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Mind & Mantra

Today, our self-study brings some perspectives about mind and Mantra. For many, mind is the tool for thinking, recalling, visualizing, etc. Some see it as a computer processing unit (CPU) For some, it is much, much more than a CPU. It can:
a) project and receive thoughts
b) materialize the objects and circumstances around us.          c) others                                         Maybe you already heard the expressions: “As you think, so you become.” “You are where ever your mind (attention) is.” Your mind shapes your personal (small) world and along with everyone else’s mind you contribute to the shaping of the whole world.
For some the emotions, the intellect, the reasoning, etc. are linked to the mind. This is made of subtle matter, which is susceptible to many factors that can be called “vibrations.” They are everywhere. Everything vibrates. The atoms, molecules, cells, plants, animals, men/woman, planets, stars, etc. vibrate. Wherever there are vibrations, there are frequencies, cycles and sounds. Vibrations can produce music or noise, harmony or disharmony. And yes, yes, yes, every person (per – sound) plays an instrument (body/mind unit) in this Concert. What are the Mantras? The Mantras are vibrations which can help:
a) to get in tune with the Master of the Universal Symphony
b) to clear the mind from the noise producing impurities
c) to play our unique role

Agnihotra can help to purify our mind

As well as a seed grows in the dark soil to germinate and come out into the light to give it’s fruits and more seeds, for many, the Mantra can grow in the silence of meditation behind the darkness of the closed eyes and take us into the Light with beautiful thoughts and actions (kindness, compassion, love, etc.). So, what does Homa Therapy has to do with all of these? Well, the correct practice of Agnihotra combines Fire and Mantra (light and sound) to help you to reset:
a) your mind into purity by removing the viruses, worms, spywares, malwares, and troyans in the mental CPU.
b) The energy cycle of the planet by detoxing all the eco-systems.
This simple Agnihotra can be performed by anyone and it is not linked to a believe system. Agnihotra is a Universal Key to open the gates in our heart to Love and the gates in our mind to Wisdom. By the way, "OM SHREE " is also a very powerful Mantra suitable for all.


Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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Homa Healing Story

Jovanah Arroyo Munioz
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"I was suffering from chronic gastritis for 5 years and had lots of gases. I visited many gastroenterologists and they prescribed me treatment for the 'pylori' bacteria. But these gases were also in the chest and I thought it had a problem with my heart. I immediately went to the cardiologist who prescribed me sleeping pills. I could not sleep for the chest pain kept me awake. As the years passed and my health got worse, I saw many specialists. When I had pain in my abdomen, I thought it was caused by the ovaries and went to the gynecologist, I also went to the neurologist, to the urologist and
I also met the otolaryngologist because I had

Prof. Abel  and Mrs. Jovanah, who is
giving her Homa healing testimony on National TV in Ecuador.

problems in my throat. Sometimes I woke up at night because I could not move my tongue, it was locked, my ears also hurt a lot. The ENT told me I had a cyst in my throat that had to be removed. Also 2 years ago, the gynecologist told me that the uterus had to be removed. I was also to be operated for a cyst in the kidney.  And at the end, they sent me to make an appointment with the psychologist. I thought I would die because I had so many problems and was under high stress. I lived with anxiety. I called my mom every day to ask for her blessings for I thought I would die. I was in tears many times. I even did tests to see if I had AIDS. I made a lung CAT scan. It seemed like I had a lung tumor. But 3 months ago, I read in the magazine of the newspaper "El Universo" a report that came out about Homa Therapy. Then my husband brought me here to the Homa Medical Center "The Good Shepherd" and I started to come daily to the Agnihotra and began to regain my weight. Now my friends see me chubbier. Before my friends thought I was going to die (I was too thin). I told them that I found HOMA Therapy (HT) and that this is what cured me.
Instead of plain water, I always drink water with Agnihotra ash. I also take the Agnihotra ash with juices. I do Agnihotra in the morning and my husband does it in the afternoon. I was often irritated by my gastritis, intestinal problems, fibroids in the uterus, stomach problems, heart aches, etc. Without  pills, I could not sleep. I was getting addicted to these drugs. Through HT I got well. No surgery, no pills now. I'm fine. I changed my character and my diet. I do not eat hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, canned foods nor shrimps. I have no desire to eat those foods anymore. Now I like healthy food, soy meat, soy milk, etc. The gases were so strong that I could not get out of bed. I could not even speak. It seemed that I was dying. I have dates in my mind when supposedly I was dying. Now Thanks to Homa Therapy, I try not to remember all that, because it is past. I lived in the past for many years. Now I understand that one must live the present and I live much, much better. I thank God for every day and every night, because life is a game. So we must see  something positive every minute.
Homa Therapy changed my life and my home. Now my husband has no more bad temper, he is more understanding and the relationship with my daughters is much better; they are more loving. "




