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 Editor's NOTE

Light on MEDITATION (1)

      Well, we usually simply want to fulfill our desires.
Some are superficial desires, such as:
1) Having: a) a beautiful house with nice furniture & surroundings, a great car, computers, nice clothes, jewelry, make up, perfumes, etc.
b) pretty face and a good looking, strong and flexible body
2) Eating delicious food & and desserts, drinking fine liquors, etc.
3) Marrying a pretty woman or a handsome man, having children etc.
4) Playing games, Smoking, Getting wasted (?), etc
Other desires are deeper, such as having a lot of:
*Money *Power (social, political, psychic, etc.) *Fame *Knowledge *Social status *Sex *Peace of Mind
Some desires are unspoken, such as Being:
*Everlasting joy *Bliss *Beautiful from within *Always shining like a star *Peace
*All knowledge *One with All (Universal awareness)
So, why to meditate? To answer this, first of all, we should see what Meditation is. These are some simple definitions.
1) Stilling the mind and witnessing inside and outside
2) Discovering of the Self
3) Awareness of the Divine within.   4) Others
Sooner or later, we reach a stage where we want to know the Self, our True nature. What is behind the clothes, the masks, the body, emotions, personality and thoughts that we wear? What are we here for? Where do we come from? Where are we going? How to experience everlasting peace, bliss and omniscience, etc.?

This search may take us to look into Meditation or something similar. But what is Meditation? Some people say this is simply the stilling of the mind and focusing inwards. What are some of the benefits of it?
Decrease: blood pressure, heart rate, metabolic rate, respiration rate, bad cholesterol, fatty acids, etc.
Decrease: anxiety, phobias, doubts, etc.
Increase: forgiveness, compassion, etc.
Increase: IQ, concentration, ability to resolve problems, understanding, etc.
Increase: ability to love unconditionally, experience of oneness with all, etc.
Experience “My father and I are One.”
The Mathematic Scientists tell us that in an equation like: x² +5=30 , we can solve for “x” by simply x²=30-5 so x²=25 and √x² = √25. Then x=5
To check: 5² +5=30
Likewise, the Spiritual Scientists (?) have given us techniques to find the answer to some of the most perplexing X’s (questions). Many of these answers lay within us. But, how to dive in consciously? There are many approaches, many ways to meditate. Which one is the best for you? Where do you learn it? How long does it take? How can you see our progress? And other similar questions will be touched in the next Newsletter. In the meantime Agnihotra could be the easiest initial step for many into Meditation. Agnihotra is already a simple tool used by thousands around the globe to awaken within and without.

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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Homa Healing Stories

Ruth Marithza during sunset Agnihotra

Ruth Marithza Rincon
Bucaramanga, Colombia

"I know Homa Therapy for hardly one week and after the first Agnihotra session  I took some Agnihotra ash home. In my house I have a very special case. I have a brother that has been a drunk all his life. He is not an aggressive drunk, but he drinks every day. In my heart I said, if this ash can do miracles, it should do it in my home.
My brother takes every morning his cup of coffee and then he disappears for the rest of the day and he comes back drunk at night. I said to myself, he likes his coffee and since it is me who prepares it, I am going to put a little bit of this Agnihotra ash in the coffee. He took the coffee with the blessings and he left. I do not know what he does during the day, but the case is that I have seen him come home every evening this whole week sober and even eager to help. He asked, if I have something to do, that he wants to collaborate.

