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Is it a science or an art?
One of the biggest causes of interpersonal problems is due to difficulties and/or lack of communication. Despite the existence of Internet, satellites, home and mobile telephones, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, etc, there are still problems with communication or "misunderstandings."
Sometimes 'A' says "ma" and 'B' hears "me”. ’C' hears "mi ". 'D' understands 'mo". 'E' hears "mu" or "pu". 'F' does not hear anything. Only 'X' hears "ma." Why is this happening?
Some reasons could be:
a) We don’t listen carefully
b) We don’t use the language properly
c) There are physical problems with hearing and/or vocalization
d) There are visual problems
e) There are cognitive problems
f) There are cultural differences
g) We express ourselves with some ambiguity.Remember that there is also a non-verbal language.
h) We think "x", we feel "y", we do "z" and we say "w".
i) others
There are people who hear what they want or what they can because of:
1) Programming
2) Prejudice
3) Convenience
4) Time factor
5) Infatuation, etc.
Sometimes, when we are "infected" by “pride" we refuse to listen to other ideas. When in a group, the proud person loves listening to himself. And "anger" is an infection that disturbs the senses (hearing, sight, etc.).
On the other hand, there are people who feel "attacked",  and “abused" all the time by others, even when they are praised. Is this due to past experiences? There are people that are constantly on a "defensive mode” and others are constantly on an "attack mode".
There are people who love to talk a lot and sometimes give unnecessary information. And there are people who do not have "Patience" (the Science of Peace). There are people who want to know every detail. There are people who use a few words only.

Can we talk?

There are people who see everything through dark glasses and for them life is dark. Others see the world with pink glasses and everything is fine for them. Some enjoy the thrill (metal music, violence, spices, dramas, etc.), others enjoy the gentle (classical music, perfumes, soft colors, poetry, romance, etc.). How is the conversation between high self-esteem and low self-esteem people? Is communication easier among people who have similar backgrounds? How to communicate with other people who are very different from us?                 Suggestions:
1) Put yourself in the others' shoes
2) Reprogram your mind including your verbal and nonverbal language
3) The artist and/or the scientist are aware of the details beyond the neophyte
4) Recognize that we are all created in the image and likeness of God. This Divinity is hidden behind the shell (body) and veil (mental and emotional). If we see the core (the heart), we can perceive the Essence.
5) If we perceive our Essence, it is easier to see it around us.
If A = X and B = X and C = X, then A = B = C = X  (X = Divine factor)
6) There are many languages and sometimes a word has different meanings in different countries with the same language. The music has a broader scope of communication because it is accompanied by notes that resonate with the subtle bodies.
7) The effects of Mantras do not depend on the intellect. Mantra is a mind bypass.
8) The mind, heart and body communicate. Agnihotra improves the communication between them.
Agnihotra helps us to speak and listen with the language of love (heart to heart). Agnihotra helps us to see beyond the shadows.
OM Agnihotra OM

OM Shree OM
Why is Agnihotra part of the Science of Interplanetary Communication?

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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Homa Healing Story

Pralladsingh Bholu
Badiya village, Madhya Pradesh, India

Testimony reported by Fivefold Path Mission:
"Mr. Pralladsingh Bholu was suffering from Asthma for 10 years. He was taking medicines daily. Last year his problem with asthma aggravated and he was forced to use the inhaler. He suffered from chronic asthma and was unable to talk for a long time. Also many  times while walking he had to sit down. Physical activity would cause him an asthma attack.
Mr. Himmatsingh Sagar, team member of 'Manas Rural Development Institute' and village coordinator introduced Agnihotra to Mr. Pralladsingh Bholu, who started performing Agnihotra and also taking Agnihotra Ash. After two and half months, he could stop taking the medicines and using the inhaler. Now he is able to talk for a long time without any problem. He feels healthy and free."

Mr. Pralladsingh Bholu is very grateful for having been healed through Homa Therapy from Asthma after 10 years of suffering.

