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There is a Physical Law that says "Matter cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed". Some people say “mind is creative”. Then, we can ask: is it? Maybe, the mind is like the soil in which seeds can be sown and cared for in order to harvest the corresponding plants and fruits.
So this could be a Scientific Mental Process and it is not necessarily "Magic".
In the previous Homa Newsletter, we tried to figure out which is the best food according to our physical nature. We did some comparative anatomy and  we can easily understand how tangible foods (bread, rice, lentils, vegetables, fruits, ghee, etc.) can produce tangible and subtle results in the body/mind unit.
If we do some deeper Self-study, we can also acknowledge that the subtle food ("emotions and thoughts") can produce subtle and tangible results in the same body/mind unit.  If this is so, what would be the best subtle food  (emotions and thoughts) to plant within?
We can do some "conscious" experiment by choosing to plant
a) love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, joy, gratefulness, brother/sisterhood, common sense, understanding, etc. 
b) anger, resentment, jealousy, rough judgment, envy, selfishness, quarrel, etc.

Agnihotra can burn the negative seeds

However, you probably already know what you can harvest with a) and b). Unfortunately, our lack of attention, sometimes allows many b) seeds into our soil and then we wonder why we get b) fruits. Can we plant lemon seeds and get apples?
Please, realize that these subtle seeds may take a short or a long time to give fruits (except the burned seeds).
Plants and animals cannot be very selective with their "food", but man can.
Are you as careful with your subtle food (emotions, thoughts, etc.) as you are with your tangible food?
Agnihotra can help to burn the negative seeds and to refine the senses and the mind of everyone in the Homa atmosphere. Agnihotra can help to bring the compassionate heart into the logical mind and vice versa. The better your nutrition, the better your sense of well-being and the well-being of the people around you, for "we are ONE".
So, let's not miss the chance to contribute to a better Total Nutrition with our Agnihotra fires.

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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COMPARATIVE ANATOMY according to diet - completed chart

Facial Muscles Reduced to allow wide mouth gape Well-developed Reduced Well-developed
Jaw Type Angle not expanded Expanded angle Angle not expanded Expanded angle
Jaw Joint Location On same plane as molar teeth Above the plane of the molars On same plane as molar teeth Above the plane of the molars
Jaw Motion Shearing; minimal side-to-side motion No shear; good side-to-side, front-to-back Shearing; minimal side-to-side No shear; good side-to-side, front-to-back
Major Jaw Muscles Temporalis Masseter and pterygoids Temporalis Masseter and pterygoids
Mouth Opening vs. Head Size Large Small Large Small
Teeth: Incisors Short and pointed Broad, flattened and spade shaped Short and pointed Broad, flattened and spade shaped
Teeth: Canines Long, sharp and curved Dull and short or long (for defense), or none Long, sharp and curved Short and blunted
Teeth: Molars Sharp, jagged and blade shaped Flattened with cusps vs complex surface Sharp blades and/or flattened Flattened with nodular cusps
Chewing None; swallows food whole Extensive chewing necessary Swallows food whole and/or simple crushing Extensive chewing necessary
Saliva No digestive enzymes Carbohydrate digesting enzymes No digestive enzymes Carbohydrate digesting enzymes
Stomach Type Simple Simple or multiple chambers Simple Simple
Stomach Acidity Less than or equal to pH 1 with food in stomach pH 4 to 5 with food in stomach Less than or equal to pH 1 with food in stomach pH 4 to 5 with food in stomach
Stomach Capacity 60% to 70% of total volume of digestive tract Less than 30% of total volume of digestive tract 60% to 70% of total volume of digestive tract 21 to 27 % of total volume of digestive tract
Length of small intestine 3 to 6 times body length 10 to 12 times body lenght 4 to 6 times body length 10 to 11 times body length
Colon simple, short and smooth long, complex; may be sacculated simple, short and smooth long, sacculated
Nails sharp claws flattened nails or blunt hooves sharp claws flattened nails


