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 Editor's NOTE


      You may already know the story about the king and the 3 princes. It goes more or less like this: Once upon a time there was a very wise king who had 3 brothers. They were the most powerful warriors of the Empire.
One was the best archer.
The other was the best sword fighter.
The last one was the best with the spear.
It is said that one morning the king got up and decided to visit a troubled part of his kingdom which was about 6 hours away by horse. So they left early morning and arrived at noon. There, everything was dry. They were very thirsty, but there was no water available. Anyway, the wise king knew that going east, 2 hours away, there was a well with a lot of water. So he sent the best archer to bring water. When he arrived, he was very thirsty. As he got closer to the water, he heard a voice saying: “Stop”. So he did stop and he looked around but there was nobody. So he thought “this might be my imagination”. So he ran to the well and drank the water. After that, he died. 4 hours later, the king said “he should have been back by now”. So the king sent his 2nd brother, the one who was the best sword fighter. So he left. When he arrived, he could see a body on the ground and he could also hear a voice: “Stop”. But there was nobody standing. This prince also rushed to the well, drank the water and died.
8 hours later, the king wandered what had happened. So he decided to send his last brother, the best with the spear. He did the same and died.
12 hours later, the king was puzzled for his brothers had not returned. So he went searching. As he got closer to the well, he too heard the voice: “Stop”. So he looked around and saw no one but the 3 bodies of his brothers on the ground. He thought “there must be someone else”. So the king asked “Who are you? What do you want?”
A voice said: “I am the Spirit of the well and before I let you drink the water, you must answer correctly a question.”

The king said “okay” and the voice asked: “What is the most amazing thing?” The king thought “the answer must be near and related to the current events”.
Then, the light came into his mind “Eureka”. He replied: “The most amazing thing is that we see people dying  every day, but we never think that this is going to happen to us” The voice replied: “Now, you can drink”.
Well, we also are going to pass through this transition of leaving the body but we do not have to rush into it. You saw the Tsunami hitting Japan and moving onwards. A natural disaster leads to financial, environmental and yes, yes,  yes, human losses. Natural disasters can be: tsunamis, avalanches, limnic eruptions, blizzards, tropical cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons, droughts, wildfires, epidemics, pandemics, floods, tornados, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, hailstorms, heat waves, famines, solar flares, impact events, etc. They can happen anywhere and anytime. They are happening now. And yes, yes, yes, we might be in different rooms but we  are all in the same Space ship. Ancient or not so ancient, scientific and not so scientific reports say the same: the Earth is reacting to the human irrational behavior. A lot of damage can be stopped or reduced. The answer is given in the Vedas - the massive practice of Agnihotra can help to re-establish the energy cycles of the planet and counteract the effects of pollution and misbehavior of man. Agnihotra is the antidote that can be easily injected into the atmosphere. Agnihotra is a simple scientific process that can be set into motion in less than a minute. How loud does mother earth has to scream? Let’s join hands and light the Agnihotra fires. Light up the chambers of our heart! Let’s spread more energies of love. If you have not started yet, begin now. If you already do Agnihotra, you can share it. If this is your case, you may want to set up a Homa Center in your house or workplace! Remember the words of the wise ones : “Do not fear, be aware, come together, team up and join forces. The light will triumph.”
Let's OM Agnihotra OM

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
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Homa Healing Stories

Anjali Paranjpe
Dhule, Maharashtra, India

"My mother is 78 years old. She underwent an eye surgery. She could not see properly after that. But after sitting regularly with Agnihotra, she reads, she knits sweaters and she can do all things. Within one month of sitting at Agnihotra fire she recovered her eyesight."
Photo left shows Anjali with her husband Abhay Paranjpe at sunrise Agnihotra in Dhule. They are promoting Homa Therapy all over India and live an exemplary life of Total Service.