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Experience in my HOMA Garden
Maria Teresa Nuniez, Tenjo, Colombia

"I would like to share an experience we had in the village of Tenjo, close to Bogota. There,  we have a lot of different crops on our small farm. It is in our garden where we use all the techniques of Homa Therapy in the preparation of the land, in the irrigation, spraying Agnihotra ash water against bugs, etc., in short, all we can do with Homa Therapy. And the truth is that in this time of drought and water shortage there has been an incredible response from the Homa garden as well as from the herbs and fruit trees ... they continue to resist like warriors of Light, giving delicious fruits and showing  that Homa Therapy works! We do put all the Agnihotra ash which remains to the plants. Even though, we do Agnihotra only three times a week (nobody lives yet on the farm), these Homa fires are so generous!"
Photo below: Maria Teresa Nuniez (1st to the left) sharing Agnihotra in her farm with neighbors, friends and anybody in need of healing and help.

Any kind of herbs (culinary or medicinal) grown in Homa atmosphere are significantly more potent in their healing qualities, have higher nutrition and an incomparable taste!




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By Les Blumenthal, McClatchy Newspapers Les Blumenthal, McClatchy Newspapers – Sun Mar 7, 12:01 pm ET
WASHINGTON — Lower levels of oxygen in the Earth's oceans, particu-larly off the United States' Pacific Northwest coast, could be another sign

of fundamental changes linked to global climate change, scientists say. They warn that the oceans' complex undersea ecosystems and fragile food chains could be disrupted.
In some spots off Washington state and Oregon , the almost complete absence of oxygen has left piles of Dungeness crab carcasses littering the ocean floor, killed off 25-year-old sea stars, crippled colonies of sea anemones and produced mats of potentially noxious bacteria that thrive in such conditions.
Areas of hypoxia, or low oxygen, have long existed in the deep ocean. These areas — in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans — appear to be spreading, however, covering more square miles, creeping toward the surface and in some places, such as the Pacific Northwest , encroaching on the continental shelf within sight of the coastline.
"The depletion of oxygen levels in all three oceans is striking," said Gregory Johnson , an oceanographer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Seattle.
In some spots, such as off the Southern California coast, oxygen levels have dropped roughly 20 percent over the past 25 years. Elsewhere, scientists say, oxygen levels might have declined by one-third over 50 years.    ...
read full story in

Earth Hour to show landmark action on climate change
Earth Hour March 27, 2010

At 8.30pm on Saturday, March 27 nearly 100 iconic landmarks in 1,000 cities and towns around the world will switch off their lights for Earth Hour 2010, joining hundreds of millions of people showing their commitment to the environment.
To read about this event and/or join please enter:

Illuminating speech of a young war veteran:

MIKE PRYSNER has experienced that our real enemies are not the ones living in a distant land whose names or policies we don't understand; The real enemy is ...




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Our home (our planet) is in chaos. In many rooms (countries) our brothers and sisters are experiencing conflict, pain, anger, desperation, fear, hunger, thirst, anxiety, violence, disease, etc.  Are we going to be indifferent and do nothing or realize that we are travelling together in the same ship and that it is not only our duty to help in whichever way we can, but it is also common sense to try to stop the infection, before it kills the whole organism (planet)?
We can continue being infective and destroying agents or we can wake up and be healing and rebuilding agents. Through the practice of Fivefold Path we can play a powerful role in our Recovery. Agnihotra could be the easiest starting point for many. If you are already practicing Agnihotra, you can get  into more Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya.
Directly or indirectly, we are all responsible for many of the so-called natural disasters (earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, climatic changes, flooding, droughts, etc.). We can decide to open the eyes and become part of the constructive team. How many times does Mother Earth or (…_? )  has to shake, scream, explode, heat up, freeze up, hit, etc. for us to listen? Master Vasant said “You can wake up anybody, except the one who pretends to be asleep”. For some this is the comedy of life and death and for others it is the drama of pain and pleasure. The Truth, the Answers, the Love, the Wisdom and many more Divine qualities lay within. Yes, these are critical times but Absolute Freedom and Immortality can be also easily realized for the price of a candy nowadays.

We simply make a small effort and the Divine does the rest. These are Great Times to come together and experience Oneness.
This can be enhanced through our participation in massive Homa healings in a place or through networking.

Remember: Love, Peace and Prosperity are on the way for everybody.

