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Protection is an intrinsic need. It is part of our nature. Let's see:
The cell has a protective cell membrane. The body has moving elements such as white blood cells, lymphocytes, etc. to police the internal environment. There are also some fixed elements and physiological mechanisms to protect the body from attacks of foreign micro-organisms or certain external factors.
In a larger scale, the mother and the father play a very important role in the nurturing and protection of the children. Also, the police, the army, the air force, the navy, etc. are to protect the citizens. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other regulatory government agencies are supposed to protect the consumers.
In a greater perspective, the atmosphere is supposed to stop the incoming of toxic radiations, but you already know about the holes in the ozone layer and the related problems.
Likewise, most energy fields or auras of the living organisms are weakened so they are susceptible to many types of disorders or pathogenic diseases. A quick scan of the micro and macro components of Mother Earth reveals how inadequate our protective measurements are against all the kinds of pollution. The word “Crisis” is resounding and “the Red Alert”, ”the Flu”, etc are flashing everywhere.


What can we do? Let's not be discouraged for we have the Vaccine, the Antidote, the Solution. The Practice of AGNIHOTRA can help to re-establish the balance in Nature. Agnihotra can enhance the Fire of Love in our hearts, lighten our minds and protect the body against many ailments. So let's fire up the Agnihotra pyramid and experience the Joy again and again.


Note: Agnihotra comes from the Science of Ayurveda and Shree Gajanan Maharaj from Akkalkot brought this knowledge forward to reestablish harmony everywhere. We are celebrating His birthday on May 17th with a HOMA massive Healing in the Covered Coliseum of Tenjo, Colombia, South America.  

Click here to see a short video clip on how, through GRACE and a small effort, Agnihotra and Homa Therapy is spreading in South America.

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Homa Healing Stories

Prof. Chandrakant Kulkarni
Dhule, Maharashtra, India

"I am a retired Professor from an engineering college and I am a Yoga teacher. I have seen miracles in the form of cure from Agnihotra ash on many people.
I injured both of my big toes and this got me more worried because I am diabetic person. For a diabetic person it takes longer to get cured as compared to an average person. In the worst case scenario the injured parts sometimes need to be amputated. So, I started immediately, to apply Agnihotra ash and used to wrap the toes with a cloth band. After two days both toenails fell off. I didn’t know that this is a part of the healing process, so I got more worried that maybe, I would have to amputate my toes. But soon, to my relief, the injured toe began to heal as seen in the picture."

Ms. Martha Lucia Bulla
Tenjo, Colombia, South America

I am 41 years old. My leg hurt a lot for about 4 months. Then I went to the Homa Therapy at the Botanic Garden in Bogota. After that we started Agnihotra here at the factory in Tenjo. I got the Agnihotra ash cream and I applied it in the mornings and evenings. I felt so much relief, so much. I could not believe it. I have no more pain.

Ms. Luz Daney Molina
Tenjo, Colombia

After practicing Homa Therapy and taking the Agnihotra ash regularly I did not need to take  the medications Sinogan and Aroperidol. I was using them to sleep and for my head.

Ms. Rosalbina
Tenjo, Colombia

I am 62 years old. I had pain in the leg and the waist and my hands were getting numb. The doctor did some medical tests and gave me medicines, but it did not help.  I suffered for 5 years. With the first treatment of HOMA Therapy and the intake of Agnihotra ash and the application of the Agnihotra ointment on my leg, I felt better.



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Effects of Homa Biosol on roses, traditional variety
Farm of Mr. Tiwari
Badwa, M.P, India

Report from
Sarvajit Paranjpe
Maheshwar, M.P., India

Mr. Sarvajit Paranjpe did some experiments with Homa Biosol on different crops like cotton, rose, mogra (flower), banana etc. This is one of his trials on a Rose farm in Badwa, Madhya Pradesh, India.
We were working with Mr. Gowardhan Tiwari. This trial was done on his rose farm. It is an one acre farm and he has twenty rows of roses. All plants were one year old.
To know the effect of Homa Biosol we decided to make different trials with different concentrations. We selected four rows for each concentration.

First concentration was half a liter of Homa biosol with 14.5 liters of water.
Second concentration was 1 liter of Homa biosol 14 liters of water.
Third was 2 liters of Homa biosol in 13 liters of water.
Fourth was 3 liters of Homa biosol 12 liters of water.
Fifth was no biosol, just water.

