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Most people are familiar with the word “law” and what it implies. Usually, it is an instruction to be followed for it benefits everyone (?). For example, when you are driving and see a red traffic light or a stop sign, you must stop. If you fail to do so, you might have an accident or get a ticket. If you are crossing a road and there is no traffic light or stop sign, still it might be wise (prudent) to slow down and look to the sides before crossing to avoid accidents. These instructions are to be followed independently of our emotional mood, mental logic or belief system. Of course, there are some “man-made laws”, which can be debatable or argued about for they will benefit few. However, “Natural Laws” cannot be defied unless you are ready to face the results. If you jump from a building, the law of gravity operates and you better be prepared for the consequences. Sure, you can jump with a parachute and it can reduce the impact if you know how to use it and consider the height, the wind, etc..
Someone might say that there are physical laws as well as subtle laws. The last ones are not necessarily written down in any “Constitution”, but they can be realized, for example, the “Law of Love”. It is manifested through our words and deeds of selfless service to others. To follow this law can benefit everyone.

AGNIHOTRA awakens unconditional LOVE from within

If you break it, it can produce much of what we see today: despair, injustice, corruption, violence, crime, chaos, destruction, etc. To follow the Law of Love can bring: peace, joy, prosperity, health, bliss, wisdom, etc. So the question is: do you follow the law of acting and reacting with Unconditional Love under most circumstances in your daily life ?
The Fivefold Path can awaken this “Love Within”. Agnihotra maybe the easiest way for many to realize and put into practice this.


Let the fountain of Loving Waters in our hearts be ignited by “the Agnihotra fire”.
Let our Loving Waters bring life wherever they reach.
Let it be a “Permanent Flow”, which nurtures “Nature” throughout all seasons.
Let you and me realize our “Oneness” for this is the “Law of Love”.

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
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Homa Healing Stories

Mrs. Maria Isabel Viera Viera
Piura, Peru, South America

"I am 47 years old and I have a son who is 5 ½ years old. His name is José Manuel. I bring my child every day to the Hospital Reategui for Homa Therapy so he can recover. He was born with Cerebral Palsy. He was always very scared and afraid. I could not take him outside  because he also was choking, like drowning because of his asthma. He could not lift his head. He slipped and fell many times. He had no strength in his legs. He did not move his arms and his wrists were always bent with tight fists. Now, he stretches his fingers and hands. One hand has straightened perfectly.
I've been bringing him  for 18 days and he has been taking the Agnihotra ash three times a day  with water or his soy milk. I also noticed that his sight is improving. Before, he seemed that he could not to see me.

I called him and he did not look at me directly. His eyes were crossed. Now he looks straighter. He can also sit alone, before he could not. I had to hold him really tight, otherwise he would slip away. Also now, he lets me do my things, before he was crying constantly and I could not do anything, not even cook. I had to carry him all the time. It seemed he cried out for no reason . None of my older children nor my husband could quiet him , only I could. Now I can do my things in the house, even wash.
I would say to another mother with a child like mine to come to Homa Therapy, because it is true that children get healed here. First, I heard about it at the International Forum of Homa Therapy at the "Univesidad Nacional de Piura" (National University of Piura). On the fourth day with Homa Therapy, I realized that my son was getting better, because he started to sleep better. Before, if his brothers spoke or made some noise, he woke up desperately and he would cry. Now he sleeps  even with noise. And because of all that, I continue bringing him to the free Homa Therapy sessions."


Mrs. Julisa More Sarango
Piura, Peru

I am 34 years and during my pregnancy I began to feel severe pain. I went to the emergency and my hemoglobin was 7.0.
I was pregnant in my 7th months. So my daughter was born in a quick delivery and she was placed in an incubator for two days. My premature baby made no sound and had no movement. The hospital wanted her to stay, but this was too expensive. Her lungs had not yet been developed. She was born weighing 1800 grams. The baby was just sleeping and did not cry for food. Then at home, we started taking the Agnihotra ash every day. I put a little Agnihotra ash on her tongue and placed it on her forehead in the form of a cross.