We have received amazing responses that show the "awakening" of the spirit in times of these great challenges.  These are some excerpts of some breath-taking realizations happening in the midst of chaos:

Mr. Fernando Zarama wrote from Santiago: "Thank you for your message and concern. I feel that after this earthquake, many things have changed regarding life. You can feel  in the air that people are different. There is so much love and joy. Joy to help and be completely of service to our neighbor, which we had never tried before. It is the beginning of a New Era.
We started doing the Homa Fires a few months ago. All my family and neighbors are well. Although, our house is very old, not one wall fell and everything remained intact. The universe was very generous with us.
Thank you very much for this beautiful work of bringing us together. OM Shree OM"




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Dr. Jose writes from La Serena: ..."the situation is incredible, but thanks to the Divine we are fine. The Earth and the Times are talking to us from their depths..."
Ms. Anny Sobarzo: "It has been a terrible earthquake. I remember Shree Vasant's talk and that gives me courage to continue in service. Many people are coming to my house where we practice the Homa fires together. We have been doing it for 5 years and it is wonderful to see people's awakening of consciousness."
Ms. Patricia Baeza: "What is most needed  now is the loving energy to overcome the shock, and we are shocked. I thank the Divine that in my region of Coquimbo the quake was very smooth, but I feel deeply moved by what has happened in other regions of my country. I know this is a way to promote more Union, more light and more strength"...
Ms. Victoria Marincovic wrote: "We are fine; nothing happened in our home, not a single thing fell. Grace has been flowing so amazingly that everything has been easy for us, we have everything. Our people are all well, thanks to the Divine. But it was horrible to see the chaos and the human condition. We see in this response from nature the hand of the Divine so we become aware of the damage we have caused our Mother Nature and we try to correct our behavior..."

Mr. Luis Valenzuela from Olmue:
"I wholeheartedly thank you for your prayers for the Homa farm and for us. We're fine; the two houses of ECHO resisted excellently, only some jam jars  that we had prepared in earlier years broke. All the books on the 2nd floor fell on the floor and all the furniture moved, but nothing else. All the stored Ghee jars are perfect, everything intact.
The most "surprising" to us was that no Agnihotra Pyramid was moved nor any of the other instruments used for the Homas in the Meditation Shala, where the fires are performed with more intensity.
(see photo to the right) In the resonance hut, the clay pillar that holds the pyramid remained in its proper place.
We thank God and Shree Vasant for this Divine protection. Here, all Homas are being maintained as a daily discipline as a tradition of ECHO. We are keeping about 8 hours of daily Tryambakam Homa. This was not suspended on the day of the big earthquake."

ECHO - Olmué - Chile is starting with a continuous Tryambakam Homa of 24 hours beginning on March 12 and they hope that with the help of many people it can continue for a long time.
To participate in the ongoing HOMA fire in Olmue please contact:




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The following invitation was send to us by Mr. Franklin Nelson, USA :
The International Homa Community

unites to send Light, Love and Healing to our Homa Family in Chile and all other areas of disasters

Global Mega Yajnya (Homa)
Sunday, 14th March 2010
12:00 Noon – Chile / 3:00 P.M – GMT / adjust time to your country

HOMA fires will be performed at the same, exact moment, at multiple sites around the world. Please forward this invitation to your friends and send photos if possible. Thank You!

Suggested Program

• Vyahruti Homa
• Om Tryambakam Homa for 15 minutes
• Meditation for 15 minutes
If unable to perform the Homas, chant “OM SHREE”- (Mantra for the New Age) for 15 min.

The people can speak their intention.
Consciously send Love, Light and prayers for the people, animals and the land. For Protection and Healing. Uniting our hearts with all our family of Fire throughout the world,
Pray for Chile, Haiti, Uganda, Pakistan, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey and wherever people are in pain and suffering.
Pray for steadying the mountains and calming the seas;
for the resolution of conflicts and ending of  injustice and war; to end  hunger and suffering, and to heal the sick and wounded.
Let there be Peace, Bliss and Healing everywhere.

Where possible, people can come together in groups.
Important Note: At Sunrise/Sunset times, only Agnihotra should be performed – then you may continue with other Homas.

It is from that quiet place within, more easily accessible in front of the Homa fire, when healing is sent out to the planet, when we send Light and Love to the areas of disaster and pray for our brothers and sisters with ONE HEART. It is at this time when our only intention is to heal, to support, to help, to embrace, to unite ... A love that knows no distance, a love from soul to soul on wings of Light ...

(Meditation during Agnihotra in a Hospital in Piura, Peru)



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Homa Therapy has been revived in the Social Security State Hospital Jorge Reategui, where anybody has free access (even without being a hospital member). See photos this page. When Prof. Abel asked the assistants about health problems, it was not surprising to see that many people suffer from a variety of problems, because one thing leads to the next, one drug leads to the next one.

