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 Editor's NOTE


 Let’s think about our environment. Let’s think about the Earth. According to many people, the Earth is a more or less  spherical object that moves around the sun (Average orbital speed = 107,200 km/h) and rotates around its axis (Equatorial rotation velocity = 1,674.4 km/h). Because of the axial tilt (+/-23.5°), the amount of sunlight reaching any given point on the surface varies over the course of the year. This results in seasonal change in climate, with summer in the northern hemisphere occurring when the North Pole is pointing toward the Sun, and winter taking place when the pole is pointed away. During the summer, the day lasts longer and the Sun climbs higher in the sky. In winter, the climate becomes generally cooler and the days shorter.
The Earth is composed of elements such as: O, N, C, H, Fe, Si, Mg, Ca, Al, K, Na, P, S, Ni, etc., which combines to form other structures in different states (gas, liquid, solid, ethers (?), etc.). These substances make the: atmosphere, oceans, rivers, continents, islands, mountains, volcanoes, plants, animals, human beings, etc.
So the next questions are:
a) is Earth a living organism? Life is an intrinsic part of Earth. Only Life gives Life.
b) Is Earth the origin, support and end of life on this planet?
c) Who gives life to the Earth? d) Are we part of Mother Earth? Our ignorance is responsible for our destructive behavior.
PS. Pollution is altering everything.


Our Realization of ONENESS can awaken in us a constructive behavior.
Many think that Earth is a great planet; few think it is just a large object and others think it is our Mother. Some say “We are the Earth”.
e) What do you think?
Agnihotra can help us to become aware of our actions. Agnihotra fights pollution and it can help us to play a synergistic role in the life processes. Let's sing, dance, chant, rap, play, eat, drink (H2O, juices, etc.), work, rest, meditate, love, see, smell, touch, hear, act, start the day, live the day, end the day thinking about these connections.
Earth is Mother. Mother is life. We can celebrate Mother's day once a year. We can celebrate Earth's day once a year.  We can also celebrate it every moment with our loving thoughts and actions. Let it be a kind word; let it be a helpful action; let it be MANTRA. Let it be Light and Love. However, if our minds are too busy in other myriads, we still can play a beautiful note or a good role at Agnihotra time(sunrise and sunset). And definitely we can celebrate Life every day with the Agnihotra fire.              Let it be AGNIHOTRA.

Let's open the eyes and see what is around.
Let's open the eye and see what is within.
Let's open the heart and feel the world.
Let's open the soul and realize             WE ARE ONE.

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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Homa Healing Stories

Mrs. Rajivbai Sheru
Machalpur Khurd, India
Report by Fivefold Path Mission

"When Agnihotra was introduced to Machalpur Khurd by our team member (Rahul Tiwari and Himmatsingh Patel) during the awareness program about Agnihotra and environment, people were enthusiastic but didn’t start Agnihotra as they thought that it might be too difficult to manage the exact Agnihotra timing. Later on, during our family’s visit to the farmer’s house, Rajivbai was very keen to start Agnihotra, although being illiterate created difficulty in reading the time table and clock. Nevertheless she started doing Agnihotra and is very happy and enthusiastic about it. She suffered from very poor eyesight.
Women from the village are used to sew for their whole family. Rajivbai needed to wear her glasses to thread through the needle. Then she once accidentally managed to thread the needle without her glasses. She was astonished by this. She did this again, and again the same thing happened. She realized that this was the effect of

Agnihotra. Mrs. Rajivbai´s eyesight has improved, she is healthy and performs Agnihotra regularly and also has helped more people in town  to start Agnihotra healing fire."


Photo above shows Mrs. Rajivbai and Photo to the left shows Mr. Sarvajit Paranjpe (3rd from right) teaching Agnihotra  in Machalpur Khurd village.



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Homa Healing Stories

Mrs. Jessica Rosales
Piura, Peru, South America

"I lost my hearing 2 years ago. No medical cause could be found. My hearing organs are totally healthy. I have done resonances, topographies, there have been doctors' meetings discussing my problem. I saw neurologists, I was in psychological treatment, but nothing was found, which could explain my loss of hearing. Due to this it was very stressed out. I constantly screamed with my children, I was fighting with my mother and my husband. This problem created a very negative reaction in me, I was depressed and I felt sad.
I have been attending the Homa Therapy sessions in the Hospital Reategui for the last 2 weeks and my attitude has changed totally. Now I say that my problem is

