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Have you been in a Rock Concert, or a Classical Music Concert, or a Folkloric Concert, etc.? Some people like to go to a night club for dancing, drinking, etc.
Those vibrations of sound and light with special effects can affect the people and trigger some special feelings.
However, sooner or later, you want another type of joy or bliss and you may go to a church or a temple or within (meditation). Some may even look for a Guru (*). When you go to the church or a temple, usually you are looking for some spiritual help.
There many reasons why many people go to these places for there is a power in the surroundings, in the atmosphere, which induces a certain state of mind. And yes, we have  a common factor, a mode of action, which is ¨the search for happiness¨
Also, you probably already read something like this:
“For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them." Matthew 18:20
¨Occupy thy mind with Me, be devoted to Me, sacrifice to Me, bow down to Me. Thou shall reach Myself; truly  I promise unto Thee, (for) Thou art dear to Me.¨ GITA 18:65
Is there a shortcut to achieve this STATE OF BLISS ?
Yes, yes, yes! Through the regular practice of Agnihotra, we can achieve this. We have the power in our hands to transform our reality into health, peace, bliss, wisdom and prosperity through Agnihotra.

(*) Guru is the dispeller of darkness.

Agnihotra removes the darkness and brings BLISS to all

However, through the gathering of Agnihotra fires, very powerful vibrations can spread this Bliss. The more Agnihotras, the greater the intensity and the speed of these forces of light and sound. And yes, there are many ways to be a Light worker. You can use prayers, good actions (charity), counseling, listening, providing some services, etc. And you can literally become a Light worker  when you do Agnihotra.
The good company of the searchers of Light creates a loving atmosphere. This is called Satsangha. So, do not miss the opportunity to participate in a gathering of Agnihotra fires. There is more than what meets the eye in these events. These are 'Angelic Festivals'. There is profound healing taking place at that time. You can participate passively by simply being there or you can participate actively by doing your own Agnihotra fire.
Satsangha is conducive to Oneness and cooperation among ourselves. Agnihotra does the same. Agnihotra removes the darkness in the mind  by sharpening the intellect and improving the perception. Agnihotra is Satsangha with the Divine.

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Homa Healing Stories

Liliana Henao
Bogota, Colombia, South America

"In a massive practice of the Sacred Fire in the South of Bogotá, Colombia, one of the assistants asked whether or not an Agnihotri wanted to
share some experience that would show the benefits of Agnihotra. I could not help to recall the time when my mother was declared a hopeless case with one of the most aggressive breast cancers in stage 4. And comparing this sad time with our current situation, I got up and talked about how Agnihotra and its ash effectively supported the healing of this illness. This cancer had claimed the lives of many women, younger than my mother and who received the same medical treatment. My mother is 80 years old.

Liliana Henao practicing Agnihotra. On Sundays she shares Agnihotra with others.

Additionally to that, I feel progressively a joy within a beautiful state of peace that I like to convey to everyone, even though  it has not been possible for me to practice Agnihotra every day due to my work."

Laura, 11 years old
daughter of Liliana Henao

Laura has the capacity to talk to the "elements" and during Agnihotra the Master of the Fire  spoke to her:
"I was told we should do more Agnihotra fires for further purification on this area and to expand these healing energies from this central point in the city. Also, we can invoke angels and archangels like Michael and Raphael or even Jesus or Mother Mary. They will come and work through this powerful healing fire."

Laura also shares her personal testimony with Agnihotra:
"The practice of Homa Therapy  has changed my life. For example, at school, many of the children are aggressive and do not respect anything or anyone, assaulting physically and verbally their schoolmates. Since I practice the sacred Homa fire, my thoughts and my energy are lighter and thanks to my peaceful energy I am not an object of this aggressiveness.
Also, my  perception on the subtle planes has improved thanks to the blessings of these healing Homa fires and the Masters. "

Photo right: Laura's Agnihotra fires are always huge and with tremendous energy.




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Indian Express 27.07.2009
(Front Page and page 2)

Himachal Agricultural University research shows:

  • HOMA (bhasma) improves crop growth

  • Mantras cure plant disease



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"Deliberate creation of Pandemic"

Austrian investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister has filed criminal charges against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials, charging them with bio-terrorism and attempts to commit mass genocide.
In April, she filed charges against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing and releasing live bird flu virus’, alleging it was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic. ...

