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      By simply listening, watching or just opening your eyes half-way, you can realize that we are experiencing serious challenges, one after another, such as: tsunamis, earthquakes, radioactivity, heat waves, cold waves, volcanic eruptions, floods, droughts, economic crisis, domestic violence, family breakdown, crime, wars, robberies, kidnappings, problems with food production, consumption of foods and medicines that kill slowly, predatory behavior towards the environment, etc.
However, at the same time, new and ancient ways to transcend problems are emerging like never before.
Now there are more people:
1- Opening their eyes and waking up to the sound of the alarm that Nature triggers.
2- Self-reflecting and looking to eliminate their inner crocodiles or mental impurities (ego, greed, lust, envy, anger, gluttony, etc).
3- Looking back and deciding to forgive, to be free of resentment and to be able to express their true nature - "To Be Love"
4- Meditating and looking for the Immutable Divine Light and the Unstruck Sound Within
5- Helping and serving others selflessly
6- Acknowledging their fears and confronting them because they want to be free and cut off the chains of addiction
7-  Realizing a Love that goes beyond gifts, praise and sex
8- Questioning and challenging the behavior of some leaders in a decadent society
9- Wanting to start improving the external world by improving their inner world. Positives thou ghts  and emotions bring out positive words, actions and results.
10- Changing their eating

Angelic work !

habits to consume more natural wholesome vegetarian products (not synthetic) to reduce the toxicity in their bodies and support nature
11- Realizing the absurdity of keeping patterns of behavior which have being programmed by certain (hidden or disguised) groups whose main interest is to control, manipulate and keep people in the darkness and make them slaves and robots
12- Acknowledging that many  programs on TV, radio, newspapers do not necessarily reflect the reality
13- Cutting some toxic entertainments
14- Gradually taking off the veils that cover their eyes and seeing clearly the path that leads to tranquility and peace
15- Thinking that it is better:
to control themselves than to control others, to serve than to be served, to love than to be loved, to give than to receive, to listen than to talk, to forgive than to be forgiven, to pat than to strike, to apologize than to be proud, to sincerely complement  than to insult someone, to tell the truth than to lie, and so on.
And yes, yes, yes, more people (children, teenagers, and adults) are practicing the Fivefold Path (Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaya). Please click here to watch  how school children enjoy these teachings and Yoga.
We begin with the Agnihotra to eliminate pollution at all levels and realize the Unity and the Oneness (we are part of the Whole and the Whole is in every one).
There are also more people recalling that at the end of all struggles, the good always triumphs over the evil, truth overcomes falsehood, light disperses darkness, and love wins over hate and emotional pain. OM OM OM
OM Shree OM

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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Homa Healing Stories

Jorge Enrique Lopez
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"I was born in the city of Guayaquil. I am 59 years old and married to Mrs. Lidia Nereise Martinez. We are parents of three children and have a beautiful granddaughter who is 8 years old.
Background history
I was a person with a very strong character. At home, things had to do be done the way I wanted. I did not allow anyone to interfere in my decisions.

I hardly communicated with my family and did not allow my family to gather with relatives so they could not be influenced. I was like an Adolf Hitler and I am now very sorry. This attitude of mine gave me stress, high blood pressure, two heart attacks, fatty liver, internal varicose, kidney pain,  etc. I was a corporate executive for 37 years. I handled 120 people. I was the manager, financial director, local buyer, importer and custom clearer. I also had to attend legal issues, etc..
Dr. Alfredo Palacio, Former President of the Republic of Ecuador, was my cardiologist and he advised me not to work so much, but instead take a long break. He said I could choose my health, my life or my death.
One good day, my wife and I visited the town Vinces, where some friends informed me that they had a Medical Doctor who cured  patients with a fire. I did not want to waste more time and went to the Homa Center "La Zenaida" under the supervision of Luis Carriel Mendoza, Medical Technologist. Then I participated in the blessed Agnihotra fire for the first time and since then, I'm doing it every day at home or in the "Homa Medical Center Good Shepherd" with Dr. Jaime Montufar.
Benefits received from the practice of Agnihotra
From that day on, a new life began for me. I realized how important my family was, which I had been losing through my attitude. I thank my Lord, because through His blessings I can perform daily the Agnihotra healing fire. In the morning I do it at home with my family and in the afternoon with Dr. Jaime Montufar. I also take the Agnihotra ash at breakfast, lunch and at bedtime. The practice of Agnihotra has changed me.Now, I am another person.