nothing compared to others, there are so much worse things. Now I am happy and grateful to have life. Before I was pondering about not wanting to live, I was sad. But not now. For example, on Saturday I was very busy washing, on Sunday I dedicated myself to a thorough cleaning of my house in order to be able to attend Homa Therapy during the week.
So I only need to feed my children at lunch and later I am able to come here. Then on Sunday I was the whole day without hearing aid at home. Because the thing is that I can hardly hear a voice, but noise in contrary, seems to be very strong and that I feel damaging and it stresses me out. So on Sunday I was able to hear a little my daughter and my mother. Normally without the hearing aid, I am not able to hear anything. When I washed the dishes I could hear a little the running water. And now, just before coming I closed a drawer and I was able to identify the sound.
But the most important thing for me is that my state of mind has changed completely. Every day I enter in the Homa Therapy web site and inform myself a little more. Every day I understand more about this Therapy. I have put all my faith in its help in getting ahead. But it has changed my attitude, my state of mind, my form of being. Now I don't discuss, I don't

 fight, I can accept the things. With my children there is more affection, more love. That is the important thing. Even if I should not recover my audition, it has helped me in my form of being, in my character."
Photo left shows Mrs. Jessica Rosales (2nd from the left) at participating in Agnihotra at the hospital Reategui



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'Yadnyanagar' Homa Farm
of Mr. Ravindra Wadekar
Talwade, Rajapur, Dist. Ratnagiri
Maharashtra, India

Report from P.S. Kadam B.Sc. (Agri) Officer, Agricultural Dept.
Pachal, Rajapur, Dist: Ratnagiri

Report on Cashew trees

"I recently visited the Yadnyanagar Homa Farm of Shri Ravindra Wadekar in Talwade village. During the visit I inspected the Cashew Nut crop (which at the moment is in the flowering stage. Following are my observations:

Cashew Nut crop in Yadnyanagar is totally free of the (tea) mosquito bug
• Normally this insect is found in every field of Cashew Nut
• To control this insect, the farmer normally has to spray all crop two or three times with strong chemicals such as Cyphermethrin and Monocrotophos
• Even after spraying with these chemicals total control is never achieved."


Salinity in water disappears with Homa Technology
Report by Lee and Frits Ringma
Homa Farm Om Shree Dham

The State Department of Water Resources was conducting regular tests on the bore wells in our area and we were all amazed to see that the salinity and alkalinity reduced with each lab report until finally after about 6 months we had POTABLE DRINKING WATER.

Now the pH is constant at 7.2 which is neutral and the salinity is 720 ppm, within the standards laid down by the World Health Organization for potable water.

pH Salinity
First analysis 9.5 1150 ppm
After 6 months 7.2 720 ppm



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BP starts work to install new cap on gushing well

From: Kristen Hays and Alexandria Sage, Reuters
Published July 11, 2010 09:39 AM

BP Plc removed a containment cap from its stricken Gulf of Mexico oil well on Saturday in the first step toward installing a bigger cap to contain all the crude gushing into the sea and fouling the coast.

The maneuver released a torrent of oil that will spew unrestrained into the Gulf for four to seven days -- the time BP says it will take to put in place a bigger cap and seal. Officials say the new cap would capture all the oil leaking from the well and funnel it 1 mile upward to vessels on the water's surface.
The new solution, 82 days into the worst oil spill in U.S. history, would not allow crude to billow out the bottom and the top, as the current cap does, said Kent Wells, senior vice president of exploration and production for BP.
"The difference is one completely seals and the other didn't," Wells said.
Retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, who is overseeing the U.S. response to the spill, had said the cap switch could be finished by late Sunday or Monday. BP's plan, which Allen approved late Friday, showed a four- to seven-day process.

India's Poor Risk 'Slow Death' Recycling E-Waste

From: Elizabeth Roche, AFP, Discovery News
Published July 7, 2010 09:03 AM

Young rag-pickers sifting through rubbish are a common image of India's chronic poverty, but destitute children face new hazards picking apart old computers as part of the growing "e-waste" industry.

The risks posed to those who handle the cast-offs are clear to T.K. Joshi, head of the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health at the Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi. He studied 250 people working in the city as recyclers and dismantlers over 12 months to October 2009 and found almost all suffered from breathing problems such as asthma and bronchitis.
"We found dangerously high levels -- 10 to 20 times higher than normal -- of lead, mercury and chromium in blood and urine samples," he told AFP.
"All these have a detrimental effect on the respiratory, urinary and digestive systems, besides crippling immunity and causing cancer."
Toxic metals and poisons enter workers' bloodstreams during the laborious manual extraction process and when equipment is crudely treated to collect tiny quantities of precious metals."The recovery of metals like gold, platinum, copper and lead uses caustic soda and concentrated acids," said Joshi. "Workers dip their hands in poisonous chemicals for long hours. They are also exposed to fumes of highly concentrated acid."
Safety gear such as gloves, face masks and ventilation fans are virtually unheard of, and workers -- many of them children -- often have little idea of what they are handling.