Despite the fact that this could easily be one of the hottest news items this year, not one story can be found about it in the mainstream media. This has led many to dismiss it as either a hoax, or an attempt to raise the stakes by a misguided conspiracy monger.
All things considered this lack of mainstream media coverage should not be considered as proof sufficient to dismiss the validity of the story and the evidence which it presents. After all, their have been many articles over the years exposing how the media and politicians are in large part bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry and big business in general...
A review of the documentation Burgermeister offers makes at least one thing transparently clear, and that is that there are enough legal provisions already in place to make a forced vaccination program a reality, giving certain agencies the authority to go as far as using deadly force to ensure compliance.
And, should you decide to submit to the vaccination our newly elected president Barack Obama has signed legislation which grants legal immunity to all players from prosecution if things do go wrong. Therefore you will have no legal recourse whatsoever to sue anyone, anywhere, for damages should they arise.
This would be and is nothing short of a crime against humanity , no matter how “legal” or “in the best interest of the people” it has been set up to appear. ...

Sources and to read full articles please enter:
There are also several radio interviews in with Jane Burgermeister in internet: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6738


Put aside everything you believed about the current state of our government for two hours...
this is NOT about Obama... but the power structure behind him.
You can follow the facts that are stated in this film ... they are as possible as they are plausible.
Is it possible that we need to support Obama MORE so he can act on his promises and talks?
Watch and Share....



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Mrs. Marcya Abad, from the Ataman Association, invited us once more to visit Cuenca. Many people have come to know about the Agnihotra healing fire through her.
The day we arrived in Cuenca, video presentations, talks, testimonies and practice of Agnihotra started. People arrived from every strata, even high military officials were attracted to find out more about Homa Therapy and its effects.
Regular Agnihotra meetings took  place in the Ataman Association. Marcy Abad, Dr. John Matlander, Fabian Toral and Betty are some of the volunteers who teach Agnihotra there.
Through the main daily newspaper "El Mercurio" the massive Agnihotra Healing was announced
(photo left). So, the Chamber of Commerce was filled up to the last seat.
Photos above and below from Agnihotra meetings in Ataman.



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Agnihotra is out for the masses,
because everybody is looking for help these days to alleviate physical and emotional pains,  stress, loneliness or  depression. There is also an inner awakening happening and people feel attracted to the LIGHT of Agnihotra.

Agnihotra video presentation in the "Camara de Comercio" (Chamber of Commerce) in Cuenca, in a European-style city in the Andean mountains. Before Prof. Abel had finished the presentation and introduction to Homa Therapy, all the Agnihotra pyramids we had brought had found a new owner. Many Agnihotras were lit and created a wonderful atmosphere of love and unity.



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Cuenca, Ecuador

Homa Therapy presentation in the Yoga Center "Quilla", where the owners recently started with the regular practice of Agnihotra. Their Agnihotra meetings are open to the public.

Guayaquil, Ecuador
Introduction of Homa Therapy (HT) in the Clinic "Bienestar Integral". Naturopath Fabian Ochoa Palau works with drug addicts. HT came there thanks to Sonia Hunter.

Homa Center Guayaquil, Ecuador
In the Homa Center, Sonia Hunter works with a group of handicapped children with the hyperbaric chamber and complements the treatment with the Homa fires.



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Homa Center Guayaquil, Ecuador
Agnihotra is practiced and shared daily in the Homa Center of Guayaquil since many years. The Homa Center supplies all necessary knowledge, materials and ingredients to practice the healing Homa fires.
Sonia Hunter, who runs the Homa Center experiences calmness and peace. Before she started the practice of Agnihotra many robberies happened in the neighborhood; almost every week someone on the street was robbed. Since Homa Therapy is practiced regularly, the crimes in this neighborhood diminished to two per year.
There are many testimonies where people report that the regular practice of Agnihotra brings peace, first at home and then it spreads all around like fire...

Luzmila (left on photo), who works at the Homa Center celebrates her birthday with friends and Agnihotra fires. The Homa fires you do on your birthday bring many blessings . More Agnihotras  mean, many, many more blessings on this special day!



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Various wonderful re-encounters with Agnihotris and new comers in Lima, Peru in the Vegetarian Restaurant of Prof. Humberto Guerrero. Several joyful meetings and exchange of information and testimonies in this atmosphere, charged with all the vibrations of love of the many healing Agnihotra fires.

A person, who just recently had started the practice of Agnihotra, told everybody the amazing healing story he experienced with his diabetic mother, who  suffered from high blood sugar level (over 300) for many years and since he started Agnihotra and the mother is taking regularly the Agnihotra ash, her blood sugar level is normal (90)! His uncle, who was well known for his serious long face, has been laughing  for practically no reasons. Agnihotra makes people happy!