Mr. Eduardo More More
Piura, Peru

"I am 67 years old. I suffered a stroke and at that moment I came to know about my high blood pressure. That happened 3 years ago. Then, for the past 8 years I suffered with a constant ringing in my ears. The Thrombosis left me nearly deaf in one ear, l barely could hear the sounds and they seemed to come from far away. I went to the Social Security Hospital and was prescribed pills for high blood pressure and I was sent to an ENT Doctor. I also received ear washings but there was no improvement.

Due to these problems and I could not work and I had to live with that constant ringing in my ears. Every time I sat down or went to rest and then got up, I felt pain in both ankles and was limping, and after taking about 10 steps that disappeared.
Through a friend, who is a Technician in the Army, I came to the Homa Therapy in the Hospital Reategui and I had my first experience after two days of participating in the healing Agnihotra fire and taking its ash.  During the fire I had felt some tingling around both ankles. The next day, after having been sitting reading the newspaper for an hour,  I got up and I realized that I was walking normally and this was a result of Homa Therapy. The pain in the ankles was gone. In relation to my ear problem, the ringing on the right side disappeared after 4 days with Homa Therapy and now, after one week the ringing has disappeared in both ears. All I feel now is some weak ringing on the top of the head.




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Animal and Agriculture HOMA Farming
Enzo Desto from the Hotel&Farm Cantayo in Nazca, Peru, South America

"I truly need to say that we had a good fruit production this year in spite of the climatic changes. The effect of Homa Therapy is visible everywhere. I see that everything is growing and  well. For me, this is excellent and miraculous. And we will continue with Agnihotra and as much Tryambakam Homa as possible. Om Shree Om"
Photos below: The Cantayo-farm has a wide variety of organic fruits, medicinal herbs and plants, also animals and much more - you have to visit and experience this unique atmosphere and you will be carried away by its beauty ...

please visit: http://www.hotelcantayo.com



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Animals fed on GM corn
Tests on animals show liver and kidney damage within 3 months when fed GM corn by Monsanto and Dupont

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Sunday, 21-Mar-2010 10:17:41

A report published in the International Journal of

Microbiology has verified once again that Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) crops are causing severe health problems. A legal challenge issued against Monsanto forced the multi-national agriculture giant to release raw data revealing that animals fed its patented GM corn suffered liver and kidney damage within just three months.
Adding to the mounting evidence that GM crops are dangerous all around, this information provides a damning indictment against Monsanto which continually insists that its GM products are safe. Not only are GM crops proving disastrous for the environment, but study after study, including those conducted by Monsanto itself, is showing that GM foods are detrimental to health.
Monsanto's data indicated that the company had conducted tests on three varieties of its GM corn, two of which contain the dangerous Bt protein, and one designed specifically to resist Monsanto's Roundup herbicide. All three are widely grown in the United States while only one is currently grown in Europe.
read full story in http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=169480 


by Dan Winder

Science has been relatively clear in predicting how few are the years between when the bees die and when the humans follow them. It appears now that the honey bees are pretty well on their way to extinction- in the majority of the globe. Up till now it was considered something of a mystery as to who killed them.

New scientific evidence is now emerging to explain very clearly the sequence of steps - between Monsanto's marketing of GMO corn - and the death of the bees. Here far below,
please find the paper - with abundant references.
The global bee die off did not reach Brazil for example until just after they let in Monsanto's GMO corn. Now it is Australia's turn. That is one of the few places in the world which still has healthy bees. The test is whether they will follow the foolish lead of Brazil in letting in GMO corn. So please, will you forward this paper to your government and URGE them to get Monsanto's bee killer GMO CORN, OUT of your country.
Here is the deadly sequence of steps which created our global funeral for the bees:
1. Monsanto decides- that since the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis - kills a corn parasite- to insert the DNA sequence from that bacteria IN to their GMO corn.
2. The BT in the corn pollen causes an immune system response (rather like triggering a sneeze) in the bees- similar to if they had eaten the BT directly - also causes holes and
porosity in the gut.
3. During the summer- the bees have enough protein to tolerate the immune 'sneeze' response- and still learn navigation ... BUT during the winter when protein (pollen) is in rather short supply in the hive- bees had evolved a survival response.
Read full article in:

