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Some people say “you are what you eat”. Most people think that eating is equal to putting something into their mouth, chewing it and swallowing it.
What is the best food for it? You probably already know about proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, etc. Data shows that we need sufficient nutritive balanced food. But let’s think and research: what is the best food for us based on our own obser-vations? Do you want to run your body on 'premium fuel'? Some people say 'meat is good'. Others say 'vegetarianism is the way to go' or 'raw food is superior'. A vegetarian does not eat meat, game, poultry, fish, crustacea, shellfish or products of animal slaughter such as animal-derived gelatin and rennet.       Fewer say 'fruit eating is better for Herbivorous (e.g. the horse), and omnivorous animals (e.g. the pig) have hoofs in order to roam around on  plains; carnivorous(e.g. the lion) have claws, to grasp their prey; while frugivorous  (e.g. the ape) have hands to pick fruit from the trees'. However, it is usually wise not to accept any statement blindly. Let’s watch Nature. Let’s watch ourselves. Wikipedia reads “Although there are reported cases of herbivores eating meat  as well as examples of carnivores eating plants, the classification

What should I eat?

refers to the adaptations and main food source of the species in general, so these exceptions do not make either individual animals nor the species as a whole omnivores.
Most bear species are considered omnivores, but individuals' diets can range from almost exclusively herbivorous to almost exclusively carnivorous depending on what food sources are available locally and seasonally. Polar bears can be classified as carnivores while pandas almost exclusively eat bamboo and are therefore herbivores, although Giant Pandas will eat some meat from time to time”. Usually, animals select their food according to their anatomy and physiology; some may say through their “instinct”. Let’s look at the chart (page 2). You can fill the space related to “Human” or wait for the next Homa Health Newsletter.
By the way – what do you feel when you see some fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc? Do you usually feel like chasing and biting when you see some fish, chicken, pigs, cows, etc. in their natural environment? Can you normally eat raw flesh, fish, etc? Let’s acknowledge that people have different tastes and needs.

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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EDITOR's NOTE continued

The purpose of these notes is to make you think, think and think again, since eating is something we do several times a day and it relates directly to our health, wellbeing, environment, etc..
Independently of whichever diet you feel inclined to, the Agnihotra fire and its ashes can reduce some toxicity that might be present in the foods.
Also, The Homa Super Technology helps ,

without the use of toxic agro-chemicals or synthetic substances, to remove plagues and diseases that can affect plants and animals. Our self-study has shown that we are more than the physical body. We also have subtle bodies. All these bodies need some nutrients or energy to function.
(To be continued)
So, let’s think. Let’s feel.

COMPARATIVE ANATOMY according to diet

Facial Muscles Reduced to allow wide mouth gape Well-developed Reduced  
Jaw Type Angle not expanded Expanded angle Angle not expanded  
Jaw Joint Location
On same plane as molar teeth
Above the plane of the molars On same plane as molar teeth  
Jaw Motion
Shearing; minimal side-to-side motion
No shear; good side-to-side, front-to-back Shearing; minimal side-to-side  
Major Jaw Muscles Temporalis Masseter and pterygoids Temporalis  
Mouth Opening vs. Head Size Large Small Large  
Teeth: Incisors Short and pointed Broad, flattened and spade shaped Short and pointed  
Teeth: Canines Long, sharp and curved Dull and short or long (for defense), or none Long, sharp and curved  
Teeth: Molars Sharp, jagged and blade shaped Flattened with cusps vs complex surface Sharp blades and/or flattened  
Chewing None; swallows food whole Extensive chewing necessary Swallows food whole and/or simple crushing  
Saliva No digestive enzymes Carbohydrate digesting enzymes No digestive enzymes  
Stomach Type Simple Simple or multiple chambers Simple  
Stomach Acidity Less than or equal to pH 1 with food in stomach pH 4 to 5 with food in stomach Less than or equal to pH 1 with food in stomach  
Stomach Capacity 60% to 70% of total volume of digestive tract Less than 30% of total volume of digestive tract 60% to 70% of total volume of digestive tract  



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Homa Healing Story

Saby Celeste Jaramillo
Guayquil, Ecuador
South America

 "Two years ago I had an accident and I fell from a height of five feet while I was putting a shelf on the kitchen wall. My mom wanted to help me getting on my feet again, but I told her not to touch my arm for it was broken. So I was taken to a hospital  and the X-ray confirmed this. I had a bone fracture with a separation of approx. 1 cm in the upper part of the right arm. I was told  that I would need a surgery with pins and plates if the pieces do not come together. Then the doctor bandaged my arm to the chest, telling me that he will not cast it, in order to not hurt my breasts.

