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Yes, yes, yes this is more Self study (Swadhyaya).
Can we capture a shadow and save it? Can you stop the thirst with a glass of water? For how long? Can you stop the sun from shining? Can you satisfy your hunger with food? For how long? Can you be happy? For how long? Can you hold on to a thought? For how long? Can you possess a car, a house, a wife/husband, your body? For how long?
It is said, that whatever is subject to change (through time) is an illusion. What is i here today and gone tomorrow ? Anything that changes is an illusion. The illusion simply goes through changes. When your personality changes, are you still dealing with an illusion? a) When we arrive at the changeless point (the core, the heart, the center, that essence, etc.), b) when we remove the clothes and the layers of our personalities, c) when there are no more changes and we reach steadiness..... then we reach peace and the clock stops ticking. Here and now could be eternal.
As long as things change, there is illusion.
It is said, that when you meet a wise man, it is a great opportunity to focus on his virtues and see how you can develop them. It is also said, that when you meet an ignorant or a nasty person, it is also a good opportunity to look for the vices that you

Is reality beyond the changing nature?

might be harboring, so you can eradicate them. (Confucius- book 4 of the Analects)
By the way, is it possible that our reality (daily situations) is a product of or/and  is related to our way of thinking and feeling? The practice of Agnihotra can bring Light into these matters.
Let’s join the source. Let’s acknowledge the Oneness. We can choose the fantasy and the nightmare or we can choose to “wake up”. What are we waiting for? Words don’t say much or simply don’t describe reality fully. But, can we experience Reality? Can we be open to this possibility? Some wise men say “YES”. Let’s enjoy the Self-study until there is no more Self-study.

You might want to look into:
Om Asato Maa Sadgamaya (OM lead me from unreal to real )
Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya (lead me from darkness to light)
Mrityor Maa Amritam Gamaya (lead me from death to immortality)
Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih (OM Peace, Peace, Peace )
The Fivefold Path could help us to speed up the process of Self-realization and Agnihotra could be the easiest first step for many.

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
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Homa Healing Stories

Cesar Alejandro Gonzales Zapata
Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

"I am 39 years old. I started with the practice of Agnihotra because I had a varicose ulcer on my leg. The ulcer was a hole about 3 cm deep. I was afraid, so I started Agnihotra in the morning and afternoon. Taking the Agnihotra ash orally and applying it

with ghee, the wound healed completely after 4 months. I did not take any other medicine.
But the first change I felt with the practice of Agnihotra was in my character. I had a very impulsive nature. I was easily upset by anything. When I spoke, I did not care if I hurt the other person. I lost so many jobs because of this. I would get angry and leave. I would raise my voice and I would not listen to anyone. If a car passed by me, I got angry easily and began to argue.
Agnihotra changed all this. Also, my dad taught me to repeat the "OM SHREE" Mantra mentally and breathe deeply before reacting. All this is very effective and I feel that my character has changed about 90 percent. Now I lead another way of life.
If I stop doing Agnihotra, I notice the change in my character. When I get angry, I feel something coming up inside of me. But now I can control it; before I could not. The next morning, I do Agnihotra fire and feel the calmness. Now I live a very happy life. For example, I was walking and a lady's dog bit me, thanks God, it just grabbed my pants, but I remained always quiet. The lady apologized and I said I was OK and kept walking. Without Agnihotra, the situation would have been different. That is when you realize you've changed. Before, people told me to calm down, now I tell the people to calm down. I am doing Agnihotra for almost 2 years."

Lorena Cicconi
Sanford, Santa Fe, Argentina

"I'm 34 years old. I was living in an apartment in San Lorenzo when someone broke in to steal. I was tied up and blindfolded. My hands were tied and my mouth covered. But somehow I was able to break free. But I was so much traumatized that I decided to live with my parents. After starting with Homa Therapy, I could go and live alone again, but still slept with the light on, and I awoke during the night.
But this weekend, after receiving the healing effects of 20 Agnihotra fires and taking plenty of Agnihotra ash, I got a quiet sleep all night long, without light. This is truly very special for me. For five months I have had troubles sleeping and felt much fear day and night and even at work. Now I am much better thanks to Homa Therapy."