CHEMTRAILS  and their effect on health and environment
Tue, April 6, 2010 8:39:44 AM
This is for those who really find it hard to believe that such a thing exists but it does.
It is very disturbing but unfortunately true. If anyone knows anyone who participates in this not knowing what it really is or the effects it has on the populace, please be sure to give them this knowledge and perhaps they will understand the enormity of it and refuse to participate any longer. http://imageevent.com/firesat/strangedaysstrangeskies
The Biosphere being created by Agnihotra and taking frequent Agnihotra Ash is a great aid.



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"Here in Poland at Bhrugu Aranya, our community gathered together to send light and love to our brothers and sisters in Chile, as well as Haiti, Uganda and around the world. We performed Tryambakam Yajnya, played the crystal bowl with toning, and the Rudra Yajnya continues as we write this.
So grateful to the UNITY which Shree has created.
All our love to others around the world firing up! Love,
Parvati and Jarek, Jacob and Katy, Kabir, Leela, Maria, Barry, Andrzej and Luz, Rory, Asia, Daniel and Alana"

Global Healing meditation in Ecuador (Mrs. Saby Jaramillo, Celeste, Mayra, Adela & little Maria Belen )  .. in Chile (Mr. Fernando Zarama & Fam.)
.. in New York (Mrs. Bridget Shakti in her Gayatri Chetna Yoga Center)
.. in Bogota, Colombia (Mr. Julian Acosta and Agnihotra friends)



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In Bogota, Colombia (Maria Teresa Nuniez with a group of Agnihotris) and in many other places, people joined in Light to send healing Homa energies to all our brothers and sisters suffering on our planet Earth ...

Jimena Clarke from England:
"We need to keep moving the fires and together,  we too can create a force similar to the earthquake but not a destructive one, a force of Love, Unity and Understanding, not just for Chile, Haiti, Japan and many other countries where people are experiencing problems, but for the WHOLE of the planet. No more barriers or limitations, just respecting our differences, but living the dream of a multicultural planet where each one of us has a role to play, hand in hand with our brothers, the animals, nature, the minerals, the oceans, the sky, the mountains and the fires. JUST ONE BIG HEART."

Ivy Amar from New Mexico:
"We had a very powerful gathering of 8 people for the Global Meditation. Sometimes we don’t feel how powerful the fires are until we stop for silence and this was my experience. We did Vyahruti, Om Tryambakam, and repeated Om Diyau Shanti Peace Mantra together for a while, stated our intentions, then silent meditation. It felt like the vibrations were keeping us all totally still and quiet, not having any desire or need to move, talk, share much, etc. In the silent stillness was where we all wanted to stay. Om Shree."

in Olmué
- Chile

continues  the 24 hours Tryambakam Homa and they hope that with the help of many people it can continue for a long time.

To participate in the ongoing HOMA fire in Olmue please contact:
Mr. Luis Valenzuela at

Photo above: Mrs. Anna Maria Bello exposing Homa Therapy in Chile during a Faire.




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Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Sharing Agnihotra in Lima with as many friends as possible is always the purpose of visiting this so busy city. Prof. Humberto (photo below 2nd to the right) converts his vegetarian Restaurant "Sabor y Vida" (Taste and Life) on Saturdays and Sundays to a Oasis of Peace and Healing through the massive practice of the Homa Fires.



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A Rudra Yajnya was practiced with dedicated Agnihotris in Lima on Sunday afternoon (see photos above) and ended with a deeply peaceful and joyful Agnihotra session.