This happened on a Wednesday and the following Friday I had to go for a new X-ray and bring the former one for comparisons. But the next day, Thursday, I put a Yantram on my arm just at the height of the fracture. Then I felt clearly some pull up inside the arm. I was amazed by the power of the Yantram.
The next day, Friday, the Doctor  compared the two X-rays and said: " I wonder what are you doing, girl?" I said: "Why do you ask me that?" He said, "I ask because our dear God loves you very much. This is a miracle. The bones are already closed." He said it was very strange, because even a one year old child can take 8 days and I was  33 years old at that time.
In the first visit, he had told me that it would take six months to a year to be able to move my arm again, depending on the calcium in my body. With the bandage I could only sleep sitting, leaning forward. That was very uncomfortable. But already, after one week, I could sleep laying down. 15 days later, I could move my arm. It was then when the doctor told me that my elbow was also fractured, he had not spoken about this earlier. He told me I needed to do rehabilitation therapy in order to help the movement in the elbow, but I did not. After one month I managed to start doing Agnihotra again and after 3 months I was quite well able to move my arm.

As you can see my arm is completely well. After  fractures of this kind, almost always a mark or sign remains. This did not happen to me.  I can move the arm in all directions without problem and nothing hurts.  I thank GOD, HOMA THERAPY and the SHREE YANTRAM for my quick healing. During all this time I also took the Agnihotra ash with water.
(Note: for more info about the Shree Yantram please click on  of the picture.




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Francisca Flax
Sanford, Santa Fe, Argentina

My daughter Patricia started HOMA Therapy 10 months ago. We have been putting the Agnihotra ash around the plants and then they started all flowering. I've always had plants and flowers, but there is a great difference now in the plants; in the size of their leaves, in their colors and aroma. People stop to look at them, because they are so amazing. The way they look is just beautiful. I have geraniums, lilies, pansies, azucenas; it is a small flower garden. For me this is like a miracle! The plants have become  strong and beautiful thanks to the HOMA Therapy fires.
(See photos above and below showing plants from  Mrs. Francisca's garden and herself during Agnihotra, which she loves to do outdoors.)

Damian & Paula
Sanford, Santa Fe, Argentina

After we started the practice of Agnihotra, we learned also the Tryambakam Homa and we did an experiment with the Tryambakam ash. For this test, we planted 10 garlic  toes and we put the Tryambakam ash only to the first three ones.

After a short time we realized that these 3 toes planted with the Tryambakam ash had grown approx. 12 centimeters, while the other ones had not even emerged, they were still underground.  We made this test to see if the Homa ash really worked and it did.



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Dairy Pollution Sparks 'Manure War' in New Mexico
By John Burnett, NPR
Published December 10, 2009 09:51 AM

The picture on many milk cartons shows cows grazing on a pasture next to a country barn and a silo — but the reality is very different.
More and more milk comes from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), where large herds live in feedlots, awaiting their thrice-daily

trip to the milking barn. A factory farm with 2,000 cows produces as much sewage as a small city, yet there's no treatment plant.
Across the country, big dairies are coming under increased criticism for polluting the air and the water. In New Mexico, they're in the midst of a manure war.
Everyday, an average cow produces six to seven gallons of milk and 18 gallons of manure. New Mexico has 300,000 milk cows. That totals 5.4 million gallons of manure in the state

every day. It's enough to fill up nine Olympic-size pools. The New Mexico Environment Department reports that two-thirds of the state's 150 dairies are contaminating groundwater with excess nitrogen from cattle excrement. Either the waste lagoons are leaking, or manure is being applied too heavily on farmland.
Article continues:

Dairy Farmers to do Their Part to Slow Climate Change
Published December 23, 2009

The US Department of Agriculture announced an agreement with U.S. dairy producers to accelerate adoption of innovative manure to energy projects on American dairy farms.
"This historic agreement, the first of its kind, will help us achieve the ambitious goal of drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions while benefitting dairy farmers," said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. The "Use of manure to electricity technology is a win for everyone because it provides an untapped source of income for famers, provides a source of renewable electricity, reduces our dependence on foreign fossil fuels, and provides a wealth of additional environmental benefits."
With this Memorandum of Understanding, the

Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy - part of the Dairy Management Inc. - the USDA and U.S. dairy producers will work together to reach a 25 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2020. USDA will do so by undertaking research initiatives, allowing implementation flexibility, and enhancing marketing efforts of anaerobic digesters to dairy producers. Anaerobic digester technology is a proven method of converting waste products, such as manure, into electricity. The technology utilizes generators that are fueled by methane captured from the animal manure.
For more information:
 http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_1OB?contentidonly =true&contentid=2009/12/0613.xml

Please see this wonderful short video clip with a Native American HOPI who is talking about the times we live in:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FguIZgmSi2I  (English)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xe346hROnE  (Español)


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Again the HOMA FESTIVAL 2009 has been a wonderful success in spreading the message of Healing and Love on a mass scale. There were even more healing Agnihotra fires lit than in the years before! The stage was full with Agnihotris in front of hundreds of people receiving the healing energies. It was a Festival of GRACE and sharing!
We heard wonderful, miraculous testimonies of people who had suffered from incurable diseases, but Homa Therapy could resolve their problems. All Agnihotra practitioners have their own healing story, but what joins them, is GRATITUDE and the wish to SERVE others.



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The Homa Festival was a place to make friends and to join forces for healing beyond words. Continuous Tryambakam Homa was maintained during the Festival  by the Homa Center of Guayaquil with Sonia Hunter, Luzmila, Matilde and friends at the entrance and  by the Quito Homa Center represented by Vicky Zurita and her family at the rear of the hall.
The various musical and dance presentations were very much enjoyed by everyone and it seems that Guayaquil found its Shakira in Olga Astrid Pazminio Alvarez.
All the children (approx. 400) and many of the parents and adults received gifts, which Dr. Montufar, his wife Olga, their children and his patients had acquired and carefully packed, with lots of love. They were given and received with so joyfully. 
(See photos this page)

Dr. Montufar with his supportive wife Olga and 2 of their children (Italia 17 and Gabriela 7 years old). He is a happy husband, caring father and excellent Medical Doctor. The many blessings he receives through the practice of daily Agnihotra reflect in all he touches...

At Dr.Montufar's Homa Clinic preparations were done  in advance to have all the gifts ready for the Festival and also some of the dance presentations were rehearsed  in the waiting room of the clinic. The kids were excited to receive wonderful pre-Christmas gifts.  

Mrs. Sonia Hunter, Mrs. Matilde  and Luzmila were the keepers of the Tryambakam fire at the entrance. Mrs. Sonia Hunter also talked about the many Homa healing experiences happening in the Homa Center of Guayaquil.

Mrs. Vicky Zurita with her family and friends from the Homa Center in Quito, supported the event with several hours of Tryambakam Homa   at the other end of the hall.




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We want to express our thanks in the name of Homa Therapy to all the radio stations, starting with Dr. Eufemia Huaman (1st photo below to the left), Radio 'I99' with Mr. Douglas Rangel (see photo 2nd row below to the right, Mr. Douglas doing Agnihotra with his family at the Homa Festival), Radio Morena with Gino Norero  then the TV channels Gama TV (local channel 8) with the program "Esto no Tiene Nombre" (This does not have a name) (see photo below middle),  and  the Satellite Channel  (see photo 2nd row below to the left). They all cooperated so the word of the HOMA FESTIVAL 2009 did spread quickly in Guayaquil.  Their effort & invitations were truly a Service to the community. Our special thanks go to Sonia Hunter for pulling all the strings on the media.
(Photos 3rd row) Preparations and dance presentations of the Homa-Shakira group with instructor Olga Astrid Pazminio Alvarez.



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The Homa Clinic " The good Shepherd" actually celebrates every day a Festival of Healing and Unity. There are always many Agnihotra fires lit for sunset and it is the main healing instrument together with the Agnihotra ash used by Dr. Montufar for his many patients. From here, healing spreads in a wave of love... (photos below show Agnihotra session in the Homa Clinic on different days of the week)



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In the Medical Homa Center "The good Shepherd" in Guayaquil patients are doing Tryambakam while waiting for their turn of consultation and treatment with Dr. Montufar. Young and old participate in the singing of the healing Mantras. Half an hour before sunset the patients start preparing their Agnihotra in order to be ready in time.
Photo left: it is Juan's turn for doing Tryambakam. He gets several times in line because he loves doing the Homa.
Photo right: Gabriela, 7 years old in front of her big Agnihotra fire.