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Patricia Lari y Roberto Bilbao
Sanford, Santa Fe, Argentina

"This pine tree that is behind my house was dying. The branches were drying up, it was all brown. Then I started doing Agnihotra below the tree and after a short time I realized that there were no more dead branches. The tree rejuvenated completely and was full of new, green branches.
Also, before doing Agnihotra I could not enjoy my plants for they were dying. Now I am very happy with the Homa Therapy. I have bought many plants, because I like them and they are beautiful. I could not do this before. And the fact that I feel and know that Homa Therapy helps Nature makes me even happier."
Roberto adds:
"I really like working with the land, I feel peace and light from the Solar plexus that connects me to the ground. I feel oneness with life and Agnihotra helps me to clarify my feelings and unite with the Earth and all life on it. I feel a beautiful harmony of all. We are one body and one spirit. I work for this every day. When you do Homa Therapy, purity returns and it is like a tree flourishing."

Patricia & Roberto
in front of their pine tree.

Rosanna Montenegro
Sanford, Santa Fe, Argentina

"I have some very nice experiences with my plants and the Agnihotra fire with its' ash. I always tried to have plants in a certain place in my garden, but they used to die fast. Since I started doing Agnihotra and put Agnihotra ash on the soil, the plant is strong, alive, healthy and full of leaves, big leaves.
Also I was also able to improve my mental state with the Agnihotra practice. Before I was depressed, very sad and lonely and spent many hours in bed. Now I get up early and I'm happy and more vital. I thank God and Homa Therapy and also Patricia who taught me this wonderful therapy."



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Biodiversity Loss Accelerating
UN Target Will Be Missed:

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, October 13, 2009 (ENS) - The world will not achieve its agreed target to stem biodiversity loss by next year, the International Year of Biodiversity, say experts in Cape Town for a science conference on the variety, abundance and conservation of plants and animals. The target was agreed at a conference of Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in April 2003. "We will certainly miss the target for reducing the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010 and therefore also miss the 2015 environmental targets within the UN Millennium Development Goals to improve health

African elephant, Loxodonta africana, in Botswana (Photo by Dutch Baby)

and livelihoods for the world's poorest and most vulnerable people," says conference speaker Georgina Mace of Imperial College, London.
"It is hard to image a more important priority than protecting the ecosystem services underpinned by biodiversity," says Mace, who develops criteria for listing species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and coordinating biodiversity inputs to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. "Biodiversity is fundamental to humans having food, fuel, clean water and a habitable climate. Yet changes to ecosystems and losses of biodiversity have continued to accelerate."

Cancer: The Health Risk Behind the Cosmeceutical Mask

CHICAGO, IL, October 6, 2009 --/WORLD-WIRE
Anti-aging skin products are known as cosmeceuticals, as they overlap the distinction between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These products are the fastest growing sales sector of the entire cosmetics industry, and are widely marketed as being safe. But Cancer Prevention Coalition Chairman Dr. Samuel S. Epstein warns that altering the physical structure of skin with chemicals to look more youthful comes at a hidden price to the skin, and even more so to overall health.
The term cosmeceutical, applied to anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams, was first adopted by the cosmetics industry in 1984. It was developed as a way to avoid subjecting the industry’s claims to the authority of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The idea was to create a new category of products that did more than just improve the appearance of the skin, yet do somewhat less than pharmaceutical drugs.
But Dr. Epstein wants to alert consumers to the dangers of cosmeceuticals, including the increased risk of skin cancer.
“Nano-particles are more recent and ultra-dangerous ingredients in cosmeceuticals, particularly anti-wrinkle creams,” warns Dr. Epstein. “By reducing the size of ingredients to the ultra-microscopic scale, they penetrate readily and deeply through the skin into the blood and organs all over the body.”
“Ninety percent of all cosmetics sold in the world today are probably cosmeceuticals,” says Dr. Albert Kligman, the dermatologist who first coined the term, in a 2005 interview with the journal Dermatologic Surgery.
Dr. Epstein says, “These statements raise troubling concerns regarding the identity and safety of ingredients in cosmeceutical products. So many women, and even some men, slather these products all over their skin, the largest body organ, in the naďve belief that they have nothing to fear but aging.”
Dr. Epstein says, “People who use cosmeceuticals are guinea pigs in reckless and self-serving industry experiments to test whether these products are safe for human health. This should be a loud siren wake up warning for anyone who still believes that these products have been tested for toxicity by the industry, and approved by the FDA.”
“The best advice is to prevent those wrinkles in the first place,” read the review. “Stay out of the sun and don’t smoke.”