My God, how marvelous is that! These are blessings! I think that after this, many more miracles will happen and Agnihotra is so simple. My brother is 50 years old and he was drinking  since the age of 12. That first Homa session was on a Monday and already on Tuesday, I saw the first positive change in him. I have given him the Agnihotra ash every sacred day of this week in his morning  coffee and I do not worry about where he goes during the day.
I'm a teacher and I wondered if HOMA Therapy would harmonize the school environment for many children today are  rude, lazy, aggressive, etc. So I wanted to try it on a group of students who were very hard to manage. I prepared a little cream with ghee and Agnihotra ash. I mixed half a teaspoon of ash with one teaspoon of ghee and put in an empty Vaseline box. I smeared a little on my finger and with much dissimulation I went through the rows and touched the heads of the students (third grade) and asked them “how are you?” My intention was to apply the Agnihotra ash cream. I approached each one and  told them that I was glad to see them. I did that with the 7 most terrible boys. And then during the class the children were attentive and raised their hands to participate! And I thought “Wow, that has not happened all year”. All they had done was use bad words, bad words and more bad words. Seeing how attentive they were and how they participated, I simply said Thank you God for that favor!' Now, I feel very happy with this group and we will finish this year with much peace.
I also put the Agnihotra ash into the coffee of my husband and I have noticed that he is now very loving, very affectionate, very tender. He is the ideal husband. Homa Therapy helped', because there was not the ideal harmony that one wishes in a marriage. Now, there are only blessings after blessings. I feel very happy. I have tried so many things to improve our relationship. I did meditations, prayed the Novena, asked all the Saints for help,  all the angels, etc. But this was magic, the Divine Magic of HOMA."



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Mr. Virgilio Gavasso - Mesa de los Santos, Santander, Colombia

We have 18 years of organic tradition and we have now 2 years of HOMA experience. Since we began to use the HOMA farming technique, we have noticed an improvement in the quality and production of the fruits. For example, we used hybrid tomatoes called "long life", these seeds are imported mainly from Holland and they are very expensive. Now, with HOMA, we can take the seeds from our garden and they are of better quality than that of  "long life". Tomatoes that used to last 5 days after harvest, now, they last 45 days! Also, the production level is permanently increasing. The tomato plant is growing better and the tomatoes are bigger and heavier. It is so incredible! A basket of tomatoes that usually weighed between 28 and 30 kilos, with our Homa tomatoes weighs 35 kilos. It is a tomato that has less water, is more resistant to damage and handling, has better flavor and lasts longer. HOMA changed the physical characteristics of the tomato. They have 25% more weight.
The hybrids have a good production, but their seeds produce very little. Non hybrid varieties can transmit their genetic properties to the next generation but the production and quality is low. What HOMA does is to improve the seeds of hybrid and non hybrid varieties. So it increases the production and quality.
"Initially, we sowed a hybrid seed, imported from France, called "Habichuela". It was a very good quality bean. We collected its seeds and it happened what always happens with hybrid seeds: it gives origin to a number of other varieties, yellow beans, green beans, tasty beans, bad beens, etc. We selected one that seemed to be good in taste and color. The seeds of the selected variety were planted with HOMA Farming Technology and we were able to establish a new variety. It does no longer originate other varieties. It is a variety which is a little bigger and has some characteristics different from the original bean, but it is wonderful. It is such an incredible bean that, when the moms come to get products from our farm, they tell us that their children don't like beans. I tell them to try  ours and then they continue buying them, because they say that it is a marvelous bean and that it fascinates their children. Our beans can be eaten raw or for one minute cooked in water."

Homa Organic Farm in Mesa de los Santos



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Indian veggies, fruits remain highly toxic

Pesticides Much Higher Than European Standards
Durgesh Nandan Jha | TNN

New Delhi: Rampant use of banned pesticides in fruits and vegetables continues to put at risk the life of the common man.

Farmers apply pesticides such as chlordane, endrin and heptachlor that can cause serious neurological problems, kidney damage and skin diseases. A study conducted by Delhi-based NGO Consumer-Voice reveals that the amount of pesticides used in eatables in India is as much as 750 times the European standards. The survey collected sample data from various wholesale and retail shops in Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata.
"Out of five internationally-banned pesticides, four were found to be common in vegetables sold in the Indian markets. Banned pesticides were found in bitter gourd and spinach," said Sisir Ghosh, head of Consumer-Voice. The banned chemicals included chlordane, a potent central nervous system toxin, endrin, which can cause headache nausea and dizziness, and heptachor that can damage the liver and decrease fertility.
Officials said the tests conducted on vegetables at the government-approved and NABL accredited laboratory, Arbro Analytical Division, revealed that ladies finger contained captan, a toxic pesticide, up to 15,000 parts per billion (ppb) whereas that in the EU has only up to 20 ppb. ‘‘Indian cauliflower can have malathion pesticide up to 150 times higher than the European standards,’’ said an official.
The vegetables studied included potato, tomato, snake gourd, pumpkin, cabbage, cucumber and bottle gourd, among others. ‘‘We have informed Food Safety and Standards Authority of India about the excessive use of pesticides in fruits and vegetables that pose serious health hazards,’’ said Ghosh. He added that strict monitoring from government agencies is required to check manufacture, import and use of banned pesticides. The pesticide residue limits have not been reviewed for the past 30 years, said Ghosh.
Earlier this month, the organization had conducted tests on fruits sold in Indian markets which again showed that 12 fruits, including bananas, apple and grapes, had high quantity of pesticides, violating both Indian and European Union standards. The chemical contents found in fruits were endosuplhan, captan, thiacloprid, parathion and DDT residues.