Dilip Patil
Amalner, Maharashtra, India

"I have so many experiences with Agnihotra and its healing ash. My father was 67 years old when he had an accident while traveling on a motorbike and he broke his leg. The leg was also swollen. He went to several doctors and took medicines for 6 to 7 months. He did not feel any improvement with their treatment. So I told him to perform Agnihotra, take Agnihotra ash orally and apply Agnihotra ash with ghee. Finally he decided to do it. Within 3 days the problem was solved and he started to walk easily.
Also my building contractor, while walking on top of the

roof, he talked on the mobile phone and fell several meters deep to the ground. He broke both his legs. In the hospital, they did put on casts. His legs were swollen; he could not walk or move. So the doctor gave him some ointment which he applied on the right leg . On the left leg, he applied Agnihotra ash cream. Within 2 to 3 days, the left leg was okay, and there was no swelling. But the right leg was still the same. So, he applied Agnihotra ash cream on the right leg and within 2 to 3 days that leg was also okay."

All members of this Homa family practice Agnihotra daily. The photo shows Mr. Dilip, his wife Prerna and 

their children Bhumika (13 years old) and Vedica (3 years old and almost disappearing behind her Agnihotra fire) during a visit to Tapovan Homa farm.



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THE INDIAN EXPRESS (National Newspaper) on Feb. 25th, 2011:
"University of Agriculture Science (UAS) Dharwad
has a hit pest control therapy - HOMA"

Article by Samarpita Banerjee, Pune
Picture this: A lone farmer rids a 200 acres of farm of all pests with the use of ancient Indian science of Ayurveda.
As difficult as it may sound, the University of Agriculture Science (UAS), Dharwad, has been helping farmers do just that for several years now.
While Agnihotra or Homa Therapy involves organic farming, it has an added advantage: it takes care of airborne diseases as well.
Dr. P.W.Basarkar, HOD. plant biochemistry, who has started Homa Therapy at UAS, Dharwad, said: "Organic farming is not new for our country. In fact, it originated in India. It is known to purify soil and water only, but this Homa technique can purify air in surrounding areas of the farm, thus ensuring that the air-borne diseases don't harm the crops in any way."
Agnihotra follows this procedure: burning of specific organic substances in a copper pyramid; specific Mantras and specific timings corresponding to one circadian rhythm of nature, sunrise and sunset. The ash of the Yajnya is later sprinkled on the fields....
The technique can be used anywhere: a house, garden or a farm.
People who have been using the technique vouch for it.
Abhay Muthalik, a chemical engineer turned organic farmer based in Belgaum, has been using the technique for the past two years now. "And my produce has never been better. The problems that even organic farming cannot solve, vanish with Homa Therapy. The best part is that it is such an easy process which can be practiced by anyone and everyone," says Muthalik.
Abhay says he has been talking to farmers across Belgaum and inspiring them to take up the technique.
Tejaswi Naik, had lost hopes in farming until he came across this technique. "My silkworm farm was plagued with various diseases. The silkworms used to die from the residual effect of the traditional pesticides. Then I forayed into organic farming. Thereon, I came to know about Homa and decided to give it a try."
Naik has been using the technique for the past six years. "Before using the Homa Therapy, I used to get a 40 per cent yield. Today, it has almost doubled and the quality is unmatched in the entire district."
Umakant Tiwari, a mango farmer based in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh, is not only extremely happy with the success of the Therapy but also been advocating it in the village...
The UAS Dharwad, too has been trying to spread the message among the farmers. Says Director (Research) P.M. Salimath: "We have been looking on the impact of the Therapy on the plants. Today, we have a few students who are carrying out research on the effects of Homa on different crops. We have been trying to spread the message among the farmers in neighbouring areas. We have started a diploma course for poor farmers to make them aware that there is a way other than using artificial harmful pesticides."



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Water from air: A life-changing innovation

Source: Wipo Magazine
Published August 2010

An essential and life-sustaining element, water is drawn from many sources - the ground, reservoirs, plants and the sea. Although some 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by it, much of it is saline and inaccessible. In 2006 an estimated 1.1 billion people lacked access to safe drinking water and an estimated 1.8 million fell victim to waterborne diseases.

