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 Editor's NOTE


      Sooner or later our search for happiness takes us to look into what health is all about. Let's start saying that health maybe defined as or is related to:
1. Balance
2. Purity
3. Harmony
4. Light
5. Love
6. Peace
7. Beauty
8. Joy
9. Wisdom
10. Truth
11. Non-violence
12. No pain
13. Lack of desires
14. Other similarities
Now, let's ask:
I) Can we have healthy crops (foods) with:
a) sick, toxic, degenerated or genetically (artificially) modified seeds?
b) toxic soils
c) polluted waters
d) agro-toxic fumigated atmosphere
e) synthetic fertilizers and so-called “grow promoting substances”, designed in a lab.
f) monoculture (large exten-sions of a single crop with very little biodiversity)
h) plagues and diseased plants
i) extreme climatic changes
II) Can an organism be healthy even though one or more of its components is damaged or sick?


III) What is Mental Health?
IV) What is Stress?

Even though, the intellect wants  straight answers from outside sources, the answers which come from within usually have a greater impact on us. For some, maybe “imbalance” is what life is all about. However, we tend to strive for getting 1. through 14. in one way or another. Why?
Maybe, the answers (a through z) to our dilemmas are scattered all around us. But the Great ones, the Saints, the Enlightend Ones say that all answers are within us. They suggest focusing to affirm the holy, total surrender to the Divine's Will, to love unconditionally, to concentrate on  a single point, etc. (Meditation ?). And The Fivefold Path (from the Vedas) contains all those. The outward search for happiness can take us in many directions into vast darkness; and it can take a long time to gather these answers. The inward road to a single object is supposed to be shorter and faster.
For many the Agnihotra fire can be the simplest, the easiest, and the cheapest starting Light towards the Divine Path for happiness.
AGNIHOTRA HELPS "SELF DISCOVERY". This is not to be believed. It is to be experienced.         
Let's check it out or check it in!

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
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Homa Healing Stories

Mrs. Rosa Maria Castillo Vilchez
Bayovar, Piura, Peru
State Hospital Reategui

"I am 77 years old and I am arthritic and very nervous. Due to my coming to the Homa Therapy sessions in the hospital and taking the Agnihotra ash, I feel very calm now. Last night, after I took the Agnihotra ash orally, there was just a little bit left and I rubbed it on my left knee, which hurts the most. I  mixed it with water and  I applied it  repeating "Lord may Your Will be done and not mine”, like you had explained us the meaning of the Agnihotra Mantra. After it dried, I went to sleep. Today I have not had any pain in the left knee where I put the ash, but I still feel the pain in the right knee, where I did not put the it.     

I think that this little Agnihotra ash is like the blessing of God. As old people, we feel many times that we are being neglected and not taken care of by society. We come from a village that is 2 (two) hours away from the Hospital Reategui, but we are very grateful we can participate in these healing fires and receive this healing ash free of charge."



Mrs. Sebastiana Farfan
Piura, Peru
State Hospital Cayetano Heredia

"I am 49 years old. I go almost daily to the Regional Hospital Cayetano Heredia to participate in the Homa Therapy sessions and I do Agnihotra with my own kit. I joined this group for several reasons. My knees hurt very much, also my shoulders and hands (arthritis) and I also suffered for 2 years with gastritis. I was in medical treatment with a gastroenterologist in Chiclayo (a city which is 4 hours away from Piura). One week after starting with the Agnihotra practice and taking its ash, I have no more stomach burn. Since then I do not take any medication at all. Also my knees stopped hurting, my shoulders don't hurt and also I feel no more pain in my hands.
Prior to Homa Therapy, I was also very irritated and very bitter. I have a restaurant and the job is very stressful. Thanks to this therapy I am much better. My life has improved and I rest better. Now I sleep soundly every

night and nothing wakes me up.  I feel younger, with more energy, softer, no more uptight and I encourage everyone to practice the Agnihotra fire and take its ash. My medicine now is to do Agnihotra and take its healing ash three times a day in half a glass of water. "



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Dr. R.K. Pathak
Vice Chairman
Manas Rural Development Institute
Kharkarali, Lane, Thane, Maharashtra, India

Report on Mango, Variety Dashehari

"I am a regular visitor of Mr. Tiwari's mango orchard and his adviser. In India, most of the mango varieties are alternate bearers, which means that they give fruits only every other year. The mango variety Dashehari is also an alternate bearer.