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Mr. Alan Yong writes about Agnihotra teachings in Thailand:
"On 21st May 2009, Kantipong and Nisachon, a Thai couple from Bangkok and I, flew to Chiangmai, a tourist town in Thailand. We were met by Robert Bagnall, a US citizen who have been residing in Chiangmai for more than 10 years.
The four of us went to Sampayang Temple in Lumphun, about 20 minutes from Chiangmai to introduce Agnihotra. We were met by Pra Kuba, the Chief Abbot of Sanpayong Temple. He managed to gather his disciples and devotees to listen to the Agnihotra talk given by Robert Bagnall.
After the talk, they were given a treat of the ash, some applied on theirs hands and legs and some just ingested them. Everyone including the monks were very happy with us and they requested us to go back again the following week. So, Robert Bagnall committed to teach Agnihotra every Sunday in this Temple."

Above photo from left to right in front row:
Mr. Robert Bagnall, Chief Abbot Pra Kuba y Mr. Alan Yong after practicing Agnihotra with a group of monks.

Mrs. Nisachon and Mr. Kantipong with a Local Thai, who was able to move his fingers 15 minutes after the application of Agnihotra Ash on his injured arm




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By Tee-Liang Wong
Agnihotra Klang Valley Coordinator, Malaysia

Agnihotra at Ti-Ratana Children Home

"Under the invitation of Datuk Alan Yong in late March 2009, Ms. Lee Ringma and Mr. Frits Ringma of Sydney Australia were in Malaysia to introduce Agnihotra to a new group of enthusiastic followers. In the last four months, this group of Agnihotris has been performing group Sunrise Agnihotra on every Saturday and Sunday and the number of members has grown to over 100 people.
On 5th March 2009, Mr. Ong Hock Tek's family Mr. & Mrs. Wong Joy Yip and my family decided to visit Ti-Ratana Children Home at Desa Petaling to perform Agnihotra for the children because we feel that Agnihotra would be helpful for all these children who have come from a diversified backgrounds and some of them have gone through a very challenging childhood.
Ti-Ratana Welfare Home is a Charity Project founded by the Chief Buddhist Monk of Malaysia, Chief Reverence K. Sri Dhammaratana. When we arrived at the home around 6:30pm, there were about one hundred children eagerly waiting for us. None of them has seen how an Agnihotra Fire is performed; therefore one can only imagine the level of curiosity among the children.

We decided to setup Agnihotra inside the Main Shrine Hall thinking that the children can all sit on the floor comfortably. About 2 minuetes before Sunset, we suddenly realized that the building is equiped with Smoke Alarm and Sprinkle System. Immediately, we made a decision to carry the Agnihotra fire to the front porch. Luckily, our fire and smoke only triggered the smoke alarm. Within a few minutes before Sunset, we managed to teach the children how to chant the Sunset Mantra flawlessly. We were also surprised that during the fire they were all quiet for 15 minutes. (photo above; continued on next page)



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Agnihotra at Ti-Ratana Children Home

After the fire, we prepared ash cream for the children to apply on their hands and legs. We were surprised to find them so readily to accept the application of the ash cream. Many of the teenagers were applying the cream directly onto pimples on their face. Initially, none of the kids wanted to ingest the Agnihotra ash directly. But once, one brave kid stepped up, the rest followed. (photo above shows happy children with Agnihotra ash crème)
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Datuk Alan Yong and we also like to thank Lee and Frits Ringma for sharing their knowledge of Agnihotra with all the Malaysians."



Dear Friends of HOMA Therapy in Argentina,
we are very happy to have the opportunity to be soon with you all. We will be arriving in Buenos Aires on 15th of September and for one month spreading the knowledge of the healing Homa fires with YOUR HELP.
If you want to participate in the organization, travels inside Argentina, learn more about the Homa Healing Fires or share them with others, please write us at:

There is a lot of illnesses, pain and suffering in many peoples lives and in the lives of people, for whom we care. We watch the News and realize that there are many problems everywhere. But THE GOOD NEWS is that many of these problems can be resolved through the Ayurvedic Science of Homa healing fires.                           Homa Therapy has demonstrated its effectiveness worldwide in:

  - Human Health (physical, emotional and mental).                                                   Some Doctors talk about "Homa  Miracles".
   - Agriculture       
   - Cattle raising            
   - Ecology          
   - and much more ...

               (Click here for more details about the this Homa teaching tour)



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


Are you thinking about a Spa treatment, because you are in pain or sick, or because you are sad and your world is collapsing? Yes, you can do something good for yourself in order to restore the balance in your body.
Or maybe you do feel well and are in good health and still think about a Spa treatment? Better still to have a complete treatment while you are healthy! This is first-class medicine: health care and cure, even if you feel well, so you can stay healthy! But how to do this?

Very simple: if you are performing Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset and breathe deeply in this atmosphere of peace to strengthen your entire immune system. Each cell is supported in its life force and renewal. This way, you inhale health directly, simply at home with your loved ones and without spending much money. You can fortify this home cure: take your daily bath with 5 tablespoons of Agnihotra ash; take a shower or wash yourself with water and Agnihotra ash; pamper your body with Agnihotra ash-water, which is a special life elixir.