While significant progress has been made toward the Millennium Development Goal of halving the number of people without access to safe drinking water worldwide between 1990 and 2015, major challenges remain, particularly for those in isolated, rural areas.
Marc Parent, a French inventor and entrepreneur, believes his pioneering technology, which harvests the humidity in the air by using the power of the wind, offers a solution to this widespread problem. Wipo Magazine sat down with this inspiring inventor to learn more about his groundbreaking technology.
“This invention will allow many people to have access to… clean and healthy water every day, simply by using the energy of the wind.”
Humans have used windmills for millennia to convert the wind’s energy into power. While somewhat eclipsed in the 20th century, windmills are once again becoming a common feature of the landscape in the move towards greener, more sustainable forms of energy. Marc Parent’s invention adds an innovative dimension to these iconic machines and their use. It looks like a standard windmill and works like a classic windmill insofar as it harnesses the energy of the wind to generate power. But it is singularly different in that it does not pump water; it actually produces it.
For Marc Parent, innovation is a vocation. He said, “It is a passion and a duty. I can’t let go because, first of all, I am stubborn and I know there is a need and it’s important. It is not a gadget; it works… There are people who could come and drink water from these machines if they existed.”
Read full article at: http://www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine/en/2010/04/article_0005.html
For more information please visit the website: http://www.eolewater.com/


Japan earthquake shifted the Earth’s axis by 10cm, experts say
By David James,
Wales On Sunday, Mar 13 2011

Japanese experts said the 8.9 magnitude earthquake was caused by an upheaval in the earth’s crust that split the seabed for hundreds of kilometers off the coast.
Geologists also calculated that the earthquake shifted the Earth’s axis by about 10cm.

Read more about this -



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Tapovan Homa Farm
We were very happy to be able to step foot again on the special grounds of Tapovan and participate in the almost 10 years ongoing Tryambakam Homa fires.
Photos show the Agnihotra pyramid made in stone in front of the Tryambakam hut, the Tryambakam hut and evening Agnihotras done in this hut.



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Bruce Johnson and Anne Godfrey from Australia are the caretakers of Tapovan Homa farm. They arrived 13 years ago and have made a paradise out of this special place, which was once a desert. We could spent some wonderful days there and we thank them very much for their love and kindness!
The photo with the Shiva statue was taken in the patio of the main house and photo above was taken during the Shivaratri ceremony, which is one of the most important Indian holidays. The other pictures are taken during Agnihotra in the Tryambakam fire temple. (all photos with Agnihotra fires  in Tapovan were made by photographer MaryLeeWeir.com)



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A group from the Sanskrit University in Mumbay came to visit Tapovan under the guidance of Anjali Paranjpe. They listen to a talk on the effectiveness of Homa Therapy by Prof. Abel

Hernandez and a demonstration on how to practice Agnihotra by Mr. Sanjay Patil, the manager of Tapovan Homa farm.


Anne Godfrey doing a Vyahruti Homa at Bahadarpur at the inauguration of the "Lisa MacDonald" Project, which is designed to help more rural women. Lisa´s father, Ian McDonald, has sponsored sewing machines to the village ladies in the name of his daughter, for this was her last wish.



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Pratap University,
Dept. of Chemistry
in Amalner
President Dr. S.R.Chaudhari, Dr. L.A. Patil and
Dr. Pawar organized a Homa Therapy program under the title
"Save Earth".

Prof. Abel Hernandez gave a talk about the necessity of applying the Homa Science and the stopping of superstition.  Eng. Dilip Patil had arranged this meeting.

Evening Agnihotra at the newly established Homa Center in Amalner in the care of Eng. Dilip Patil and his lovely wife Prerna, and their children (Bhumika and Vedica). Several students and professors came from the Pratap University.



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Maliwada, Amalner
Beautiful encounter with the people of Maliwada. The Homa Therapy video presentation ended with a peaceful Agnihotra. We heard wonderful healing testimonies from some Agnihotris. Eng. Dilip and Prerna Patil translated into Maharati. We thank Mr. Abhijit Mahajam and Mrs. Sunkusari Madam for their kind invitation.