After two days, she began to move and seek the breast. Since then I am breastfeeding her and she has started to gain weight. I also take the Agnihotra ash every day in the morning and at night before bed and I bathe my daughter with Agnihotra ash. Now, she  weighs 6 kilos and is 2 months old. I attribute this miracle to Homa Therapy.



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Mrs Savita Joshi,
Islampur, Dist: Sangli, Maharashtra, India
Saving a lemon tree

I heard about Agnihotra and its effects in a talk by Dr Pramod Basarkar from Dharwad Agricultural University, Karnataka. After hearing about it, I started to practice Agnihotra. But I didn't think more about the benefits that were told in the talk.
Near to my house, there is a small garden which has a lemon tree and which is about ten years old. It gives good fruit. This year again there were a lot of flowers but during flowering the tree was attacked by an insect pest and it lost all its flowers. People gave various advice for chemical treatments. Then I remembered Dr. Basarkar telling about the Agnihotra ash water

solution. I decided to mix some Agnihotra ash in water and after letting this sit for 3 days, the Agnihotra ash water solution was ready for use. I sprayed the lemon tree only once with this solution. After 8 days, I checked the tree and found the insects had all disappeared and the tree had started to flower again. Thanks to Dr. Basarkar for his good advice about Agnihotra!


Purification of Arsenic Contamination in Water through HOMA
Report by Bruce Johnson, Tapovan, India

During 1992, a colleague of Dr. Isabel Bellamy, who was a farmer on the Darling Downs in Queensland was experiencing problems of high levels of arsenic in the entire underground water aquifer on their large acreage farm.
Arsenic was also found in high levels in the creek which ran through her property, and affected the drinking water for both humans and animals.
She was advised to take a trial with Agnihotra Ash and also to perform daily sunrise/sunset Agnihotra Fires for a period of two months.
She began with daily Agnihotra and each week for two months added one half a jam-jar of Agnihotra Ash to the source of the creek, ONCE IN A WEEK.
At the beginning of the experiment, pollution level registered at the worst possible condition when tested with radionics.
Each week, the water subsequently grew more and more pure.
At the end of the two month trial period, pollution level was registering total purity.

Timely, Localized Rains in Philippines
Report by Bruce Johnson, Tapovan, India

Many farmers practicing Homa around the world report a phenomenon of timely rain falling on their property alone.
In the Philippines a farmer from Kabankalan, Negros Occidental last year reported that their Agnihotra-treated farm was thriving and that during a very dry summer all the farms around were very dry except for their farm where they received localized rains.



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Effect of Microwave on Food/plants

We all know the convenience of quickly heating things in the Microwave.
Please have a look at the photos showing what happens to the substance you, or others for you, are exposing to Microwaves. 'Here is a science fair project that my granddaughter did for 2006:

 She took filtered water and divided it into two parts. The first part she heated to boiling in a pan on the stove, and the second part she heated to boiling in a microwave oven.

Then after cooling, she used the water to water two identical plants to see if there would be any difference in the growth between the normal boiled water and the water boiled in a microwave. She was thinking that the structure or energy of the water may be compromised by microwave. As it turned out, even she was amazed at the difference..'
I have known for years that the problem with microwaved anything is not the radiation people used to worry about, It's how it corrupts the DNA in the food so the body cannot recognize it. So the body wraps it in fat cells to protect itself from the dead food or it eliminates it fast. Think of all the Mothers heating up milk in these 'Safe' appliances. What about the nurse in Canada that warmed up blood for a transfusion patient and accidentally killed them when the blood went in dead. But the makers say it's safe. But the proof is in the pictures of living plants who are dying.
Prepared By:
William P. Kopp /  A. R. E. C. Research Operations  / TO61-7R10/10-77F05

Artists make aware of the dangers of Mega Mining

Argentinean artists unite to inform about the dangers of mining in environment and health.

