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 Editor's NOTE


      Let's keep on walking and do more self-study.
In this game you are looking for a treasure (hOMe) which will give you permanent happiness. In the path, you will find people, objects and situations which give you some ups and downs pertaining to joy.
As the time passes, you will see that everyone is looking for the same treasure and very, very few find it. It seems to be hidden somewhere. Some of us seem to be continuously blinded, manipulated or fooled by the appearances. And our discerning is tested by the situations we face.
How do you react when someone lies, insults, pushes you around, etc.? How do you react when someone praises, pampers or comforts you? Behind every situation there is a lesson to assimilate or a hint that points the way.
Some people go everywhere methodically or at random, talking, hearing, touching, etc, to investigate it.
As we walk the path of life, we notice that:
1) We stand still when we do not act.
2) We accumulate points and receive hints and go forward when:
a) We react with Unconditional Love towards all situations
b) We act or serve without expectations
c) We speak the truth
d) We place ourselves in others peoples shoes

We can reach hOMe from any point in this game faster.

e) We see ourselves in others and truly listen to others
f) Others (sing joyfully, dance, pray, meditate, praise the Lord, etc.)
3) We lose points and slow down or go backwards(?) when:
a) We act or react with anger, pride, jealousy, lust, envy, greed, etc.
b) We judge and/or have expectations on others
c) We misuse our talents or powers
d) We jump into conclusions to fast
e) We are (lying, stealing, hurting, etc) others
f) Others
By the way, do you know the 1 mile is equal to 10 Kilometers in at least 2 countries? You may want to check the next Homa Newsletter to find out.
 Also the Fivefold Path (YaDaTaKaSwa) helps us to:
1) Help each other
2) Gain points in this game of life     
3) Reach hOMe a little bit or a lot easier.
In the meantime, let’s remember  when  we step into the Path of Light, we stop the competition and start the cooperation. And when someone reaches the goal, we all benefit and celebrate it!

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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Homa Healing Stories

Patricia doing sunset Agnihotra

Patricia de la Espiella
Weston, Florida, USA

"I suffered from a vegetable and fruit allergy. When I ate these, my throat closed up. I had this problem for many years. Even a Medical Doctor, Dr. Lama, who is famous here, told my husband Oscar, that the best thing I could do was to buy a gun and kill myself, because there was no way to control this allergy.
Then a friend who saw me with swollen eyes, a realtor, said to me "I'm taking you to Homa Therapy and there you do not have to believe anything. It is not a religion."
So I went. I participated in Agnihotra, took the Agnihotra ash and I was cured for 10 years! For 10 years I did not have any problems at all! That was amazing.
But then the allergy returned. At that time I met Dr. Mario Chavez and he gave me some Agnihotra ash and said that I had to take it for at least for 21 days.

Before this time had passed I was in a store where they were cutting a mango and I ate a piece without thinking.
But then I got worried and waited for the reaction, which did not come. Then I said I'm going to test if I am healed with a grape and just in case I also put a glass of water and the medication next to it. Then I ate one, two, three grapes and nothing happened. The last test was with watermelon and again nothing happened. Now I also started practicing Agnihotra and I eat anything."

The whole family is gathered around the Agnihotra fire in the backyard. Patricia also observed that her plants and herbs grow better since she applies Agnihotra ash water.



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Bruce Johnson

“Our cows at Tapovan Homa farm ”

"In Tapovan, we have at the moment 9 cows, 4 bulls, 9 calves and 7 newborns. We also have 2 bullocks working the farmland. These are indigenous Indian (Desi), Gir cows and some mixed breeds. We have cows  since several years and now it is the 3rd generation. Here we have maintained 24 hour Tryambakam Homa for nearly  10 years  and for this, we use pure cow's ghee. Half of this ghee comes  from our own production now. We have observed and documented the ghee production for a 6 months period (from 1 Oct 2009 to 31 Mar 2010)
Extraction ratio of the milk fat in Tapovan is  42.3 grams/liter, while normally in our area, the average ratio is 30 grams/liter of milk. That means that in Homa atmosphere the cows produce over 1/3 more milk fat.
Also the Gir breed gives  5 liters of milk per day in the villages , but  we receive from the same breed 6 liters of milk in Tapovan.
Our cows are very healthy compared to the cows from the village farmers, who suffer a lot from ticks, infections on the hoofs in the cold season (similar to foot and mouth disease)  which we have not have had a single time here. The village farmers´ medical bill for one cow is approx. 1000 rupees per year, while here in Tapovan for 30 animals together we spent 1000 rupees the whole year. This is for assistance at delivery or treating a cow that eats a poisonous insects while eating grass from the fields."
Photos show the happy cows from the Tapovan Homa farm in their stable. A Desi cow, a Gir cow, the bullocks carrying tourists to the nearby villages and recently born calves.



