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Everything seems to be moving and changing faster. However, movement depends on the perspective of the viewer. For example:
if you are in a car that is moving at 60 km/h and you look through the window, you will see objects coming to you and moving away from you at the same speed.
If you look inside the car, the seats, the radio, etc. are still in the same spot for these objects are moving with you at the same speed. Another example: Even when you are sitting at home in a chair, you are still moving because the Earth has a rotational movement around its´ axis, a translational movement around the sun, the precession of equinoxes, etc.
Our Solar System is also moving around another center and so on. Independently of these planetary movements, we are moving at a fast pace. We are rushing everywhere to do some work, fulfill a task or meet a dead line, yes, a dead line. This can create some stress which can affect our sleeping pattern. This is simply part of life. However, sooner or later we want to rest and take a break. We need to stop and recharge. So we take a vacation, where we just change our regular activities into recreational activities. Sooner or later,  we acknowledge that a

AGNIHOTRA quiets the mind

true relaxation is needed to prevent getting sick.
There are many good relaxation techniques. The deeper the relaxation, the better the recharging. The practice of Agnihotra can help to:
A) To still the body
B) Quiet the mind
C) Detox the atmosphere
D) Clean the body and increase vitality
E) Purify and energize the mind
Agnihotra is a simple technique which induces a natural powerful meditation which is good for us and nature. It helps to reset our sleeping pattern and the energy cycle of the planet. We can spiral out into action and we can spiral in into rest and peace.
Let´s go to the Center. Let´s do Agnihotra.
This is a good opportunity to acknowledge SHREE GAJANAN MAHARAJ for bringing back the gift of AGNIHOTRA to the whole  humanity. For more information about his work please see: Homa Health Newsletter # 25
OM Agnihotra OM
OM Shree OM

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
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Homa Healing Story

Mr. Gaudencio Manchon
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"I am 39 years old. I came to the Medical Homa Center The good Shepherd, because I was very depressed and I tried to kill myself. So I took half a liter of paint remover, Racumin (rat killer), Lagnate and Ajis. These are lethal substances, specially the paint remover when it is taken orally. That was 4 weeks ago. I was taken unconscious to the state hospital. Blood was running out through my mouth and nose. Then I was sent to the Hospital of Guayaquil because it looked like I was not going to make it. There, they told me the next day, when I came out of coma that I was going to die, because my body was destroyed inside.

   I vomited strange stuff through my mouth and I was feeling pretty bad. Then I said "take me to Dr. Montufar, because my son got better there from his health problems" My brothers and sisters did not believe that I could be helped, however my ex-wife had been already at this Medical Homa Center and she also told my relatives to bring me here. When they brought me here I could not walk. But  Dr. Montufar prepared for me Agnihotra ash water and that day I could walk. The next day I came back walking to attend the Agnihotra fire. I felt completely strengthened. I could not drink milk or even water, because everything I took I vomiting right away and I felt a strong pain. However I could drink Agnihotra ash water without any problem. Now I am totally recovered and I can eat anything. I have no pain anywhere and psychologically I feel that I was born again. Thanks to God and Homa Therapy fires I am well.    By the way, when I went back to the hospital, the doctors could not believe that I was still alive.

 When they saw me, they all surrounded and watched me. They were shocked. According to them, I was supposed to be dead due to the intake of the paint remover, the Lagnate and the rat killer. Then they asked "Where did you get healed?" I told them: “In a place very close to here.” And I gave them a business card of the Medical Homa Center.

(right photo  shows Mr. Manchon participating in Agnihotra at the Medical Homa Center "The good Shepherd")




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Eng. Hernan Posas
General Manager
Banana plantation "Fountain of Joy"
Vinces, Ecuador