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Hotel Spa Cantayo, Nazca, Peru
Photos above and below shows the "Pagoda", where daily Agnihotra is practiced in addition to the Agnihotra hut. Mr. Enzo Desto and his lovely wife Lucia
have incorporated Homa Therapy in the daily schedule of the Hotel. During the time in Cantayo, Prof. Abel had various talks and video demonstrations (see photo far below) with the people working in Cantayo, which led to a renewed excitement about Homa Therapy and it's healing Agnihotra ash. There is a lovely Lotus flower pond in front of the pagoda.



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A couple of Rudra Yanjas were also practiced in the Homa atmosphere of the Hotel Cantayo with a group of Agnihotris from Ica. Here you can see (from front left towards the right) Mrs. Ginnette, Ms. Rosa, Mrs. Lucha and her husband Dr. Soto, Mrs. Cecilia, Prof. Abel and Mr. Enzo.
The Rudra Yajnya is very effective and brings great blessings always when Agnihotra sunrise and sunset fire is practiced regularly. This Rudra day ended with a transformative Agnihotra, where the Divine presence could be felt by all with much gratitude.

Photo below  right: Wherever Prof. Abel sets foot, EVERYBODY comes to know about the healing Homa fires. Means, NOBODY escapes hearing about it. So during our 10 days in Cantayo, all the guests came to know about this simple, effective, economic and potent healing tool. There where people from different parts of US, Czech Republic, Italy, UK, etc.

We even had a double birthday: A calf was born on Abel's b-day! It was named "Rudra"



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Hotel Cantayo: Mario from Arequipa prepares the cow dung cakes for the Homa fires and the cows participate curiously in the healing Agnihotra fire. These cows are the humble, sharing and silent stars: No cows - No Homa!

On the way to Cahuachi, Enzo showed us an amazing old tree which extends its curling braches for approx. 10 meters.
Cahuachi Archeological site, Nazca, Peru: One of the oldest Ceremonial Centers in Peru, dates back to 400 BC till 300 AC. This site extends to 24 km² and contains several pyramids. Archeologist Aldo and Mr. Enzo and Prof. Abel arrived just in time for Agnihotra.



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Hospital Jorge Reategui: What a blessing to be able to be present at the daily Agnihotra meetings. So much healing, so much hope, so much faith, so much gratitude, so much love, so much GRACE, so many Blessings and so many amazing healing experiences!



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Prof. Abel Hernandez was invited to conduct a HOMA Anti-Stress/Mind-training Program in the Universidad Nacional de Piura (UNP).  This 2-part workshop was organized by (from left to right) Dr. Gabriela Elena Trelles Rivas, Prof. en Psychology in the Department of Social Science and Education of the UNP,   Dr. Jose Fiestas Purizaca, General Secretary of the SIDUNP (Union of the Professors of the University) and Mr. Juan Nunura, who is in charge of the area of Administration and Personal Development of the staff in the National University of Piura, Peru.

The staff members enjoyed the insightful Power point Presentation about how to recognize and handle stress in our daily lives, the psycho-physical exercises and the audio visual introduction to Homa Therapy.



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Miami, Florida, USA
Dr. Irma Garcia
gave an interesting talk and over view about Homa Therapy and its effects in the various fields of Health, farming, ecology, etc. in the radio station "Waqui".
Thanks to Mr. Orlando Polo and his wife Mercedes Paez who organized this interview to inform the community about the wonderful effects the practice of this ancient ayurvedic healing technique brings.


Toki, District Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh: Mr. Himmatsing Sagar ( 1st from the left) and Rahul Tiwari (4th from left) are Homa promoters and did learn Agnihotra through Mr. Sarvajit Paranjpe (3rd to the left). Here Agnihotra is being performed with Mr. Himmatsings' family in Toki, District Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh.