Global food crisis forecast
Prices reach record highs

World wheat and maize prices have risen 57%, rice 45% and sugar 55% over the last six months, soybeans are at their highest price for 16 months and meat prices are at 20-year highs. - Peter Pesola. See article:

India has had food price inflation of 17% in the last year. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images


The World is Watching and Asking -

If you are interested in health and safety, please watch this informative video in 7 parts produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael J. Murphy and Paul Wittenberger.
This documentary is finally available for free viewing.

Please check this petition about European Parliament wanting to stop the Traditional Herbal Medicines http://www.gopetition.com/petition/39757.html


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The Homa Tour Colombia brought us for 2 days to the town of Cienaga in the North of Colombia. Here, a lovely and service oriented couple, Maria Cristina and Rafael Correa (left photo  to the right), are keeping the Homa fires lit. They organized a Homa presentation with the Agnihotra healing fire in their home. People from the community came to find out more. (see photos above)



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Santa Marta, Magdalena
Santa Marta is a touristic city in front of the ocean. The last time we had been there was approx. 12 years ago. So it was wonderful to see old friends and to continue sharing the healing Homa fires. Mr. Oscar Ardila arranged for a couple of Homa presentations and Agnihotra meetings in a Logia
(see photos above and below).

In the area of Santa Marta the climate is changing drastically. Where there were 5 rainy days per year, now, many suffer from inundations and collapsed homes.
Left Photo shows  morning Agnihotra in the home of  Oscar Ardila with relatives and friends.



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Mr. Oscar Ardila  also arranged for a Homa presentation near a village called Minca. There, a small group of devoted Krishnas created a beautiful Healing Center called "Los Vedas".  They do a marvelous job in gardening, cooking, treating people with various healing techniques, etc. Now, Agnihotra will be part of their daily practices. (see photos above). Mr. Ramon Navarro brought the Newspaper "Heraldo" from Barranquilla with a half page article on Homa Therapy, written by William Schutmaat.
Photo of the road towards  => NABUSIMAKEE, SIERRA NEVADA 




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After a several hour ride on extreme roads in a super sized wheels vehicle, we finally arrived in Nabusimakee. Even so the Arhuacos (name of this ethnic tribe) have no electricity, civilization has arrived in many other ways.
Don Isaias Torres, his son, Julian, his daughter, Maria Concepcion, his grandchildren and some neighbours in front of their first sunset Agnihotra.



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The Arhuacos are mainly farmers and produce some of their vegetables and fruits. Some have a few cows and sheep and keep honey bees. The meals are cooked with wood. The bath is  taken in the river and after sunset there is not much left do to, except go to rest to wake up early.
Some of the farmers have to walk up to 6 hours in order to reach their land and work on it. For this, the coca leaves are essential for the men of the Arhuaco tribe.

Their spiritual leaders are the "Mamos", who give advice, when asked, regarding many problems and crossroads in life.
The agro chemicals and plant diseases have found their way up the Sierra Nevada.
Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash were welcomed as medicines, since it is not easy to get qualified medical attention.
Maria Teresa was the contact who orches-trated the 3 days Homa Therapy visit
to this region.              



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Santa Marta,
Mr. Expedito Carrenio, his wife Martha and their daughter Tania started the Homa Center of Santa Marta.