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Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires
Audio visual Homa Therapy presentations and Agnihotra meetings in the Center of "Peace and Love"
in the District of Vicente Lopez. Mr. Juan opened his Center to host various Agnihotra meetings. Interested people came from all over B.A. to participate, learn and share their experiences with the healing Homa fires.

Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires
Christian Viol also arranged for this Homa presentation in Mr. Ruben Tartaglia's Center for Alternative Therapies. Mr. Rubens' colleagues, patients and clients were eager to learn and practice Agnihotra.  This group has now several more Agnihotris. Mr. Tartaglia (in the center of the photo) also wants to incorporate Agnihotra into the daily practices of his Center.
(photo above)



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Villa Adelina, Buenos Aires
Agnihotra presentation in the Yoga Center "Shree Yukteswar" with Prof. Jorge and Mrs. Olga
(photo above).

(photo left)
Mrs. Lita Guevara and Mr. Gabriel Rugiero invited us to a radio interview in down town Buenos Aires to explain Homa Therapy and its wide applications more in detail.


Mrs. Felicitas invited Homa Therapy to this small, but well known touristic town in the hills of Cordoba in the Hostal "Las Nubes". A video presentation about Homa healings and the effects of Homa Therapy was shown. Lots of new Homa friends are there!



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Mrs. Liliana Poggio and her husband Mr. Felix Arrieta invited us to San Marcos Sierra. Several people have learned Agnihotra through the teachings of Mr. Alejo Franceschino and his wife Lucila. San Marcos Sierra is not just a village, many

people moved here to find nature and peace. There are many artists, yoga teachers, guides, healers, etc. in this place striving for a better and healthy planet. So it was wonderful to have such a group of people present and being able to present the "miracles" of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.



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We arrived in the capital of the Province Tucuman, San Miguel de Tucuman through the invitation of Mrs. Roxana Medina Alvarez. Roxana and her friend Ana Maria made arrangements previously to our arrival so we could  share Homa Therapy and  Agnihotra with several groups of people in the Center "Alpa Suma" (Beautiful Earth).
Several audio visual Homa Therapy presentations were given in the cozy atmosphere of this Center, which also works with Angels. We also want to thank Mrs. Betty Alvarez for her hospitality and kindness. It is a great joy to see that the Homa fires found resonance in the hearts of the wonderful people of Tucuman.
(photos above and below)



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College "Reina de la Esperanza", San Miguel de Tucuman, Tucuman, Argentina
Prof. Abel introduced Homa Therapy to a group of students age 13 through 17. It is a great challenge to today teachers for many  children suffer from Attention Deficit Syndrome (ADS) and have low grades. The regular practice of Agnihotra could change this scenario completely!! It would be just a little effort for so many benefits.
(photo above)

College "San Javier", San Miguel de Tucuman, Tucuman, Argentina
Prof. Abel was invited by the Teacher Pamela Medina to present a 3 hours Homa Ecology class to students age 15 to 18. This group  was very attentive and inspired by their teacher, they try to find solutions to the many ecological problems.
(photo above)

Several TV and radio interviews were done in "San Miguel de Tucuman" to inform the public about Homa Therapy and the Agnihotra healing events.



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Alpa Suma - San Miguel de Tucuman,  Argentina
A Mantra workshop was given to  Agnihotra practioners. They  learned more about the additional Homa fires and their application.
(photo above)

NaSer, San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina
Agnihotra was presented in this Yoga Center showing several impacting videos of health and healing through the practice of Homa Therapy. Much need for healing everywhere.