There are exciting news from the mango belt of Uttar Pradesh. Shree Ramesh Tiwari and a group of 20 farmers have initiated Homa Organic Farming in mangos in the Unnao district, which is famous for the cultivation of Dashehari variety.
Mr. Ramesh Tiwari is practicing Homa Farming since 2003. He is adopting all the techniques being suggested like simple mulching, tree pasting, use of Jiwamrita (Jiwamrita is a bio-enhancer prepared by fermenting cow dung and urine along with local soil rich in microbes. It has a rich microbial consortia.), Agnihotra enriched water and Biosol. People at the Tiwari farm are regularly performing Agnihotra, daily four hours of Tryambakam  and additional Tryambakam on Full and New Moon days. His mango orchard had a continuous increase in production and the quality of the fruits is excellent. The yield data for past 5 years is given below:

year tons per hectare Total Production
2005-06 10 30
2006-07 (off year) 13.3 40
2007-08 21.66 65
2008-09 (off year) 0.660 2
2009-10 40 120
Average production in this area is around 10 tons/ha.
With all the known techniques using agro-chemicals it can be extended up to 14 tons/ha.

The fruit quality of the Homa farms is far better regarding taste, size and appearance. On none Homa farms the mangos suffer from a common problem of soft tissues and a number of pests and diseases, but at Mr. Tiwaris´ Homa farm, all these problems have been resolved completely."



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BP Says “Static Kill” Working To Stop Oil

Posted on 04 August 2010 by Sarah Fobes

BP PLC released a statement saying that workers have ceased the pumping of mud into the fractured well because it appears to be working. The “static kill” operation lasted eight hours and now BP is watching the well to make sure it remains stable.

“It’s a milestone,” BP spokeswoman Sheila Williams said. “It’s a step toward the killing of the well. The next step would be deciding whether to cement the well”.
The pressure in the well dropped quickly in the first hour and a half of the operation yesterday, which well site leader Bob Bolton said was a sign that everything was going as planned.

Texas Sues BP for Environmental Violations

Posted on 10 August 2010 by Sarah Fobes

Texas has decided to sue BP for the mass release of pollutants after a fire at its Texas City refinery.
Previously, in 2005, Texas had sued BP for air pollution violations at the refinery where 15 workers

were killed. BP has already faced record federal fines related to that terrible accident, but the case filed early this week by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott argues that BP continues to violate laws, and must pay for their inability to change.
BP has been accused of illegally emitting about 500,000 pounds of toxic air pollutants over the course of 40 days in early 2010. A BP spokesman had no immediate comment about Monday’s lawsuit.

Greenland Iceberg On Collision Course

Posted on 11 August 2010 by Sarah Fobes

The massive ice island that separated from a Greenland glacier last week is expected to drift south over the next 24 months into East Coast shipping lanes and toward offshore oil platforms.

NASA, the European Space Agency and a host of scientists are assisting Canadian officials with the monitoring and and analysis of the enormous iceberg.
Environment Canada’s Trudy Wohlleben said Tuesday that they plan to parachute beacons onto the 250-square-kilometre monolith soon to track its path along Ellesmere and Baffin islands and down the coasts of Labrador and Newfoundland.



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The State Hospitals "Jorge Reategui "and "Cayetano Heredia" in Piura continue the daily sharing of evening Agnihotra with patients and visitors. So many healings and improve-ments are being experienced in a short time period. 



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Medical Doctor Gloria Carrascal invited us to present more details on Homa Therapy in Bagua Grande. Prof. Abel Hernandez presented video testimonies and the practice of Agnihotra did its own Silent Miracle in demonstrating its effects. 



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People learned  Agnihotra  and Tryambakam Homa in the home of  the Mr. Walter Prieto's family.
Homa Therapy (HT) can be learned by anyone,  irrespective of age, religion, culture, social status, etc. HT can be incorporated anywhere, where people interact. It brings health and harmony to all.



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Jaen, Cajamarca
Eng. Luis Tafur and his family
(see photo left) practice Homa Therapy for many years and are sharing this ancient healing technique with many people in need. Through this act of selfless service many have found relief and healing and are grateful to Eng. Luis Tafur. On the other hand, he also received healing and feels blessed and inspired to continue to do so. 

Mr. Ramon Serrano from Jaen, a friend of Eng. Luis,  has started Agnihotra recently. The photo shows a morning Agnihotra session in his house with friends and family. A lady reported  that she is not sure if she is tricking herself, but after her first Agnihotra last night, she  slept without pain. This has not happened in the last 10 years.