Expedito did his first Agnihotra together with Prof. Abel 12 years ago.  At that time, he owed a little incense store. Now he has 6 heath stores offering a big variety of healing herbs, oils, soaps, etc.
(see photos above of Agnihotra meetings in the Homa Center "La Luz")
After 4 busy days in Santa Marta, we continued the Homa Tour at 4am  to reach  Bucaramanga 10 hours later. (photo right - morning Agnihotra on the road). It was time for Maria Teresa and Sebastian to return to their duties in Bogota. The Homa Tour in their precious company was a journey of love, support and unity. THANK YOU!



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 Casa del Libro Total (House of the Total Book)
This wonderful event was organized in advance with the help of Pablus Gallinazo and his wife Tita Pulido, who are well known artists in Colombia.
After Prof. Abel gave a short talk and showed  video presentations of the surprising effects of Homa Therapy, sunset time approached.  Approx. 40 Agnihotra fires were lit and everyone present experienced the serene and uplifting energy of the healing Homa fires.

After all Agnihotra fires had extinguished, several wonderful  testimonies were given on the spot.
It was a Festival of Love , Peace, Unity and Light!
This Homa Festival ended with 2 songs, sang by the author Pablus in company of his wife Tita (photo left). "La Flor para Mascar" and "Viento" are famous all over Colombia. So every-body joined in.



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Restaurant Govindam
Judith and Ceneth Sanabria organized a Mantra workshop for Agnihotris in the vegetarian Restaurant of Mr. Luis Antonio. Prof. Abel explained the following points:

1) The world as changing Energy (E = mc2)
2) The world as vibration. The world is Thought.
3) What is a Mantra? Why are they 'Words of Power'? What are the objectives of repeating a Mantra?
4) Basic Physic  of Sound.
5) What is Sanskrit? Some guidelines for pronunciation.
6) What is Resonance?
7) Theory and practice of:
a) Agnihotra  b) Tryambakam Homa  c) Vyahruti Homa
Judith (left photo ) supervised the practice of Tryambakam Mantra, which everyone got to . Agnihotra was also shared with all the new comers.



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School Aurelio Martinez Mutis, Bucaramanga
The School Teacher, Mrs. Marithza Rincon, who recently started practicing Agnihotra, arranged a presentation of Homa Therapy in several branches of the School 'Aurelio Martinez Mutis'. These are schools which are day and night occupied, teaching children and adults. The Director (Rector) of this School, Prof. Jesus Celis, started with the Agnihotra practice after seeing several video clips showing how the students receive help through the regular practice of Agnihotra and how the environment and atmosphere is cleansed through this scientific process.

Healing Center  of  Dr. Henry Eduardo Perez, Bucaramanga
Dr. Henry invited everyone interested to a presentation about the new advances on Homa Therapy given by Prof. Abel and to share Agnihotra. Dr. Henry practices Agnihotra every Saturday with patients and friends. He started the Agnihotra practice with our first visit 2 years ago. He is a soldier of light and he also consolidated a wonderful group of helpers.

 The Agnihotra experience was very uplifting and moving.             The regular practice of the Homa fires transforms any place into a  healing Center, where people find  deep relief on many levels.

 The main Newspaper of Bucaramanga, "Vanguardia" published a 2/3 page article about Homa Therapy on 7th of October. The article was written by Mrs. Paola Bernal Leon.(you may  click on it to read the article)



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Aurelio Martinez Mutis School II in Bucaramanga:
Many children are growing up in quite difficult situations, but whatever they be, the regular practice of Agnihotra at home and/or  the school can help these children in their physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional

development. The photos show Prof. Abel doing some Yoga and concentration exercises with 3rd to 6th grade students, which all enjoyed very much and they had a lot of fun. At sunset time, Agnihotra was practiced with the director of the School, Prof. Jesus Celis, the teacher Mrs. Marithza Rincon, students and some guests.



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Restaurant  "Govindam"
Every day, there are Agnihotra sessions done in different places in the city Bucaramanga and everyone is invited.
Govindams´day is Wednesday.
After Agnihotra, Robert supports the pregnancy of his lovely wife Genny with his Agnihotra warmed  hands on her belly (see photo left).
Restaurant "Flor de Lotus"
The owners Pariksit and Radha invited for a workshop on how to prepare home made Homa medicines, which was given by Aleta. This restaurant's kitchen   was the ideal teaching place. The workshop ended with Agnihotra. Flor de Lotus´ Agnihotra day is Friday (photo below).