St. Mary English High School, Amalner
Bhumika Patil and her friend Hitaishi Kothari chose for the Science Project the topic of "Homa Therapy helps to save the Earth". With the help of a slide show, they explained wonderfully the process and effects of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy in the environment.
They also showed sprouted mung beans watered with tap water (photo left to the left) and with Agnihotra ash water (photo left to the right). They used the same amount of beans in both samples  and came to following conclusions:

"Observation after one day :
-Homa sprouts are bigger in size and weigh more. They are darker in color and taste very good
(see photo above).
Observation after seven days without having them watered again:
-Mung beans with ash water looked the same, their taste, color and size remain. They were good to eat. It seems that the Agnihotra ash works like a natural preservative.
-In the case of plain water mung beans, they were hard, did not look good, had a bad taste and we could not eat them." Bhumika and her friend Hitaishi won the first price with this project!



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The "Art of Living" group of Bhusaval invited Mrs. Aleta and Prof. Abel to present the effects of Homa Therapy when practiced regularly and to talk about its success in South America. A Vhyaruti Homa marked the beginning (photo left). Videos about Agnihotra physics and testimonies were shown.  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  instructed all his followers worldwide

to practice Agnihotra.
Mr. Sunil Dusane
arranged for this meeting and Mr. Deepak Manore from Tapovan accompanied us to this program. At Agnihotra time, many fires were lit and transformed the community hall into a hall of light and love, into a union above language, cultural and other possible differences. (photo below)



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Holy Child English School, Dhule
Pioneering in holistic children's education - Education for the intellect, mind, body and spirit.
Training for healthy and happy children in the New Era.

Photo on the top shows Agnihotra at the Holy Child school with the participation of Anjali and Hrisihikesh Paranjpe, Mr. and Mrs. Cheema, their daughter Simran, Anne Godfrey, Bruce Johnson, Ian, Suwindi, Mary Lee, Roberto, Taylor, Aleta and Abel doing Agnihotra. It was assisted by the teachers and students and Newspaper reporter. The photos below show how very much the Homa workshop was enjoyed.



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Holy Child English School, Dhule
Mr. M.S. Cheema, chief administrator and his lovely wife, Mrs. Sarbjit, who is also a teacher, asked for the "Homa-Yoga and Meditation workshop" for their 400 plus students. Prof. Abel was thrilled to work with the children and it was a wonderful experience for all. The workshop is based on the Fivefold Path teachings of Master Shree Vasant in His book: "Light towards Divine Path" and the "Yoga and meditation" book from Parvati (Fran Rosen). Not only the students participated, but also the teachers were actively involved and the parents were invited to a presentation about the effects of Agnihotra in: health, well being and the learning capacity for their children in the school and at home. It was just such a wonderful experience and everybody was beaming with love. We are very grateful!
To see a short summory video clip, please click here: Holy Child Homa workshop



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"Art of Living", Dhule
Thanks to Mr. Sunil Dusane and his lovely sister Sunita a presentation about Homa Therapy and its effects on health was given to this wonderful group of meditators. The fact is that the regular practice of Agnihotra enhances the benefits of meditation.

Dhule, India
We had the honor to stay with the Paranjpe family (Mr. Abhay, Mrs. Anjali, Hrishikesh, Sarvajit, Shrikant and Grandmother Saroji) for almost 2 weeks and promote together Homa Therapy in schools, conventional hospitals, ayurvedic clinics, spiritual groups, etc. It was a wonderful and joyful experience of team work.  We are very grateful for their hospitality, loving attention and care!



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Mrs. Noni Ford sent the following beautiful pictures from various activities of the Baltimore Homa Community: Photo above shows the solstice Agnihotra gathering.

Photos above show: Women's healing circle with Ms. Maria Broom, which is done every Thursday and photo above right shows Agnihotra on the deck. The photo below shows the Equinox gathering of the Baltimore Homa community.



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Photos above show the Center for the Disabled in the Peninsula Santa Elena with Dr. Eduardo Merino M.D.(arms up) explaining Homa Therapy.
Photo left shows the group at Agnihotra time.