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Homa Healing Story

Zara Garcia
Guayaquil, Ecuador
South America

"My problem began in the year 1997. I could neither walk  nor stand. I felt a lot of pain in the sole of my foot because I had an open wound that did not heal. I could not find any remedy with any doctor in any part of the world. I always had to be bandaged and wear closed shoes  in spite of the heat. And every day, when I took off the bandage, the wound opened up  and  bled again and again. It hurt a lot. Just a simple thing like taking a shower was very hurtful because I could not avoid that the soapy water was running over the wound. I was very discouraged. I always begged and cried for help to find healing. When meeting anybody, I talked about my problem, hoping to receive some answer. What I had was like a nightmare, day and night. Then somebody told me that his mother has had a similar problem and that she was cured. This was how I arrived at Doctor Montufar´s Medical Homa Center "The Good Shepherd".
I told the Doctor that I have this problem for twelve (12)  years and I also asked him, if he could heal me. I told him that I have traveled all over the world and I have seen many Medical Doctors, Dermatologists, even Healers and Shamans. I had gone everywhere and to everybody till I arrived at Homa Therapy only due to God's Grace. Homa Therapy  changed my life  in only one day! It has changed the life of my family. It has changed the life of my children. It has changed my husband's life and the lives of all who surround me. All the people that visit us have contact with Homa Therapy.
Now, we are happy to be here. I feel happy to be with you and to share my healing story. I am very grateful for what has happened to me."

Mrs. Zara Garcia beside her husband (to the left) and her son (to her right) in the Medical Homa Center during Agnihotra.



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Climate Engineering in Maharashtra through Vedic Science
Report from Tapovan HOMA farm by Bruce Johnson

In December, 2009 there was an unseasonal storm in the Dhule/ Jalgaon region of North Maharashtra. 35,000 hectares of farmland was damaged. Hundreds of thousands of rupees of crop losses were reported by farmers in the area. In the district of Parola 49 villages were affected. In some places, 2 feet of ice were reported in the fields from the hail storm. The ice remained in some fields for 3 days after the storm.

In Tapovan Homa farm, which is in the centre of the affected area, there was minimal damage to our crops. The only damage - banana leaves were split and one branch of one tree fell down. It was a young drum-stick tree of a height of 12 feet and the tree recovered quickly.
(see photo left)

A type of protection is created by the practice of Homa Therapy on the farm.



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The HAARP project (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)  is an investigation financed by the Air force of the United States, the Navy and the University of Alaska to "understand, simulate and control  ionospheric processes that could change the operation of the communications and systems of surveillance." 
Photo right: Antennaes of the HAARP project in Gakona, Alaska

Master Shree Vasant said in 2006:

We invite you to inform yourself about HAARP in the web. You can also click on following link: http://revistadespierta.blogspot.com/2010/02/6-instalaciones-de-haarp-operativas.html


Pesticides affect our children:
A short video clip about how children suffer and some even die from the use of pesticides, which is in our hands to avoid. Alternatives can be created in the educational system for example by serving organic school lunches. This is a motivating documentary:



A Dangerous Spin on the Cancer Risks of a Sugar-Free Sweetener

CHICAGO, IL, January 6, 2010 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
The Cancer Prevention Coalition notes with alarm that on January 2 this year, in a heavily advertised special health-theme issue of People Magazine, Kraft announced a new campaign on Crystal Light, a sugarless powdered drink mix which can easily be poured into tap and bottled water drinks. Crystal Light's ingredients include the artificial sweetener aspartame, under the trademark names of NutraSweet and Equal, besides citric acid and sodium citrate. After saccharin, aspartame is the second most widely used artificial

sweetener in the world. It is found in more than 6,000 products including carbonated and powdered soft drinks, hot chocolate, chewing gum, candy, desserts, yogurt, and tabletop sweeteners, as well as some pharmaceutical products like vitamins and sugar-free cough drops.
Cancer Prevention Coalition Chairman Dr. Samuel S. Epstein warns that, based on scientific evidence published in peer-reviewed journals and presented to the U.S. Congress, aspartame is both toxic and carcinogenic. The coalition is calling upon the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban all dietary uses of aspartame.
Samuel S. Epstein, MD
Professor emeritus Environmental & Occupational Medicine
University of Illinois Chicago School of Public Health
Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition, Chicago, Illinois 60612, Tel: 312-996-2297
Email: epstein@uic.edu   Web: http://www.preventcancer.com



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More and more mothers bring their children with behavior problems and learning disabilities to the Homa Center of Guayaquil The practice of Agnihotra offers a help without the need of paying expensive psychologists or psychiatrists. However, it is also important for a parent to take the time to educate the child with values and certain disciplines. The practice of Homa Therapy also helps the parents to see with more clarity in which area it is necessary to improve the education at home.