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Aurelio Martinez Mutis (A.M.M.) School, Sector III in Bucaramanga:
In a 3rd location of the A.M.M. school, Homa Therapy was also introduced. The children were calmed with Yoga, relaxation, concentration exercises and Agnihotra. Again, the director, Jesus Celis, was present with his Agnihotra kit and also the Secretary of Education, Mrs. Yazmin, was a special invited guest, who started Agnihotra the very next day with her own kit. To implement Homa Therapy into the school system  is the NEED OF THE HOUR.



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D´Pachamama Restaurant:
Another Agnihotra gathering and video presentation of Homa Therapy was done in this Vegetarian Restaurant which belongs to Mrs. Miriam Hernandez
(photo below to the right). She has practiced Agnihotra for several months. And she also  has experienced healing in her family with this sacred pyramid fire. A good reason for her to share the Agnihotra in her restaurant with the public  every Tuesday.



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Before leaving Bucaramanga, we were able to share another wonderful Homa healing event with many Agnihotris and new comers in the clinic of Dr. Henry Eduardo Perez.

A video presentation and talk on Homa Therapy was given by Prof. Abel Hernandez. After a wonderful Agnihotra experience with meditation, we heard several beautiful testimonies from the people present. Mr. Luis, who has 20 years of Meditation practice, told us that he has never experienced such a deep state of being. (photos this page)



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Dr. Jesus Orlando Gomez and his wife, Dr. Julia Emma Garzon, our wonderful hosts in Bogota, opened their home for an Agnihotra meeting, which turned out to be a transforming experience. Mass Agnihotra in an environment where the Homa healing fires are practiced regularly for years, can turn out to be a place where one touches sacred ground inside and out. It puts things into a different perspective.
Dr. Jesus Orlando chanted Mantras after Agnihotra with great devotion and everyone joined in - a wonderful experience! We want to deeply thank Dr. Gomez and Dr. Julia Emma for their love and support in all the Homa matters.

Emily (photo left) had waited for a long time to receive the precious gift of an Agnihotra pyramid. She does Agnihotra every Tuesday and Wednesday in Maria Teresa's farm. Now, she can practice the Agnihotra fire with her own pyramid in company of her friends Andrea and Maria Fernanda (photo right).

Maria Teresa's home is the Homa Center of Bogota where a talk on effects and benefits of Homa Therapy was given by Prof. Abel and latest videos were presented  and many questions were answered. 



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Radio Caracol-Santa Martha
The installation of a Homa Resonance Point for a Healing Center  brought us once more back to Santa Marta. (photo shows from left to right: Julio, Abel and  Oscar)

Mr. Julio Padilla (wearing a hat) is an announcer from Radio Magdalena  who did a 3 days follow up program about HT and invited many people to participate in the Agnihotra healing sessions in the newly established Homa Center "La Luz" where the Agnihotra healing fires are "ON" at sunset every day with the participation  of the Carrenio family and Homa friends. (photos on this page)



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Santa Marta, Magdalena
Mr. Jose Antonio Piedrahita´s, Mr. Oscar Ardila´s and Mr. Expedito Carrenio´s goal was to let everyone in the city of  Santa Marta know about Agnihotra & H.T.

For this, posters and flyers were printed and distributed, radio talks were broad-casted and the word was spread... Many people came to this wonderful Homa event, received Agnihotra ash and received Light and Peace in their hearts.



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Villa Toledo in Santa Marta,
Magda- lena

Villa Toledo, Santa Marta
Agnihotra celebration in Villa Toledo - last Homa presentation in a full house before returning to Bogota.
In Santa Marta, we want to give special thanks to Jose Antonio Piedrahita (left) and his companion Rosa, Mr. Expedito, Marta (top left photo to the left) and Tania Carrenio, Oscar Ardila, Marina Negrini, Cesar, Mrs. Teresa and all the Agnihotris for their efforts and dedication to spread the word of Homa Therapy and for keeping the healing flame alive. We also want to thank Mr. Gregorio Sanjuanelo (top right with Mrs. Marina) for traveling such a long distance to learn Agnihtora and to share it with the folks of Sabana Grande.