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State Hospital Reategui, Piura
At sunset, the area of the Complementary Medicine becomes a sacred place, a place of hope, faith, prayers, of compassion for the pain and suffering of others.
Through the Homa fires and the sharing of  Agnihotra ash the gift of love and healing is given and received.



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State Hospital Reategui, Piura
So many testimonies of improvements and healings are being experienced and shared in these Agnihotra gatherings. For example, a young man, suffering from a brain tumor, which gave him several seizures daily, now feels much better, sleeps very well and has had only one (1) seizure per month. His family  comes daily to the evening Agnihotra sessions. He takes Agnihotra ash several times a day.



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Teaching and Practice of  Triambakam Homa in the State Hospital
Standing in line for their turn on Tryambakam Homa. After learning the correct pronunciation of this Mantra with Prof. Abel, everybody gets to do it for a few times and adds a drop of ghee with the word "Swaha" into the fire. The Tryambakam Homa supports the healing energies of Agnihotra, which is done at this hospital daily at sunset.



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Restaurant ´Sabor y Vida´ Miraflores, Lima

Back in Lima, it is wonderful to meet with the Agnihotris and all the new people  interested in the healing Science of Homa Therapy. Videos are shown, Agnihotra is taught, questions are answered, healings are witnessed, ...
The regular practice of Agnihotra is a Holistic approach to a healthy body, a healthy mind and healthy emotions. It brings balance in to our system and into all of our BEING.



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State Hospital Reategui, Piura
We are grateful for each time we can share Agnihotra with the patients and public in this Hospital or in any other place. So much need, so much suffering, so much violence in the world. AGNIHOTRA is the ANTIDOTE! It gives protection, light and love. Agnihotra comforts the soul and leads us with Light towards the Divine Path.



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Half an hour Tryambakam Homa practice followed by massive evening Agnihotra.
Nobody leaves without a smile, without feeling healing in their heart and mind and without thanking the Divine for the countless blessings...



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Homa Center, Piura
On July 11th, day of the solar eclipse and new moon, a Rudra Yajnya with 22 pyramids
was performed by a group of Piuran Agnihotris.
A strong and purifying energy could be felt and  love and healing was sent to the planet and its people.



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Sharing Agnihotra again and again with love and joy.
Union of all ages, all creeds, all colors, all opinions! Agnihotra makes it possible. Many children are intuitively drawn to the Homa fire, which helps them in their integral development. There are many testimonies of parents stating that their child/children are better in school, more communicative, behave better, etc.

Gabriel practicing Agnihotra with his brand new pyramid. Eliseo´s family knows and practices Agnihotra since before he was born. Eliseo also started to do Agnihotra and also practices Tryambakam Homa.



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Reiner Szcypior visited Italy and performed Agnihotra, Shree Suktam and Rudra Yajnya with farmers in Vinschgau to boost healing in this area.
Apple farmers showed themselves very open to implement the Organic Vedic Homa Farming technology to grow better quality Apples and avoid chemicals.



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Mrs. America Camacho writes from Malaga, Spain:

"I want to share a photo of the small Homa group. Every Friday we do  evening Agnihotra and 3 hours of Tryambakam Homa.  It is great to have a door in the "Energy Club" open to make Homa Therapy known together with Reiki. We are in Torre del Mar, Malaga.
We are sending all of you a super hug from heart to heart."

(photo right the Malaga Homa group with Mrs. America in front of the Homa fire)


Mrs. Yanina Wilson writes from Venezuela:
"Have a wonderful day dear brothers and sisters. We gathered in the State of Anzoátegui, Venezuela to practice this marvelous Homa Therapy. The experience was beautiful and full of peace. One can see in the photos what energies emanate from the pyramids. It was truly beautiful and transforming, healing everything around. I wanted to share this with you and all the readers of this Homa magazine."



