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 Editor's NOTE

We are one family -
We are One.

      We are whatever we conceive ourselves to be. We can be: a person, a family (father, mother, brother, sister, etc.), community, society, nation, humanity, the sun, the universe, life, love, light, etc.
You are your: sensations, feelings, emotions, senses, thoughts, etc.
You are what you eat, drink, smell, touch, hear, feel, talk, think and you are something more. In your family, some members may represent:
The good and the bad
The pretty and the ugly
The intelligent and the brute
The kind and the greedy
The loving and the selfish
The flexible and the rigid
The republican and the democrat
The communist and the socialist

However, the idea is not to judge for this does not help anyone.
So, what to do with our brother/sister that becomes a robber or liar or a person who shows other negative traits? How to help ourselves and help him/her, so that the Divine that is within everyone shines?

In our family, we learn to tolerate and sometimes to understand and even to hug and love everyone in spite of our differences for we acknowledge that we have the same father and mother. And we have same similar genes.
So, the next question is:           can we expand our concept of “our family”?
Can we see the possibility that all beings have similar energy fields or life particles?

We can raise our frequency by deciding to shift modes from:
-> Tolerance -> Forgiveness   ->Understanding->Compassion ->  Unconditional Love -> Peace?
And remember that Peace starts within you. Love starts within you.
So, how to fill yourself with Love? How to express this Love?
You already have some answers: serving others, helping the needy, praying, chanting, doing Mantras, dancing, singing, listening attentively, showing your artistic talents to enhance the positive qualities on others, smiling, laughing, meditating, planting a tree, expressing compassion towards all beings, etc. And yes, yes, yes, by doing Agnihotra, we can shift into high gears and easily fill all the spheres with Love. What happens on the planet is a result of what is happening within us and vice versa. By bringing balance into ourselves, we are also bringing balance to our planet and vice versa. By becoming loving cells, our planet becomes a loving body.
Let's neutralize the pollution within and without.
Let's do Agnihotra and realize our Oneness.
OM Peace Peace Peace.

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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Homa Healing Stories

Sangeeta Sharma
Dhamnod, M.P., India

"I am 44 years old. I suffered from a skin disease and allergy for over 15 years. I was allergic to the sun and my skin was itching. The regular conventional medical treatment was not helping me. With the practice of Homa Therapy I got healed. I started Agnihotra, but did not do it regularly, so it took me almost 2 years. I only would place my hands over the fire and put the heated hands over the areas where I had the problem. When I did this, the itching stopped right away. I never took the Agnihotra ash and neither applied it. Now I have no more itching, no rashes, my skin is clear and normal.

I also had some boils in the lower back, which I treated the same way and they reduced their size. Also, I feel mentally very peaceful now and my spiritual awareness has increased. My daughter used to get irritated quickly before practicing Agnihotra and now she doesn't. People, who come to my home, feel like they are in a temple. Almost everyone says that they feel better here. If everybody starts to do Agnihotra in her/his house, the world would be a better place.

Prakash Sharma
(her husband) 
Everything my wife said is true. Agnihotra brings positive energy into the house and takes away the negative ones. Both of us are Reiki Masters and that positive energy helps us to do our work good. Usually in Reiki we channel the energy from the Universe for healing. With Agnihotra, the positive energies are created all around us in the atmosphere and it becomes so easy to harness it and pass it on to the patient for healing.

Marcela Corredor
Bogota, Colombia, South America

"I really feel that what happened to me is something almost imperceptible and is attributable solely to Agnihotra. On Thursday, 8 days ago, I suffered from pain in the sole. And I was with this pain all day . On Thursday, we gather in the home of Mrs. Maria Teresa to do Agnihotra together. When I reached there I had about 7 or 8 hours with this pain. I could hardly walk. When I left, I had no pain and since then it has not come back. My problem was solved that night through the many Agnihotras."



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 German Magazine "Raum und Zeit" (Space & Time) published:

Dark-field studies of apple samples from organic farming.

Apple samples from "Homa organic farming".