Where we used half a liter of Homa biosol, we observed some effect. There was some increase in production.

Where we used one liter of Homa biosol we saw more results. More plant growth and more flowers.

Where three liters biosol were used, the leaves burnt on some of the plants, showing that this conc. was too strong.

Where no biosol was used there was the least progress.

Where we used two liters of Homa biosol we observed maximum results.
* The increase in production was 300%.
* This traditional variety usually sheds off the petals in twelve hours. But after spraying Homa biosol the petals remained intact for more than double the time.
* There was also an increase of fragrance. Mr. Jain, who is in charge of the rose field, remarked that the fragrance was so strong that it could be smelled from far away. Before spraying Homa biosol this was not the case.
* There were more flowers per plant.
* The size of the flower was bigger.
*There was an increase in the size of the plant.

without Homa Biosol

Homa Biosol and water in a concentration:  1: 6.5



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 Do you know how many more millions ROCHE can earn in the coming months if the business of induced fear continues?

May, 6th 2009

Do you know that the bird flu virus was discovered in Vietnam 9 years ago?
Do you know that only 100 people have died worldwide in 9 years (11 per year)?
Do you know that the Americans were the ones who warned about the effectiveness of Tamiflu (antiviral human) as a preventive measure?
Do you know who markets TAMIFLU? - ROCHE
Do you know who bought the patent of TAMIFLU from ROCHE laboratories  in 1996? - GILEAD SCIENCES INC.
Do you know who was the president of GILEAD SCIENCES INC. and is still a major shareholder?  -  Donald Rumsfeld, former U.S. Secretary of Defense
Do you know that the sales of TAMIFLU rose from 254 million in 2004 to over 1000 million in 2005?
Do you know how many more millions ROCHE can earn in the coming months if the business of fear continues?
The summary of the story is as follows:
Bush's friends decide that a drug like Tamiflu is the solution for a pandemic disease that has not yet occurred and which has resulted in 100 deaths worldwide in 9 years.
Rumsfeld sells the patent for TAMIFLU to ROCHE and he gets a fortune.
Roche acquires 90% of the production. Governments around the world fear a pandemic threat and buy from Roche industrial quantities of the product.
We end up paying for the medicine and Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush do business ....
ARE WE CRAZY OR IDIOTS? It is incredible how we allow the media and some economic groups to manipulate us with fear.


April 28-29, 2009 ORION On Swine Flu
Yes, yes. We would attempt to have our vehicle understand the current events as they are reported. The latest Swine Flu has the world entrenched in a fear state. There may not be a pandemic, unless of course one is planned. There can be safeguards put into place easily to avoid the spread of the disease. Bird flu, along with the Hoof and Mouth cow’s disease are all symptoms of a world gone mad.
However, let us look at each event with the logic and rationale of a scientific mind. Do not panic. This is the goal of these wildly contagious diseases. This will not spread likely. All can be contained. Unless ‘they’ want a pandemic, there will be efforts put into place which will successfully avert it.
Yes, yes, yes. We see the world in the grips of yet another threat to global harmony, with the advent of the ‘new improved Swine flu.’ Do you not see the purpose behind such sudden pandemic scares? Not only is it a would-be efficient way to control population, but it is an excellent tool for frightening the public into the administration of totally unnecessary, often lethal injections designed to prevent the very flu created for human beings in the first place!. Certainly, do not rush out to get your flu shots anytime soon nor should you stockpile would-be antidotes for same. Instead, there are completely natural cures for all that ails you. If you stockpile, stockpile those.



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The owner of the Vegetarian Restaurant "Sol Aroma", Mr. Jose Miguel Riviere, invited everyone for the Earth Day Healing Homa Fire Ceremony.
This wonderful healing event was organized by Mrs. Dolly Toscano. Over 30 Agnihotra fires were lit in gratitude and honor to Mother Earth. We can do our part in the "Cycle of Life" by nurturing the atmosphere through the regular practice of Agnihotra. This resets the energy cycles  Mother Earth and produces  nutritive rains.

Mrs. Irma Salgado and her husband Mario Muriel from the Restaurant "Mi Ranchito" (photo above) were very happy that Agnihotra on a mass scale was performed in their place to enhance the good "vibes" and bring Light and Peace to the neighborhood.   Prof. Abel Hernandez showed videos about healings and also talked about the effects of Homa Therapy in gardening and agriculture. The massive practice of Agnihotra crowned this event and supplied love and joy for everyone. This was just the perfect event for Mother's Day.