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Sharing Agnihotra in the Hospitals.
Serenity, silence and a peaceful atmosphere are the proper ingredients to release stress from every cell of the body and to fill it with light, strength and healthy vibrations.



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Happy, smiling  and relaxed after the group Agnihotra fires in the main hospitals in Piura. People, who did not know each other are becoming like family in the best sense. On Saturdays devotional singing after Agnihotra brings everybody even closer together joining the voices and hearts to praise and thank the Divine for all the blessings received, finding the inner space for reconnection with our own source of joy and light.



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Experience the peace, joy and gratitude the massive practice of Agnihotra brings to each and everyone! People bring glass jars to carry the healing Agnihotra ash home and share it.



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In the "Homa Medical Center The Good Shepherd" in Guayaquil the Homa healing sessions continue nonstop under the direction of Dr. Jaime Montufar, who has treated over 25.000 patients with Homa Therapy in the last 7 years.



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Guayaquil HOMA Center
The Homa Center in Guayaquil continues serving the community with the daily free Agnihotra sessions at sunset. People come from different parts of the city, from "high and low society" to participate in the healing fire, take the healing Agnihotra ash, get materials and orientation to practice Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa.
Sonia Hunter, the director of the Homa Center, incorporates Homa Therapy into her treatments with Reiki, hyperbaric chamber, massage and other healing modalities with much success.



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Reiner und Manuela Szcypior presented Homa Therapy and the Fivefold Path Mission India at the 6.th International Yoga Festival from 2nd to 4th of June 2010 in Berlin.

Agnihotra performance on the first day and a Children's program on 3rd day took the attention of many of the participants from different countries and their children. Miriam Kretschmar and Stefan Datt were the organizers and created with this Yoga Festival a wonderful platform to meet and share healing tools; different yoga schools and various Vedic sciences, such as Homa Therapy for global healing, were present.
(see all photos this page)



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Munster, Germany
Reiner and Manu report: "On June 16th,  2010, Mrs. Elisabeth Jenders invited us and Mrs. Cornelia Fueting to talk about Homa Therapy in her book store in Hiltrup, Muenster. It was a wonderful evening that ended with the healing Agnihotra fire.

See photo above, Mrs. Cornelia giving a talk on Homa Therapy. Photo below shows Agnihotra in the garden.



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Reiner and Manuela Szcypior:
"Mr. Florian invited to "Arte & Vida" in the City Hotel for an Agnihotra session. Marcus, the owner of the Hotel, provided a beautiful space in the garden for the practice of Agnihotra. Wonderful people from all around Salzburg came together and we celebrated evening Agnihotra together. Heal the Earth! She is our most important mother and provider of life."


About their Homa trip to Graz Reiner and Manuela write:
"We did Agnihotra in public parks and at the Cultural Garden in Graz. People feel so well, relaxed and happy after Agnihotra. What a wonderful tool to share Grace."



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Mrs. Lee Ringma from Australia was invited for a Homa tour in Malaysia by the volunteers Mr. Tee Liang Wong y Mr. Alan Yong, which has proven a wonderful success in spreading the message of the healing Homa fires.

Mr. Tee Liang Wong shares this wonderful report:

"June 22nd: Agnihotra in Kuantan, 220 km

East of Kuala Lumpur in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Ang. That afternoon a Homa Therapy workshop was held at Lucky Valley in Bandar Muadzam Shah, about 100km south of Kuantan. It was attended by a group Qi Gong practitioners.

Photo left June 24th: Homa Therapy workshop in Kuala Lumpur at Pearl International Hotel, which was kindly sponsored by the owners for the use of the Homa venue. This healing event was very well visited.



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The next morning, Friday June 25th, sunrise Agnihotra was performed at Damansara Jaya Park in Petaling Jaya. Being a weekday, we anticipated only a handful of people turning up. More than 60 people turned up. Quite a number were those who attended the talk the evening before and were eager to start performing Agnihotra. (see photo above)
Lee Ringma was interviewed by Esther, a reporter from China Press newspaper who then decided to learn more about Homa Therapy. She came back with her husband the next morning to join us at our regular weekend Agnihotra at the park.

June 25th: In the afternoon, a big group of Agnihotris and friends converged at Green View Farm in Broga, Semenyih. More than 100 adults and children came. Lee conducted a talk on Homa Therapy and then we all performed sunset Agnihotra. (photo above). We are most grateful to Mr. Malarvanan, the owner of the farm, for sponsoring the venue and providing free accommodation to all the participants who stayed overnight and Mr. Govindasamy Suppiah, the farm manager, for making all the arrangements including food and drinks.



