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On the macro level, we can picture the universe, the galaxies, the solar systems, the planets, Earth and its inhabitants and space. On the micro level, if we start breaking down any object into the smaller components, we reach the molecules, then the atoms, then the subatomic particles (neutrons, protons, electrons, etc.), and space. On the other hand, if we go from dense matter to subtle energies, we end up realizing that vibrations are occupying theses spaces. Yes, vibrations are within all objects (animated and unanimated). We are vibrations.
Everything vibrates.
Everything is interrelated through vibrations. And yes, certain vibrations can penetrate different layers of matter like an X-ray can go through the skin and picture the bones.
We can also see that the natural waste of some organisms can be the food for others and vice versa in many ecosystems. It seems like everything has its purpose. And we also notice that a balance among the components must be kept so this dynamic circle of life goes on. In this play, you can see clearly that we (men) are part of everything and everything is or has part of us. However, men’s actions (outpourings) can have a strong impact in the environment. His/her actions can be positive or negative.

From the Macro to the Micro - Vibrations are everywhere.

(+) = action towards balance = purity
(-) = action away from balance = pollution
Most people are already familiar with the negative actions. But which are the positive actions?
According to the Vedas, independent of the social role we have been called to play in this life, there are some concrete positive actions which can be performed by anyone and subtle positive vibrations that we can be add to our world. They can be summarized as: Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya. This is called the Fivefold Path.
So, let’s help to keep this balance and realize our Oneness through the practice of the Fivefold Path. And yes, yes, yes, in essence - WE ARE ALL ONE.
You might want to look into the meaning of the following verse and meditate on it:

Om poornamadah poornamidam
Poornaat poornamudachate
Poornasya poornamaadaya
Poornameva vashishate
Om shantih shantih shantih


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Homa Healing Stories

Mrs. Puspa
Cheras, Malaysia

“My husband has not been well in the last two years after a stroke. He has been going in and out of the hospital. Then we went to an Ayurvedic Center for treatment, where we met Mr. Alan Yong. There we attended 2 sessions of Agnihotra morning and evening. We drank Agnihotra ash in water and applied it. The third day, my husband was able to walk. We applied also Agnihotra ash with ghee on his swollen hand and now the hand is better.

Mrs. Puspa and her recovering husband

My husband does not want to use the stick any longer. He is walking independently now. He was paralyzed and he could not walk for one and a half years. Now he walks! I put all my faith in Agnihotra and I do it at sunrise and sunset. My husband takes 2 to 3 ash capsules per day. ”

Alan Yong, Malaysia writes about the Eczema of his grandson

"I am sending some photos of my Grandson who had Eczema at his elbows and knee joints since child birth. After two months of  Agnihotra ash application the disease disappeared."


Eduardo Rodriguez
Bogota, Colombia

"I am from Bogota, Colombia. I am grateful to HOMA Therapy and the efforts being made to make this  wonderful Therapy known. After 20 years of walking on the spiritual path and now - knowing Agnihotra, I must truly say that this is the best stage of my life. Thank you. Om Shri Om"




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Architect Alejandro Cajas, Ecuador

“I want to share an experience which I had with the Agnihotra ash. I went to visit my mother and she told me that she was going to cut the male papaya tree in her garden because it was not giving anything. I said, 'Mom don’t cut the tree, I’ll bring some Agnihotra ash, which we will put around  the tree and let’s see what happens. I will also leave you a bag of Agnihotra ash so you can continuously apply ash.  After some time my Mom called me happily and said 'Son, the papaya is starting to produce fruits’.

I could not believe this because that would be a genetic change. So I went there and saw the papayas actually growing. And these were delicious papayas! We all enjoyed these fruits, a product of the Agnihotra ash.
That to me is a great experience! It is practically a miracle of the Agnihotra ash and the Agnihotra fire."

Eng. Hernan Posas, Ecuador
BANANA and a Biological Control Agent

"I want to tell you that we had on our farm "Fuente de Alegria" (Source of Joy) a cochinila or chinche arenosa plague. This plague has caused us big problems, including rejection of containers in the United States. Our bananas went to Walmart, but Walmart rejected the containers due to the presence of the cochinilla, which is not acceptable for the United States market. This bug is an insect, a sucker living in the roots of the banana plants, but it also goes up into the fruit. Although it does not harm the bananas, it is very dangerous if it enters places where fruits are imported, because it is very harmful for citrus fruit, grapes and many plants growing in the USA and Europe.