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Cultural Hall of Sanford, Santa Fe, Argentina
Agnihotra and audio visual Homa Therapy presentations were held by Prof. Abel & Aleta at this city hall. It was organized by Patricia Lari and her husband Roberto Bilbao, a lovely couple devoted to the practice of Agnihotra and service. They established a HOMA CENTER in Sanford and everyone is invited to participate at sunset Agnihotra.



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Sanford, Santa Fe, Argentina - Homa Center
Agnihotra at Mrs. Patricia's and Roberto's backyard. Friends, neighbors and family meet to share the healing fire and to purify the atmosphere. Sanford is surrounded by conventional agriculture and large fields where GM soybeans are grown. Homa healing fires are the need of the hour!

On rainy or cold days Agnihotra is practiced in the office of the Center. We want to take this opportunity and thank Patricia and Roberto for their invitation and unconditional love that we experienced living and being with them.



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The invitation to Venado Tuerto came in the last moment through Agro. Eng. Carlos Brambilla and his mother Mrs. Susana Schroeder, who are very interested in organic farming. This city is also surrounded by vast farming land. Much of it is GM soybean crop and the rest is conventional, high cost chemical farming.

Homa presentation about Health and Farming at Sergio's and Silvia's Meditation Center. (photo above). Experiences from all over the world were shared and many questions answered. Paulina, a 13 year old girl, explained sadly, how she feels that the green of the plants is no more alive. It has become dull and dead. When she was a small child, she remembers, that the green in her grandmothers garden had life. It seems that this part of the country is also plagued by different addictions, like drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. Again the integration of Agnihotra in schools, colleges, Yoga Centers, hospitals, De-addiction Centers, work places, farms, etc. could greatly prevent these problems.
What are we waiting for?
(photo below) Homa presentation in Buenos Aires, Vicente Lopez in the Club "Defensores de los Olivos" with Mrs. Carmen Campanella. Mr. Christian Viol arranged for this meeting, like he did for many other Homa presentations in B.A. We want to express our special thanks to him. In the busy life style of the modern cities, he seems to be one of the few who still finds time to selflessly serve the community.



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


Do you like multimedia? Do you love to communicate in different ways?
If I were all alone in this world, I would most probably feel very lonely - but luckily I'm not. Fortunately I can share not only with humans but also animals, plants, stones, with my entire environment through various interactions. Do you think that this can be done only through words? Or maybe my being, my appearance also interacts with the environment?

Perhaps communication is possible through scents. My skin plays an important role in this mode of communication. The skin is in resonance with the way I feel and how I live my day: Am I happy? Am I worried? Am I enjoying my company?
Whatever I experience internally, is also reflected on my skin. She is so to speak my point of contact with the outside world at various levels. Of course on the physical level there are the cells that form our "coat”, our outward borders. But there is also a fluid system (blood, fluid in the tissue, lymph, sweat, etc.) which needs to keep these cells healthy. And then there are even finer aspects, for example a scent systems depending on my inner mood, which sends signals to the skin and the environment. And there is also an electric-magnetic system ("software"), which controls our skin ("hardware"), etc.

All these aspects work together like clockwork, and if I want to have a beautiful skin, I can optimize it by following these points:
*For a good skin texture, much fresh vegetarian food is recommended.
*For a smooth skin, drink about 2-3 liters of water daily, best with Agnihotra ash.
*For a wonderfully scented skin, have loving thoughts. They help to control - as a good operator at the computer - "software" and "hardware" of our body system.
*What about our "Body Electricity"? Our bodies and even our skin are in resonance with the Earth's magnetic field and the energy of the sun. And if I want to improve this "control" I can practice the healing Agnihotra pyramid fire. Agnihotra improves our life force through the resonance with the sun, which is our life source in general. Agnihotra ash contains this life force in a sealed manner and is therefore available as a medicinal powder full of life energy.
*If I'm sitting in front of the Agnihotra fire, it strengthens my entire life force. 
*I can also take 1 teaspoon of Agnihotra ash 3 x daily with honey, with water or with yogurt.
*I can put Agnihotra ash directly on the skin:
- sprinkle Agnihotra ash powder like a powder on wounds, insect bites, burns, eczema, pimples, acne, inflammation, etc. several times a day
- Agnihotra ash mixed with boiled cooled water is used as a cold compress for inflammation, sprained leg, etc.
- Agnihotra ash mixed with warm water  can be used as a foot bath, whole bath, etc.
- Agnihotra ash mixed with olive oil can be used as a massage oil to support the skin functions
- Agnihotra ash mixed with Ghee works as an ointment for eczema, pain, dry skin, or simply as a beauty cream
-  Agnihotra ash mixed with Horsetail (Equisetum arvense); let it boil for at least 10 minutes before straining and apply externally twice a day on the scalp with a soft massage as hair tonic and scalp treatment. Drink 5 times x day a cup for strong and beautiful fingernails.