Mr. Helmut Rathschiller provided the information and documentation for this article in the February 2011 edition of the magazine Raum und Zeit. Here an excerpt:
Dark-field studies of apple samples from South Tyrol

Rasmus Gaupp of Hado Life Europe Institute compared the apples of two organic farmers in South Tyrol using dark field microscopy. While one of the farmers operates a conventional organic agriculture, the second applies in addition Homa Therapy. He does the morning and evening Agnihotra in site and applies the Agnihotra   ash to the cultivated area. The pictures of 2009 and 2010, show interesting results (above):
The samples from organic farming with Homa Technology show that an  hexagram is always present, which  indicate a special quality.
How to explain the effect of Homa Therapy?
Just as the water-crystals, the dark-field images show a higher degree of order of the samples. The Homa fires can re-order and harmonize the atmosphere on subtle levels. The whole ecosystem benefits from the Homa fires. Already Rudolf Steiner argued that plants assimilate up to 70% of the nutrients through the leaf; thereby the quality of the atmosphere plays the most important role. The soil here has a secondary meaning.
Homa-atmosphere supports very positively plant respiration and the formation of chlorophyll. The plants are fed with the necessary nutrients and life force, so that they fit completely and effectively into the ecological balance. And through this, the whole system of oxygen cycle in nature is supported.
Everyone is invited to learn about Homa Therapy. The more it spreads the better for our world. ...

Excerpts from Shree Vasant´s book “Homa Therapy Our Last Chance”, published in 1989:
"In the near future, Science will not be able to recognize the chemical valence of many substances. So much change is taking place. Elements of nature are changing now. Soon you will have to go to the science of Yajnya to tell you how to save the planet. If HOMA is practiced on a mass scale, the change in the atmosphere will save the planet. The rate of movement of protons, neutrons and electrons in various states is beginning to change due to pollution. All of creation is undergoing a change in structure. This is how elements are fusing and becoming totally new elements, causing so much turmoil. Agnihotra Homa is the way out. Then all returns to normal state.
Pollution is the disease. Homa Therapy is the cure. Practice of Homa Therapy replenishes the nutrients that are robbed from our environment by pollution.



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China to produce ´human milk´ from GM cows

March 22, 2011 13:31 IST
By KJM Varma in Beijing

 Chinese scientists claimed to have created a herd of more than 200 cows that is capable of producing milk similar to that of humans.
Genetically modified dairy products that are similar to human milk will appear on the Chinese market in two years, said the state-run China Daily on Tuesday.

"The scientists have successfully created a herd of more than 200 cows that is capable of producing milk that contains the characteristics of human milk," Li Ning, a scientist from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the State Key Laboratories for AgroBiotechnology at China Agricultural University, told the China Daily.
The technology is at the 'cutting edge' worldwide and will ensure 'healthy protein contained in human milk is affordable for ordinary consumers', he said.
Photos depicting the GM cows were on display at an exhibition, held between March 7 and 14 in Beijing that showcased China's technological achievements during the period of 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010).
"In ancient China, only the emperor and the empress could drink human milk throughout their lives, which was believed to be the height of opulence," Li said.
"Why not make that kind of milk more available for ordinary people?"
Human milk contains two kinds of nutrition that can help improve the immune systems and the central nervous systems of children.
The components are not available in milk produced by goats or cows, he said.
The scientific world had not previously found a way to mass-produce those ingredients. The GM milk will be as safe to drink as that of the ordinary cows, he said.
The Chinese ministry of agriculture issued bio-safety examination certificates for the GM herd in March 2010, giving the scientific team a 22-month period during which the technology can be tested in laboratories.
The ministry will then evaluate the results of the tests before deciding whether to allow the milk to be sold.
"The milk tastes stronger than normal milk," Li said. "Within 10 years, people will be able to pick up these human-milk-like products at the supermarket."
Xue Dayuan, chief expert with China's ministry of environmental protection, said the government will carry out a series of tests on the transferred gene and the method of transplanting it before the genetically modified cows and their milk are declared safe.
There has been a good deal of opposition to GM technology in the United States and Canada, according to Fang Lifeng, a campaigner for Greenpeace China's food and agriculture project.