In the 'Universidad Central de Quito', Prof. Abel was invited to talk to the leaders of the Native groups coming from the south up to the north of Ecuador. The Homa Center of Quito arranged  the   presentation about the effects of Homa Therapy in farming, animal health and human health.                                                                                           (See photo below - evening Agnihotra with the indigenous leaders).

After the morning Agnihotra session with the Natives a short introduction was  given by Mrs. Vicky Zurita of the Homa Center Quito and Prof. Abel Hernandez. Everybody was eager to receive some of the healing Agnihotra ash. There is a plan to bring Homa Therapy to the different villages (photo below).



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In the  'Universidad Metropolitana de Guayaquil', Prof. Abel Hernandez held the Homa Therapy workshop for the students in the 8th semester of the Science for Natural Health on 19th and 20th of December. (See photo above - evening Agnihotra with the students and some special invited guests) It is wonderful to see how many of the students and professionals start practicing Agnihotra and after a short time come with wonderful experiences and share amazing testimonies of health, well being and harmony.

The photo to the right  shows the participation of Dr. Luis Almeida, head of the Dept. of Health (1st right), the President of the University, Eng. Jose Barrezueta Becherel (middle) and  special guest,  Dr. Jaime Montufar (1st left), who gave his personal testimony of Homa healing.

In the Homa Center of Guayaquil, the Agnihotra teaching is also ongoing from Monday through Friday. The director, Sonia Hunter, (photo below 1st to the left) receives support from Mrs. Veronica (2nd to the left) and Ms. Luzmila. This Homa Center in Urdesa, Guayaquil is open to everyone interested in learning more about Homa Therapy.



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Ms. Mariela Pugliese informs from La Rioja:
"I am writing to tell you that we had the 'Reiki-Homa day' this Saturday. It was beautiful and I am sending some photos. This day is organized by an association called 'Network of Bioenergetic Therapies', which we founded. Before knowing HOMA Therapy, we only gave Reiki treatments, but few months ago, I included Agnihotra. Last month I had the idea to do continuous Tryambakam Homa during the Reiki treatments, which we give in an open room and where the singing and the fragrance of the Tryambakam  enters freely.
My Reiki students got enthusiastic and many have  their Agnihotra pyramid now. We had eleven  healing Agnihotra fires lit! You can imagine the healing power! It was magnificent and the people were very happy. I hope that the Reiki-Homa group keeps growing every day. I feel a great joy to share HOMA Therapy with my Reiki sisters and brothers."
    (photos this page)



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Mr. Alan Yong writes from his visit to Bangkok:
"I was delighted to join the Thai couple, Mr. Kantipong and Nisachon from Bangkok to perform Agnihotra at Anti-Cancer Foundation, at Waeng Kum Kum Road, Chiang Mai on 15th December, 09. The chairman of the Anti-Cancer Foundation, Professor Dr. Charliew Piyachon also joined us. About 40 cancer patients enjoyed the Homa fire for the first time and they look forward for the next Agnihotra meetings."

Photo above: Mr. Kantipong (in pink T-shirt)-Agnihotra with cancer patients in the Foundation.   Photo below - performing Agnihotra from left to right: Mrs. Nisachon, Dr. Charliew, Mr. Alan Yong.



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Mr. Alan Yong writes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
"Just to report to you the Agnihotra is growing very fast in Kuala Lumpur due to the untiring efforts of Mr. Wong Tee Lian and Mr. Soh Wee Hock. They serve through their heart and soul. They have been practicing Agnihotra every Saturday and Sunday morning at DJ Park since the introduction of Agnihotra by Frits and Lee Ringma from Australia. (The one sitting in front with specs is Mr. Wong and the one seated next to him is Mr. Soh.)
Warmest regards."

(photo left: morning Agnihotra in the DJ Park in Kuala Lumpur)


Mrs. Liliana writes from San Marcos Sierra:
"Dear friends, I am sending you a photo from the meeting on Nov. 21st, when Alejo
(1st to the left) came from Chile and we did a full day Homa workshop. We ended the day with a beautiful round of 21 Agnihotra pyramids. Happy fires. Love and blessings."