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Gulf of Mexico bottom still coated in oil, recovery long way off

From: Jeremy Hance -MONGABAY.COM Published February 23, 2011 08:58 AM

Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia has seen the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and the view wasn't pretty. Speaking at the American

Association for the Advancement of Science, Joye told the conference that she found places where oil lay on the Gulf floor nearly 4 inches (10 centimeters) thick.
She used chemical analysis to identify that the oil on the floor was indeed from the BP Macondo well that blew out last April. Having studied many of the locations before, Joye said the oil spill had a noticeable impact.
"Filter-feeding organisms, invertebrate worms, corals, sea fans—all of those were substantially impacted—and by impacted, I mean essentially killed," she told the BBC. She took photos and video of and the oil-choked bodies of marine life, such as crabs, corals, brittle stars, and tube-worms.


Brazilian beef industry blamed for Amazon deforestation

From: Merco Press
But it's not only shoes. Products as diverse as handbags and ready meals, and companies as big as Tesco, BMW, IKEA and Kraft also rely on Amazon leather. Practically all Western world consumers have some by-product of Amazon destruction in our homes somewhere, whether we like it or not.

Effectively, these brands are driving this destruction by buying beef and leather products from unscrupulous suppliers in Brazil points out the Greenpeace report.
The report says the cattle industry is the single biggest cause of deforestation in the world as trees are cleared to make way for ranches. And the Brazilian government is also fuelling the process by offering billions of dollars in loans to support the expansion of the cattle industry. President Lula de Silva has pledged to double his country's share of the global beef market by 2018. The report contrasts these investments with Lula da Silva's recent promise to cut deforestation by 72% by the same date and to set up an international fund for protecting the Amazon.


Kiesha Crowther (Little Grandmother)
She comes from a very, very small town in Colorado and since childhood she has been able to see energy inside of anything that is alive. She has been able to speak to animals and hear what they have to say since a very young age.
See her and hear what message she has to tell us:




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State Hospitals in Piura, Peru
The daily Agnihotra session continue in both main hospitals under the guidance of Prof. Cesar Gonzales and his wife, Gaby Zapata.



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Dr. Montufar´s Medical Homa Clinic was our last visit before leaving Ecuador. This clinic is often the last chance for patients with incurable or too far progressed diseases. Many are getting healed completely and are very grateful to Dr. Montufar and his lovely family for having brought Homa Therapy into their lives.



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Homa Center of Guayaquil
Daily Agnihotra sessions continue there under the supervision of Director Sonia Hunter and her helpers like Luzmila, Veronica and others.


West Palm Beach, Florida
The MaYu Nutritional Center
organized an Agnihotra meeting outdoors and Prof. Abel was invited to present the newest achievements of Homa Therapy at the MaYu Center. It was wonderful to see again so many "old" Agnihotra friends  after such a long time. Amazing healing testimonies were also reported by several people, which animated the newcomers to start the Agnihotra practice and to give it a try.



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West Palm Beach, Florida
Mrs. Aleyda opened her home for the Agnihotra practitioners in this area to join the "Healing Mantra workshop" given by Prof. Abel Hernandez, which ended with Agnihotra in a serene atmosphere charged with Light and Love. Many Agnihotris participated and it is a big joy to see this group growing so fast under the loving care of Dr. Mario Chavez and his wife Yuri. They are professional nutritionists who frequently  travel to other areas and teach Homa Therapy. Here, we also met some indigenous healers, like the Mexican Apache leader Joe
(photo below 2nd from left). We participated in a ceremony with the MaYu tribe. This was a wonderful experience.



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Chief Priest, Mr. Hari Apte, started the Somayag with Mr. Abhay Paranjpe. He and his devoted wife Anjali received the Holy Fire. Then they  passed it on to many others till reaching the Somayag hall.