Consequently it is imperative that there are no insects on the bananas.
This year, and we are thanking God and HOMA Therapy for this, an insect has appeared and is entering the banana plantation, only now since we do HOMA Therapy. Before, this insect was in the cocoa, but never came to the bananas. This insect is a biological control agent and has come to wipe away the cochinilla plague.
We practice every day Agnihotra at sunrise or sunset, 8 hours of Tryambakam Homa and on new and full moon we do 24 hours of Tryambakam Homa. "

Patrick Feijo, Ecuador

"We selected a hectare of bananas only to test HOMA Farming Technology and we are only fumigating the Agnihotra ash solution with the help of a water pump. In this sector we also apply the ash that is produced during the Tryambakam Homa. This has given us an excellent control of the Black Sigatoka. So much so that the people who do the technical checkups and the weekly plant analysis, who initially were full of disbelieve and laughed at us and at what we were doing, took samples  from the Homa plot and got astonished. The Homa area has another color and presents less infection. We are very excited. We are considering now handling the whole farm with HOMA Therapy. We started the Homa farming project in the part of the farm where there was the  poorest soil, but now there is clear evidence that this lot is much better than the rest. You can see from the plane that it is much greener."



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Better world: Eat more plants
18 September 2009 by Michael Le Page

There are two good reasons for eating more fruit and vegetables in place of meat: it's better for you and it's better for the environment.
Where the food you eat comes from matters less than what it is. The greenhouse emissions from transporting food are typically only a tiny proportion of the total emissions associated with growing food.
Livestock are responsible for nearly a fifth of all

greenhouse emissions, from the methane produced by their guts and manure, to nitrous oxide emissions from the fertilizers used to grow feed for them. Because it takes several kilograms of plant matter to grow a kilogram of meat, producing meat and animal products such as cheese usually greatly multiplies the environmental damage done by farming. The huge amounts of land required are driving the destruction of rainforests, for instance. Even small reductions in consumption, such as making Mondays meat-free, could make a big difference.

Himachal Pradesh farmers adopt centuries old Homa farming method
August 27th, 2009 - 3:48 pm ICT by ANI
By Akhilesh

Palampur, Aug.27 (ANI):
Himachal Pradesh, a State described by many people as the land of deities, is known for its traditional lifestyle and belief in religious rituals.
To get a good harvest many farmers in Himachal have now adopted its century-old method of ‘Homa’ farming, which is farming with prayers and chanting mantras.

Homa farming is a spiritual practice that dates back to the Vedic period. It involves chanting of Sanskrit mantras at specific time in a day before the holy fire.
The practitioners and propagators of Homa farming, also call it as “revealed science”.
Agriculture University of Himachal Pradesh is experimenting on these techniques for last three years and they have got good results.
”We are very glad to see that wherever Homa farming was done, the plants are growing in a healthier manner and they are giving good produce. In comparison to other plants that are giving low produce due to draught-like situation,” said Y S Paul, Head of the Department, Organic Farming Program.
Homa farming basically energizes or awakens the farmland on which it is practiced. The ash that results from the Havana (holy fire) and the fire (Puja) is used to energize composts, plants, animals, etc.
” One such process is ‘Agnihotra,’ in order to activate certain points in the farmland, we add holy ash in the middle of the farm after recitation of mantras. This kind of farming method is popular in Germany and other countries as well,” said Satish Sharma, Acting Vice Chancellor Cum Research Director, Agriculture University Of Palampur.
Farmers in the region are reaping benefits from this novel and unique farming method.
The method is an age-old phenomenon invented in India and is described in detail in the Rig Veda.
The term Homa is derived from the ancient practice of performing Yajna or Havan by lighting a holy fire and putting ingredients like cow dung, raw rice etc. in it and reciting Vedic mantras along with it.
Homa farming is said to be beneficial for human beings, animals and crops as it is also environment-friendly. (ANI)



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Dr. Edgar Soto, his wife Mrs. Luisa Maria and Ms. Rosa Grados with Homa friends invited us to visit ICA again. Ica is a city in the South of Peru. A couple of years had passed since our last trip to Ica, where a group of people had started the practice of Agnihotra. Through the efforts of Ms. Rosa Grados in teaching and sharing her experiences with Homa Therapy, the group of Agnihotris has become bigger.