Then massage your whole body gently with a mixture of salt, olive oil and Agnihotra ash powder. This is a gentle exfoliation. Feel how the body releases toxins and dismisses concerns and problems, it juts lets go of all these... Feel how the body relaxes and recharges with new strength. Also massage your feet with this mixture steady and gently so metabolic slag is easily released from this area.
Then wash your body with the lovely warm water,  which carries away all the toxins and clears them up: How relieved are you now?

Still, give yourself another sublime treat: mix one tablespoon of ghee with a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder and rub this mixture into both elbow flexures (photo). This body part is very sensitive and can directly absorb the pure healing and assist your wellbeing. In addition you can take internally a teaspoon of Agnihotra ash powder mixed with honey for inner strength.
You can repeat this happy Spa treatment daily at home, in your surrounding, if you are healthy and even if you are not feeling that well. It supports directly and intensively your health and this is first class medicine!

Pharmacist Monika Koch is the author of the book: "Homa Therapy - the Ancient Science of Healing".  She has conducted studies with Agnihotra Ash medicines for many years.



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              A NEW AGE IS DAWNING. IT IS THE BEGINNING OF A WORLD FULL OF PEACE AND BLISS. But first all the obstructions should be removed.

             Suffering is not necessary. Where is it told in any of the literature, in any of Shree’s Commandments, any of these Fivefold Path teachings, that man and woman must suffer? That they do suffer has been observed, but the opposite is taught –THAT THEY NEED NOT SUFFER.

                 A person also passes through many stages on the spiritual path. These may include difficulties, loss and 'soul searching'. This is like weeding the garden. Only the strongest plants will survive.

Man is made in the image of Thy Father.
It is our free will that makes the difference.
It is Yajnya fire which cleanses the mind. Agnihotra is the basic Yajnya tuned to the bio-rhythm of sunrise/sunset. Yajnya is the science of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire.
It is a clear mind that gives us the ability to distinguish the difference between right and wrong.
It is the disciplines which give us the will to exercise our free will properly.
Then it is only do the healing pyramid fire; do the disciplines; do the Mantra. Follow the Fivefold Path. Then joy is your constant companion.

When you look at the composition of matter, when you reduce anything down to its basic form everything is the same. It is ONE. The only thing that makes things appear differently, manifest differently, is the law of Karma. Humans are the only manifestations of ONE — human meaning that existence, that higher intelligence which is SOUL — which can transcend the Laws of Karma. This means that man is “made in the image of the Father.” “I and my Father are ONE.”




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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Self-importance
Yes, yes. Let us address the issue of self-importance. We are laughing when we observe this trait in human beings―laughing not out of mockery but humour born of compassion. Though we have no individual consciousness per se, we understand and respect human beings’ nature. However, the extremes to which human beings go to become ‘known’ or to become important amazes us. Let us take a human being whose work it is to serve others. That being shall find assistance in spreading whatever is his or her vital truth, as it is often Divine Will which bestows the blessing of truth upon those who speak it.
Then, human beings become embroiled in the act of creating themselves into a packaged commodity in order to reach the masses. This is not necessary, at least for the beings themselves. Should Divine wish one to become widely distributed or well-known, the Divine will provide the way and the assistance required to do so.
In order for one to truly be ‘important’, one must strive to become more a reflection of Divinity. Then, the ‘importance’ is realized as irrelevant! Once you attune yourselves to Divine, there is no longer the small ‘self’ which desires to be valid, important, special. That is the cosmic joke of it, isn’t it? Human beings strive to become known, to become important. Those whose path leads them more on an inner journey will come to a point where God Realization dawns. Lo and behold, they discover their relative unimportance in the scheme of things, but with this rather shocking realization comes a freedom and a joy they could never fathom through any other means.

Yes, those of you on spiritual paths, if you are walking with purity and Grace, if you are listening―you will arrive at this place. The knowing becomes the unknowing. The full becomes empty, only to be refilled with the substance of Divine Wisdom which knows no end. The full then overflows and continues filling all around it until all are full of Grace. Then, there is true Oneness that everyone is talking about! Oneness with all of Nature. Oneness with all humanity. Oneness with all the galaxies. Oneness within one’s own soul and the Divine realization that we are all ONE.
Which leads us to our premise. As we told before, we do not have individual consciousness. So, once the human beings reach the state of ONENESS with all beings, they too have the Divine Consciousness which supersedes and surpasses individual awareness. This essentially brings us to the same conclusion. That is to say simply, one’s individual consciousness melds with Divine Consciousness. And our assertion that we have no individual consciousness is not met with shock or disdain, as you will then understand that this in no way limits our effectiveness as instruments to expand awareness but instead expands it! Ah, if only everything were this simple.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Newsletter!

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