Level 7 -- Fukushima Vs Chernobyl -- How Do They Really Compare?
By DK Matai, Apr. 13, 2011, 8:36 AM

Level 7 is the most serious level on INES -- International Nuclear Event Scale -- describing "a major release of radioactive material with widespread health and environmental effects requiring implementation of planned and extended countermeasures." Although, by some measures, Fukushima has not reached the level of radioactive contamination caused by Chernobyl yet, we would advise caution because of the presence of plutonium and spent fuel rod pools with hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive nuclear material. Even when we discount the Russian view and the caesium fallout levels rivaling Chernobyl, if things do not continue to go right, the potential exists for Fukushima to be much bigger than Chernobyl. The uniqueness and specificity of the Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents is such that posterity will remember the two events as being very distinct, although they both involve nuclear contamination. To read more:



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Dr. Nana Joshi and his son, Dr. Pravjin Joshi, both Ayurvedic Doctors in Dhule started incorporating Agnihotra in their busy daily schedule at their clinic.
A group of Doctors and Medical students of  Ayurvedic Medicine from all over India are being trained by the Dr. Joshi  in the application of Panchakarma treatments. He has been teaching this for about 50 years!

The Joshi doctors play a great role by showing how the ancient tradition of Ayurveda helps to balance the doshas of the body for its perfect health. This group of young students and doctors were enthusiastic, full of energy, love and service. Soon they will be going back to their home towns with one more powerful ayurvedic tool in their hands: Homa Therapy. We want to thank all of them for their wonderful service.



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After an invitation of Dr. Surjmal Jakhete and his son Dr. Manish Jakhete, Homa Therapy was introduced into this  Emergency Hospital.

(above photo) Prof. Abel Hernandez gave a talk about HT to the MDs and nurses in the Intensive Care Unit.                                    (photo left)  Mr. Abhay and Anjaly Paranjpe explained the process of Agnihotra and gave several testimonies of Homa health and healing after the practice of Agnihotra in the Hemodialysis room.



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Another Ayurvedic Doctor practicing Homa Therapy in Dhule is Dr. Naresh Jate (photo above, 2nd to the right, in the blue chair)                        We went to visit his office and Prof. Abel showed how various cases of some called incurable diseases have gotten cured with the regular practice of Agnihotra and the consumption of its healing ash.

Homa Therapy never stops surprising us with all the widespread healing effects as a result of the regular practice. Dr. Naresh Jate prepares ayurvedic medicines for his patients and for other ayurvedic doctors. He also adds Agnihotra ash to his medicine for he has experienced the curative power of this ash many times.
Even though in India the Yagnyas (Homas) are in many homes as part of their daily religious rituals, they are profoundly surprised when they see videos where hundreds of foreigners with different kinds of religion perform this Agnihotra for health reasons. Agnihotra is a Science, if you practice it correctly ( right exact time to the second, right ingredients, right copper vessel, correct pronounciation of certain Mantras, etc).



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Anjaly´s success as a teacher, besides loving what she does, it is also due to gathering the children for a Homa fire.
She gives classes daily to as much as 12 students at a time, each one having his/her own particular study to do. But the few minutes of Homa during her class prepares the students to receive, digest and remember the studied subjects better, to feel calm and be at ease, to bring things into the right perspective, to be grateful and to have fun while learning...



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J.R. City High School - Dhule
The principal of this 3,o00 students High School (from 5th to 12th grade), Mrs. Rohinitai Kulkarni invited Prof. Abel and Mr. Abhay to introduce the Agnihotra technique to the teachers. She herself is an Agnihotri. The children of this school come from the city of Dhule and its many neighboring villages. The children love sports and they are national champions in Mallakhamb.
The Newspaper also reported this Homa presentation in this large High School.



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At Tapovan Homa farm Anne Godfrey is training women (mainly widows or divorced) in sowing and this way giving them the opportunity to work and live their lives in dignity, being able to raise their children.

Photo above shows Karin Heschl from Austria (living in India and helping Anne in this gigantic task of helping hundreds of women in different villages) teaching and practicing the Vyahruti Homa with this group of women, who came for a 3 days trainings program to Tapovan. Besides sowing skills, they learned the Tryambakam Homa and Agnihotra. They also learned simple preparation of the Agnihotra ash for consumption.



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 Prof. Abel also  took some time to show them energizing Yoga exercises which they can practice even with the children on their lap.