HAARP installation in PERU?

Watch this video made by students visiting the installation in Jicamarca, Lima, Peru: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wycmUwYcSs4
In order to draw a conclusion please search for more information available on internet.



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The International Homa Forum was  another wonderful opportunity to demonstrate to the broad public the scientific and practical aspects of this ancient science of healing from the knowledge of Ayurveda .
Pharmacist Monika Koch from Germany, well-known for her many years of studies of the Agnihotra ash medicine and her book "Homa Therapy the Ancient Science of Healing" opened the forum with a Vyahruti Homa
(photo left) and Prof. Abel Hernandez gave an introduction of Homa Therapy to the many newcomers (below).

At Agnihotra time, there were over 130 fires lit and healing, joy and love was just spreading everywhere...



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Dr. John Matlander from South Africa explained the effect of Agnihotra ash on pathogenic bacteria & 

contaminated waters as  experimented in tests in the clinical laboratory of Dr. Luis Criollo in Cuenca, Ecuador. (photo above shows from left to right Dr. John Matlander, Dr. Oscar Vasquez, Admin. Vice President of the UNP, Dr. Washington Calderon, Director of the International Cooperation Dept. of the UNP and Dr. Jaime Montufar, Ecuador).
Dr. Ulrich Berk
(Germany, photo above right) took the opportunity to express his finding as a scientist and active Agnihotri for almost 40 years.
Pharmacist Monika Koch (photo below) demonstrated some simple and effective Agnihotra ash preparations, gave some tricks of the trade and invited everyone to be creative with their own Homa recipes.
Dr. Jaime Montufar M.D (photo below right) had come from Guayaquil with a double-decker bus full of patients to present some of the "Homa Miracles" that he and his patients experience daily in the "Medical Homa Center the Good Shepherd". (photo below left - all of Dr. Montufars patients also brought their Agnihotra kit)



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Dr. Washington Calderon and Dr. Oscar Vasquez (photo below) from the UNP honored several people for their years of support and promotion of Homa Therapy with a "Homa  Recognition certificate"  signed by the UNP and the ONG Agrohoma.

Artists, Jorge Jaen and Cote Zurita painted "Fire in Paradise" during the International forum and presented their impressing oil painting to the public just before Agnihotra. They did also get some help from their children.
Mr. Carlos Chunga and his folkloric children's dance group did some wonderful, colorful and very expressive dance presentations for the joy and entertainment of all. Thanks so much Carlos and kids!
Again, all generations united in Love and respect to practice the healing Agnihotra fire. A dance of Divine Light and healing energies surrounded not only all the participants, but reached much further ... brought love, peace and healing to the planet, starting with our own hearts!



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Hospital Jorge Reategui, Piura, Peru
Since the International Homa Forum, more people come to the daily (Monday through Saturday) evening Agnihotra sessions in this State Hospital. With or without medical insurance, everybody is welcome. Just more chairs and benches are needed to have everyone sit comfortably! But even standing, people don't move till the end when they receive the Agnihotra ash. Many come prepared with a glass jar to receive the healing ash.
Prof. Abel Hernandez, when in town, and other volunteers like Eng. Manuel Trelles and Eng. Jorge del Busto take their time to teach the Mantras, give and present healing testimonies. In this way, the Homa family grows and unites more and more.



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Hospital Cayetano Heredia, Piura, Peru
 At this Regional Hospital, the number of assistants to Homa Therapy is also rising. Here, Prof. Cesar Gonzales and his wife Gaby are ready to help and orient anybody regarding Homa Therapy.
(photo above)
Photos below show a Saturday Agnihotra session in the Hospital Jorge Reategui, which is situated almost in the center of Piura. Two tables covered with healing Agnihotra fires and people of all walks of life assist, looking for healing and finding on their way also something that fills the hole inside with light and love.