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"Festival India-Colombia" in Bogota
The India Festival was a celebration of nonviolence, showing the splendor and cultural diversity of infinite dimensions of India.
Several organizations came together on this occasion to celebrate peace, love, freedom, nonviolence, inner power, transcendental consciousness and commitment to service, as taught by Mahatma Gandhi and to promote continuity of his philosophy today.
It was a colorful day with art, music, and presentations based on legends and stories of ancient India. Dr. Jose Antonio Magmud (photo above standing with white hut) guided the Agnihotra presentation, which was a glorious end for such a wonderful event.
(photos this page)



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Photos from Marilyn Montclare of an Agnihotra gathering on 26 September at Woodham near Woking in Surrey. They meet regularly around the solstices and equinoxes in her small Agni Shala in her garden where she does Agnihotra. From right: Marilyn, Christine, Jimena, Rupert (first Agnihotra fire), Margaret, Gricel and Mark. Photo taken by Sharon.


America Camacho and Josue Gomez write from Alurin de Malaga:
We want to share these photos of two Agnihotra gatherings with you. One shows Agnihotra practice in front of the ocean with a dedicated Homa group. (photo left)

The other one was taken in the backyard of Mrs. Reme, who lives in Alurin de la Torre Malaga (photo below). Mrs. Reme and her friend Isabel are clairvoyants and they saw 2 Beings of Light, emanating Love and Strength, walking around the circle and blessing everyone. Later, seeing the photos of Shree Gajanan Maharaj and Lord Parshuram, they recognized the Beings. What Grace! How wonderful to know, that the Divine Masters are with all who practice AGNIHOTRA healing fire. 



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Photos from a chinese magazine of an Interview with Mrs. Lee Ringma from Australia  while she was traveling in Malaysia teaching Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany

HAVE A COLD? How to quickly get well!

When the cold season begins, the body must organize and adapt its energy. If he can’t do this quickly, we might catch a cold. This is not only the case in long, cold winters, but also in hot weather a sudden cold can occur. Why? A "cold" has always something to do with cool: during a cold season, the environment can withdraw too much heat from the body; when walking on a stone floor too much heat can escape from the body;

wind or wearing a wet bathing suit for too long can withdraw much heat; being outside, or exposed to draft or an air-conditioner, etc. can withdraw too much body heat. In the moment our body cannot generate enough heat, our immune system does not work properly and viruses and bacteria can spread easily.
Prevention is always the best medicine. If one pays always attention to keeping the body warm, the immune system can work well and it is easy to stay healthy. That is the very best. It helps to keep the feet and chest warm, avoid draft, wear protective clothing in rain,

wind and cold weather and change wet or sweaty clothes in hot temperatures.
In addition, the constant practice of Agnihotra strengthens our defense system. We can support its’ effect, drinking regularly hot Agnihotra ash water: put powdered Agnihotra ash in water and boil it for 10 minutes. Drink this slowly, sip by sip, with every meal. This way your body is well prepared and it is easier to stay healthy.

But what if you still caught a cold? Then you can recover faster, if you provide the body with heat from inside and outside!
- Important is to take daily 2 times or more a ‘rising foot bath’ with Agnihotra ash powder. For this we prepare lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of Agnihotra ash powder. We bathe the feet in it and keep adding warmer water, so that the temperature of the foot bath rises. This bath should be concluded as hot as possible. This leads to body heat and helps to strengthen the defense system. It’s effect is amazing.
- Additionally you can rub the body with a mixture of ghee and a little Agnihotra ash powder 2-3 times a day, especially in the areas of the bronchi, kidneys and feet. This helps to maintain the heat in the body and provides healing energy for these important areas.
- Internally we can heat up our system well with hot elderberry tea or lime flowers tea, hot elderberry juice, hot cherry juice or similar red fruit juices. We always add a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder to the tea and sip it as hot as possible!
- You can also take 4 x daily warm lemon juice with honey and Agnihotra ash powder.
- In addition, you can wear a cap to keep your head warm, stay in bed, sweat and get lots of sleep.
- For a sore throat you can additionally make a cold compress with Agnihotra ash water: take cold water, add a tablespoon of Agnihotra ash powder and soak a cloth in it. Wrap this cold cloth around the neck and cover with a dry cloth. After 15 minutes, remove the wrap and start the same process on both calves. After 15 minutes, take off the two cold wraps from the calves and continue again with the cold neck wrap. Thus continue alternating, until you feel better again.
- If you suffer from a major infection, you can take 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver with one pinch of Agnihotra ash powder 4 times daily.
Why do we take Agnihotra ash with everything? The Agnihotra fire and the resulting Agnihotra ash provide the body with very much energy on many levels. This allows the body to recover much faster and you feel healthy and fit soon. I wish you good health!