In just a few days, the women learn some simple sowing and handcraft techniques. Then they can work from their home and take care of their and their children's livelihood. But it is not only that. The women get empowered on a personal level. Their self confidence grows and their dependency on the good will of others is no longer needed.
If you are interested in knowing more about Anne's, Karin's and other women's work please see: www.rosecircles.com



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Jalgaon, India
Mr. Abhay Paranjpe  and Prof. Abel Hernandez were invited to visit a group of devotees of Shri Shri Ravishankar in Jalgaon and teach Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. The opening of the meeting was done with a Vyahruti Homa and it set everyone in the right mood and same wavelength.
(photo left)

The video presentation about the many different aspects of Homa Therapy and it's healing power ended with many Agnihotras.  Their teacher (Shri Shri Ravishankar) also promotes Homa Therapy for a better way of living. Mr. Sunil Dusane arranged this meeting in Jalgaon, which is one of the hottest areas of India in the summer season. So the heat of the heart met with the heat of the land...



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Bruce Johnson writes about the
10th Anniversary of Round-the-Clock Fire at Tapovan
On 25th March 2011 we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of 24 hour round-the-clock Om Tryambakam Homa Fire at Tapovan in north Maharashtra state of western India. Several places in various countries have witnessed similar round-the-clock fire over the past 30 years or more.
With ceaseless effort a small group of dedicated people, inspired by the teachings of the Great Master Shree Gajanan Maharaj and His humble disciple, Shree Vasant, have maintained this blessed Fire for the benefit of Mother Earth and the whole of humanity. And as the natural and man-made catastrophes intensify in both magnitude and frequency this fire will assume greater importance now.
Shree Vasant once said, "Only through FIRE can the planet be healed. Through intense practice of YAJNYA (Homa) a reverse trend can take place. IT IS A RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK."
For those wishing to offer their support please contact: tapovan3@yahoo.com

Photos above show Mr. Tryambak Kankhare (Bua) and Mr. Prabhakar Patil (Nana) who anchor the round-the-clock fire by doing the night-time hours. Each night, each man does 6 hours Yajnya and has done this continuously for the past 10 years.

Other photos above show Mr. Abhay Paranjpe with his wife Anjaly, Mr. Sanjay Patil with his wife Manisha during the ceremony and Bruce Johnson with his wife Anne Godfrey, the Tapovan care takers at Agnihotra time.



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Following inspiring letter came from Mr. Vinayak Lokur in Belgaum:
"Dear Mr. Abel, indeed it was a pleasure meeting you & the other people at Maheshwar and learning quite a few things about Homa Therapy.
I am pleased to inform you that, taking inspiration from you all - after knowing the success in different Homa farms - we have started practicing Agnihotra and Tryambakam at our factory. (Though it is a mechanical industry, it is a farm for us & we call our place a “Work Temple”). Probably, we may be the first industry to adopt this & I am sure practicing Agnihotra is going to add more value to our motto to care for environment.
We celebrated World Agnihotra Day on 12th by conducting an awareness program wherein Dr. Pramod Basarkar, Mr. Tejasvi Naik & Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai enlightened the people of our factory with practical demonstration & their personal experiences.
Since then we have started Agnihotra and Tyambakam every day. (Tryambakam Homa we do in group for 15 minutes every day). I had a chance to discuss this matter with Monika Koch & had taken her guidance as to how it can be implemented at factory. I am hopeful of the effects and positive changes in the days to come. A few effects which I have seen in the short period of 10 days are:
 - I have observed is our blue collar people, who join the daily ritual, have expressed their willingness to contribute their bit towards the material used for the Homa fires, by which they feel they are also a part of it.
- There are also 6 people who have taken inspiration & have started doing Agnihotra at their houses.
- One of our supervisor’s son has decided to have a cow at home himself and started doing Agnihotra at their place. Since he has place, I have also decided to have my own cow, which will be taken care by him. So we will have in total two cows."
With best regards,
Vinayak Lokur
Chief Executive, Expert Engineering Enterprises

Photos above show: Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai, Mr. Vinayak Lokur, Dr. Pramod Basarkar and Mr. Tejasvi Naik with all the employees of this enterprise in Karnataka.



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Mariela Pugliese (photo left - 1st to the right), Reiki healer and Homa promoter from Argentina keeps sending us wonderful photos of her activities in La Rioja and other areas of Argentina. The photos on this page show patients and the Reiki Masters sharing the Tryambakam Homa, followed by the Agnihotra session after the Reiki treatment.
The Homa atmosphere promotes that the Reiki treatment is felt stronger with greater effect and healing power.
Mariela and her friends do this service of Homa free of charge. A service out of love!