Agnihotra has brought me true peace, health, harmony and a joyful spirit. I thank my Lord and pray that I can continue to share this knowledge for the benefit of mankind. We need Homa Therapy so much today. Om Shree Shree Om"
(photo above shows Mr. Jorge doing Agnihotra with his wife and friends.)



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Following article is included for the purpose of showing how a similar, BUT DIFFERENT process was shown to have scientific validity. Homa Therapy is a Vedic process, not aligned with any religion and when done as prescribed, has maximum positive benefits.

Vedic Yajnyas lower water, soil contamination: Scientists

New Delhi: The initial findings of a scientific study carried out during the Vedic Yajnya in Kerala show that the ancient Sanskrit chants, rites and smoke from the sacred fire accelerate germination of seeds in the vicinity and lower the level of microbe contamination in water and ambient soil, scientists said Thursday.
The ritual of "Athirathram" was held in Panjal village in Thrissur district of Kerala April 4-15.
The scientists researching the impact of the Yajnya on environment said the fire laced with herbs, wood, milk and the juice of Soma plant, the earliest known intoxicant, acted as a natural purifier. The Soma plant grows in abundance in the Western Ghats bordering Kerala.
A team of scientists said in a statement that "the studies showed encouraging results on the environment".
The statement by the Varthathe Trust, the organizers of the ritual, said: "There was preliminary evidence that the Yajnya had a positive impact on the germination of the seeds".
The scientists led by V.P.N. Nampoori, former director of the International School of Photonics, Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), had planted three types of seeds - cowpea, green gram and Bengal gram - around the venue of the Yajnya.
"The results showed that the growth was accelerated ..." Nampoori said.
Microbial analysis carried out at distances between 500 meters to 1.5 km of the location of the Yajnya to count the bacterial colonies before and after found that "ambient air and water was purer with low microbial count compared to normal circumstances".
An analysis on the dimensions of temperature from the flames of the "great ball of fire" generated by the Vedic priests using a slow sequence of chants and sporadic offerings of milk, "soma rasa" and clarified butter into a pot holding the sacred fire found the fire ball had a "particular wavelength with unusually high activity similar to what was observed in typical laser beams at about 3,870 degrees centigrade".
The fire study was conducted by experts from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bangalore.
Kerala-based Vedic scholar M. Krishnakumar said: "The scientific study was a pioneering endeavour to explore the effects of Yajnya on people, environment and atmosphere."
Source: IANS



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The US spends billions to treat kids sickened by pollution

New York: The US is spending billions of dollars every year for the medical treatment of children who fall ill due to environmental pollution, says a new report.

Source: IANS
Image: Reuters

In 2008, over $76 billion was spent in such treatment as a result of air pollution and exposure to toxic chemicals and other pollutants, says the study by researchers from the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. ...
The study warned that if left unchecked, chemical pollution will continue to push health costs skyward.
"Left unchecked, these preventable environmental factors will continue to harm the health of our children and push up health care costs," study author Leonardo Trasande said.
The researchers studied the cost of childhood cancer and chronic conditions such as asthma, autism, attention deficit disorder, and intellectual disability linked, at least in part, to toxins and contaminants in water, air, soil and food.
The study appears in the May issue of the journal Health Affairs.
Health Affairs also published another report which said there are some 83,000 toxic chemicals currently in the US market. For more info please see:


Petroleum in junk food
Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Fragment of the "TV Forum" of VTV (Venezuelan TV,  led by William Castle, in which food engineer Ramos Odin's and researcher Daniel Gonzalez experiments are showing how harmful junk food is. This excerpt shows how easy the "Cheese Tris" or assumptions corn sticks with cheese for children (such as "Pepito's", Boliqueso and the like) burn. The report indicates that they are made from petroleum, coal and many chemical preservatives, and point out the

dangers of consumption. Please see video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=XF1lQPjHNVU

2012 - A Message of Hope

For the first time in the history of this planet, we are seeing the opportunity to turn the course of events from the point of love. Now, that we know that the system of shortage and scarcity is in its last throes, the awakening of conscience is a "true" fact. The exemplary manner in which millions of people are stopping time, from within their universes, highlights the power of subtle energies from the interconnected minds. To see this message of HOPE click:



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Weston, FL, USA
It was a very joyful experience to share the healing fires with our lovely hosts Mr. Oscar Espriella, his wife Patricia  and family. A Rudra Yajnya was performed with Agnihotris coming from West Palm Beach, South Miami and other areas and it ended with a peaceful Agnihotra experience.
We also trained the employees of "the Princess Mama" factory with the Tryambakam Homa.