In the Homa Center of Guayquil the "Special" children which come for treatment with the Hyperbaric Chamber also participate in the Tryambakam Homa. They love to sing the Mantra and to put the drops of ghee  into the Homa fire. (photo left)

The Homa fires help these children to rest well, have more energy and be able to  concentrate better on their tasks. We invite the Centers that host disabled children to put Homa Therapy to the test and  experience the many benefits this so simple and powerful practice brings.



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The Veterinarian Doctor, Vilma Corales, organized a Homa Therapy presentation and Agnihotra practice in the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MANABI with authorities like the Rector, General Vice-rector, deans of the different faculties and administrative personnel. Dr. Vilma collaborates as teacher and academic coordinator in this University. A group of professors decided to begin with the practice of Agnihotra and to make a pursuit to its effects inside the University.


In the Metropolitan University of Guayaquil Dr. Vilma Corales together with several colleagues  elaborated the Topic "Homa Therapy and it's far reaching Effects" to the students of the 8th semester in the Science of Natural Health. This was done under the  advice  and supervision of Dr. Luis Almeida.




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In the Homa Clinic " The Good Shepherd", Dr. Montufar's birthday was celebrated with a Homa surprise party. The patients arrived on a Saturday, when the clinic is normally closed. They brought food, musicians, instruments, happy faces, lots of love, joy and gratefulness toward their beloved Dr. Montufar and his supportive family.

Dr. Montufar and his wife Olga are reflecting in front of the Agnihotra fire. This was also the right moment to   thank for all the Grace and Miracles received at this place through the constant practice of the healing Homa fires.
All patients are encouraged
to learn and practice Agnihotra and take the Agnihotra ash daily. They also learn and practice Tryambakam Homa daily.
The light and healing energy of these Homa Fires and the sounds of the Mantras are encrusted in the atmosphere and walls. The people that come to this Homa Clinic just feel very peaceful and transformed.



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The 2 main State Hospitals of Piura offer Homa Therapy as part of their Complementary Medicine Program. Agnihotra is performed on a daily base and the public is invited to participate free of charge. In the Regional Hospital "Cayetano Heredia",  Agnihotra is practiced and taught from Monday through Friday (above) and in the city, in the Hospital "Jorge Reategui", Agnihotra is taught and practiced from Monday through Saturday (below).
In Peru, like in many other so called "3rd world countries", it is not always easy to get to a Medical Doctor and less to buy medicines. Homa Therapy is an easy, effective, very low cost alternative. Also, if just one person does it in a family, it helps everyone.



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The 'Women's Healing Circle with the Homa Fires' meets weekly for one hour of Tryambakam Homa, Agnihotra, meditation and devotional singing. Healing energies are send with a loving heart to many corners of the planet where help is needed. (photo above)

Photo above and to the left: A couple of Rudra Yajnyas were performed by the Piuran Agnihotris to be in tune with the sacred Fire and Mantra energies during the time of the Somayag in India.



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Not only Rudra Yajnyas were performed,  also many hours of Tryambakam Homa and Agnihotra gatherings. There was no shortage of volunteers to participate in the continuous Tryambakam which created a wonderful  and peaceful atmosphere.
(photos this page)
It is amazing how stress can be counteracted with the performance of this simple Agnihotra. Sometimes the daily routine is very hectic and we get off centered. But just sitting in the peaceful atmosphere created by Agnihotra, brings us back to the Center and it feels like all burden is taken away.
It is Divine Grace working through the Homa healing fires.


Photo from left to right: Mrs. Julia, Gaby, Liliana and Elvira are preparing for Agnihotra while Mrs. Edith (middle) is doing Tryambakam Homa.