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Agnihotra gathering in the 'Parque Nacional' of Bogota.
This open air event was organized by Dr. Jose Luis Magmud and his helpers. 
Photo left: Newcomers received a short introduction of Homa Therapy and its benefits from Prof. Abel Hernandez and Dr. Orlando Gomez explained how to practice Agnihotra. It was a wonderful event in a sunny park with many beautiful people sending loving healing energies into the atmosphere with their Agnihotra fires.



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Mrs. Maria Teresa Nuñez wanted to present the healing Homa fires to a group of neighbors and friends in Bogota (photos above and left) and also in the village Tenjo (photo below).
Prof. Abel Hernandez gave a introductory talk and presented Homa Therapy through videos from different parts of the world to show its effects in the healing and well being of people practicing this ancient Ayurvedic Science.
In Tenjo, we heard several amazing healing testimonies with the Homa fires .



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The owner of the Vegetarian  Restaurant "Nirvana", Janette Lozano, invited on Saturday and Sunday (2nd and 3rd of May) for an Agnihotra gathering.
Thanks to the projector of Dr. Jose Antonio Magmud it was possible to show video clips of people who have experienced relief and healing from their ailments and diseases through the practice of Agnihotra healing fire at sunrise and sunset.
The place was fully packed on Saturday (photo above) and on Sunday. Two large halls  were used to accommodate all the Agnihotris and interested people in learning Homa Therapy. (see photos to the left)

Every day, more people join to work for the Light by  choosing to practice Agnihotra healing fire. It heals us, the atmosphere, the water, the soil, the plants and the animals. It supports the whole Nature. It is a divine gift to mankind.



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Jhoja Millan writes from Halyana, HIMACHAL PRADESH
"Mariana Ochoa and myself stayed as Homa Volunteers for 15 days on a recently established Homa farm located near Rampur. The owner Mr. Gopal Mehta and his son, Mr. Susheel Mehta have been practicing Agnihotra for about 3 months.
The moment Mariana and I arrived, we started doing daily four hours of Tryambakam Homa and we did 17 hours of New Moon Tryambakam with the help of the family. (see photo below left; Mariana Ochoa with Mrs. Krishna Mehta and children)
They are growing peaches, apples and many kinds of medicinal herbs. We established some comparison with nearby peach trees that are being treated with chemicals and we could notice a big difference regarding their health and development. On the farm, they also have cows and most important a good source of water. 

Mr. Susheel has a special box for attracting bees but he has been waiting without success for three years for the bees to come. As a result of 15 days doing all the Homas, we could see the box full of bees! (see photo below)
IMPORTANT: this area had six months without rain, but after some days of doing the Homa fires, it started raining and it rained 3 times during our stay!
Neighbors and people from the area have started to come asking for the Homa fires."


Mrs. Yanina Wilson writes:

"On the 22nd of April at sunset, we practiced this wonderful Homa Therapy for our Mother Earth in Anaco, State of Anzoátegui in Venezuela.
In the photos you can see Eudalys, Zaira y Yanina.
We are sending all our love to the Gaia Planet."



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We will be waiting for you!
There is room for over 3,500 people!
Don't miss this opportunity to experiment the Power of  AGNIHOTRA when done on large scale.

How to get there:
In the two main portals of the "Transmilenium", you can get a bus which takes you directly to Tenjo in less than one hour. The bus passes in front of the Covered Coliseum.

If you need further information please call:
57- 01 - 802 8429 / 01 864 6281
cel. 315 831 5878

Félix Agudelo, from Tenjo, 71 years old
"I needed to be connected to the oxygen tank during the night at home. During the day I had to use the inhaler. I had problems with my lungs and heart. After participating in the Homa Therapy sessions  I was able to breathe without a problem."



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Kidneys love Agnihotra ash

Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany

Are you suffering from back pain? Do you like to wear tight jeans and short T-shirts, exposing your back to wind? Do you ride a motorcycle or drive a car with open windows? Do you have cold feet? Do you drink little water? Do you have sometimes swellings in the area below the eyes?