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West Palm Beach
The very first Homa meeting in Florida was at MaYu Natural Center, where Dr. Mario Chavez and his wife Yuri maintain the healing Homa fires since many years. Here, Prof. Abel was also interviewed for TV by Mr. Carlos Mahecha. (ph. left )

Coconut Creek
Mrs. Aida Palacios, with the help of her family, Mrs. Gloria Echeverria and friends organized and invited a group of Agnihotris to participate in a Homa video presentation of Prof. Abel. We came to know many Agnihotris who are getting prepared for the upcoming global events. They are looking for land with certain criteria to start Homa communities.
(see photo above and left)



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West Palm Beach, Center for Nutrition MaYu
A powerful Rudra
Yajnya was performed by a group of dedicated Agnihotris. This was an uplifting and enlightening  experience for everyone present. (see photo left).
The Rudra ended with the evening Agnihotra
 (photo below), which brought peace, joy and tranquility to the hearts and minds of all.  It seemed that the trees and all of Nature were whispering "Thank  You".



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Lake Worth
Mrs. Miriam Molano,
who has practiced Agnihotra since several years and has had many wonderful results, organized a video presentation about the latest news on Homa Therapy. Prof. Abel started the meeting like always with a Vyahruti Homa.
(photo above). We enjoyed very much to meet so many friends again and to be able to share the healing fires.



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In Bogota
we experienced  a beautiful and warm welcome in a gathering organized by Mr. Oswaldo Rodriguez, his wife Carmenza, Mrs. Maria Teresa and other Homa friends.
The newcomers received an introduction of Homa Therapy  and it's effect on health. The many Agnihotra fires at sunset embraced us all with lasting peace and tranquility in this busy Center of Bogota,  where the meeting took place.



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In the Bogota Homa Center of Mrs. Maria Teresa Nunez, every Thursday, people gather to learn, share and celebrate Agnihotra. Many people have been initiated into Homa Therapy at this Homa Center and are very grateful towards Mrs. Maria Teresa. Thanks to her selfless service many have received relief in times of need, healing in times of sickness, joy in times of depression and wonderful friendships have formed.   The Homa family is growing day by day in number and in LOVE and SUPPORT for each other.

In Bogota
M.D. Harold Fajardo
(2nd to the right)
invited Prof. Abel to present Homa Therapy in his Medical Clinic. Several Agnihotris came to the meeting which ended with sunset Agnihotra. This wonderful experience animated some of his patients to start with their own practice of the healing Homa fires.
Mr. Franklin Cerinza
organized this meeting and once again we could enjoy Mr. Jaime Valbuena´s classical devotional songs after Agnihotra and the silent meditation.



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Bogota Norte
The doctors, Jesus Orlando Gomez and his wife Julia Emma,
are sharing Agnihotra healing fire and devotional songs frequently with friends, for whom they and their children open lovingly their home and hearts. (see photo above)
We, Aleta and Abel, are also very grateful to them for being our generous hosts and supporting the spreading of Homa Therapy in Colombia. Master Shree Vasant has been staying with this family in Popayan and Bogota and HIS blessings can be felt and experienced in the heart of these loving and serving beings.

Bogota Norte
Doctor Jose Antonio Magmud
organized a Homa Therapy presentation and Agnihotra introduction to a circle of friends in the home of Mrs. Yolanda Pabon. Prof. Abel showed several healing testimonies and people were eager to experience Agnihotra. Many questions were answered, but the only way to really find out how Agnihotra works, is the personal practice of this healing technique. A thousand words will only be words. Experience Agnihotra by practicing it. From this group, several attended the Homa Mantra workshop and purchased their kit. That is the easiest way to come to know the power of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.
(see photo above)



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Mantra workshop I

Mr. and Mrs. Cancelado
invited to hold this Homa Mantra workshop in their locality. People, who recently purchased their Agnihotra kits attended with the purpose to learn the practice and the basic Agnihotra,  Vyahruti and Tryambakam Mantras correctly in order to receive all the marvelous benefits resulting from the practice of this ancient healing methods.