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Photo above: At midnight on Christmas Eve, a group of Agnihotris gathered to celebrate this special time with singing, chanting Mantras and the Holy Homa Fire. It was a celebration with Peace and Serenity. Of course, the traditional hot chocolate and the Paneton were part of the celebration.
For some of the Agnihotris, before they started with Homa Therapy, Christmas and New Year were days to get drunk and then suffer the health consequences and distress in the family. As they say, the Homa Fires have cleared their mind and allowed them to truly know Happiness.


On midnight, 31st of Dec., we had the possibility to share the Homa healing fire, songs and chanting of sacred Mantras with our friends from the Quito Homa Center in a wonderful small village in the Andean mountains.

With Vicky and Fernando Zurita, their children, grandchildren and friends, we shared some activities and one of them was the drawing of a "Gratitude" Mandala. Leyla, 12 years old, made the above painting, explaining that the Homa fire is the Center of life and from there she receives all the beautiful things and all the actions come from that place. Pia, 7 years old, wrote: " I love my mom with all my heart. It is the soul of the Agnihotra fire that programs our heart and makes us peaceful. The Light of the Soul is Love." Do we, adults, need to learn something here?
We also had the chance to present Homa Therapy in Rio Verde in the lovely Restaurant "Miramelindo" of Mr. Manuel and his wife Paty.




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Fernando Pablo Honrado and Tania Osalbrenha are sending their love from the village So Bento de Sapucai, close to Sao Paulo in Brasil, where they practice the Homa fires with friends on Tanias farm.


Mr. Eduardo Rogriguez sent these  pictures explaining that they did a Rudra with 33 pyramids in the presence of over 100 visitors in the Maloca of the Botanical Garden in Bogota guided by Mr. Julian Acosta.


Prof. Egberto Oriel Pacheco writes from his visit to his home village, called Huarmaca in the department of Piura: "The children Diego, Brando and Tamara are ENTHUSIASTIC about the Agnihotra fire together with Mr. Jose Requejo and other neighbors. We are sending you a hug of Light."



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


Does this sound funny? Does one have anything to do with the other? One might think, that my happiness is something psychic. And my pancreas is an organ. Where should there be a connection?
Scientists made a sensational discovery: Only if the pancreas has sufficient Serotonin at its disposal, it can work correctly!

If there is not enough Serotonin, it will work incompletely and disturbances are the consequence. The pancreas is, among other things, responsible for a correct insulin-preparation, and if only this factor doesn't work correctly, the consequences are e.g. diabetes. If too much fat is stored in the tissues, it means I will become overweight or if too little fat is stored, I will turn too thin etc.. If my pancreas is such an important organ for my health, if it decides, whether I am diabetic, overweight, underweight, normal weight and much more, from where can I get sufficient Serotonin so this gland can work correctly?
Serotonin is produced by our body and is poured out into the blood circulation and available if we are happy. It is like a "happiness-hormone"  which circulates through us, if we are happy. And if we are not happy? Well, then not enough Serotonin is prepared in the metabolism, and the pancreas (and incidentally also other organs) has a problem. But how can I be "happy" in my everyday life? How do I reach a high Serotonin level in the blood? Isn't it fantastic that science proves it to be so very important for each person - just for physical health - that he/she is experiences happiness frequently and that this happiness is long-lasting. But how can I reach this? One thing is clear: I cannot expect that someone else does this job for me. Only I know what makes me really happy and therefore I must be concerned about this and take care of myself.
So, what makes me really happy in order to give a treat to my pancreas? Exercises, sports to a healthy extent, music, painting, creativity help to achieve a better balance. But the experience shows that, if we include our fellow men, we can experience deeper levels of happiness. But then which person makes me really happy? Do I have somebody who is kind to me? My husband/wife, mother, father, family, neighbors, children? The lady from whom I buy at the market? Fantastic, if you have people around you who care for you in a loving way. Try to experience this consciously and be intensely happy about it. Even if it is just to stimulate the Serotonin production for the pancreas!