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Dr. R.K. Pathak writes from India:
"Manas Rural Development Institute, Thane, Maharashtra together with Fivefold Path Mission organized a two day Masterer Trainer Trainings Program at Sajivali farm of Manas. Master Trainers from Agakhan Rural Development Trust, Rajkot, Gujarat, Fivefold Path Mission, Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh and MARDI, Thane participated in the training. Major emphasis was given for the concept of Homa Jaivik Krishi. This concept is based on synergistic and systematic harnessing of energies from the cosmos, Mother earth, cow and plants. Agnihotra and other Homas are performed to heal the atmosphere and harness the energy. It is a system with integration of tree plantation, of promoting organic farming, caring for Mother earth and performing farm activities as needed. Morning and evening Agnihotra was performed by all the participants under the guidance of Sarvajit Paranjpe (photo below and bottom) from the Fivefold Path Mission. Dr. Pathak demonstrated the practical preparation of Homa Biosol and Agnihotra enriched water (photo below right). It is wonderful to remark that we see continued interest in Homa farming technology."



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Pharm. Monika Koch sends a photo from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Russia
Monika Koch regularly visits Almaty to teach Agnihotra, Homa Therapy and the preparation of home made Homa medicines. Mrs. Irina Kolchina helps to organize groups and Homa talks.


Dr. R.K. Pathak, New Delhi:
"A group of seven representatives from Manas Rural Development Institute participated in a visit of 5 countries in the Charted Cruise ´Costa Clasica´. The trip included Hongkong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and China and was organized by Girraj Sewa Trust of Vrindavan from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

Shree Radhey Shyam Shastri delivered a talk on Bhagwat Katha. During the discourse he also emphasized the necessity of rearing of cows, tree plantations, and performance of Agnihotra for saving mother nature. Regular Agnihotra was performed by Dr. Irma Garcia, R.K. Pathak and other members. It has created lot of interest and many people are excited to initiate Agnihotra."
Photo above shows Dr. Irma Garcia and Dr. Pathak teaching Agnihotra on the tour.



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Reiner and Manuela Szcypior visited different places in Austria
like the city of Graz, where they did Agnihotra in a bookstore. They taught Agnihotra at the meeting of Pranic Healers in Bruck and they visited Niklasdorf and Pernegg also with the purpose of introducing and presenting Homa Therapy to the public. Agnihotra was demonstrated and the healing Agnihotra ash was shared with everyone.
(all photos this page)



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If you are interested in attending this Drug- and Alcohol de-addiction workshop, please write to terapiahoma@yahoo.com and we will send you further information.
Organizer: Jens Sorenson
Facilitator: Dr. Irma Garcia
For: Medical Doctors, Therapists, Psychologists, etc.
Where: Cusco, Peru    When: 24th of July till 2nd of August 2010
Cost: US $ 200 (includes housing, gourmet vegetarian meals and workshop materials)  Limited space!



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


There is an old phrase that says: "Your food should be your medicine."
Today, it's very difficult to do so. So many foods only have a small part of the nutrients they once contained. Most soils are depleted, acid from rain, burdened by pollution, so that they cannot provide the plants with all the vital substances. Later, food is often treated, irradiated, stored for too long, unfavorably packaged, transported, etc.

If we have our own garden or some land available, we are lucky and can plant and provide our own food in Agnihotra atmosphere and with Agnihotra ash.
But what if I have no garden or piece of land available? What if I live in a town where I work or study?
Of course it's very good, if I can at least add the Agnihotra ash like a spice to everything. I can sprinkle it like salt over the pizza (even in the restaurant), I can put it in the soup, vegetables, salads, tea, etc. This way I can quite simply add energy and strength to everything I eat, whatsoever it may be.
There is another, very special way how you can drink sun light directly with the Agnihotra fire and the Agnihotra ash, regardless of whether you have a garden or not.
In a shallow dish place some soil and some wheat grain as if you wanted to sow the wheat (if you do not have wheat grains available, you can use other grains). These seeds need to be watered regularly and you add Agnihotra ash to that water. You can place the bowl outside on the window sill when it is sunny or inside if it is cold. The seeds need only light, Agnihotra water and some warmth. But if you give these germinating seeds also some joy and love, the plants will even grow better.

Once the grains begin to sprout, we can add them to salads, rice, vegetables or anything else we eat. Since the seeds life force has been activated through the (Agnihotra ash) water, we can eat this active life force, benefitting our health. These seedlings are charged with much more vitality and therefore can provide us with much more life force than plants without this Homa support.
 We can let these seeds grow further, continuing the same Agnihotra treatment, and we will be getting wheatgrass. In this process the plant builds the green chlorophyll through photosynthesis, which makes the sunlight directly available!
Rudolf Steiner says that the plants receive two thirds of the nutrients from the atmosphere and less than one third from the soil (in humans it is similar!). And the fact that we feed the atmosphere with Agnihotra fire and that the sunlight can be received correctly in this Homa atmosphere, makes the plant thrive beautifully and optimally.
If the wheatgrass has grown approx. a hand's width, we can cut it and chew it directly, so the juice is ready for the body. Fresh from the plant into our bodily system - it is like drinking the light of the sun directly.