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Tapovan Celebrates 9 Years of Round-the-Clock Homa
Mr. Bruce Johnson (photo above 1st to the left) and Mrs. Anne Godfrey (photo below 1st to the right), a wonderful, devoted couple from Australia are in charge of Tapovan Homa Center. Mr. Sanjay (photo above dark blue T-shirt) from India is the manager of this healing Oasis. They write:
"On 25th March, 2010 we celebrated the ninth anniversary of round-the-clock Om Tryambakam Homa at Tapovan. Exactly at 9am, we performed Vyahruti Homa outside the Tryambakam hut while the Mantra was continuing inside. Then we did the traditional garlanding of the photos of Shree Gajanan Maharaj and Shree Vasant. Later we all joined in a delicious lunch cooked lovingly by our staff members.
Photos show a recent group of the Tapovan team members who have helped maintain this unique healing fire for the past nine years.
With Shree's Grace may this blessed Yajnya continue for many more years."
Please visit the website: www.tapovan.net

In the name of the Agnihotra practitioners we thank Anne and Bruce, Sanjay, the Paranjpe family and all involved in maintaining this 24 hours Tryambakam Homa in this special place of Tapa, for their continuous and unconditional efforts to supply our planet with this source of Healing Energies. May you all receive endless blessings.



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EVENTS around the WORLD


First International Yoga Festival 2010 in Haridwar, India
Fivefold Path Mission had an exhibition in association with Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya Univ. on Homa Therapy. An introduction was held in the Gayatri Prayer hall and Agnihotra was demonstrated. All aspects of Homa Therapy were covered and explained by Mrs. Manu and Reiner Szcypior, Homa volunteers in the service of Fivefold Path Mission in India.

Dignities as Dr. Pranav Pandya Cancellor of the University and host of the Festival, Swamy Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulum, Swami Veda Bharati of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society, Swami Chidananda Muniji of Parmath Niketan, Mahayogi Pilot Baba, Swami Vishnu Devananda Giriji Maharaj, Swami Vidayanand of Yoga International Alliance, Swami Satyamitrananda of Samanvaya Sewa Trust, Swami Mangalteertham of Nutan Sanjeevani Sansthan, Swami Ram Dev and Bal Krishan Archarya of Pathanjali University and many more blessed the Festival. (all photos this page)



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EVENTS around the WORLD


Reiner Szcypior from Navdanya, Uttarakant, India:

"Navdanya Bija Vidhyapeeth invited for a seminar on Mahatma Gandhiji and on  Globalization. His Excellency, the Venerable Prime Minister of Tibet, Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche, was one of the main speakers.

We had the opportunity to meet His Excellency in a private audience and share Homa Therapy. We were able to address several fields of Homa application, but main focus was on Agriculture and Forestry: how to protect nature and environment with Homa. We felt blessed about the presence of the Venerable Samdhong Rinpoche at evening Agnihotra.
A quotation in ancient Pali script, Suttanipat 568 says: ”Aggihutta Mukho Yanjah”, meaning: "Agnihotra is the Chief among Yajnyas".

The picture below shows (from left to right) Gheeta from USA, Jenz from Germany, Jid from India, Ellena from Birma, Geri from Laos and not visible Tiffanie from Canada celebrating Agnihotra as one family.




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Trip notes from Barry Rathner, Ph.D. & Sarvajit Paranjpe, Maheshwar, India

The two of us visited two farmer villages about a 45-minute drive from Goshala on February 16 & 17. After a meeting with Homa Therapy teachers connected with Manas, a ground-level, organic farming teaching and production facility, 5 of us went for sunset Agnihotra to the village of Bhanwara (photo above) where a group of farming families performed Agnihotra.

We were met first by Mrs. Shivji Bai, who at first sight of us seemed so excited she nearly dropped the cowdung cakes she was preparing to dry. "At first sight" is an apt description of her, as it was just a few months ago that she began performing Agnihotra regularly and experienced such a vast improvement in her eyesight that it bordered on the miraculous. Once again, she was able to sew without difficulty.
Then a group of farmers assembled and Barry, with Sarvajit's translation into Hindi, addressed the audience. He spoke of how conditions on the planet today placed Homa Organic Farming at the forefront of movements designed to counteract negative environmental influences including the horror of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and Biotech (Bt) products such as eggplant and cotton. In India, movements against GMO and Bt products have escalated of late and become major political and environmental issues.
12 of us performed Agnihotra and the atmosphere palpably improved resulting in smiles and in a joyous sense of relaxation.