So better to do it like little Jairo Cruz, who started Agnihotra with his Dad, Javier, already at a very young age. Of course,  now he is a professional Agnihotri  and takes this very seriously. (Photo below)



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The daily Agnihotra in the State Hospitals Jorge Reategui and the Regional Hospital Cayetano Heredia brings Healing and Peace to the assistants, but also everyone in this area benefits directly from the daily massive practice of Agnihotra.

Photo to the right:
Agnihotra practice and introduction of Homa Therapy to the  administrative personnel of the most important  Piuran Newspaper      "El Tiempo" (The Time). They can release their stress and preoccupations with the regular practice of Agnihotra. Just a little effort for so many benefits!




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AGNIHOTRA on large scale => HEALING for the PLANET



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Mrs. Maria Teresa wrote this lovely letter from Bogota:
"I want to share with you that yesterday's Agnihotra fire  in my apartment  was specially beautiful. All of us went quickly into a meditative state and nobody wanted to get out of that. It was a state of absolute silence, an impressive stillness. We were so happy and surrendered completely to this sacred place of peace, silence and harmony within us and we did not want to come back."



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Reiner & Manuela Szcypior are sending these photos from Haridwar, India
To the left:
Agnihotra at the banks of the river Ganges.
Photo below:
Agnihotra in Santosh Puri Ashram. This Ashram has spiritual visitors all year long. Mataji Santosh Puri is conducting  Agnihotra meetings with her students.




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EVENTS around the WORLD


Dr. R.K. Pathak writes from Delhi, India:
"On 14th of February, 2010, we organized at New Delhi a one day "Brainstorming Conference on ancient techniques for mitigating current crises of water, soil and environment". It was basically based on Homa Organic Farming. The main speakers were Dr. Ulrich Berk from Germany, Reiner and Manu Szcypior from Austria,         Mr. Puchvaski and myself from India. It was attended by over 300 people from different disciplines including some senior IAS officers involved with policy making. The whole program was coordinated by Dr. Arvind Tyagi, President of the Water Foundation of India, a young and enthusiastic person. Kindly do include and regularly forward a copy of the Homa Health Newsletter to him for its circulation in northern India. Thank you and best regards."
Photos from the Brainstorming Conference. Above: Jessica Auza from Peru doing the inauguration Vyahruti Homa.



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EVENTS around the WORLD


Dr. John Matlander writes from Cuenca, Ecuador:
"I am sending you a few pictures of the Agnihotra family during the Somayag time. These photos were made just outside the city of Cuenca. Many people participated each day and now more people are participating in the daily Agnihotra fire.
We are sending all love from Cuenca."
See all photo this page.




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Photo above was  during an Agnihotra meeting with some friends from Bogota. The photos below were during a Tryambakam Homa. Gloria Trianas' 3 children, Daniel, Angelica, Edison and her husband Miguel Angel support actively her effort in this Holistic Healing Center.

Gloria Triana is writing from Tabio:
"Finally I could make a wonderful dream come true. I have had it for over ten years and it was to be able to move from the city to the country. Now, we live in a very pretty village on a beautiful farm  in Tabio, Cundinamarca since six months ago. Another one of my dreams was to serve humanity and now I feel I'm doing it. Starting from tomorrow and then every Friday we will be doing evening Agnihotra for the public. We are meeting wonderful people  with their heart and mind open to receive guidance towards the LIGHT.
Last Friday we did for several hours Tryambakam Homa with friends and some pupils from our school.   We are also teaching classes in yoga and tai chi as well as some workshops about sprouts, vegetarian cooking and "Sacred Geometry" .Also we have the 'Day of rest, relaxation and healing' for city dwellers. We are very happy to have achieved all this thanks to our combined efforts and the Divine help we received through the Homa fires."



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


If one is healthy and without pain, it is easy to forget the body – still, we may have other problems. And only when we feel some pinching somewhere, we realize how important the good functioning of each body part is. Do you have a cold? Or breathing problems? Maybe asthma? Then you will know what I am talking about. Then you learn to appreciate when the flow of breath is peacefully and quiet and you realize that inhaling and exhaling is something wonderful and vital!