Mantra workshops in ICA
Since the Agnihotra practitioners were eager to learn other Homas and Mantras, Prof. Abel Hernandez gave several classes on this subject. This group also received a class in the preparation of Agnihotra ash medicines. Thanks to the unconditional support and love of the Soto family,many Homa meetings and teachings could happen in a short time period.
(photos above and below)



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Agnihotra presentation and massive healing in the Hotel Carmelo, Ica
The owner of the hotel, Don Manuel, invited Homa Therapy to be presented in one of the big halls of this prominent Hotel. Several TV stations brought interviews with Dr. Abel and also several radio stations broadcasted various interviews.

So, in spite of having to compete with an 'important' soccer game, the hall was full with people eager to experience Agnihotra. Also many Agnihotris participated and again it was a Healing Festival of  Light and Sound. (all photos this page)



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sSalud, Ica Homa Therapy presentation in the Dept. of "Complemen-tary Medicine" in the State Hospital through the Director, Dr. Edmundo Rafael Changllio, who  privately practices Agnihotra for several years.
(photo left)

Mrs. Nancy Ramirez from Ica was present at the Homa presentation in the State Hospital, where she and other family members are being treated for several illnesses. The very same day, without a second of hesitation, she invited everyone for Agnihotra meetings in her roomy house.  She got her Homa instruments right away and since then she keeps up practicing and sharing the healing fire with the help of the Agnihotra team. (photo above)

A Mantra class for Agnihotris was also held at Mr. Atilios and Mrs. Lucias' home in Ica in a beautiful environment and concluded with a peaceful Agnihotra. (photo above)


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HOMA THERAPY in the enchanted Hotel - Hacienda Cantayo

The Hotel - Hacienda Cantayo in Nazca is unique! Not only is it a fine 5-Star Hotel, it  is also a Homa farm with many varieties of cereals, veggies and fruits. It is home to many animals, bees, birds, etc. It is a  mini zoo.  (photos above)
The owners, Enzo and Lucia Desto from Italy practice Agnihotra daily with several of their employees, who enthusiastically share their love for the healing fires.
Prof. Abel Hernandez supported this Homa venture with video presentations and talks about the effects of  this Ayurvedic healing fire world-wide.
(photo left)



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State Hospital Cayetano Heredia, Piura
We were happy to be able to visit several times this main hospital in the Department of Piura, where Homa Therapy sessions have been shared  for many years under the guidance of Prof. Cesar Gonzales and his wife Gaby Zapata. These healing sessions are open to everyone, also to people who are not insured in this hospital and the participation in the daily sunset Agnihotra is always free of charge.
Prof. Abel Hernandez presented new and powerful evidence of the healing effect of Agnihotra through latest healing reports from different parts of the planet.
(photos above and below)

There is always space and time to practice, share and teach the different, additional Homa fires like here the Vyahruti Homa in the hospital. The additional Homa fires only show their full effect, if the basic Agnihotra fire is practiced regularly.



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Asociacion por la Vida, Piura
Various Agnihotra sessions with Homa volunteers in the "Association for Life", where recently the practice of Homa Therapy started. This association treats and houses VIH+ children and some of their  VIH+ mothers. Aleta and Prof. Abel introduced Homa Therapy there. They were invited  by the nurse, Mr. Jose Carlos Yamunaque, and the director, Mrs. Celina Dioses.
Mr. Jose Carlos learned about Agnihotra over 10 years ago, when it was practiced in the Hospital Santa Rosa of Piura. It was then, when his  health, the health of his mother and  relatives improved. Now, after many years, he is restarting Agnihotra practice for the sake of "his" children.
(photo above)

Women's HOMA Healing Circle, Piura
Thanks to Mrs. Liliana Llanos, the women's healing circle has become a routine for the women in Piura. Every Thursday they meet to practice one hour Tryambakam and do Agnihotra together with meditation. Many people have received healing through this circle of LOVE, LIGHT and SERVICE.
(photo above)



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Lima, Peru
Agnihotra with family and friends of Dr. Freddy and his lovely wife Leony. In spite of having started the practice recently, already some of their friends do Agnihotra and they are experiencing amazing results, i.e. the father of a friend who suffers from Lung emphysema has started to breathe better with all the Agnihotra smoke around him! People like him can have a crisis just by being exposed to the smoke of a lighted match!