The next day we went to Vani (photo left) and after attending the marriage of Mr. Rajesh Verma, an Agnihotri working with an organic cotton company, we addressed an assembly of interested farmers. Farming in general and organic farming in particular are big political, social and financial issues all over India.
This has been dramatized in the past 8 years by over a quarter of

a million suicides by small farmers who felt they were presented with misrepresentations of the potential of chemical farming. As they soon lost their investments in pesticides, insecticides, genetically modified seeds, etc. and their income, out of frustration and depression, they chose to end their lives.
Homa Organic Farming has made great strides in recent years and some view India, therefore, as a vital battleground for organic farming practices generally and Homa Organic Farming in particular. This is true in part because of the proliferation of small farmers here, a similar situation in Poland, where small farmers likewise remain despite the massive agricultural conglomerates all over USA, e.g.
We stressed the simplicity of Homa Organic Farming, while not dismissing the efforts required to do it properly. Sarvajit thus carefully walked the audience through a detailed step by step presentation of how to set up the fire and do it properly. As it was not sunset time, we had to be satisfied with this demonstration. We later performed Agnihotra in town before attending the wedding celebration for Rajesh's sister.
Two weddings, a meeting and two Homa lectures thus rounded out our two day venture into the small farming communities west of Goshala.



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


If you look at another person’s eyes and whether it is with or without words, it is like a welcoming of that persons soul. Regardless of whether you know that person or not, whether you speak his language or not, whether you embrace him or not - our eyes are the mirror of our soul and a single glance may reveal more than a thousand words. If I am full of love, a single look can also wrap the other in this heartfelt love - without words. If I am sad, my eyes will also radiate this sadness - without words.

Since I can be so much happier when I am full of joy, it is important to ensure that I actually experience joy daily. I can feel that best, when my awareness is open towards friendly situations: Can you breathe well and easily? Do you have something to eat, to drink and  have a place to sleep? Congratulations! You already have the fundamental layout for a happy day!
Do you feel your heart? Can you open it up a little wider, fill it with a little warmth towards yourself and maybe include another person with whom you want to share your happiness? This is a great start for a wonderful, happy day! The rest of the day, the thousand small and large details, you can easily manage like a manager. If we have pleasant experiences, it is easy for us to feel that happiness as a gift. In difficult situations, we can also learn to experience this as a happy gift: we learn to think ahead (to find a solution), to be stronger (to survive a situation), to see life from another perspective (perhaps I recognize different aspects of my situation?), to come close to our family or friends and to organize assistance. Service in general cannot be trained enough and it is such a blessing and brings great happiness. And therefore, difficult situations can really become a jump board to happiness if we look at it this way. Agnihotra and all other additional Homas give us a strong support in practicing happiness better and better. HOMA - HOMA - HOMA!

And what does all this has to do with my eyes? My eyes radiate exactly what is INSIDE of me into the world! And when I am filled with joy and love from my heart, my eyes cannot but shine and radiate this bliss into the world - to everyone and everything around! Isn’t that great? And it is in our hands to build up this happiness for oneself and ones’ whole environment, step by step by step – carrying on, always improving!

In this task to share our inner feelings with the world, we can support our eyes even further and strengthen them with Agnihotra eye drops. This is the recipe:  boil about 1 liter of good drinking water with 1 tablespoon of powdered Agnihotra-ash for 10 minutes. Then pour the still hot mixture through a paper filter or several layers of fine cloth. Apply the filtered liquid as eye drops 3 - 8 times a day. One drop directly into the eye and one drop on the skin to massage the area around the eye.
Please prepare these eye drops every day new! This treatment strengthens the entire eye area. After applying these relaxing and rejuvenating eye drops we can rub our hands very quickly against each other so that they get hot, and then cover your closed eyes with this relaxing warmth.
If the eyes suffer from an inflammation or puss, for example a baby after birth, then we cook cow's milk with Agnihotra ash together (let it rise once), pour this mixture through a paper filter or several layers of thin cloth and wash the eyes every hour with this Agnihotra milk and put one drop of it in each eye.
What a joy for yourself and everyone around you when your eyes shine more and more - like stars - just blissfully!