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Two gatherings were organized in Tenjo on the Homa farm of Mrs. Maria Teresa Nunez, where the neighbors´ children love to participate. It seems that the Agnihotra fire plays with them (1st row, photo right). A recently installed "Mother Mary's cave" contains a wonderful crystal statue surrounded by large crystals, which reflect the Homa flames. (1st row, photo left ).  Children chanting in the daily Tryambakam Homa at the farm.(Photo left)



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Dr. John Matlander taught Homa Therapy in Africa from December 2010 till February 2011. He reports:

Prometra Uganda is an NGO established in 2000 to respond to poor health conditions and inadequate modern health services by utilizing traditional medicine. It is affiliated to Prometra International with headquarter in Dakar, Senegal. It was founded by Dr. Sekagya Yahaya who is a Medical Doctor and also a traditional healer. This organization has his main office in KAMPALA, capital of Uganda, but the field operation is at BUYIJA, 45 km away in the country side. The buildings are located on 240 hectares of farmland, which include the forest, a little farming area, few cows and goats, the living facilities to host the staff and guests for conferences.
Prometra provides classes to the local traditional healers, as well as a certification. About 2000 healers are registered and working in groups. The classes, are given in the forest where medicinal herbs are cultivated as well. After having taken knowledge of the benefits of Agnihotra in Medicine and Agriculture, Dr. Sekagya decided to

 introduce Agnihotra in his traditional healing classes. Medicinal Agnihotra ash and ash cream would be used for their patients (see photo right). HOMA  farming is used to boost the production of the medicinal herbs and the apiculture project located in the forest. The healers are using honey in their medicine.
We decided to train extensively 8 persons from the staff, who will in turn train the leaders of each group of traditional healers. (see photo below left)

This was quite a challenge, since the main problem arises with the GHEE. For the training, we bought it from a farm producing ghee. But in the bush, those traditional healers are mainly little farmers with such a low cash income that it was impossible for them to buy ghee. So the only alternative for Prometra was to supply them with ghee. The few cows available in the farm were giving one liter of milk a day, so we decided to buy a cow breed giving a minimum of 10 to 15 liters per day. We found a beautiful high breed cow and we bought it. After few days we started producing butter and ghee the traditional way, shaking the curded milk in a jar to make the butter. But to make things easier and faster, Franklin Nelson from USA sent us a hand operated milk cream separator and churner. So the cycle was completed." (see cow photo below right)



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During the training some nice experiences happened and we would like to share them:
* When we got to the farm, the first day at dinner time, we had the surprise to see a number of rats running all over the place and inside the bed rooms as well. At sunrise Agnihotra, we asked the rats mentally to go back to the bush where they belong and we put some Agnihotra ash around the kitchen. The rats disappeared, even after 2 months we have not seen them again.

* One morning, we found a chicken with a loose hanging broken leg. The boys said that this would be for their lunch, but we said “noooo, let’s try to heal it”. So we tied a piece of twig on the leg and applied Agnihotra cream and every day. After one week, the chicken started using the leg. In the second week, we freed the leg and she was running with all the other chickens.

* There was an apiculture project with 8 beehives, but the bees were so aggressive that nobody could get close without being attacked, so they wore special suits and mesh. We decided to practice 30 minutes of TRYAMBAKAM HOMA every morning, starting 30 meters from the gate and coming closer every day. After the 6th day, we were at the gate and we entered. Surprise! The bees were flying around but did not attack. Next day came a team of carpenters to work on the beehives and nobody was harmed.

* During the last 3 weeks of the training, we consulted and treated the patients with Agnihotra ash, ash cream, and Agnihotra eye drops.

We found a high rate of HIV+/AIDS, syphilis, tuberculosis and malaria as the main chronic diseases. The results were surprising. The persons were responding to the Homa medicine very fast. Especially on the collateral effects of HIV like herpes and skin rash, the healing was in 3 to 4 days. We ended up with so many patients that we did not have enough Agnihotra ash to keep up with the treatments.                     * A 5-years old boy came one afternoon with an asthmatic crisis; he participated in sunset Agnihotra and inhaled the healing smoke and the crisis stopped. Two months later, his mother said that he has not had an asthma attack again. (photo right)



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* During the training, a 5 years old boy, E. Sekatte Vivian (photo right), with a genetic heart problem called "free flow" showed a significant recovery after 4 weeks of treatment with sunset Agnihotra and applying every night Agnihotra cream on his chest:
    Date           Blood Pressure           Pulse
14/01/2011          60/40                     146/mm
22/01/2011          80/50                     110/mm
30/01/2011         70/50                      105/mm
06/02/2011         90/40                       90/mm

When he started the treatment, he could not play with the other kids, because he

was collapsing. After the 3rd week of HOMA treatment, he was playing soccer with his friends.  To come to the Agnihotra, he had to walk 3 hours from the bush and  another 3 hours to go back into the bush!