"Hereby we state that Homa Farming has been applied in the Banana plantation" Fountain of Joy "(officially still called" Dolores ") since 2007.
It has 2 Homa Resonance points installed with the respective cabins for the practice of Agnihotra and Tryambakam.
Some of the main benefits are:
.- Plants with greater vitality (they have more energy)
.- They absorb more nutrients from the air and soil through their leaves and root system
.- The immunity of the plantation has increased, allowing us to reduce the Black Sigatoka fumigation from 12/13 cycles to 6/7 cycles per year.
.- Applications of organic or chemical substances to control insects, such as Ceramidia, have been eliminated.
.- We have been able to maintain the plantation free of applications of nematicides.
.- In terms of production our farm became the number one in our region in the year 2008 with 3530 (three thousand five hundred thirty) boxes of bananas per hectare. Despite of the difficult rains in 2009, we achieved a production of 3349 (three thousand three hundred forty-nine) boxes per hectare.
In other areas, the benefits include:
.- Improvement of the interpersonal relationship among workers and a better work environment.
.- Crime has been eliminated in the premise and its surroundings.
.- The plantation has been kept free from damages normally caused by the overflows of the river Vinces.
.- The workers are more aware and take better care of the tools and work materials.
.- There is a positive effect on the neighbors who come into the healing Tryambakam hut seeking improvement in their health."
Photos below: The banana plantation has thick, green, healthy and vigorous leaves. Eng Hernan Posas, Andres Arango (in charge of Homa Therapy on the plantation) and Prof. Abel Hernandez in one of the Homa Resonance pillars surrounding the farm.




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New oil rush endangers the Gulf of Mexico and the planet

by Michael T. Klare
18 May 2010 2:21 PM

Now, in the rush to develop hard-to-reach reserves in Alaska, the Arctic, and deep-offshore waters, we're returning to a particularly dangerous version of those swashbuckling days.

As energy companies encounter fresh and unexpected hazards, their existing technologies -- largely developed in more benign environments -- often prove incapable of responding adequately to the new challenges.
 And when disasters occur, as is increasingly likely, the resulting environmental damage is sure to prove exponentially more devastating than anything experienced in the industrial annals of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
The Deepwater Horizon operation was characteristic of this trend. BP, the company which leased the rig and was overseeing the drilling effort, has for some years been in a rush to extract oil from ever greater depths in the Gulf of Mexico. The well in question, known as Mississippi Canyon 252, was located in 5,000 feet of water, some 50 miles south of the Louisiana coastline; the well bore itself extended another 13,000 feet into the earth. At depths this great, all work on the ocean floor has to be performed by remotely-controlled robotic devices overseen by technicians on the rig. There was little margin for error to begin with, and no tolerance for the corner-cutting, penny-pinching, and lax oversight that appears to have characterized the Deepwater Horizon operation. Once predictable problems did arise, it was, of course, impossible to send human troubleshooters one mile beneath the ocean's surface to assess the situation and devise a solution.
• The point of this article is that humans' continuing demand for oil is causing ever more dangerous methods of extraction. The oil companies and people who consume oil are equally to blame, as is the corporate-run government .
More info at: http://www.grist.org/article/2010-05-18-a-new-oil-rush-endangers-the-gulf-of-mexico-and-the-planet/
Michael T. Klare is a professor at Hampshire College

Mine - the story of a Sacred Mountain

It is a documentary about the problems of an indigenous tribe in India with a mining company. The Dongria Kondh are one of India’s most remote tribes. They live in Orissa state’s Niyamgiri hills and worship a mountain as a God.
As Vedanta Resources, a London-based mining company prepares to destroy their forests and sacred mountain to build a vast open-cast mine. The situation is quite similar to the one in the Avatar movie:
Please watch and share: http://www.survivalinternational.org/films/mine




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It is wonderful how the practice of Agnihotra connects us, creating a net of Light all over the city. (photo shows Agnihotra overviewing Lima)

Hospital Jorge Reategui, Piura, Peru
Homa Therapy is part of the "Complementary Medicine" in EsSalud State Hospital. Agnihotra is performed at sunset free of charge as a service to everybody. Thanks to Eng. Manuel Trelles and other Homa volunteers, Agnihotra and its healing ashes are given to the sick people who look for healing.




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Hospital Jorge Reategui, Piura, Peru
Each hospital needs an Oasis of Peace, Hope and Silence
to enhance the healing process. The daily practice of Agnihotra creates such a space, which helps everyone who comes by.

Women's healing Circle, Piura, Peru
Sunset Agnihotra is always part of the Women's healing circle and everyone brings their pyramid to contribute actively to the planetary healing (photo below).



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Homa Center, Piura, Peru
Many meetings with Agnihotra, Mantra classes, etc. are offered in the Homa Center of Piura through Prof. Abel and Aleta. They also meet in this space to organize Homa events, like the International Homa Forum in the ´Universidad Nacional de Piura´. This kind of work can be coordinated with great ease in a place that is highly charged with the healing energies of Homa Therapy fires. Each Agnihotri wants to give the Best of himself/herself for the benefit of everyone.




