect of the

Agnihotra fire. This lovely day ended with the massive practice of Agnihotra which was accompanied by thunder and lightning, lots of love and joy!

Everybody got to practice the Tryamkakam Homa Morning Agnihotra in Puerto Colombia


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Dr. Marveys Hernandes sent these photos from a Homa workshop, where she taught Agnihotra in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.


Reiner and
Manuela Szcypior
are sending left photo showing Agnihotra at the Maharaj Kumar Jagut Shamshere Trust at Sunsaan, Katapathar Uttarakhant India. The Trust is running a school and a retreat Lodge for spiritual seekers.



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany

DETOXIFICATION OF THE BODY is more and more important!
Why detox? Who would want to poison me

Today, pollution is a major problem - anywhere, in the city and in the country. For various purposes, toxic substances are being brought into the life cycle, making their way through the chain of life - water plants - animals – people. Often these accumulate in our bodies and can cause serious problems.

Our traditional detoxification organs, like the liver, kidneys, and the skin (through sweating) can not always eliminate all these toxins. They are under stress: not only do they have to remove the metabolic waste products, but often also the drinking water is contaminated, the air we breathe contains pollutants, through exhaust gases and dust. Due to heavy metals, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and many other things, the food we eat is contaminated with all these critical ingredients. Many fabrics we wear are treated with chemicals. Many cosmetics and medicines contain harmful substances, etc.
How can we support our body, if it absorbs so many toxic substances through clothes, cosmetics, drugs, food, air, etc. , and it is is no longer able to eliminate them all ?
An extremely important point is to drink enough water, e.g. 2 to 3 liters per day, depending on climate and heat. Water is like a conveyor belt which passes through the body and carries many substances. It brings nutrients to where they are needed, and move toxins away from where they can cause damage. And because the body is diligently busy with all the metabolic processes, it needs a large assembly line in order to handle all this work!
So, to drink daily 2 to 3 liters of water is a very important starting point.
For this, water is not only a good way of transportation, but it also helps detoxifying the system. We can add lots of Agnihotra ash powder to it. Agnihotra ash provides on one side fantastic strength to do the work better and on the other side, through its large surface, it is able to bind toxins and waste products and discard them from the body. E.g. if we have diarrhea, it has proven highly successful, to take every time we have to go to the toilet, a teaspoon full of Agnihotra ash powder mixed with water. The experience shows that the diarrhea quickly calms down.
Generally, it has proven to be good to boil in the morning 3 liters of water with 3 tablespoons of Agnihotra ash powder for 10 minutes (without the lid). Then let this Agnihotra water cool down and drink it throughout the day. Generally this detoxifies well.
If more toxins need to be discharged from the body, the following options worked well:
- Chlorella is an alga with a structure similar to a turbine; it can accumulate toxins well and is simply eliminated with the stool (evacuating). Chlorella is available as pure compact and a dose of 4 to 5 compacts taken daily with plenty of water worked well (morning, noon, in the evenings with dinner, and then the last portion at night before bed always with 1-2 glasses of water)
- Salt scrub for the soles of the feet: put coarse salt in a small glass and cover the salt to the top with olive oil, add a teaspoon of Agnihotra ash powder and mix everything well: now you have an effective detox exfoliation. You can for example rub the soles of the feet with this mixture, let it soak for some time and then rinse with warm water. This draws out the toxins from the sole of the foot where body slag often accumulates.
- Mouth wash: Take a tablespoon of sunflower oil with a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder in your mouth and move it in the mouth for several minutes around the teeth, and then spit it out (do not swallow)! The oil pulls out the toxins and the Agnihotra ash energizes the cells. Thus, the entire mouth area is optimized.
- Cabbage leave wrap: If you are suffering from a painful joint or an aching organ, or you want to detox a specific body part, take 1-2 cabbage leaves and press them with a bottle so that the vessels of the cabbage leaves burst open and the cell sap can emerge. Then sprinkle some Agnihotra ash powder on top and place the leaves on the painful area as a wrap. Give it some time to remove the toxins from the body. Then remove the wrap and rinse the body with warm water to remove all the pulled out toxins.
All these methods have proven to be excellent in detoxifying and you can do them yourself at home and in this way pamper yourself a little and enjoy!

For further information please visit the website: http://www.homatherapy.de



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            On the material plane all is confusion, all disillusion, all illusion. Once you rise higher there are no separations. What you are experiencing at present is very difficult for you to assimilate while attending to material matters.             

         Never, never become satisfied that you are doing for others and you are therefore a great person. If indeed you are great you need not know about it. Let others say you are good but always note aloud “I am not the doer. If I bring you any peace or calm in your life it is not any will but the

Father’s Will and I am not to be honored. It is HIS honor. Not my own.”

                    This anger, this criticism, judgment, ego all can go with one wave of OUR hand. And it shall be thus. Continue your efforts in acceptance, love, forgiveness, compassion and when it is the time We will wave Our hand and all will be completely gone. That means more effort and very quickly it goes. If someone speaks negative do not hear it. Say “I don’t want do hear it” or better “I do not hear it”. Then let it go. You better concern yourself with what you say rather than your reaction to what another person says.

                       You have to recognize and understand the reason for your being here. You have to grasp it more consciously and express it clearly in your life. All trivialities should go so that the pure light shines.

                      If you truly become full of love, that alone is sufficient. Through that love, anyone with whom you come in contact will feel the healing vibration of love. Can you imagine the positive effects if you let go of fear, refuse to give in to anger and maintain a positive state of mind? Then GRACE escalates. Love is the most powerful energy available.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Rising Crime in U.S.
Yes, yes. The incidence of violent crime in U.S. is on the rise, in part due to current economic difficulties, but this is only a small factor. There is great unrest in the ‘golden’ nation. There is also a lot of atmospheric pollution and not just in the air. There is so much disturbance in natural rhythms on this planet that they are bound to impact the mental states of human beings. Unless one utilizes specific calming techniques such as but not limited to yoga, meditation, Agnihotra, breathing techniques, herbal remedies, etc., there is little which stands to cushion the impact of environmental stress.

Particularly in U.S. there is a distinct rise in the number and severity of cases of bipolar disease. There are many who suffer from this debilitating illness, and more and more every day. One has to take a look at environmental stress and not just one’s lack of a particular vitamin or mineral.

In fact, the environment has everything to do with the lacks in diets these days. Many vegetables and fruits do not contain the sublime dietary nutrients they did in days gone by. The same stress which affects the human mind also affects all that lives. Animals will be more prone to diseases, as well as plants.

On Profound Healing Effects of Agnihotra Healing Fire
This is one reason why the regular practice of the healing fire, Agnihotra, is so highly

recommended, as it has great healing effects on all life. While it calms the human mind and body, it also simultaneously creates a healing environment for all plants, trees, and animals. The elements of Nature come into balance in a Homa environment. Thus, any medicines made from herbs grown in Homa atmosphere are many times more healing, more effective, than in similar conditions minus the fire element! Very profound indeed.

On Healing via Sound and Fire
Yes, yes. The element of Sound in combination with Healing Fire is quite profound as well. When it is done with pure intent, the effects are astounding. It is the element of Sound which transports this element Fire even faster to the beings being healed. Conversely, the addition of the healing fire of Agnihotra, in particular, greatly enhances the effect of Sound on the human body, mind and spirit. One without the other is still healing, but together this is a combination which is particularly potent and healing.


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