In the event that breathing is obstructed in any way, there are good ways to natural cure. When you practice the Agnihotra healing fire, you have an optimal opportunity: during Agnihotra fire inhale deeply the Agnihotra smoke. Many experiences have shown the healing power of Agnihotra smoke and the atmosphere created by this ancient technique. Many asthmatics all over the planet have achieved great help through the regular practice of Agnihotra alone, even though Asthmatics usually do not tolerate any kind of smoke. But you can still do more: the ash of the Agnihotra fire contains the same healing energy, so you can provide yourself with healing Agnihotra ash Inhalations, Agnihotra nose drops or Agnihotra nasal spray  any time during the day and at night to assist additionally the Agnihotra smoke. That way, the entire area from the nose to the lungs receives help:

Boil water along with Agnihotra ash (about 1 tablespoon to 1 liter of water) for 10 minutes without a lid (please do not use an aluminum pot). Then you can inhale the vapor. Keep your face over the pot and cover your head and the pot with a thick towel to collect the steam, and now inhale and exhale deeply.
If the mucous membranes are dry, you may also like to add a tablespoon of salt to this Agnihotra ash vapor. Salty water acts as a humidifying ingredient to the mucous membranes. This way you have your own personal healthy sea breeze at any time at home for your personal treatment. You can also strain this water mixture through a cloth or coffee filter and use this liquid as nose drops or nasal spray during the day

and night. It is important to prepare these drops the day you use them, since they have no preservatives. As an additional help, you can rub the area of your nose and sinuses, as well as the bronchial areas several times a day with a mixture of ghee and powdered Agnihotra ash.  When we are sick and we cannot breathe well, nature forces us to take care of our respiratory organs. But it is a good idea as well to do something good for the respiratory tract, even though you do not have a cold or a similar problem. The amount of pollution puts strain on us no matter if we feel sick or healthy! We regularly clean our shoes, our windows, the cars, because they get dirty. But who cleans regularly his lungs, which are exposed to the same dirty air? The Agnihotra fire and the Agnihotra ash preparations provide the strength and energy that our respiratory system needs to cleanse itself better and to heal. Our whole body depends on oxygen, which flows to us through our nose and breathing. So this is a help for the whole body, for the regeneration and better functioning of each cell. I am happy when your nose  can supply your body with plenty of life energy and she (nose) is fine!  I send her lovely greetings!

Visit Mrs. Monika Koch's website:   http://www.homatherapy.de




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        Political structures as we know them are crumbling. Leaders are being exposed as corrupt. Governing bodies are driven by greed. In such a worldwide political climate violence is being bred in every strata of society. Violence is becoming more and more abundant. However the fact
remains that it is "truly the meek who shall inherit the earth".

            We live in an age of disturbance and destruction. Why all this violence?
The atmosphere has been polluted. The air we breathe is not healthy. The water we drink is bad for us. Whole thing is in danger now. So we do this Homa (medicinal fire) and charge the air with healing vibrations. Let us make the plants happy, the children free from diseases. Our work has only just begun and still so much more is required. So, this is the solution to mass ills.

SHREE VASANT 1991 visiting Chile
 and entering the Cochiguaz River
 in the Elky Valley.


These vibrations exist for everything. So anything can be activated, controlled, changed by Mantras.
Mantras create a subtle energy field that cannot be yet described scientifically.

Mantra is sacred instrument. Do not forget this. In times like this you should be repeating Mantra constantly.

Every moment is a precious opportunity to serve the Divine. If the mind is constantly affirming the Holy with mantra then all will be done as is His Will and no one else's.




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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

Quote on Orion Transmission from September 19, 2000:

On tools to combat stress
Yes, yes. Orion to the rescue! Seasonal depression, though succinctly a human crisis, can be risen above quite easily. Therefore, concentrate on the Divine. Concentrate with all your heart and spirit. Use tools like Mantra, your fires, your family, to rise above the fray of human emotions flooding your mind and body. You need to develop stronger borders, to limit the effect outside influences have on your subtle body. This is where the problem’s source is. ...
Now, as you know, the intensity in the world is accelerated. Intensify your practices on spiritual path. In this manner, you will overcome any and all blockages with ease―even in the midst of chaos of the world around you.


More chanting.
More song.
More prayer if you pray.
More meditation if you meditate.
More Mantra.

Fortify yourselves body, mind and spirit. It is not enough to stockpile food, when the spirit is in need of attention.
It is NOW when one must go within and bring forth one’s highest and most sacred Truth. And for those of you who walk upon the variegated Path of Light, it is a time for releasing your fears, unraveling the cords of attachment, rising above the fray, and becoming the Lights you truly are. It is time for all the LIGHT to shine forth, dispelling the darkness and revealing the way.
May you all be filled with Divine Love, spurred into positive action to ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’, and for the ever-evolving process of becoming all your sacred souls can be.
Walk in Light dear ones.
We are Orion.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Health Newsletter!

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