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Bagua, Peru
Dr. Augusto Wong, the Director of the State Hospital in Bagua,  (photo below right),
after having attended the International Homa Forum in the National Univ. of Piura, was also ready to implement Homa Therapy  in this hospital. With the help of the Homa promoter and coordinator Eng. Luis Tafur,  Prof. Abel and Aleta were invited for several days to implement and train some volunteers with the Homa fires. Many people and also patients come to witness the healing Agnihotra fire in the auditorium.



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Hospital de Apoyo, Bagua, Peru
Already after 2 days many more healing Agnihotra fires were lit and thus contributing to intensified healing power.

People came with pains (head aches, back pain, pain in the legs, etc.) and breathing problems and left without them ... so quickly can healing be experienced through this ancient healing technique.



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Bagua Grande,  Dept. Amazonas, State Hospital  "El Buen Samaritano" (The good Samaritan)
The Director, Dr. Enrique Torres,
came to know about Homa Therapy through his friend, Eng. Luis Tafur (photo left), who again chose the opportunity to help many people by organizing 2 Homa presentations at this hospital in the Amazonas.
Dr. Abel gave audio visual demonstrations of the effects of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. A mother brought her hyperactive child to the presentation and her son slept right through it all (see photo below) and for her and her sister this was something never experienced before.

The first effect of Agnihotra goes directly to the nervous system. People quickly start resting  better and have a sound sleep to the point that people report that before the hour they were used to take a sleeping pill, they are asleep and "forget" to take the pill.



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General Hospital Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru
Director Dr.
 Luis Aguilar and nutritionist Lic. Rosario Limay arranged for a couple of introduction and audio visual presentations of Homa Therapy in the General Hospital of Jaen.  Eng. Luis Tafur has been the bridge to bring this Vedic Science of the healing fires to a broader group of professionals and patients in the city of Jaen.
Everywhere, we meet people in search of health and happiness, specially in hospitals. What a good and selfless way for Homa volunteers to bring these Healing Fires to the people by offering half an hour of Homa Therapy daily in these public health institutions. 
(see photos above and below)



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Eng. Luis Tafur (first from left) is practicing morning Agnihotra with his friends in Jaen. He is one of the main Homa promoters. He can't help telling everyone about the benefits of the healing fire for he comes in touch with much misery and sickness .He is very grateful to Homa Therapy for it has changed his health and life. He is specially thankful for the blessings of Master Shree Vasant, whom he was able to accompany for some weeks as engineer of the Ministry of Agriculture in Piura.


In the small village of Santa Elena, Homa Therapy was introduced and sunset Agnihotra was practiced in a Catholic Church (see photos below). Truly a wonderful place for the healing Homa fires.
People also came from other villages near and far to hear and learn about Agnihotra. We were told that there are many, many diseases in this area (farming area) where  is very hard to get medical attention. Through Dr. Pilar Reategui, the villagers have the chance to participate daily in the Agnihotra sessions. (
Photo below left shows Dr. Pilar and Mrs. Maria sharing Agnihotra ash.)



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Report from Dr. R.K. Pathak
New Delhi, India

"We at Manas Rural Development Institute has conceived a novel concept of "Homa Jaivik Krishi". Through this technology, we enrich the atmosphere and the biosphere simultaneously. By integrating these, miraculous results are assured. In the last weeks, two trainings courses of Service Providers and Mitra Kisan were held with technical support from Manas Rural Development Institute:
1. Manas Rural Development Institute-Sajiwali, Thane from 19th to 21st April,2010.
2. Aga Khan Trust Syala, Surendra Nagar, Gujarat on 6th and 7th May, 2010.
It is interesting to note that in the beginning of these trainings courses, there were some apprehensions, but after its completion, a very positive trend took place. Most of the participants took pyramids and we also provided Agnihotra time tables for the respective villages. We intend to establish Resonance Point at least at 5 organic villages in both of the places."