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Photo above: Mandala for Meditations - a circle surrounded by stones, covered with wheat straw, where the National Homa Event was opened with a Vyahruti Homa done by the owner of the Homa farm, Ing. Luis Valenzuela and closed with the sacred fire of 18 Agnihotris at sunset.

Eng. Luis Valenzuela summons the Homa event: "On Saturday, Nov. 28th the National Homa Meeting of Chile was held in the beautiful Eco Granja Homa of Olmué.  During the day, several talks were presented. Dr. Irma Garcia from Venezuela. It covered two major areas: - the Points of Light on the planet (Maheshwar, India; Bhrugu Aranya, Poland and Elqui Valley, Chile) and - The Fivefold Path of the Vedas (Yanja: Homa-ecology, Daan: sharing; Tapa: self-discipline, Karma: action without attachment and Swadhyaya: self-study).
Agronomist Carolina Morales referred specifically to the importance of promoting Perma-natural Homa gardens worldwide, especially in Chile due to its strong bioclimatic conditions (high UV radiation).
Professor Carlos Bustamante, in a brilliant synthesis, emphasized the current need for the precise pronunciation of the Homa Mantras to achieve the goals Master Shree Vasant left, when spreading this knowledge all around the globe.
Eng. Héctor Rosas gave important insights to all participants on the present and future Homa tasks.
Energetic support for the event was received from the twelve hours ongoing Tryambakam maintained by a group of young people from the Valparaiso Region.
The musical group "Sounds of India" played beautiful compositions from India. Tablas, Tambura and Sarangi (sacred violin of India) were used to create heavenly sounds.
This HOMA event was a divine gift to all attendees and has been guided by the Grace of Master  Shree Vasant. "

The ECHO FARM OLMUE invites to participate in the 72 hours Tryambakam Homa
starting on 14th January till 17 of January. The organizer, Eng. Luis Valenzuela writes: "We want to dedicate this Homa fire to all the Homa points on this planet, specially there, where it is most needed. We want to contribute to the planetary healing by creating a Homa atmosphere to the benefit of all living beings."
For further information please visit: http://ecogranjahoma.com



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Caracas, Venezuela
Again in December 2009 the holistic event 'ENIGMA' took place in Caracas and Dr. Marveys Hernandez opened the event with the Vyahruti Homa of the Homa Therapy.
The organizers, Lic. Mrs. Silvia Arteaga and Prof. Tino Mazzini presented a wide range of holistic therapies and dances, music, physical therapies, etc. to the public.


Chief Nurse Mrs. Mery Rosa Colomba Cruz writes from Piura:
"I am sending you a photo from the Agnihotra session with the students of the ULADECH in the Regional Hospital Cayetano Heredia  in Piura; the students are in the 6th semester of Nursing in the course of "Nursing and Alternative Medicine". I want to thank you for all your help and orientation."


January 26th – 31st  2010.

For those who were present at either the 2007 or the 2009 Somayag, both unforgettable experiences of intense transformational energy, we thank you for your support. Please come again.
If you have not yet witnessed a great Yajnya, this may be the time for you to experience a major planetary healing event. Let this be an unforgettable celebration.
This year, we have prepared an audio-visual invitation which captures some of the highlights of the 2009 Somayag.  The Somayag Committee

(photo Somayag 2009 by Gabriel Szcypior)

See: www.fivefoldpathmission.org/content/somayag-2009-video  and



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


After the accident in Chernobyl (1986), a Polish scientist did some experiments to see if Homa Therapy could neutralize the radioactivity since Poland was also  strongly affected. He found out that the healing Agnihotra-Fire could get rid of even hundredfold infringement of the natural radioactivity.

The effect of an Agnihotra-Fire lasts between 10 to 18 hours (then of course already comes the next Agnihotra-Fire with the sun-change, which takes further care and so on.). He also measured that radioactively affected soil shows again normal values if watered with a mixture of water and Agnihotra-Ash.

We  only use the ash of the Agnihotra-Fire for healing. Agnihotra Ash has the same qualities of the Agnihotra-Fire sealed in. Ancient knowledge states that the balancing effect to the restore health is possible with the help of the Agnihotra Fire and the Agnihotra Ash.
It is possible to apply the Agnihotra ash directly on difficult wounds that don’t  heal and also on painful areas (according to the degree of the problem, it can be repeated  4 x daily up to each hour). Also internally, you can take one teaspoon of Agnihotra-Ash powder with water, honey, tea, yogurt, etc. before each meal in order to balance the whole body.