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Reiner and Manuela Sczypior write about their "Himalaya Earth Healing Tour"

"Our first stop was at the cave of Maha Avatar Babaji (photo left), well known from the book "Autobiography of a Yogi." Manuela saw this scenery about 20 years back in a dream. We did Homa and Mantras in the cave followed by a long meditation. Manuela saw the eye of the earth opening to receive healing.

Our next stop was Baijnath (photo left), which has a series of Temples built between 9th to 12th century. It is said that they where build in one night. We performed Agnihotra and added its ash to the adjoining river. Patal Bhbaneshwar was our last stop. This cave is said to be as old as the earth herself. No fire was allowed inside the caves, so we distributed Agnihotra ash at several places. We, Swamini Suryapradibha (the group leader), Bagya Lakshmi, Mr. P., Manu and I, Reiner, all felt that this Healing tour had some deeper, significant meaning."


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mrs. Ivy Amar shares a photo where she (2nd to the right) and Homa friends celebrate the 19th of March Equinox with Tryambakam Homa and lots of evening Agnihotras.
Ivy, together with Maria Rathner from Albuquerque organize regularly Homa meetings and promote Homa Therapy  in the state of New Mexico.



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


Shingles (Herpes Zoster) - this word is a term for a disease that is associated with pain. It often appears in the waist area, but it may also occur surprisingly in other parts of the body, like under the armpits, around the eye, etc. Usually one can determine this disease through the severe pain that feels like a lot of needles, followed by a painful inflammation of the area which can spread.

Often a strong pain persists, even if the actual infection has been cured.
Herpes is caused by virus and is contagious, so most people are infected with one or another variation of the herpes. This might have been through chickenpox in childhood, a cold sore or shingles.
If a person was once infected with a herpes variation, the viruses remain latent in the body. If such a disease is cured, the viruses only “sleep”, they are not eliminated. Now, if so many people are already infected with viruses, then why does not everybody suffer from constant pain and inflammation?
Here we have reached the main point: a strong healthy body's immune system can keep the virus in check and no disease will result. Only if I overexert my strength in any way or if my immune system is burdened to the limit with other things or if I suffer from too much stress, anger or if I am very troubled about something, then the immune system can reach its limits and the viruses can flourish and these symptoms are developed.
You watch carefully for any symptoms when you have suffered this pain. But it is fantastic for everybody, to prevent such a disease and never get it. How can I avoid it?
Since the disease can only flourish when my immune system has reached its limits, I can strengthen and reinforce it by:
The best means we have is practicing the Agnihotra fire, which provides us with very good energy. A close second is taking the Agnihotra ash, which contains the sealed energy of the Agnihotra fire. Under stress, you can take ½ - 1 teaspoon Agnihotra ash powder with water, honey, yogurt, etc. every hour. This way you can also compensate the acidosis of the body which not only comes through consumption of critical food like sweets, white flour, white rice, etc., but also through stress, lack of sleep, etc. Under greater amount of stress, bigger problems and more intense times, it has proved highly successful, to practice every morning one hour Tryambakam Homa in addition to the daily Agnihotra. On highest challenges one can also practice 2 hours or more of Tryambakam Homa. Experience for yourself this effective way to improve the energy supply of your body, especially when increased energy is required!
Additional important points are: getting enough sleep for a complete rest, do some outdoor activities to benefit form Earth's magnetic field, eat enough fresh food and take enough showers and baths for stress dissipation.
But, what if I'm already sick with a herpes? The painful symptoms calm down quickly with the following treatment: Take half a teaspoon of Agnihotra ash powder

with 1 tablespoon colloidal silver (30 ppm) every 2 hours (photo shows molecule of colloidal silver). In addition mix about 200 ml of colloidal silver (30 ppm) with ½ teaspoon of Agnihotra ash powder. Soak a cloth in this mixture and place it on the painful area. Repeat this as often as possible until the pain calms down (at least 4 x daily). In addition, take plenty of vitamin B complex (vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12) so that the painful nerves can calm down quickly and no subsequent phantom pain remain.

What is the disease trying to tell you: Am I going beyond my powers? Am I working too much? Do I get enough sleep? Too much troubles? Too much hassle and stress? Too little fresh food?
It is very important to make some changes, otherwise this very painful disease can always come back!