Dr. Irma Garcia, Representative of the Fivefold Path Mission, demonstrated different aspects of Homa Therapy while Dr. R. K. Pathak dealt with its scientific aspects and shared his experiences of Homa Organic Farming. He also dealt with the need for integration of Homa Organic Farming in order to resolve the current food crises and to assure the "Ever Green Revolution".
(photos this page show the Homa farming course, Agnihotra with the students and below Dr. Pathak applying Agnihotra ash to the trees

in Sajiwali Homa farm).


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Tapovan, India
From Bruce Johnson

"In Tapovan, we celebrated the birthday of Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot in the traditional way by singing and chanting in the late evening of 16th May and then performing Vyahruti Homa exactly at 12.42 am on the morning of 17th May. Several local people joined members of the Tapovan family for this. Later in the morning we performed Rudra Yajnya.
Then in the evening, we conducted a workshop at Tapovan on the topic "Agnihotra for Environmental Protection: Preparing for Climate Change."
Invitations were given in our local area and people were asked to bring their Agnihotra pyramids.
Talks were given by Sarvajit
(photo right), Abhay, Dilip Patel,  Bruce, Dr. Irma and Dr. Himmat Chaute (photo below from left to right), gave testimonies about the healing power of Agnihotra.
At sunset, we had a massive healing with 120 Agnihotra fires."



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Sunil Dusane
Art of Living Youth leader
Bhusaval, Jalgaon district

writes following note about the birthday celebration of their Teacher:

"The Art of Living people celebrated the birthday of their Guruji, Sri Sri Ravishankar on 13th May 2010. There were a total of 56 Agnihotra fires lit at several locations in the town of Bhusaval."



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From Bogota, Colombia, Mrs. Maria Teresa Nunez writes:
"I want to share with you the meeting we had last night which was especially powerful and beautiful, as you can see in the photos.
We had 11 Agnihotra pyramids lit for sunset and after the fires extinguished we began with the Tryambakam Homa, first involving the people who could not stay for long. From 9 p.m, onwards we were 6 people to continue the Tryambakam overnight. It has been a profound encounter with ourselves."


Thomas Stiasny and the Agnihotra groups in Osorno and Puerto Montt are sending their love through the healing Homa fires...


Dr. Raul Obando writes:
"Our family was practicing Tryambakam Homa for our beloved planet on a hill where a Mother Mary statue is worshipped (the Virgin from the Rock) in a village called ¨El Morro¨ located on the coast near Guayaquil. We did first a Vyahruti Homa and then continued with the Tryambakam Homa for 20 minutes. Then we meditated by sending love energy to the people suffering from natural catastrophes, visualizing our connection of love with all Agnihotris and praying that our planet regains its balance.
The wonderful thing was that while we were doing Tryambakam the cows bellowed non-stop from the beginning till the end. Accidently we were sitting near an ant hill but not one bit us. Actually many small animals came to us, revealing that we are all one when we act together with love  "

Photo right our son Alvaro Raul Obando Pazmiño doing Tryambakam Homa.



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Reiner and Manuela Szcypior write:
"We represented the Fivefold Path Mission in Turkey. Our journey started on 2nd of April and we did women's Homa healing circles and Agnihotra Homa Therapy introduction workshops at Cihangi Yoga Center in Istanbul
(see photo below). Then we traveled to Camtepe Eco Center, where we also held a vegetarian cooking course. It is always a wonderful experience to teach the Homa fires."
(photo left shows Manuela and Reiner in a Homa Interview at Radio Bir in Istanbul)