A friend of mine woke up in the morning with a swelling in the area below the eyes. During the day, it got better, but the next morning again the swelling (like edemas) was there. The young woman was on a protein diet eating mostly milk and soy products in order to lose weight and at the same time to feel satisfied. Again and again the back pain appeared. She did not take the time to drink sufficient water; she was very busy and also had some family problems to deal with.
Since her back was hurting so badly, she started to massage Agnihotra ash powder mixed with ghee in that area. Ideally this is done in the presence of the still burning Agnihotra flame after having chanted the Mantras. The burning Agnihotra fire has a tremendous healing power!
My friend also started taking rosemary with her food and drank hawthorn tea to support her circulation and to reduce the edemas. She also took 3 times a day Agnihotra ash powder mixed with pure honey and started feeling stronger and stronger. She felt more capable of dealing with the family problems and improved in all areas.

Agnihotra together with the healing Agnihotra ash helps in all kinds of problems. Feel free to start using this powerful tool daily!

Pharmacist Monika Koch is the author of the book: "Homa Therapy - the Ancient Science of Healing".  She has conducted studies with Agnihotra Ash medicines for
many years.



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                  You have to get a little acclimatized to this material world without getting into it.
The effect of bad Karma can be wiped out by intense practice of good Karma and more YAJNYA.
You are in the world. You have to move among the people. Do not become like the people in a worldly sense, but, at the same time, never think you are “above” the people. It is like you walk through a crowd of people but you don’t mingle for long. You keep the pace walking through the crowd. You have to have this direction. WALK ONLY THROUGH THE CROWD, NOT INTO IT.

                No amount of power brings happiness. Eventually the body is even overcome by this quest for power and control.

                Greed is the most evil of all sins.

               You go a step higher and your opinion itself dissolves. Then all you speak is HIS WILL. Persistence breaks resistance.

                One has to be quite humble when carrying these Mantras to the people. If there is any ego involved, the effect will be diminished actually. You can see when someone chants Mantras in this vein. Then, when someone chants with humility, it is more powerful, more pure. The Mantras themselves carry purity. Therefore everyone who chants them should bow their heads, at least in the mind.
Keep the mind pure. Just as one takes great pains to bathe and be clean in clothes when performing the Yajnya like Rudra Yajnya, so one should empty the mind of any blockages to that purity. When we say ‘carry’ the mantras to the people it is like carrying the sacred flame as in old days from house to house. Mantras are also sacred.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

March 14, 2009 On politics, population reduction
Yes, yes. Now on to pressing matters―the world economy. There is not a politician alive who is not compromised, in some way great or small. It is not possible to remain crystal clean and still be involved with the filth of public office. Unfortunately, no one is as yet, immune.

Reduction of the population is of course, a matter of high importance by the powers that be. There are gruesome plans afoot for the trimming of the world’s less valuable citizenry. We are aware of the AIDS virus being planted, being created, manmade and tailor-made for specific blocks of the population. This is not the only planned population reduction. We would say that Avian Bird Flu is quite a creative device to instill absolute panic in the population who have no doubt that what they read in today’s paper is absolutely true. Not to mention the hypnotic effect of TV watching and the lesser evil, waning in popularity in light of newer more high tech options—the newspaper.

On forming networks
The world has grown quite sinister. It is no longer the playground in which all persuasions frolic. We would say that those with awareness shall by necessity begin to form networks which bind together those of second sight and those of insight. Much channeled material these days is not true, though there is a handful of gifted individuals who truly receive and share their material, exactly as it is given. They are rare and not necessarily so successful in the mainstream. Indeed, many voices shall begin to ‘sing’, which have till now been quiet.

How can Orion Transmissions go in a huge way now? Do not let the dates fool you. What was given then was given for now.

Listen. Listen. Listen.
In this there is clue to how to network all that all of you do. It is part and parcel of the same tapestry. Time to break out of the darkness and into the Light. OM.

On Sanskrit Mantras and Healing Fires
Yes, yes. SANSKRIT MANTRAS. This ancient linguistic system is a language of vibration, tuned to higher frequencies. Therefore, correct pronunciation is ideal. Do increase the recitation of SANSKRIT verses, as well as ancient sacred Mantras now. With FIRE, the POWER is a catalyst to Earth’s rejuvenation.
As portions of the Earth are being systematically destroyed, they are simultaneously being systematically rejuvenated, revived and purified by Divine Will. It is through intense practice of healing fires, such as are performed here at Bhrugu Aranya, all over the world. The Sanskrit Mantras intoned with intent have the greatest power to HEAL.
We are listening.
We are at your SERVICE.
Increase World Chanting


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