We can let the grass grow again after cutting it. There are so many medical healing reports achieved through this concentrated life elixir. Even if a person is seriously ill and cannot eat anything else, he can still chew and drink this pure life force (simply spit out the fibers) and get its blessings.
Since every single grain of wheat can make the pure sunlight available and as a sign of respect for the plant life, it is a good idea to ask the plant before the harvest if she could pass on this sun essence to us. Then the plant is willing to support us  with  full vitality for our health and our happiness!

Visit Mrs. Monika Koch's website at:   http://www.homatherapy.de



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There may be people with whom you normally have conflict. You can express what you feel with LOVE without expectation of response, positive or negative. Still do not block the love even with such people. They also have need for it. This is the greatest of teachings. LOVE. If you have conflict with someone, love them. You need not decide to work with them. But refrain from all judgment.

Anger, frustration, depression, anxiety - all these mood changes interfere with the work of the Divine. How can you receive Divine Grace if you are angry at some event in your life? Anger is like a block. It blocks all the light. As soon as you feel yourself giving in to anger immediately STOP what you are doing. If you are driving a car pull off the road. If you are scolding a child, become silent. If you are becoming angry over a telephone tell the person you will call back.

Just STOP whatever it is to do Mantra. Quietly, calmly replace your anger with the seed of Love. If you do not have a personal Mantra concentrate on being full of Love, even to your strongest of enemies.         

When we no longer find fault in others, then we are cleansed ourselves of the greatest of all faults. Then in accepting others where they are, this does not mean we 'agree' with them, we do not find fault with them. We are most compassionate but we do not condemn anyone, neither do we interfere with another human being's karma. If someone is about to injure himself or others then we have a karmic duty to alert him to any danger but we never condemn anyone for any reason. Almighty does not condemn.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On diet changes, shifting into Light
Those of you who are working the land, continue to live on the land and do not become discouraged by economic downfall. The land is where you are most secure, as you will truly need to grow your own food in whatever way possible. Collect organic seeds now. Collect seeds also which can be sprouted for optimum nutrition in coming times.
You are moving into your Light bodies, slowly. Consider that in the future, your diets will be lighter and more grounding, but light. So, no need to store great amounts of heavy carbohydrate foods, such as pasta or store-bought foods which are treated usually with chemicals. Store natural, organic grains and foods which will supply you with optimum energy and vitamins without being too heavy on your already lighter, more delicate systems.

In fact, one of the signs of your bodies shifting into Light is the increased sensitivity to foods which you formerly ate regularly and now find too heavy, too oily or too strong for your tastes. Your taste buds, if you will, will change as well. You will find foods which you always enjoyed no longer enjoyable or even fulfilling. Your nutritional needs will also shift quite markedly. So, be prepared for these shifts, as they also coincide with shifts of consciousness. They go hand in hand. You need not make an effort to move into the Light, by the way. Relax. You are being moved quite easily. Even if at first you resist these changes, you will find your resistance fading as your awareness rises. It is a process and one which you can just live. Enjoy it. The process of shifting into Light bodies is actually, for the most part, quite a pleasant and uplifting experience. Welcome home. OM!

On purification and the creative process
Yes, yes. Times are moving faster than they appear. While the energies on this planet appear to be conjunct with those of other planetary systems, they are actually speeded up by the proximity to the sun. Yes, correct.

When time is speeded up, the cells in the body are also affected. The purified system will heal faster from any disease whatsoever. Therefore, it behoves those of you working with higher awareness to purify your bodies, not only your mental processes and emotional responses to stimuli, positive and negative. We would say that there will be a great, steady influx of energies now, beginning on 20 June, 2010. And this influx of energies is best utilized by increasing one’s daily healing regime, one’s meditations, chanting, and also, interestingly enough, one’s creative self-expression.

It is the creative process which brings one in touch with the highest energies in the universe. When the creative process is one which is not forced, but clearly ‘organic’ if you will, there is an increase in endorphins and an excitement which brings one into a highly positive, super-charged state of awareness! And this simply from tapping your own creativity!


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Health Newsletter!

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