"On 14th of May, Homa Therapy was in the air with Radio Bir Acik in Istanbul. Mrs. Melda invited us to speak at her program about the effects of Homa Therapy. Her subject is the relation of inner and outer world. That is environment and spirituality/mind for example. She was very happy to come to know about Homa Therapy, because she feels it fits perfectly into her work and many are in need of healing. If we look into the world, we see a lot of pollution, physical and mental illnesses, etc. and how can we heal?  Through the HOMA FIRES!
We also visited the Head Office of Bugday Association in Istanbul. Bugday has been established by Viktor Ananias almost 20 years ago. He started to preserve old traditions, cultural heritages, ecological living methods and organic farming practices to mention just a few. Viktor is the best example of simple living. His office furniture is made of old wooden fruit boxes. His house in the Kas mountains has no electricity and no modern equipment. His organization is connected to many international organizations and also to the EU Parliament, it is a member of Ifoam. Soon Bugday will be a certification body for organic producers. People working for Bugday are idealistic and motivated to bring changes for the betterment of the society. They don't do this job for personal gains. It is great to meet people dedicated to this unique task of healing and preserving nature and its inhabitants."



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Cornelia Füting writes from Münster, Germany:
"Since August 2009 Regina Schäfer and I maintain a Homa place here in Münster. We practice daily morning and evening Agnihotra, as much as possible we do the 4 a.m.  and 5 a.m. Mantras and we do minimum  daily 4 hours of Tryambakam Homa. Sometimes we also do Rudra-Yajnyas.

(photo right Regina and Cornelia in the Homa fire temple)


Dr.Barry Rathner writes about his Homa teachings in India:

"Karin Heschl, Bruce Johnson, Mary Lee Weir and I embarked on a Fivefold Path teaching tour in the southern Maharashtra state, city of Ratnagiri in India. This 4 day trip was arranged by Madhukar Appasaheb Patwardhan, an Agnihotri since the 1970s. It turned out to be a tightly scheduled, efficient tour of Resonance Points, prospective Homa Organic Farms, meetings with Agnihotris and talks to newer persons.

We stopped first in the city of Chiplun where a Parshuram Temple at which daily sunrise/sunset Agnihotra is performed is located. We arrived 20 minutes before sunset and were happy to meet Mr. Kale, current caretaker of Agnihotra here.
All of us treasured the opportunity to visit this Parshuram Temple, in the heart of this area called Konkan, Parshuram land.

Photo above shows the temple. Lord Parshuram is the Guru of Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj, who took a vow to "resuscitate the Vedas." Manifestation of that vow is Agnihotra and the Fivefold Path.
Photo left:
Caretaker of the Parshuram Temple, Mr. Kale and Barry renew acquaintances in Chiplun after working on Homa projects 27 years earlier in Pune."
Article continues on next page..



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Dr. Barry Rathner continued:
"The next day we drove 3 hours to Devgad where a Resonance Point had been set up on the farm of Mahesh Phatak some years earlier by Karin. We were shown the lovely mango, cashew, jackfruit and chikoo trees. Ratnagiri in general and Devgad, in particular, comprise the heart of the mango belt in Maharashtra--mangoes "to die for", as the expression goes. The Alphonso variety is especially famous and the best are grown in Devgad. The owner, manager and their families at Mahesh's farm were so happy to see us and to report on their Agnihotra and other Homa experiences. We later went to their family home in the city and showed some Homa videos.
(photo left: Bruce, Mahesh, Mr. Nene and Mr. Patwardhan (left to right) touring Mahesh's lush mango, chikoo, jackfruit, cashew orchard at Resonance Point in Devgad)

An afternoon talk arranged by Mahesh's father at the home of Mr. Suresh Gogate, was met with such enthusiasm that we extended the program an additional hour and then some of them purchased copper Agnihotra pyramids and other materials to start daily practice.
The next day we had an early morning talk with persons assembled at Kudal in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Many of the attendees were already doing Agnihotra, so we stressed, among other things, the other four aspects of the Fivefold Path, Daan, Tapa, Karma & Swadhahya. Karin gave a demonstration of preparation of Agnihotra ash medicines, a truly relevant subject these days midst healthcare problems being endemic in India and as well in so called developed countries like USA. "Take care of yourself; prepare your own effective folk medicines from Agnihotra ash," the audience was told.