For further information please visit the website: http://www.homatherapy.de



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March 29, 2011 SHREE URGENT
Message received through Parvati

"Now, all of you must take Agnihotra Ash every day, at least three times a day. If you are able to add Agnihotra Ash to your water supply, to your well or at least to your drinking water, do that regularly.
Radiation particles travel and they do not respect boundaries nor do they target one region and not another. Therefore, be prepared.
Even when news media reports very low levels of ‘harmless’ radiation, one must read between the lines. Just take precautions wherever you live now.
Those who reside on the coast, be alerted that a move would be in order. As Orion has indicated numerous times, no coastal regions are safe.

Now, be aware. At Homa farms where all the Homas are performed regularly, the purity of atmosphere, soil and water is protected.
Stockpile supplies for HOMAS—cow dung, ghee, rice.
Stockpile food supplies and necessities for a six month period. Yes, you have time to do it as you can afford to do it.
However, ghee should be made and stored as soon as possible.
Drink pure water. If you cannot add Agnihotra Ash to the well, add it to the drinking water you use daily.
Again, We stress not to give in to panic, worry, fear or uncertainty of any kind.
Again, We emphasize that ‘to be forewarned is to be forearmed.’
This is nothing new. We have been speaking in these terms, alarmed by the state of the environment, for years. This is now more urgent, as catastrophic events of the past few weeks have heightened your collective awareness of the dangers to the global community.
Let us not take a cavalier approach, thinking ‘it cannot touch me.’ When a catastrophe of this caliber takes place anywhere on the Earth today, it affects all. We hold the solution in our hands. This is the time to move forward with all that has been proven, whether scientifically or experientially.
Walk in Light with brave and determined will. There are no boundaries to the Truth.
Go with blessings. Move with Grace.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

 On speaking and living TRUTH
Yes, yes. Constant revision of one’s words and actions is an excellent tool for self-study. That is to say, becoming more aware of every word uttered and every action taken will bring one to clarity in thought, word and deed. This aids in one becoming ‘true to oneself.’ That is vital at this stage in the world’s evolution, not to mention one’s personal evolution.

The tendency of the mind is to point out the weaknesses in others, to find fault or criticize that which one does not accept as truth or that which one finds uncomfortable. However, this is outward thinking which can only delude one into feeling ‘better than’ or ‘above the other human being.’

The same can be said for thinking what others think of you! What others think is irrelevant when one is walking one’s truth. It is only of interest to the mind which perceives one’s own words and actions as lesser than another human being’s. This is the other side of the same coin. The coin is the ego.

Thinking oneself ‘better than’ or ‘lesser than’ is basically the same. Why think at all? Speak the truth. Act on the truth. Then, what others think or speak about you will not matter in the slightest. If your aim is true, no other direction will lure the mind. When one is immersed in TRUTH, there is nothing of greater importance than that. When one is immersed in TRUTH, one’s consciousness is Love and one’s awareness is of each human being as one’s equal. It is as it should be. It is as it IS. OM.

On the environment, Japan and Truth
In regards to the current state of environment in the world, yes, there is great upheaval in Nature. This has long been predicted and prophesied. Many previously safe regions are at risk as well. The catastrophic earthquake and tsunami experienced in Japan are becoming all too typical of the environmental condition. This is not necessarily a conspiracy, as those with this predilection may claim. Many of Nature’s disturbances come from man’s unconscious disregard for the planet and the health of its inhabitants. No doubt, there is more afoot than meets the eye, indicating some human interference. However, in the case of Japan’s condition, this is an act of Nature plain and simple.

One must guard against becoming too embroiled in conspiracy theories and realize that it is all part and parcel of a planet in absolute crisis. There have been some new developments which will enable human beings to rise above their circumstances in an unusual way. This is top secret and will only be revealed when those in the higher offices step down and permit truth to be revealed. That time will come. This is the Age of Truth. No matter what methods are employed to hide it, they will all fail. Truth cannot be contained, hidden, disguised or misused. It will rise. Yes, the Truth will rise.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Health Newsletter!

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www.agnihotra.org     www.homatherapie.de      www.homatherapy.de www.tapovan.net    www.homatherapyindia.com     www.homatherapy.org  www.homatherapypoland.org   www.homapsychotherapy.com
www.agnihotra.com.au   www.terapiahoma.org

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