For further information please visit the website: http://www.homatherapy.de



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              When you become more aware of things around you, you know things automatically. Still one must be still. For example we may be aware of what you are thinking but if you do not tell us we do not have the right to intervene. We can say some things to give indication but we cannot say directly. It is like that both in thought and action at a certain stage.
Then other things happen once you rise a little higher. People begin to tell you everything they are thinking, feeling. Then you have even greater responsibility to guide, to listen, to comfort, to heal. BUT NOT INTERFERE.
What is required is total commitment. It is not only ‘doing the work,’ that is required now; increase people’s awareness and help to bring this Holy Fire everywhere. It is even more than that.

Growth brings wisdom for you and much joy. But never expect it. Just be the LOVE.

           Yoga is most beneficial for body’s systems, rejuvenating if done correctly Yoga can slow down the aging process.

            Let go of all the pain and confusion which keeps you in a constant state of misery. Then misery loves company. So you are drawn to situations that feed that misery. Let it go now.
He is in intense debilitating depression. Help him release all pain, all anger and begin to rebuild his life in service. He has to work internally. You be like his guardian angel, like a mother watching a small child. Heal him.

            When one is told for example “Grace will provide”, one can choose to sit back and wait for grace to operate without making much effort. Then, that is essentially expectation and not ‘surrender’. Then one can always blame the Almighty if his goal is not actualized that is if in his mind Grace has not provided for him. Grace always will provide but better you make honest efforts in the direction of higher goals. Then automatically Grace is activated by that effort. That effort is Love thy neighbor as thyself.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On sustenance, alternative energy
SUSTENANCE. This should be the subject of the day. As the world careens toward utter chaos and environmental catastrophes become commonplace, one needs to turn one’s focus more toward sustaining one’s family and community. When one’s attention is outwardly focused and not inwardly, one may be caught without proper infrastructure which will no doubt be required for living in these uncommon times.
Weather alone has wreaked havoc on growing of grains, vegetables, herbs and fruit this year. Many countries’ economies are on a downhill slant. However, if your focus is kept clearly on the needs at hand, you will be able to maintain gardens and fields full of nutritive edibles for storage as well as for immediate consumption.
Alternative energy is the next focus, though this may take greater investment. Keep it as a goal for the not-too-distant future, when alternative energy will be sanctity! Keep it in mind now for the times to come. Focus first on what you can manage in terms of growing and storing of necessary foods. This is an immediate need of the hour.

On Homa Organic Farming
The intensive use of Homa Organic Farming techniques will yield great success, particularly apparent in areas where foods do not grow well. At Bhrugu Aranya, for example, the apple crop is thriving, while elsewhere in the country Poland, many orchards have suffered all or partial loss of apples. Sincere use of this method which has effects on many levels ―not just physical―

will net excellent results. Immediate results should be apparent, but after years of practice greater success stories could be documented. This method not only makes logical and nutritive sense, but it enables the presence of Grace, which greatly benefits the whole program―plants and growers alike. Be ever grateful for the knowledge of this ancient science. It is truly a precious gift for the coming times.

On computer addiction
(The following is an excerpt from guidance given to someone, which seemed relevant to many.)
Yes, yes. X has become rather addicted to the use of the computer. Rather than begin each day on the computer, our advice would be for him to begin with prayer and also, in the night, end as such, in prayer again. This alone will suffice in removing this rather insidious addiction. Limit all use of the computer to ONE HOUR time periods with regular intervals of minimum ½ hour during which one gets fresh air and drinks plenty of fluids. This is of urgent consideration, as the addiction is debilitating. Respect yourself, body, mind and soul.


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