We returned that night to Ratnagiri and prepared for the lovely Homa teaching gathering that the Patwardhan Family had arranged for the next evening (photo right). Some younger persons showed special interest in our presentation, telling us later they wanted to become Homa Therapy teachers.
It was "educational" for me too to visit some places I had taught at nearly 30 years ago when the message was more along the lines of, "dangerous and difficult times are on the way."

Now the message has morphed into, "dangerous and difficult times are upon us," hardly a message that meets with much disagreement these days.
The follow-up, however, remains the same: do Agnihotra to heal the atmosphere and prevent or lessen the effects of a polluted planet.
(photo right shows Barry, Bruce and Karen performing sunrise Agnihotra with group of pregnant women and their spouses)



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Homa Therapy in the Chinese Magazine "Long Life"

Malaysia, April 2010
The chinese magazine "Long Life" (published in Malaysia) shows a several page report about Homa Therapy. Frits and Lee Ringma´s frequent Homa teaching travels to this country, together with the help of Homa volunteers Alan Wong, Tee Lian Wong and friends have had a big impact in the widespread practice of Agnihotra.
 The article gives instructions on how to practice Agnihotra and also interviewed some Agnihotra practitioners telling their healing stories. 

For more info on Homa  in Malaysia please see: agnihotraworld.webs.com



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If you are interested in attending this Drug- and Alcohol de-addiction workshop, please write to terapiahoma@yahoo.com and we will send you further information.
Organizer: Jens Sorenson
Facilitator: Dr. Irma Garcia
Where: Cusco, Peru    When: 24th of July till 2nd of August 2010
Cost: US $ 200 (includes housing, gourmet vegetarian meals and workshop materials)  Limited space - decide soon!



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


Do you love children? Maybe you have children? No, it is not necessary to have children of your own in order to love them and give them joy. That is possible with every child in the world! So many children in the world have a difficult time and need our support. But what can we do?
In 1975, a top scientist at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore / USA (which is a leading university in the field of medicine) told me the following:

When a man in New York, USA thinks a thought, in Sydney,  now scientific instruments can register this idea and know what this man thinks in New York. And these scientists found out that the power of an idea goes far beyond Sydney into the vastness of the cosmos!
If a machine in Sydney captures what I think in New York, how much more can a person's heart do this?  If I give the gift of a loving thought to a person, certainly it will reach his heart. Whether his mind will realize it or not, it is another question. Often, our mind is occupied with many things and we forget to listen to our hearts, but still all the love we send from our soul will surely arrive and support that person.

Now, what does this have to do with our children? In the same manner we can send our love to each child of this earth, its soul will receive it and thus it get assistance as love is the greatest healing force for all types of problems. The children are our future! And all that we can send them on happiness, they will be able to pass on and this is something that reaches far beyond our own lives. And it will make the children strong and happy for a joyous future.
How can I send many loving thoughts to our children if my everyday life is difficult?
Of course, first we need enough strength for our own happy day in order to be able to share our happiness with others. It's like mountain climbing: if you climb a steep hill, you need a hand to hold yourself securely on to the rocks. And only when you manage to stand firmly, can you reach out with the other hand to help a friend.
In my life I have tried the following: When practicing morning Agnihotra at sunrise and evening Agnihotra at sunset I invited my children to join and sit down and together be charged with love through this incredible cosmic healing power at Agnihotra time. You could do the same! And experience how well everybody feels. And if you cannot invite your children for Agnihotra, because perhaps they live far away or maybe you don't have a child? You can do Agnihotra and invite in thought the soul of your child to share this experience. Or you can invite in thought the souls of the children next door. Or you can invite all the souls of a whole kindergarten to join you for the healing Agnihotra fire. You know, every thought arrives in the heart (even in the machinery of the scientists!). And then experience the joy that strengthens our everyday life.
Sometimes you might want to do even more. Perhaps on a heavy day you need more strength? Or your children need more support? I have tried the following:
In the evening at 9:00 pm when my children were asleep, I sat beside their bed and quietly did the Tryambakam Homa for 15 minutes (if you don't know about this, please ask for further information). My experience has always been that the children slept very deeply and quietly - no matter how chaotic their day had been and the next day they woke up full of vitality and joy. Through this practice my children were very balanced and anchored in love and had a deep rooted inner strength to get through the day better and more aware.
I myself also experienced more strength and happiness so that whenever possible I did the Om Tryambakam-fire for 15 minutes.
Today my children are adults, they have bright shiny eyes and can pass on their love, strength and joy again to their children and other children. You know: it works with all children! Love does not stop at your own family; it flows on and warms the heart of all life.
"Man, thou shalt be a blessing: FILL ALL THE SPHERES WITH LOVE!"