These are just examples for your well-being. Be creative! You can mix Agnihotra ash with all kind of natural substances, apply it and experience the effect! So many people give testimony of fantastic success!

Pharmacist Monika Koch is the author of the book: "Homa Therapy - the Ancient Science of Healing".  She has conducted studies with Agnihotra Ash medicines for many years.


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One can expend so much energy, valuable energy on talking. If it is meaningful conversation it is excellent but so much of the interaction between people is wasteful. Always think is it useful? Is it helpful? Is it clear communication? Is it gossip? Is it necessary? One can be extremely spontaneous and fill of joy and yet not fall into the trap of meaningless chatter.

Practice this today
Where is the question of NOT feeling joy?
Do Mantra.
Let only HIS words come from your lips.
Wait before speaking as if you had a filter between your thoughts and your speech.
That filter screens your thoughts and only allows those of Purity and Light to come through.
You come to know that you are the thought, the word and the filter. This is how you learn control of speech.

Those who seek personal gain only find their own destruction. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all shall be added unto thee. Let not seeds of past desire confuse the state of happiness you are still capable of reaching. Surrender and “Thy will be done.”

You must get into the habit of smiling all the time. All the time smiling. It has a good effect on your mind, not to mention the joy you bring to others.
If you feel quiet, be quiet but always be smiling.

You should never feel envious of another person. If someone else’s life appears simple to you, you should say, “What is it that the person is doing to simplify his life? What priorities are set in order to simplify life?” You will notice that the priorities are being set, disciplines are being kept and service is being given without expectation. This makes life simple. This is all Grace.
Keep things simple. Simplify your life.




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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On raising mass consciousness
Such a mass consciousness that is required now can only come about if those walking in the Light attend to the rest who are not. Now, how is this to be done?
One may organize programs, such as the late Leon Faruq* had done, which basically turn the attention from darkness to light. One must speak the language of those who walk in darkness, in order that trust is formed and belief is certain. If one speaks evangelical preach to those whose lives do not reflect that, the percentage of ones ‘saved’ will certainly be lessened! Indeed, one must listen with one’s heart and soul to the ones in need, in order to know what to speak and when to speak what.
*(The late Leon Faruq was the site director for Safe Streets, an anti-violence program operated since 2007 by the Living Classrooms Foundation in partnership with the Baltimore City Health Department. Leon was an inspired and inspiring human being, dedicated to working for positive change in this world.)
One may write inspirational literature, which, if based in reality, will engender greater response. One may reach one’s friends, but to reach the masses, a mass approach is required.

The fires which you practice are being shared from heart to heart, flame to flame across the world. Now, greater groups shall form in order to have mass healings on a subtle realm. The approach can work in some countries and not in others. More on this subject later. Certainly, you will be instrumental in establishing mass healings as in Europe . It will take some planning. Let us consider it.
Certainly, Internet is a phenomenal tool, which is only being slightly tapped by those whose work has been defined as Light Work. Indeed, we foresee a greater spread of knowledge via Internet than by any other means, in the moment. Let the exchange of information and network of Light workers be established. This is the main purpose now. This will shift, as reality begins to shift. However, use the tools at hand while they are in your hands.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Newsletter!

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