Special constructed fire pits are build for each Somayag. Everybody got to mash some Soma herbs with water  which was then used as an offering. Here it is Simona and Matthew. Evening Agnihotra in the Somayag hall fills the atmosphere with an incomparable scent...



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Fivefold Path Mission India also invited this year to a powerful 5-days lasting SOMAYAG. It was the fourth of seven planned Somayags.
Hundreds of people attended this special Homa. They came from abroad and from all different corners of India.
The chief priest was again Mr. Hari Apte, who directed all in traditional Vedic manner. Great healing energy was created during the Somayag and impurities were removed.

This and the following pages with photos from the Somayag talk by themselves. Please take the time to see them. Most of them were made by lovely Simona from Slovenia.



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Photos from left to right in sequence: Village Maheshwar on the river Narmada. Chief Priest Apte´s grand daughter. Universal Peace Dances with Lisa Powers. Best Food from the Goshala Kitchen served by Ariel, Suwindi, Joshua, Sarvajit, Tom and Patricia. Dr. Ulrich Berk calming down the scared calf at the Somayag.



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SUNSET ON THE NARMADA RIVER. Time to tune into nature, connect with our mother Earth, let go of our busy day and let our soul escape into the last sunrays. The beauty of the Goddess Narmada is breath taking, her majestic silence and her constant flow are deeply touching and her sound is comforting. Thank you Narmada!

Agnihotris from all continents, races and believes participated and in this one week of SOMAYAG. Over 1000 Agnihotras were lit on the Maheshwar GOSHALA ground contributing gloriously to the  Cycle of Life. Everyone participating in the Somayag was very grateful to the organizers: Abhay Paranjpe, Sarvajit Paranjpe, Karin Heschl, Anne Godfrey, Bruce Johnson, Ulrich Berk and their many helpers from Tapovan, Goshala and from abroad. Everybody enjoyed Mother Kusum´s loving presence and care.



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Everyone danced happily. The Somayag was a blessing for  the planet, for all participants and Healing was created far beyond our understanding...
Photos below show some of the tools used during the Somayag. Agnihotra with Mrs. Parvati at the Parshuram stone on the riverside.
Hundreds of Agnihotras were done in every corner by the participants.



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(photo above) Evening Agnihotra gathering underneath the Krishna tree.  (photo below) Morning Agnihotra with a group of healers from Kazakhstan,  where Monika Koch  frequently travels.



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On the final day of the Somayag, the instruments and tools were handed over to Narmada in a celebration and all immersed themselves into her waters.

At night Anjali invited to come to the river and ghee lamps (on banana leaves) carrying our gratitude were given to Narmada.




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In the photo left you can see Dr. Marveys Hernandez from Venezuela at a Agnihotra presentation in Caracas. She is promoting Homa Therapy through TV, talks and teaching classes. After her cure from Cancer through Homa Therapy she has become a tireless promoter, a warrior of Light.



America Camacho writes from Spain:
"Sending you a photo of our Wednesday meetings in the Bar Cafeteria "Luau" in Alaurin de la Torre en Malaga. We love sharing Agnihotra and it does feel really great. Receive all love from Malaga."


Ceneth and Judith Sanabria write from Bucarmanga:
We were invited by Mrs. Carolina Torrado to Agnihotra  at the farm "La Pola". We were a group of 40 people and it was wonderful. We were sending Light, Peace and Love to everyone.

Julian Acosta gave a Homa presentation in the "Botica de la Abuela" in Armenia.  
Many people have learned Agnihotra through him and the efforts of Mrs. Dora Betancur, the owner of the Botica.
Now, the Botica de la Abuela is a Medical Homa Center and works under the guidance of Dr. Humberto Lema Gomez.



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


Usually, we do not feel the liver and bile at all. However, if we do feel them, then we might feel a pressure or it hurts on the right side , below the ribs. Perhaps we even might have a colic pain?
Whether we feel them or not, these organs do important work for us. They detoxify the body from various metabolic waste products, environmental toxins, etc. But  anger, fury, rage do also affect the liver