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             All these incidents which have been happening — accident, losing things — are all due to the lack of attention, carelessness. It is not mere carelessness. You need to focus your energy in the moment. MANTRA is the tool for that. Do not focus on the result of the accident — broken glass, etc. Focus more on what it teaches you. You have to become superconscious but first become conscious at all times. You need not be silent. It is all the time being attentive to what is around you and to what you are doing in the moment. If the mind is always engaged in thought — be it reverie, worry, planning further events, calculating sums or analyzing, it is likely one will stumble in everyday life. Especially now one must be attentive — not fearful, just attentive. If you are carrying a bag be sure it is with you at all times.
In the beginning you have to keep your attention focused mentally but later it becomes automatic. Mantra all the time keeps the wayward mind on a single track. Then these incidents, from minor forgetfulness to ‘accidents’, will not happen in all likelihood. It is not Karma per se as we think of it. It is due to carelessness brought on by lack of concentration. It can be remedied by so little effort. Mantra. And it is also high time to address one's reliance, dependence upon tea and coffee. That also tends to break one's concentration. It is a great lesson for you.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On attuning to Divine
Yes, yes. In these most unpredictable times, one can continue to remain one-pointed, focused on fulfilling one’s goals. It is only when one’s goals reflect an insensitivity to outside circumstances and to the present environmental condition that one may wish to reassess one’s direction in life. Everything can be geared toward service to humanity and directed to assist in spreading the awareness of Earth as a planet in peril, which requires all of our attention, compassion and action.
There seem to be many avenues through which efforts can be made in unison with others for a greater outcome. Follow your hearts. Seek to subdue your personal desires and redirect them toward service for all. Actually, it is when one redirects one’s thinking from being focused only on oneself to inclusion of the greater humanity that one’s personal needs are met with a greater ease.
When one is focused totally on satisfying one’s own desires for bigger and greater material goods or for relationships which one feels one needs to feel whole, one’s entire system becomes more tense. When one does not achieve what one wishes for oneself, one becomes despondent and feels hopelessly dejected.
Conversely, when one begins to turn one’s focus to SERVICE and truly sublimates one’s desires, moving toward the nurturing and healing of the greater whole, one begins

to feel lighter, less encumbered by the weight of desires and unrequited needs. One begins to exude more positive energy and others feel better in the company of this relaxed being. One’s personal needs somehow have a way of being met or being lifted from one’s psyche. One moves forward with JOY.
Therefore, release the longings which hold you back from enjoying life as it is. Allow the Divine to fulfil that which is to be fulfilled and seek ways to fulfil your Divine purpose in this life. Certainly, once you put your life into the care of Divine, every breath becomes attuned to the grand and gracious flow of life and every moment becomes an opportunity to express your gratitude for every breath given. We wish all of you this heightened sense of awareness and resultant love for all. This is what your beloved planet Earth requires now―your attunement and participation in the Divine Plan. May you rise to this splendid occasion.
With deep respect and love for humanity,
We are,


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