Dr. Eduardo Merino wrote from Guayaquil, Ecuador:
"Dear Abel,
I have a surprise for you. My first Homa Therapy meeting with 33 participants was on Saturday 19th of February. Dr. Juan Rivera M.D., Director of the Center for the Disabled and I are training the medical staff of that Center in the town La Libertad, Peninsula Sta. Elena.
They were very receptive and the level of acceptance was great."

Photo above was send by Mrs. Juana Castro showing a sunset Agnihotra at the State Hospital Reategui in Piura. They do Agnihotra there every day!



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Andrius Bernardas Dapšys from Lithuania wrote:
"I'm deeply interested in Homa Therapy. For the last four years, I have worked successfully on a purchased land at rural area in Lithuania with Homa Therapy in growing vegetables and herbs. Here are some photos from my place, my friends and myself."


Raaja Fisher from Germany informs: "Here are some pics of an Agnihotra fire we did at the river Elbe in Northern Germany.  We offered the ash into the river. We did it in support of the people who are fighting to keep this beautiful big river in its natural state. Many industrialists want to deepen, widen and change its form,  according to their interests. The temperature was below zero. We are sending our love from here."




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Ms. Mariela Pugliese writes from Rioja, Argentina:
"We want to share these photos with all of you. They were taken in La Rioja and hopefully they arrive to each one of you with all the wonderful energy, which was created at that very moment. Love from Rioja."
Photos: the women's healing circle in the mountains with Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa. Photo left - Agnihotra with the Reiki group.



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


We hear about the situation in Japan with problems of radioactivity and we are deeply concerned. But not only in Japan there are such problems. We know about many nuclear tests in Kazakhstan, the situation in Chernobyl as well as other problematic nuclear situations worldwide, whether they are known to public or not. Even many old submarines are confronted with radioactivity problems.

What can we do practically? What can I do?
Agnihotra, the healing pyramid-fire of Ayurveda, supports healing and balance on all levels, even when there are problems with radioactivity. The Agnihotra-fire supports the basic healing of the atmosphere as well as healing for humans, animals, plant-life and all of nature at the place where it is performed. This healing properties are also locked into the Agnihotra ash. This ash is a medicinal substance with all qualities of the Agnihotra-fire. With a small effort, the Agnihotra ash is available to everyone. You can eat it plain or combined with any food. You can drink the Agnihotra solution, you can also bathe in it, and you can wash your clothes in it. You can make your own medicines, ointments for wounds, etc., inhalations for the lungs, compresses, eye drops etc.. And it has proofen to support healing, even when nothing else works. You also can spray/spread the Agnihotra ash solution on your food, plants, farmland, riverside etc. for healing. Please find detailed explanation how to perform Agnihotra and how to make use of your own Agnihotra-ash as folk-medicines, the complete book-text and video free of charge on the website: www.homatherapy.de
Please find many experiences and results of healing worldwide on the website:
What can we do additionally, especially in the situation of high radioactivity? It has been proofen to be very helpful to drink a lot of green tea always with a bit of Agnihotra-ash. Additional help you can get using a lot of Miso mixed with Agnihotra-ash. You can use this mixture for all your soups, vegetables, salads, grains, rice, etc. but also as spread on your bread or just solved in drinking water. It is very helpful to use plenty of green tea and Miso together with Agnihotra-ash.
And what can you do in a situation of emergency, when you have no Agnihotra-pyramid at hand, no Agnihotra-ash for help? Mr. Emoto (from Japan) proofed in all his books, that you can charge water with subtle energies (see all his different books). And when you have nothing at hand, only a pencil and a piece of paper, what can you do then? You just can write the words “OM SHREE” and “AGNIHOTRA-ASH” on the paper and then put everything you drink, every glass of water or tea, on these words and let it sit there as long as possible. The water will take over the energy of these words. Afterwards drink it, so all the cells of your body get this healing information and get support. Let all your drinking-water and food sit on such words written on paper, overnight and during the day. So, all you’re drinking and all you are eating can get this healing energy for you and your family welfare.
Emoto explains how the energy of words can be transferred into water, and by drinking such water and washing your clothes with such water, feeding your pets and plants and gardens with such water, you can give great support. You can do this when the original material for performing Agnihotra is not available.
What to do in case there is a super-emergency, when you have no chance for Agnihotra or Agnihotra-ashes, and you have no pencil and no paper to write on? Then, you just can sing these words to give the healing energetic information: - to all what you drink and what you eat - to all your body cells and clothing - to all rain that might fall - to all the snow-flakes that might cover your body. Sing them again and again - to the air- to the land and the rivers and the ocean. So everything can get this great energy of healing information with all the love from your heart, because everything needs this healing.
And what can you do to help, when you are at some place far away from such disaster? You can share this information with friends or anybody in need. Share it by phone, by mail, by thoughts or by the love of your heart. From your home or from wherever you are, you can choose to support some person, some family, some children, some healer, some yoga-group, some dear aunty overseas or anyone else with this kind of "communication". You can support anybody, anywhere. Let us fill all spheres with love for we all are brothers and sisters, we are ONE family!