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Casa Vieja, Ecuador
Prof. Abel Hernandez and Aleta were invited to introduce Homa Therapy to the natives of a faraway village within the costal area of Ecuador.
Through videos and an introductory conference, the people learned about this "awesome Therapy".
Everybody learned how to pronounce the Mantras and prepare the Agnihotra ingredients  
(photo above)

Marcya Abad and Fabian Toral from the Association Ataman are helping the farmers of several villages to improve their way of life through holistic, environmental education, and Homa Therapy applied to human health, organic agriculture, cattle raising and ecology. (photo above:) Agnihotra at sunset radiates peaceful energies, which can be experienced by all present. (photo above in the center:) Marcya Abad is sharing Agnihotra ash with the assisting families.



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Olon, Ecuador

Sharing Agnihotra just in front of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Center of operations of the Assoc. Ataman (photo left)
This Center will house many of the farmers, who will come to learn and experience Homa farming.

Montanita, Ecuador
Montanita is a small picturesque resort town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, known for its beautiful beaches.
Agnihotra came to them through Mrs. Marcy and Mr. Fabian, who invited Prof. Abel and Aleta to give an audio-visual presentation and demonstration of the effect of Homa Therapy, especially in the area of Health for there are many diseases in this coastal area. We met a mother of two children; one suffers with Down Syndrome and the other one with Cerebral Palsy.

We shared the Agnihotra fire in the community hall and everybody wanted Agnihotra ash (see pictures above and center). Many villagers expressed the desire to continue with the practice of Agnihotra in this public place for the welfare of all....



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Homa Center Guayaquil
The Director, Sonia Hunter, invited parents of disabled children through a health program on television to experience Homa Therapy, which can be complementary to other therapies and is offered free of charge. Now, a group of families with children assist to sunset Agnihotra daily. Mother Sonia puts all her love into serving them with Agnihotra and its healing ash. After just a few sessions, all parents reported many improvements in the health and behavior of their children .
(see photos above and below left)

The Homa Center of Guayaquil has a new member - Ms. Luzmila gave birth to a sweet girl named Andrea.  (Right)

Homa Center Guayaquil
A Rudra Yagnya was performed in this Homa Center with a group of over 30 Agnihtoris. Two rooms were used. It was a wonderful experience!


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Syntergetic Group of Guayaquil
The Syntergetic Group of Guayaquil, formed by Health Professionals, Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Physicians, Therapists, etc., invited Prof. Abel Hernandez to give a talk to deepen their understanding of Homa Therapy in a Scientific perspective. It was an evening full of questions and answers and everybody was very happy!

The Medical Homa Center "Good Shepherd", Guayaquil, Ecuador
Although Dr. Montufar was traveling with his family to the United States, the patients continued receiving their treatments along with Homa Therapy under the loving supervision of Dr. Raul Obando and the nurses, Ms. Gloria Alvarez and Ms. Eliane. It is noteworthy that many patients arrive exclusively for the HOMA treatment. Of course, our dear Doctor was missed."  (see photos above and below)




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Medical Homa Center "Good Shepherd", Guayaquil, Ecuador
After one week of absence, Dr. Montufar and his lovely family returned from USA. The Homa clinic celebrated this joyfully with many Agnihotra fires. Patients benefit daily from the healing fire and the peace and love that it brings towards oneself and towards the world.           This sacred fire comforts, heals and wraps us in light. Here, we can breathe deeply, let go of fears, resentments and other conflicting feelings. We all unite in love, regardless of age, nationality, religion, etc. ..



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Dr. Irma Garcia writes from India: "These photos were taken in Sayla, Gujarat, at a meeting organized by MANAS RURAL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE and the AGA KHAN RURAL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE. The meeting took place at the latter's  Dr. Kamla Chowahry Community Training and Learning Center. Both Institutes are dedicated to improve the quality of life of farmers."         (see next page for continuation)



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Dr. Irma Garcia from India: "Between three and four thousand farmers attended the meeting. Many people were sitting outside listening with loudspeakers. I explained Agnihotra and Dr. Ashok translated into Gujarati. Hendaya performed Agnihotra. Franklin Nelson de USA and Sarvajit Paranjpe from Maheshwar, India were also present. I was requested to go back and teach about the importance of Agnihotra and Homa for Organic Farming to Service Providers and Organic Farming Teachers.                                     It was an intensive two days program. Dr. Pathak, Dr. Shireksagar, Dr. Serwale and I gave the training. Shree’s guidance could be felt by all of us."