I want to give special thanks to Mr. Franklin Nelson, who has guided, supported, sponsored and helped in all possible and impossible ways so this Africa trip could be a successful Homa journey."
Photos above show Dr. John Matlander (white shirt) sharing and teaching Agnihotra with patients and the building in Buyija, where people received the Homa treatment.
There will be more news on Africa in the next International Homa Health Newsletter. If someone wants to sponsor further Homa trips to the African continent, please contact Franklin Nelson: franklincnelson@yahoo.com.  Any help is very welcome and appreciated, since further Homa projects are planned.



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In New York, Ms. Michelle Balandra  with the support of her parents, Mrs. Cecibel and Mr. Miguel, organized an Agnihotra meeting for "Health and Environment", where she presented the Homa healing fires. Michelle wrote: "Thank God, it did not rain and everything needed was given at the right time. We had 11 Agnihotra fires burning! There were also some new people. We all decided to continue meeting throughout the summer with the goal of having 100 Agnihotra pyramids lit at the end. Love and Peace."

 Agnihotra encounter in a park in New York (a wonderful surrounding for such a meeting). The trees and plants receive the benefits and the birds  join the chanting of the sacred Mantras. Little Gurumel is also practicing Agnihotra with his parents (photo above).



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Mr. Bruce Johnson writes about an Agnihotra tour of Maharashtra and Karnataka, India.  A group of Homa Therapy volunteers from Fivefold Path Mission set off on a two state tour of Western India. We had been invited by Dr P.W. Basarkar from University of Agricultural Sciences in Dhaward, northern Karnataka state, for the establishment of Resonance Points on several organic farms. The group consisted of Bruce Johnson, Abhay Paranjpe, Sanjay Patil and Kailas Patil.

"First stop was in Chikurde village, Kolhapur district of southern Maharashtra state where we worked on the farm of Prof. Shriniwas Bagal who has 4 acres of organic sugar cane.


From Chikurde, we traveled to Audumbar to an organic dairy of Sri Suhas Patil (striped shirt). The dairy has 15 to 20 Indian cows and makes its own organic ghee for sale. The next day, we gave a talk at Kolhapur Agricultural college which was organised by Shri Vijay Shete who is in charge of the Bhartiya Yoga Vidya Dham yoga centre in Kolhapur.

Next, we traveled into Karnataka where the first stop was the farm of Shri Madanmohan Waded (striped shirt), an educated farmer  who has 4 acres of organic sugar cane.

Then next point was the farm of Shri Vishwanath Kabbur  who has 11 acres of sugar cane and turmeric at Kalloli village near Gokak.

The final Resonance Point was established on the 11 acre farm of Shri Ramsiddha Navi who grows sugar cane and turmeric.



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All the farmers in Karnataka were coordinated by Dr. Chaya Patil who teaches in the Agricultural college at Arabhavi near Gokak. Before leaving Karnataka, we visited              Dr. Basarkar, Professor of Biochemistry and Dean of Student Welfare in Dharwad University. He has been encouraging students to do research in Homa Organic Farming for M.Sc. (Agri). We also visited Shri Abhay Mutalik Desai on his 50 acre Homa Organic sugar cane farm where he has been practicing Homa Farming since 1999. (photo below left)

Returning to Maharashtra, we visited the Homa farm and Naturopathy Centre of Shri Ravindra Wadekar in village Talwade, Ratnagiri district (photo above first from right). We also visited Shri Madhukar Patwardhan in Ratnagiri who has a Fire Temple at his residence. He arranged a talk for us in his house and also arranged a meeting with Mango growers group in Malgund village. Before returning home, we stopped briefly in Pandharpur and visited the NGO Palavi, an organization which helps about 50 young children who have been diagnosed with AIDS. Mrs Mangala Shah (photo below right), is in charge and she encourages the children to do Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa every day.(below)

Agnihotra on the road. Dr. Basarkar doing Agnihotra in the company of Kailas Patil, Abhay Paranjpe and Bruce Johnson.

From Ratnagiri, we traveled to Sholapur district where we met a group of Agnihotris and Pomegranate growers in Ajnale village."


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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


Here in Germany, EHEC (Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli) is a big issue right now. It is an infection caused by specific bacteria that are suspected to reside in vegetables. People speculate where the bacteria comes from? Where one can get infected? What symptoms the diseases show? What long term effects the infection might have?

When new or known pathogens appear in an accumulated manner, one thinks of an epidemic. How to remain healthy? How to prevent a disease? What to do, if we are infected?