"Mi Rinconcito Vegetariano" in Lima, Peru
There is no visit to Lima  without sharing Agnihotra with our friends and presenting latest information on Homa health and Homa farming. Thanks to Prof. Humberto Guerrero de la Luz (Warrior of the Light) everybody is invited every Saturday for sunset Agnihotra in this restaurant. The address is: Calle Recabarren 156, Miraflores, Lima. He keeps all the necessary Homa supplies.



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Mr. Oscar Gutierrez from Madrid, Spain writes:
"My name is Oscar Gutierrez and I am currently living with my wife in Madrid, Spain. I have been practicing Agnihotra for two months and I also occasionally practice the Tryambakam Homa. We especially do it in order to support our spiritual practice, as we experience that Agnihotra rises the vibrational and energetic level of both, the place where it is done and in the people who practice it. We have also noticed that it creates an atmosphere of peace in our home and in the region around the house.
The photos were taken during sunset Agnihotra. We have never seen anything close to these spheres of light in photos taken with the same camera, outdoors or indoors. We continued to take photos of Agnihotra on successive days, and the phenomenon was repeated the next day but has not reoccurred.
We encourage everyone to be consistent in the practice of Agnihotra and to disseminate it in accordance to their possibilities. Wishing you all the best, Oscar"



Dear Friends of HOMA Therapy in Argentina,

Thanks to the interest, the many invitations and the help of Mr. Christian Viol and other friends, the planning and preparations of the Argentinean Homa Tour itinerary is on its way. We will keep informing you through e-mails. You can also reach us through our email: terapiahoma@yahoo.com  We love to hear from you!


  Let's start cultivating our own FOOD! 
Granja-Homa en Olmué - ECHO, Chile

ECHO invites to participate in various agricultural courses and Mantra workshops. Please see details:


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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


If you comb your hair, are there unusually many hair staying in the comb or brush? Do you often find hair on your sweater or jacket or on the pillow? Would you like to do a hair treatment for strong and shiny hair?
If yes, I have a special tip for treating your hair at home:
1. Practice regularly Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset

2. Take 4 times daily a tea spoons of Agnihotra ash powder and one teaspoon of brown millet powder (morning, afternoon, evening and before bedtime)
3. Massage your scalp every morning and evening with horsetail tea prepared with Agnihotra ash powder.

Why does this helps my hair?

1.) Regular Agnihotra strengthens the Prana (life energy) so wonderfully; each part of the body can regain its strength and work properly again. Thousands of people have experienced this repeatedly and now you can use this for your health!

2.) There have been many investigations to find out what causes increased hair loss. It was shown in various opportunities that a major reason is the over acidity of the body - for whatever reason that may be. Perhaps too much stress, perhaps too little sleep, maybe too many sweets, maybe too much white bread, white rice, white flour, etc. There are so many reasons why the metabolism can be acidified. When you are taking plenty of Agnihotra ash powder you can set the metabolic back into the alkaline range. Brown-millet provides the necessary vitality and fibrous materials that can rebuild the hair healthy, strong and beautiful. You can easily apply this mixture at home every day as your PERSONAL conditioner. Just give it a chance!

3.) You can support your hair additionally if you massage your scalp mornings and evenings with the following hair-lotion for better blood flow to the hair roots: bubble boil horsetail (Equisetum arvense) at least 10 minutes with Agnihotra ash powder. This is very important to ensure that the necessary healing substances are removed from the herb and reach the water. Then take this concentrated horsetail Agnihotra ash tea and massage your scalp very lovingly! - Then watch how your scalp and hair recover again!

Isn’t it wonderful that you start feeling better and better and that your body recovers  health?

Ph Reagent Test drops show that tap water immediately becomes alkaline by adding some Agnihotra ash.  

Tap water

Water from an alkalinizing machine

 Tap water with Agnihotra ash

Pharmacist Monika Koch is the author of the book: "Homa Therapy - the Ancient Science of Healing".  She has conducted studies with Agnihotra Ash medicines for many years.