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From Tenjo, Cundinamarca, Colombia, Mrs. Maria Teresa Nunez writes:
"In the Homa Center of Tenjo, the presence of children has always prevailed. Their curiosity and innocence radiates a lot of energy and joy during the Agnihotra fire. Afterwards, we sing and have a good time! Today, they were 14 children ..."



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EVENTS around the WORLD


Sarvajit Paranjpe writes from Maheshwar, M.P.,India
Fivefold Path Mission is working with Manas Rural Development Institute (NGO) since May 2009 in Barwaha, Dist. Khargone, Madhya Pradesh (M.P.).
Fivefold Path Mission is giving Manas technical support in disseminating the knowledge of Ancient Science of Vruksha Ayurveda and along with Manas is working in approx. 30 villages nearby Barwaha. The main goal is to teach Agnihotra and Homa Organic Farming.

The main topics taught and demonstrated to the farmers were:
- Teaching and implementing organic farming practices at ground level.
- Presentations on acid rains;
- soil, water and land pollution;
- side effects of chemical farming and
- effects of organic farming."
(photo above shows Agnihotra at Jethvaya village and to the left at Barwaha village)



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Among other distinguished Doctors and Scientists, we will have the presence of Pharmacist MONIKA KOCH (Germany), Dr. Ulrich Berk (Germany), Dr. Jaime Montufar (Ecuador), Dr. John Matlander (South Africa), Dr. Guillermo Saldarriaga (Peru), Dr. Luis Vega (Peru), etc. - DO NOT MISS THIS CHANCE TO COME TO KNOW more about HOMA THERAPY  and EXPERIENCE IT!




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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


For a day full of peace, happiness and prosperity the basis of health is important so that I can do everything with joy and not be troubled by pain. So priority number one is health! Today, this health is not so easy to maintain as the basic conditions are difficult:
the soil where our food grows is often exhausted and has little nutrients. It is often contaminated with toxins, acidic and its subsoil water is decreasing

and these are just a few examples of the soil problems. As a consequence, the abused soil   cannot give the plants and our food as many nutrients and as much life force as our body needs to stay healthy .-
The waters are contaminated with toxic substances, but what we need is good water to drink. How else could our bodies function properly? –
Similarly, the air is extremely dirty and loaded with toxic substance, and yet we need to breathe air for survival! All these factors are a major burden to our body, to our health.

But that's not all: the above mentioned problems are quite well-known, but another important change is far less known: The basis of life on our planet is changing!         The fundamental frequency of the entire planet, our earth with all its life was until recently on the frequency of 7.8 Hertz. This is called the Schumann frequency. It is generated through the position of the axis of rotation of the earth and the axis of the earth's magnetic poles. Our body is a well tuned instrument and resonates with that vibration. Our brain waves and our nerves are in direct resonance with this fundamental frequency of life, that is what we think, what we feel, how we experience the world around us, whether we are happy or despaired.
And now the fundamental frequency of the planet and all of its life begins to change! The axis of the earth's magnetic field is shifting away from the Earth's rotation axis! And with this shift of the magnetic poles of the earth in relation to the solar winds this fundamental frequency of all life is increased to 10 Hertz instead of 7.8! And it is expected that this change can increase up to a frequency of 13 Hertz! And not in some distant future but now!

That means that the conditions for our bodies are changing significantly. Every day we experience that many people are restless, dissatisfied, unhappy, feel under pressure, search for solutions to problems, are desperate, etc.. Yes, it was said that there will come a time when even dogs will run in circles and will no longer know where to go. All life is affected by this change: stranded whales have lost orientation; birds fly to areas where they have not been before, because they can´t find their way; aircraft crash, because the instruments of the electrical board respond incorrectly; entire electricity generators collapse and leave thousands of people without electricity, etc. The entire electro-magnetic field is changing with all its implications. And this is not just affecting the environment but also  the people in their health.