1. The most important thing is to strengthen one's own defenses. In general, a pathogen can only make a weak person sick. If the immune system is strong, the body can defend itself without falling ill. We know this from situations like e.g.: a person with a cold comes in a room full of people; one or the other might catch the flu. But most of the people will stay healthy, even though they are in the same situation; their defense force is strong enough to fight off these bacteria. The same applies to other diseases. So the most important rule is to keep one's own defense system strong. We can support this through regular practice of Agnihotra fire and intake of Agnihotra ash.

2. The next thing is to avoid contact with pathogens as much as possible: e.g. eat and drink only  cooked food or at least peel it. This proves to be very beneficial when traveling aboard,

where we get in contact with unknown pathogens. Since different pathogens can be transmitted also through insect bites, it is important to avoid those bites.

3. But what to do if there is an infection already? Generally, it is advisable to practice Agnihotra fire twice daily and to take 4 x daily 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver (30 ppm) with half a teaspoon of powdered Agnihotra ash. This has often been enough to stop an infection, regardless of the pathogen, even  infections with resistant pathogens.

So it is important to preserve the peace, to apply the best possible prevention and in an emergency have a remedy at hand. This way, we can keep ourselves healthy and strong and  if necessary, we can assist others in need.

Recover quickly with Agnihotra.

For further information please visit the website: http://www.homatherapy.de



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                  When the mind is clear that guidance is received is on a more subtle level. One becomes more, as they say, ‘intuitive’ but it is not his own doing. In other words, his instrument is clearer channel of information to pass through. When one is not going deeper into this subtler range, one is receiving guidance - often clearly - but normally on a surface level. That is, instructions on what to do in one's daily affairs. This is also good. Whatever is received is quite clear. However, the deeper level is when one can have access to a higher realm of TRUTH. It is subtle. Purify the body and mind with lighter diet, Yoga, meditations and allow for this ‘inner knowing’ to come up, to come through the instrument.
If you go a little deeper into meditation many things will become clear. Then you reach a more subtle level.               

                        Understanding can come in a moment. It is not all the intellect. It is not all analysis. Understanding requires that one be willing to see his part in a given situation, thereby breaking through resistance, allowing oneself clarity of vision that results in a deeper understanding.                     

                   Confusion comes with mind pollution. Do not become involved - become evolved. Do not be spoiled by or soiled by the confusion of others.
Do not be swayed by opinion. People have their own self- interest, and from that point they go on talking, creating rumors, building walls between factions that do not exist normally.

                      If one person does not participate in a disagreement the cycle comes to a halt. Look to how you can serve each other, how you can understand more each others’ point of view. Be the first to take responsibility for your part in any disagreement. This is humility. It cannot harm anything to give in. It can only begin to heal.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On times of extremes
Yes, yes. Unfortunately during this extremely tense time in which all of you now live, the extremes will become even more pronounced. They will be experienced on the various levels, including emotional imbalance, physical constraints and mental disturbances. However, those of you who employ the various solutions which you have researched over previous years will find yourselves actually improving.
In the realm of mental disturbance, those of you who are able to truly begin to rest upon the support systems you have established and simultaneously give energy to others, will take note of changes being less traumatic, less difficult and far more likely to head toward a positive manifestation.
These are the times of extremes. Those amongst you with anger issues, for example, will find your tendencies more pronounced and requiring greater effort to subvert. Those whose tendencies run toward fear will experience same. Now, greater effort is required to overcome the negative tendencies of the mind. One would do well to employ positive alternatives for remedial measures.
Quickly employing the use of denial, either by agreeing to save face or by waxing apologetic in order to avoid blame, will net nothing result-wise. It would be better to face that which is your greatest weakness, admit it clearly and begin to make actual, clearly defined efforts to change. Words are cheap when it comes to one’s self-development! Better to employ actions, beginning with self-discipline and forgiveness.

Certainly, without true forgiveness, no progress can be made on spiritual path. Mouthing the words without applying self-discipline and honest effort will also net no progress. One must learn to walk the walk, instead of simply talking it!

On preparedness
Yes, yes. Food storage is an essential task to begin, if you have not already. Those of you living in at-risk regions would do best to store provisions for a six month period. This is not only in case of emergency, but good practice, as availability and prices will likely fluctuate within the coming months, years. One should consider more than one’s own individual family when putting away provisions—always add at least one to two more individuals to your list. It could come in handy.
Being prepared is the antithesis of living in fear and worry. When one is prepared for any eventuality, one can continue life in a more relaxed and confident state. Thus, worry is countered by preparedness.



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