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Continuing with the whirlwind tour, a small group of Agnihotris accompanied Lee Ringma to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan on the afternoon of Sunday, June 27th. Seremban is about 100km south of Kuala Lumpur. Mr. Chu, the owner of Tashi Delek Vegetarian Restaurant was the host. He graciously allowed us to use

his Dhamma Hall for an Introductory Talk on Homa Therapy and generously served us a wonderful Chinese-style vegetarian dinner afterwards. A very small group of people had turned up for the talk. We were initially a bit disappointed with the rather small turnout. However, what we have humbly learnt since then is not to judge events by the number of people who turn up. This small group who turned up for the talk have since then become very earnest Agnihotris and are spreading the message and sharing the knowledge of Homa Therapy with many people.

On the afternoon of June 28th, with the support of our Seremban group of Agnihotris, we proceeded to the next stop on our itinerary, Melaka, the oldest historical town in Malaysia. We had made arrangement with Ms. Chan, the owner of Chan Organic Shop, to demonstrate and explain Homa Therapy to all her customers. Thirty people attended the talk. (photo left)

Our next stop was a town south of Melaka. Muar is in the state of Johore. Mr. Lee Kuan Hwee, a local newspaper reporter was the person who requested for a series of introductory talks to surrounding towns. Due to his enthusiasm, we felt that it was best that a qualified Homa Therapy teacher give the talk. Mr. L.K. Hwee managed to arrange the talk at a local primary school. The China Press newspaper was the major sponsor of the event. It was attended by over 100 people from all walks of life including the school’s principal and a few senior citizens above 70 years old. The organizing committee was extremely generous in arranging a buffet dinner for everyone. Lee Ringma was also presented with a Certificate of Appreciation. (see photo next page)



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Photo shows Homa presentation and Agnihotra in the primary school in Muar on June 29th.

On July 2nd, Mr. WH Soh and Ms. Karen Chow accompanied Lee Ringma to Tanjung Sutera Resort, Johore for a two days workshop on Homa Therapy. Tanjung Sutera Resort is a 400km drive from Kuala Lumpur. The workshop was organized by Ms. Betty Lau, an author and environmentalist from Singapore.

The majority of the participants were from Singapore. They are well-informed about environmental issues and have the desire to contribute to the healing of nature. This group of participants are now collaborating in spreading Homa Therapy in Singapore. They have been actively organizing group Agnihotra sessions to help heal the environment.
We would like to thank Lee Ringma for her selfless service and for tirelessly sharing the knowledge of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy with love and patience. We also would like to thank Frits Ringma for sharing Lee with us. Our thanks also to Datuk Alan Yong for first bringing Lee and Frits to this region and introducing us to this Super Science."



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


Who wants to be beautiful? Feel young? Have a fresh look? Be healthy and fit?
 When I look into the cosmetics advertising, I see a whole new product: eyelash care with micro-vibration! Vibrating little brushes (like mascara brushes but with micro-vibration) for the eyelashes, which not only care, but also lengthen the eyelashes, because they stimulate the growth of the

eyelashes through this micro-vibration! Is this really a new technology?
If this works so simply through vibration - then what about my cheeks, my face, my hair, my neck and my whole body? Can I use this micro-vibrating eyelash brush everywhere? Sure, if I place it against any area of skin this part is triggered to vibrate in the rhythm of the brush. And the cosmetics industry refers to this as a novelty, an innovative application.

What happens when I sing? Why don't you sing a few notes and place your hand on the nose, cheekbones, on the front neck, on the chest: can you feel the micro-vibration? EVERYTHING vibrates, not just the eyelashes, but the entire head area above the neck down into the body and further through the bloodstream the entire body is reached with this vibrant blood supply. And what does this mean for me?

We know, that for example, if I sing the harmonic pitch "G" (194.18 Hertz), it is in resonance with the body's DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the carrier of genetic information of cells; so to speak, the "heritage" of cells) and thus a cell renewal is directly encouraged throughout the body, not only in the eyelashes. This "old concert pitch" G is also the basis of European music, even our clef shows this position (for more details on effects of different tones please see the research of Mr. Hans Cousto / Switzerland.) But we can still sing more tones and harmonies, not just this tone "G". The Vedic Mantras have shown to be the best sound combination to support the renewal of the bodily cells. These harmonies support our life-force optimally. And if I personally sing these Mantras, my whole body vibrates and all the cells can renew and regenerate themselves optimally to reach health. Not just a full body cosmetic, but a complete renewal like a fountain of youth!
But singing can do much more. This harmonic tone "G" is in direct connection with the vibration of the rotation of the earth on its axis, and therefore it is also called "earth tone". And when we sing these optimal Vedic mantras, combined with a pyramid and fire, as in the Vedic Yajnyas, then not only  one's own body can regenerate and renew, but also the whole