and the digestion". How can I treat my liver so that it is happy, it handles all the work and remains healthy?
If we want to make their work easy, we let go consuming fat and alcohol. That helps a lot in order not to burden them with an additional load of hard work.
Next, we can support their work with infusions of various bitter herbs: Milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion root, wormwood, or similar. We prepare a tea and add to every cup a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder and drink 3 to 4 times a day such a cup of tea.
We can assist the liver also locally: we mix a little ghee with Agnihotra ash powder and apply this ointment directly on the skin in the liver area to support its functioning. The best is to do this three times a day. And if we are at home, we can also apply hot liver packs:  boil about 3 liters of water with 2 tablespoons of Agnihotra ash powder for 10 minutes . Then strain the mixture through a paper filter or a dense cloth. Now, soak a cloth (terry cloth, towel, kitchen towel, whatever you have at hand) in this filtered water and place this wet-soaked cloth as hot as possible over the liver region (note: be careful and do not burn the skin, but place it as hot as you can tolerate it). We cover it with a dry cloth. Now, rest 15 minutes, then repeat the same procedure again with a newly hot soaked cloth. You can repeat this a few times, and often this treatment brings quite an enormous relief when suffering from liver pain.
But what do we do with the frustration, anger and rage in our lives? Just leave these behind you, simply let go of them and as you walk into the future, new possibilities, new solutions, new joy will bring you days full of joy. Agnihotra fire at sunrise and sunset can help us a lot to have the insight and strength to recognize old issues in new ways and solve them differently. Would you like to try? Only believe in your own experience!

Milk thistle


Dandelion root


For further information please visit the website: http://www.homatherapy.de



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             Working on oneself is an ongoing process, but not all done on a conscious level. The idea of “learning to love oneself” and care and nurture one’s own needs is quite healthy. But again, much can be accomplished in this direction by increasing one’s awareness and strengthening one’s devotion. Through service to others, for example, one learns to love oneself as he loves others. Of course, the reverse is true.

              If you truly become full of love, that alone is sufficient. Through that love anyone with whom you come in contact will feel the healing vibration of love. Can you imagine the positive effects if you let go of fear, refuse to give in to anger and maintain a positive state of mind? Then GRACE escalates. Love is the most powerful energy available.

               Don’t say, “Oh! There is no love here.” Bring your love here.

            It is only through consistent effort that one can break through this negative pattern of behavior that causes all his pain and pain in others. Is it not our position to provide love and acceptance to others? Is it not our duty? Then where is the question of loving or not loving? Never withdraw your love. Never withhold your love. This love which is in you is what brings healing to others.

               In the beginning always the mind is lazy when beginning any new discipline. The mind can create whole new excuses and get out of making any effort. So we have to train the mind. It is one thing not to do some work if your body is really tired. It is another when the body is willing and the mind is not controlled. We have to control our mind.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Unity and healing of the planet
Yes, yes. One of the signs of darkness is when those who work together slowly begin to splinter off from each other, causing division, separation, disunity. This is a time when all Light Workers absolutely must strive for better human relations, and begin at home.
As the home environment also reflects one’s outer environment, one must take extra precautions to avoid being affected by the world outside. Obviously, you cannot guard the doors and entryways to keep out negative energy! However, what you can do is to intensify the positive energy by including in your daily practices more chanting, meditation, healing fires, prayers, healing via sound and movement, and finally more efforts to understand and communicate in a positive manner, even when problems arise.
Instead of fearing the outer world as it becomes more and more sinister and foreboding, accentuate all that brings in the Light. Focus on that which brings your faith to the forefront and follow that with renewed vigour and intent to heal.
The world will get worse before getting better. Think of the world as needing healing for a host of ailments which are due to impure air, water, soil and unkempt soul. Then, allow your maternal nature, which all humans have some access to, to rise up and bring with it a wave of compassion and nurturance. Thus, the world will become a child in

need of healing, instead of an evil entity encroaching upon your peace of mind. Your efforts at loving this unwieldy world will create a new wave of energy, which promotes healing from within, outward to all the spheres which surround you.
Yes, it sounds like a lofty, cosmic, even impossible plan. However, this is what you have in hand to utilize to create change in a world in dire need of it. Lift up your voices and sing! Even in your own voices, there is energy to heal. Do not watch helplessly as a victim, or aggressively in blame. Instead, lift your voices as ONE VOICE and watch the shift in energy within your own heart and the hearts of those with whom you share this same intent. There is power in unity and power in coming together as ONE.
View anything other than that which promotes UNITY as not in tune with Higher Will. Thus, you will sharpen your own power of discrimination, knowing intuitively what is ‘right’ for your heart.
And do lead the children home. Now is the time for the children. OM TAT SAT.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Health Newsletter!

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