You can also put vegetables, fruits, lettuce, etc. overnight in Agnihotra-Ash water in order to eliminate radioactivity from the food and balance them.

You can mix Agnihotra-Ash with water and give it to the plants, and sprinkle the soil in your garden or irrigate the field for growing food. You can also take a bath in Agnihotra-Ash water.
You can give Agnihotra-Ash into the drinking water for your pets. Also in cattle-raising, it is fantastic to put Agnihotra-Ash into the feed and into the drinking water of the animals.

 Only Agnihotra-Ash has this particular healing power, these qualities and I feel very happy that all of us in such a simply way can help ourselves with these major problems. And it is wonderful that we can share this knowledge and this practical application with many other people who are likewise in need for this!

Pharmacist Monika Koch is the author of the book: "Homa Therapy - the Ancient Science of Healing".  She has conducted studies with Agnihotra Ash medicines for many years. For more information please visit her website: http://www.homatherapy.de


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Once you become willing then you are utilized as an instrument. The more you surrender, the more total your surrender, the more work you will do. Then every moment becomes service. You reach a point where you do not think. It is time to do service now. Your every thought, every deed, becomes an extension of Him. Thy will be done - IDAM NA MAMA. Then it is all joy, all joy.

Hatha Yoga can be incorporated into physical therapy; same with psychotherapy. This could be extremely effective in HOMA atmosphere.

Best thing is to do Mantra all the time. Then one remains detached from the tension that is outside. One can maintain a kind of detachment even from the ones who are near to that person and still love those near but not be attached. If your mate is disturbed, if you have that detachment you will not only remain unaffected by his mood but you will be in a better position to uplift him. Then fears cannot stick. Fears can come based on past experience, for example, but if one is detached one can observe this fear and let it pass—let it go—and move on to the next thing.

People should not feel they are being directed to pray because many people’s religious beliefs interpret prayer differently. What we are telling is a simple path to follow which will help others and help the person who follows it. That is the Fivefold Path Yajnya, Daan. Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya.
Many feel that prayer helps them with desires, resentments, fears and the like. Then certainly pray, but true prayer is not asking for anything as Mother Mary has said, save His Will.




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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On sourcing comfort, on higher awareness
Yes, yes. With all the talk about world regeneration and expected holocaust-type event of 2012―unlikely to occur according to plan, as most catastrophic events never do―one needs to find that source of comfort and sacredness where one can shelter oneself in times of uncertainty in the world. That source of comfort should preferably not have working hours or hours when it is available! Indeed, the source of comfort should be so easy to access that one can reach it in a split second. If one does not have that inner shelter already established, it would behoove one to begin to build one’s inner temple, one’s inner sanctuary, one’s inner sanctum of peace.
In the 1960’s in United States, families were consumed with worries about invasion from another political culture, so they built bomb shelters to protect themselves, should the enemy advance. Silly as it seems now, the concept of self-protection and security is inbred. Those of you who recall this era, recall too the uncertainty of the times. The times you are now living in are indeed far more uncertain than the ones of your past! However, the ‘bomb shelter’ approach could be utilized―only on the level of spirit.
Create your inner sanctuary within you. Visualize a peaceful, harmonious place

within yourself. Of course, if the general surroundings of your outer home can be made more harmonious and balanced, this too would be a good step. The main thing we are concerned with is that the inner place be one which nurtures and protects the great human spirit within you. All of you.
Imagine the inner space. Create a picture in your mind. See the beauty and breathe the stillness, the harmony of atmosphere within this space. Do be as visual as you are able to be. Imagine the colours you see, the delicate sounds you hear. Listen and be silent. Feel the effect this peaceful space has on your body, as your breathing slows down and your muscles relax. This is a type of meditation yes, but it is a going within to find the peace. That concept need be explored and expanded.
You see, we believe that human mind is extremely powerful, so much so that it can alter one’s health, improve it to a point of miraculous recovery in some cases. We believe that it can be your own greatest source of strength and serenity. And it needs to be embraced.


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www.terapiahoma.com    www.homa1.com   www.homatherapy.info
www.agnihotra.org     www.homatherapie.de      www.homatherapy.de www.tapovan.net    www.homatherapyindia.com     www.homatherapy.org  www.homatherapypoland.org   www.homapsychotherapy.com
www.agnihotra.com.au   www.terapiahoma.org

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