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            Planetary destruction at bay. Last chance for the planet. All the Devas surround the places of fire. Safe havens.
The whole atmosphere is charged. It is like the new dawn. It is all bliss, all love.

            With Divine guidance if you are not there, there is no answering service or automatic fax. If you are out you do not get your message. Observe strictly meditation and Homa timings.

          There is such great suffering in the world, such pain and loss. All those who are ready by their Karma will be lifted into the LIGHT.

                 It is wonderful, whatever the occasion, if it draws people together for meditation, prayer, uplifting singing, chanting and the like. But it should not become like Sunday. One day a week I go to church and pray. The rest of the week I do what I like. I commit crimes, I cheat on my wife, I do not tell the truth. But on Sunday I am going to church regularly.

                When one comes under the care of the Sadguru, one’s life takes on a new dimension. One’s thinking is suddenly clearer if he keeps his focus on the Sadguru. When thinking becomes cloudy or emotions start to interfere, refocus on the Sadguru. Immediately it will be made clear to you. A promise is a promise. When the Sadguru takes your hand He takes responsibility for your every step, your every breath.

               Who am I? What am I here for? Answers to these questions can never come in way which is fulfilling through intellect alone. Highest acuity of intellect can only tell you that there is something more which can only come when the intellect becomes "enlightened intellect." To reach this state of enlightenment we have to pass through a stage which is called purity of heart. Maximum intellect can tell you that there is something more but intellect can never lay its grasp on it.




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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Faith
Yes. Yes. What is the ORIGIN OF FEAR in one’s heart? This we observe is considered and widely accepted as a characteristic of HUMAN NATURE. Fear thus is ACCEPTED.
Let us examine this in a logical, rational manner, as FEAR is neither logical nor rational.
Let us put on the gloves of a surgeon then, to examine FEAR within the nature of the human being.
To examine fear, one need be—if not at least temporarily—OBJECTIVE. Fear is never objective!
From where does fear spring up in the human being? Is it of Divine origin? No.
Divine is never based in fear. TRUE DIVINITY is total, unconditional Love. It is reflected in the forgiving heart. Shall we continue?
Fear then, is it a product of SOCIETY? Is it then reflective of lifestyle, indicative of stress- filled lives lived often on the brink of despair or desperation? It seems so.
There are numerous fears—fear of death, fear of life, fear of heights, fear of depths, fear of falling, fear of failing, fear of success, fear of man’s inherent mortality, fear of forgetting, fear of remembering, fear of loss and fear of gain. Fear passed on through lives gone past, fear based on a future seemingly unforeseen.
What, if any, is the ANTIDOTE to soothe and relieve the fearful heart? The antidote is FAITH.
Fear is cultivated, fed well and entertained with a flourish. If, instead, human beings began to ignore FEAR, to untangle the tentacles which reach into and strangle one’s hopes and dreams—a new way would dawn … to be replaced with FAITH.
Ah, FAITH. FAITH is cultivated and nurtured in the heart of one who chooses consciously to move toward the Light.
FEAR thrives on darkness. FAITH thrives on Light.

Every day, human hearts must choose from the menu of life. Choose beings who reflect faith or instill fear. Choose activities which offer the priceless opportunity to move in FAITH, or those which carry you into the fields of FEAR. The choice has never been more clear. The proverbial fence whereupon many have sat out their lives is being torn down. This truly is the ERA of TRUTH. One either walks in Light or falls in darkness. This is the time of great extremes—extremes in weather in Nature only reflect the extremes in the lives of human beings on this planet.
Dear beings moving into the Light, CHOOSE FAITH. FAITH uplifts. FAITH blesses. FAITH SUPPORTS. FAITH nurtures. FAITH originates in Divinity. Move in Light. In Grace. In Joy. Blessings abound. Live in truth and harmony as is the will of Divine. Walk amongst your brothers and sisters in peace. Speak the truth. Let all which is in confusion be bathed in clarity.
If any of you have erred, if you have made mistakes in your dealings with others, all of you forgive yourselves and allow those who reach out to uplift you. Let the TRUTH be known. Be not reticent. But speak the truth in a palatable manner.
Those who are hiding behind masks of deception or of defense will come to realize their errors. Give them the opportunity to be forgiven.
May all walk as one in the fields of FAITH, in TRUTH and the Light of Understanding.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Newsletter!

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