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Thru the practice and teaching of these vedic healing fires we have experienced many wonderful changes in our lives. We have witnessed the same and often more dramatic positive changes in the lives of many others. There is no doubt that we are on to something very good and very divine. Often I have doubted that something so simple is so effective. Yet over and over again we are surprised. Just yesterday a drug addict came with his lab reports and a wonderful story about his rehabilitation and is anxious to share his story. So how can we as responsible people on the spaceship planet earth not share these divine fires for the well being of all. God bless you.

It has been some two years and some since we first met with Homa Therapy and you took time out of your busy schedule to lovingly tutor me and my wife Sonia in the details of correctly doing the Agnihotra fires. Since then, thoroughly amazed at the positive results in so many vastly different pathologies, we have been instructing people at our home/office in Guayaquil, Ecuador every week day for the last year. We have watched a long line of people of all social and economic levels, often desperately looking for a solution to an "incurable" condition, find renewed health, happiness and harmony in their lives by the proper application of the Homa Therapy Science as taught by Shree Vasant Paranjpe.
There was a particular incident last month that I would like to relate to you as it sticks in my mind as being particularly impressive as to the rapid and efficient action of Homa Therapy.
It was the close of daylight and we had done our evening fires, the twenty some people that accompanied us had all left and we were about to leave with our children. When, as I was closing up the house, I saw a man sprawled 'spread eagle' on the street below. His face looked strange from the distance so I called the guard over to see what was going on.
The guard approached the man and was shocked that he was biting his tongue to hard and long that it was purple and extremely swollen. Knowing that he had probably had an epileptic seizure I ran down to see what I could do.
Once on the street I found a middle aged man, completely rigid, and biting his tongue. Immediately what runs through ones mind is what and how can we help this man. As you know I am a classically American trained chiropractor with a background in many alternative health providing skills including shiatsu, homeopathy, neural therapy (Heuneke phenomena), polarity therapy, pranic healing and master empowerment in three traditional reiki lineages. However, my inner voice called out to give him Agnihotra ashes!
But how do you safely administer ashes to an unconscious man?
Then I remembered that my wife, Sonia, had prepared for me a colloid in distilled water from the Agnihotra ashes for my eyes! So my son, Jimmy, ran into my office to bring the eye dropper bottle to me as I continued to examine the man still prostrate in the street.
As soon as Jimmy returned we inserted the eye dropper in the side of his mouth and squirted about 20 drops of the Agnihotra colloid into his mouth. There was an immediate reaction as he began to stir for the first time since we arrived. So I put the eye dropper into the other side of his mouth and squirted another time about 20 drops between his lips. This time he immediately began to move his head and retracted his tongue into his mouth!
We observed him for awhile and it was obvious he was coming back to consciousness. I gave him another dose orally and he began to move his hands and arms. We sat back to wait and see how he would come out of the seizure. This usually is a long and slow process as the person regains his normal mental orientation and I have seen it last an hour or more. So I was happily surprised when in less than ten minutes we were able to move him out of the street to the sidewalk and converse with him.
He had arrived from the north central part of the country to receive attention at the Lion's Club medical center but his sister had not shown up with the money for his medication and food. He had spent the day waiting in vain for her to arrive. Without food, without medication, the clinic closed and he was on the street broke, hungry, wrestling with the intense ecuatorial tropical heat and he just finally succumbed. He was obviously a poor farm laborer, practically illiterate, did not have the telephone number of his sister, not knowing Guayaquil (2 1/2 million) could not locate her.
Once he was more coherent we were able to find out where he lived and so we took him to the bus station where one of our employees saw he got something to eat, got him a bus ticket to his town and put him on the bus. He left with a supply of Agnihotra tablets and instructions on how to take them.
Anyone who knows or has had much experience with epilepsy and had witnessed this event would have remained with a lasting impression as I have. This man's recuperation was so rapid and complete, that it is hard to imagine that he was laying unconscious in the street biting off his tongue just moments before I administered the Agnihotra colloid. His reaction was instantaneous! This for me is the 'mind-blower'.
Like the cases of cancer, aids, arthritis, Parkinson and emotional disturbances that pass thru here every week and improve, we are grateful for the opportunity to have learned this skill from you and had the privilege to teach and share it with others for the last two years. As was seen here on the 19th of December, we had 70 pyramids burning at a full moon celebration! Today, on solstice, we came close to one hundred.
As always a special thanks to Dr. Hernandez and his wife Aleta for their time and love in teaching us on all the small details of perfecting the fires and mantras. Especially a warm heart felt thanks that goes beyond words to express adequately for master Shree Vasant P. for His personal sacrifice in trotting around the world at His advanced age seeing that this extremely valuable spiritual science is not lost but practiced and preserved in its purest form for the benefit of all humanity.

Dr. James R. Peterson
Sra. Sonia Hunter de Peterson

and the children too....
they know the mantras and practice too!
Jimmy 15
Jeniffer 8
David 4