And if there is no one? If nobody pleases you? Then, start yourself to bring joy to another human being: you can give away a flower? A smile? A song? Can you help a child with something? Tell him something beautiful, maybe a good story? Can you give something nice? Maybe you can give some time to your neighbor? Maybe you can listen to someone? Certainly, you will think of many more ideas. Great! Well-done! Your pancreas is happy and becomes healthier and healthier, and your heart is also happy! Oh happy day!
And so that all this becomes easier, the practice of Agnihotra has proved itself very effective. It provides you with sufficient strength, endurance, intelligence and also with many ideas for a happy day. And this is the experience of thousands of people who do Agnihotra. And if you want to support this pancreas-training even more, then simply give your pancreas a small affectionate massage three times a day with a mixture of Agnihotra ash powder and Ghee, just to spoil it a little!  Enjoy a happy and a healthy day!

Pharmacist Monika Koch is the author of the book: "Homa Therapy - the Ancient Science of Healing".  She has conducted studies with Agnihotra Ash medicines for many years. For more information please visit her website: http://www.homatherapy.de


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        All the time have Mantra on your lips, all the time. Do not become thrown to and from every day by troubles in life. At least say, "For this trouble I am deeply grateful, as this is my Karma and it shall no longer anger me, but humble me." Then the whole thing changes. You can reverse your negative life Karma. Try it.

         When I tell you that all life is misery, I do not mean you cannot have joy and happiness. That is the whole point. There is misery everywhere now. So to go on thinking there is nothing wrong in the world is blind. Everyone is suffering as a result of progress and still many do not even know it.
Better to be aware than to pretend it is not there. Let us do certain things to become happy even in the face of disturbance around us. Then we can have a positive effect on others as well as our own environ-ment.

Do mantra with greater intensity.




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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On planetary disturbances and solutions
 RUDRA YAJNYAS should most definitely be performed weekly. This particular set of Mantras resonates with this place and is precisely what is required to call upon the agents of prosperity! Indeed, a call is quite aligned to your goals at hand.
Now, to this world in which you live. There is an extreme density of energy in the atmosphere around the world at this time. Extreme density. This will cause everything from minor disturbances in sleep, in digestive capabilities for those inclined to have problems in that area, mental disturbances ranging from slight emotional fluctuations to episodic malfunctions! World-wise, it is a time of greater conflict, warring factions, disagreements and misunderstandings.
If those of you in the field of LIGHT WORK are aware of these influences, it is your duty as world leaders in essence, in the subtle realm at least, to adhere to more stringent methods of controlling your own emotions. That spoken, we do not mean to suggest imploding as opposed to exploding, but simply seek strenuously to find bridges to understanding between yourselves, and certainly create opportunities to discover solutions, refusing to flail in the sufferings or the problems at hand.
All of you can make more effort in this realm. When the world becomes more intolerable, one must find or create a space within where peace can thrive. And it can and it will. The subtle realms are where our beloved Light Workers reign. This is where great change can begin. If you are all overly concerned with outer world matters, you may miss the chance to establish peace centres around this planet.

Where there’s Light, there’s hope!
Yes, yes. Beings of supreme nature are being transferred here from other ‘locations,’ if you will, in order to begin to fortify the planet and assist in the movement of Light Workers toward the Light. You see, we are nearing the time period which all of you have been prepared for, when Light begins to dawn in the midst of chaos and struggle of warring factions, within and without. Many challenges for Earth dwellers now, but for Light Workers it is a time of triumph soon to be realized.
On non-judgment
One can never judge another human being by his or her outer works, any more than one can judge a human being for their inner workings. One cannot possibly know the prayers and supplications of another human being, nor can one know all the other’s good works, as many are kept silent in some cases. Therefore, do not judge for any reason, even for understanding the other person. Judgment can never bring about understanding! It just doesn’t work that way, folks!
On Shree Gajanan Maharaj (Kalki Avatar)
The great Avatar spoke to all His children when He directed one of them. He was by nature efficient to the extreme detail and always fortified by Truth. He revealed Truth. His Life embodied it. Firmly and with conviction, you shall do the same. All of you adhere to absolute Truth.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Health Newsletter!

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