Visit Mrs. Monika Koch's website at:   http://www.homatherapy.de




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       This Knowledge is not one person’s claim. It exists; it is there. It is there for the taking. But in order to receive the knowledge one has to recognize that this is knowledge and merely accept it. Knowledge is given by Grace.

         If you see things around you in a state of confusion don't become that confusion. If you can change it or make the situation clearer then do that. Otherwise rise above it.

            When our children do Agnihotra, they behave better. When they do the disciplines also, they will be model citizens.

             Meditate two to three minutes before a meal. No worry. No fear. Only LOVE now.

              Start devotional singing once a week. Anything else you want to do is fine, but include or actually centre whole things around devotional singing. Of course do Yajnya. The singing is the key now.

             Many times the disciple goes to the Guru and says, “Master I have this problem. What is the solution?” Well, the Master may or may not reveal a solution. Still the person has to first have a full understanding of the problem. In many cases the disciple does not want to take the time to understand the problem. He is in too big a hurry to solve the problem. If he looked at the problem, say from several different angles or points of view, the solution would—in most cases—become quite clear to him. But instead he seeks the Guru and says, ‘What is my solution?’ Now, if the disciple is devoted, he will truly wish to apply at once this solution but if he has no understanding of the problem, this will have only a limited effect. Because ultimately, the lesson is to be learnt. The problem will arise over and over again until the person confronts the problem head on and truly begins to understand it. This is also not an intellectual exercise.




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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

Now, there are such terrific sorrows being experienced in the world. Nothing can compare to such loss of life, such destruction as has occurred in the poverty-stricken Haiti. Indeed, it would appear that so much has been lost. Even the hope of the people is being lost. By all means, send Light to those suffering in the world.
When you have a problem, look around you first. See what others are experiencing and then, return your gaze to the issues at hand. You will find how much less suffering you are having to endure in comparison to the world’s population. If any of those beings in such dire circumstances could trade theirs with yours, they certainly would! Always, always, always be GRATEFUL. As the Master said, ‘Be grateful even for a cup of water”.
Such opportunities as lie in your hands are rarely given. You are so blessed with opportunities, tempered with GRACE. To manifest these opportunities for the benefit of all humankind is the key. And this is in your hands! Work now on fully realizing each and every blessed opportunity to SERVE. This is where you both shall shine. This is your VIKARMA. SERVE. SERVE. SERVE. OM.

On changing our perspectives
Yes, yes. Suppose the scenario of your lives could change. Would you accept the changes? If one ponders one’s various struggles and obstacles to peace of mind,

one may find an unwillingness to make room for true change in one’s life. To ‘change’ is to alter the direction of one’s hopes and dreams, often rerouting one’s entire circuitry! Indeed, we see many human beings who would benefit greatly from such transformative process, should they willingly avail themselves to it.
One’s attitude toward obstacles and challenges may require a slight, if not profound, adaptation or at least, revision. One can see obstacles as opportunities for self-growth, for deeper chance of understanding one’s weaknesses and the valuable assets of one’s inherent strengths. Often it is the challenges in life that bring one’s true courage to fore, and deepen one’s gratitude, making possible a humbling and a seasoning, so often missing in many fast-paced human beings in today’s world.
Thus, to revise one’s plan from time to time, in order to better understand one’s motivation, one’s true or ‘higher’ purpose in life, certainly is invaluable.
All that you consider obstacles are simply blessings, soon to be realized.
Enjoy your journey, every moment of it. OM.


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