You may also check Shree's  Messages in Newsletter # 5  and # 44
and the article written by Karin Heschel in Newsletter # 2



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             Of course you have your Karma. All the time, that is there. Grace is also there, all the time. All the time. If you live in love and harmony Grace abounds. When you fall, you fall into the arms of your Karma but as soon as you realize and bow your head, GRACE intervenes. Let all the past Karma wipe all away now. Love one another.

            The planet has been seeded. Our work has been completed. Now see the fruits of your actions. All that began will now fructify—positive as well as negative. It is a cleansing of Karmic debts owed. It is a process of surrender now with all these past actions. Take what comes as it comes. It is like a new wave of Grace being bestowed now.

            In this life all are given choices. In any moment a choice can be made. There are those who, when faced with choices, are unable, seemingly unable to decide. Those who cannot decide remain in a state of limbo. In this inactive state the soul suffers greatly.

           You can choose to be happy or choose to be sad or choose misery over joy or joy over misery. When you really realize this one point you will begin to utilize the tools given to you to make positive choices.

           Have compassion for those who stand alone. Have compassion for those who have left their HOME. Have compassion for those who believe no more, for all are Our children, children of the Lord. No one is better. No one is higher. No one is favored. No one is discarded. All are in Our Heart forever. OM TAT SAT.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On ancient cultures and time
Yes, yes. Advanced civilizations which have come before this one, far more advanced in areas of astronomy, interplanetary communications and the like, have left remnants of time to rebuild upon. Keys are given in ancient lore, but also in the buildings, the advanced structures in which they either lived or stored their dead. It is these ancient cultures which are now being revisited, rediscovered and revived.

Ancient modes of prophecy and life-sustaining directions are being deciphered in the ancient texts and tales arising from beneath the world. Indeed, the Mayan calendar is actually quite accurate and precisely timely in content. There are few who truly know how to read it, as it goes into great depth and has many layers, many implications and great truths revealed. It is similar in the ancient portions of scripture which all portend the future and speak in ominous terms of the time in which you now reside.

Time. Human beings perceive time by the clocks and calendars of their upbringing. However, these are only attempts to order the universe and most are rather rudimentary to be certain. What humans perceive as ‘now’ is simple and seemingly, even reasonably understood. However, there are parallel universes in existence,

and time is relative to greater unknowns than what can be portrayed on the 12-month calendars or reflected in the faces of clocks and on the windows of your elaborate computer systems! In fact, time cannot be calculated, but everything in man’s universe must find some way to be ordered and regimented, so to appease the insecurity of man’s comprehension of the universe! Man simply must have control over his universe! If not real, then imaginary will do, but control must be! Hmmm…….

On Arks of Fire
It is a vital period which is in hand now. Those of you who have come—it is time to build ARKS OF FIRE. Movement into Light will require safe havens built on the Earth and in the Earth.
ARKS OF FIRE. This is the way of the future. This is essential in the evolution of humankind. ARKS OF FIRE, safe havens where food produced is of healing quality in Homa atmosphere. It is all Grace unfolding.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Health Newsletter!

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