It is possible – even without knowing any reason – to experience this directly, for example in the pharmacy: people buy more than ever sedatives, starting from a soft valerian to heavy tranquilizers, sleeping pills, painkillers. Also, one can experience an increase in numbing situations: many people need more hours of television, more games, more alcohol and more drugs of any kind. Many people today are getting crazy and no longer know how to help themselves. And every single situation is a life, a person who falls into chaos and is suffering and many with him/her. They are not just statistic figures. How can we get out of this hell and again experience a lovable day?
The only thing I know, that can bring us really fully back into balance, is to regularly perform Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset. It works with the many kinds of electricity, magnetism and ether and builds up strength through balance and healing, and that every day! This unique special harmonizing force of the Agnihotra fire reflects in all kinds of electricity, magnetism and electromagnetic ranges of our body and it suddenly experiences again a correct control and balance! And this happens so easily, simple and cheaply that we can bring back into balance and healing in every home, office, farm, etc. And just as comprehensive as we experience these planetary changes and difficulties in adaptation, we can as comprehensively experience the balance with Agnihotra and Homa therapy all over again!
Here comes my tip: if you want to experience a day full of peace and joy, then help yourself: Simply do Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset. Take your own Agnihotra ash internally as a vital Supplement (Agnihotra ash has demonstrated to have over 90 nutrients!). Take it externally for bathing, apply it to wounds and skin problems, etc. Take advantage of the healing power of Agnihotra ash not only for yourself but also for animals, plants, to heal the soil, water, rocks and mountains, etc.
Would you like that you and your family are better off? Homa Therapy offers many more ways you can support yourself and your family, just ask! However, all this does not help if you only know it. It will help only if you perform it!

Visit Mrs. Monika Koch's website at:   http://www.homatherapy.de




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             The four corners of the world must be reached. The necessity is now emergency. In no other form will this Love go. In no other way will His light travel. Only through Agnihotra, only by His hand, only ones blessed to do this work.

               There is no time. No time left for the planet.
Faith is to be rejuvenated.
Whole lands will be saved from destruction, cause of destruction being altered.
Rapid deterioration is evident. Still reversal is taking place due to YAJNYA in atmosphere.

             A family has very little money but their house is full of love. That atmosphere is so charged through Yajnya and Agnihotra. Also Tapa is important. The words we speak should reflect an inner peace, not anger or fear or resentment. Just love.

            Look at what your limits are but do not dwell on them. Look at your strengths and build on them. Spend time in silence, YAJNYA, meditation, etc. Free yourself from the bondage of attachment.

             Who wants to receive guidance can receive it in the many forms in which it comes. Through practice of meditation at least twice a day one begins to attune the mind to these higher vibrations.

             Do not look to the future now. Live in the precious moment. Allow the time to unfold.    




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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On conspiracy theories and presidential security
Yes, yes. As foretold, there will be a series of earthquakes and calamities in Nature. Some is Nature’s uprising, which has been foreseen. However, there are many destructive spirals being set off by human interference. Of course, all of you are aware of HAARP and its negative effects on the environment. What you may not realize is there is a certain level of absolute intention operating under the surface. There is a culling of the world’s population in effect now. However, some of this ‘culling’ is actually backfiring and hitting the perpetrators on their home ground.
The conspiracy theories are often correct, though some may appear far-fetched. One cannot fathom creating a chaos which will envelop the entire world, even if greed was the impetus for the acts, crimes created against humanity. We are now speaking quite freely and without reserve here. The powers that are in operation on this planet are behind the powers that appear to be in operation on this planet! They are not who you see when you watch news clips on television. They are behind the scenes. Some politicians are in cahoots with them, but many are unaware of their sinister activities. Once in power long enough, political front liners come to know they have very limited power to affect change in the world. Many become disenchanted and drop out of politics altogether. Others concentrate on less controversial matters and avoid involvement in what is most delicate and

most dangerous. Thus, your political system is under tight control.
What appears to be a victory in U.S. will come to be seen for what it is, a smokescreen hiding the actual destruction of the planet by the hands of the ones really in charge. The process of discrediting The United States present commander in chief is unlikely to succeed. However, it is diminishing his popularity and making an opening for the more sinister of political opponents to fire their shot. We realize that this may never make the front page so-to-speak. To print some such indication could cause uproar, even on a small level. However, had this man been attacked before he came into power, the assailant’s orientation would have been quite apparent. Now that he has been permitted to be elected, the suspects would perhaps not be realized. We would say, his security is of vital importance now. There would be complete mayhem should this president be attacked. Any attack upon his life would likely fail, but would underline the need for security and allow the ‘powers that be’ to execute a more strenuous anti-terrorist effort.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Health Newsletter!

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