environment can use this fountain of youth. Especially  during Agnihotra, one can always experience this effect. And since the Agnihotra ash contains the vibration of this process in a sealed form, we can apply this effect directly as a powder everywhere!
Isn't that a fantastic High-Tech cosmetic!
So if you want to be beautiful, feel young and have a fresh look, then sing as often as possible! Sing the Mantras as often as possible, do Agnihotra as often as possible. And place the Agnihotra ash as often as possible on your body -
in the bathing water, as body powder, on wounds, but also take it orally.
Then this is not just High-Tech cosmetics, but also High-Tech Wellbeing for you and your surrounding!

Visit Mrs. Monika Koch's website at:   http://www.homatherapy.de



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We must never associate with violence of any kind. Only total love. You are being worked on in a big way. Now it becomes easy for you to rise much higher very quickly.

In these most difficult times, we must draw together, all one. Let there be no gossip. Let there be no backbiting.

Those who seek personal gain only find their own destruction. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all shall be added unto thee. Let not seeds of past desire confuse the state of happiness you are still capable of reaching. Surrender and “Thy will be done.”

You reap as you sow. So consciously sow good deeds. Every small interaction you have is measured. So do all with kindness, with love and with a keen sense of awareness. Be more conscious in your dealings with ALL people, those you see as important and those you see of no importance.

The law of Karma has decided things for us. The energy pattern is imprinted. It is only unfolded in what the mind calls 'Time'. Agnihotra gives a push to the mind to react with Love under any conditions. A new substance is created in the atmosphere which nourishes plant life. When the mind is trained accordingly, we begin to do good Karma. Later we learn to do it with Love and without attachment. This releases us from bondage of misery created by the mind. Then we learn that we are in the midst of an ocean of joy. In the beginning this is knowledge. Then this knowledge becomes awareness. Then no special meditation is required as we are attuned to "Not my will but Thy will be done".

There are disturbances in the atmosphere now. We must all be prepared for an influx of people turning to Agnihotra as their last resort. We will turn away no one. That influx begins. You will notice even as individuals and much more on a large scale. You do not see the whole picture. If one person comes to you and many will, each person should be given equal respect and concern as if they were a whole country of people requesting knowledge of Agnihotra.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

Light will prevail
Yes, yes. As extraordinary as it seems, this most majestic planet is, at present, emanating a light uncommon, radiant even. Though troubled, the environment in a topsy-turvy state, the Light which emanates forth into the cosmos is most powerful. The forces in play on your planet will lose their grip and begin to fall. Rest assured, Light will prevail.
As far as controversies go, very interesting that it takes time to develop them. Clearly there is mischief at hand―not that beloved Mother Nature does not have just cause to revolt. This is also true, but the timing of many so-called ‘natural’ catastrophes gives more than adequate reason to question why. Yes, most assuredly, mischief is underway.
What other oil companies stand to gain and what power controls them?
Remarkable life on Earth shall be preserved. Do not soil your minds. Continue your mission to awaken and to heal, for indeed that is the way into Light.

On Gulf oil spill
Yes, yes. Consequences of the Gulf oil spill are long-reaching and the effects also long-reaching. Only in time, particularly those living by the sea will realize the effects. However, for the eco system, the situation is deleterious. You see how far-reaching the tentacles of greed have become. There is no limit to the extent to which humans will go to acquire wealth, fame, so-called success.
Great movements of energy are being

 directed to the Gulf. Ecological disasters, the effects of which are widespread, weaken the fibre of the planet. When the eco system is unbalanced, every aspect of human life as well as animal and plant life is affected. It will take many years to restore the balance, though with one erroneous act, many years of effort can be destroyed.

On healing Agnihotra ash and herbs
Yes. Miraculous effects from use of AGNIHOTRA ASH will be noted now. As the world becomes a more toxic place in which to live, the curative properties of said substances will increase. Herbs grown in Homa atmosphere will have much more intensified healing properties, thus making them more in demand as they become better known. Even ordinary culinary herbs will take on healing properties, otherwise unknown. Herbs are the way of the future, as vitamins and supplements fall more under governmental control. This will also be resisted and many successes will be noted, as more and more beings turn to plant healing for their ailments.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Health Newsletter!

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