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Many are already familiar with the Physical Law of Action and Reaction: “for every force exerted in one direction, there is an equal force in opposite direction”.
The parallel in metaphysical terms is the Law of Karma. That means that our emotions and thoughts (subtle actions) also provoke a reaction. This is related to the axiom “We reap as we sow”. So if we plant an apple tree, we will collect apples after some time.
In the physical plane, we can speed up certain processes by the use of enzymes, catalysts, hormones, etc. If we plant compassion, kindness, tenderness, love, etc in our hearts and understanding, equanimity, wisdom, peace, etc in our minds, we will also collect the equivalent.

How do you do these easily ?
The answer is in the Fivefold Path.
Karma is action and this can be as concrete as lifting a box or as subtle as imagining a house. Either action will have an effect. So we cannot stop generating Karma. Most Karmas are binding, whether it is good or bad. Karma can place you into an iron prison or a golden one, but it is still a prison.
How to get out of this jail (trap, circle or never ending cycle)?
Some suggestions are:
* Do not involve yourself.
* Do not claim credit for your actions.
* Do not have expectations.
* See the Divine as the doer.
* Try to be an instrument of the Divine.
In the subtle plane, we can also accelerate some processes of Awakening, Unfolding and Self Realization through intense good actions (good Karma). Selfless acts of Service, Unconditional Love, Devotion and Surrender to the Divine are some of the accelerating factors. But how do you also do these ones easily nowadays ?

Fivefold Path is the answer.
Fortunately we are also experiencing a new trend of thought as we get into this New Age.

Team work makes it easier.


There is an increase in our understanding, communication, sense of brotherhood/ sisterhood, unity, collective awareness, etc. In this New Age, there is a wonderful opportunity to join and combine our talents to optimize the results for the benefit of all. We can enhance each other’s gifts and talents and speed up our evolution through Team-Work.
We can see samples of team work in a: football team, surgical team, Chorus, symphony, singing group, ballet group, NASA, etc. Service by Team work means also Intense Good Karma. Remember the last time you tried to lift a heavy object or push a broken down car and your friends came to help? It is easier when we come together and support each other.
It is said that challenges can help you grow and strengthen your relationships when they are handled properly. The planet and all its inhabitants are facing many hardships which can be seen as challenges to overcome.
When you do Agnihotra you push all the ecosystems into balance. The more people do it, the greater the impact. The more people do it at one location, the faster the effects. Remember, the Fivefold Path is the easy way to happiness. And Agnihotra is the simplest bioenergetic technique which can be performed by anybody to help the planet to get back into harmony. So whenever it is possible, let us team up and Serve. Let us also get together at sunrise and sunset and do Agnihotra to increase the love around and within us. Let us work in and out.                      Let's remember that whatever we do it is important independent of how simple it might look, but it is even more important how we do it.
Are we expressing love in our actions? Are you experiencing joy?
Let the power of Love and Agnihotra Fire prevail through our actions.

For more information please read Shree Vasant’s book: “Light towards Divine Path”

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Homa Healing Stories

Mary Cordova Granda,
Piura, Peru, South America

In spite of giving workshops to young people about self development, I run into an inner conflict and I felt very bad. I felt the need to find a Light. So I prayed to God for an answer. I felt abandoned. How is it possible that somebody who is dreaming about a better world and trying to plant good seeds in young and adults, trying to stimulate them towards a better lifestyle, find herself  in darkness?
I met an old friend and told him what I was experiencing. I don't know why I am like this and what is happening to me? Sometimes I would like to have wings to fly away. I think this happens to everybody at one time or another. Fortunately, I told someone about it. Then he said, "Mary, that may happen  because you are going through your pre-menopause." And instead of feeling better I felt worse.

Mrs. Mary Cordova Granda

Four days later, I had a stroke. There was also medical negligence. Around that time I met a friend who does morning and evening Agnihotra faithfully and told me about Abels' return to Piura. The stroke left me with 80% vision loss and numbness on the left side. I could not eat and everything would fall out my mouth. I could not read. I had all the time headaches and the left side of my face was distorted. However, I recovered unbelievably fast with Homa Therapy. I felt the change in 13 days and I recovered completely after one month. I met people who suffered the same problem and some have not recovered even after 4 years. It was truly a miracle, a miracle of God.
Also, my mother suffered from high blood pressure (around 270). The doctor said this could damage the soft organs and the heart and that she could suffer a stroke and end up semi-paralyzed. She was also diabetic and had pulmonary edema. The doctors showed me the lung pictures and they said that we should worry about it. The water around the lungs will have to be withdrawn with needles. It was scary. My mother was very sick.
After the treatment with Homa therapy, my mother got cured and she does not have diabetes and they did not have to withdraw any water from her lungs. It disappeared by itself. We are doing sunrise and sunset Agnihotra and we take Agnihotra ash daily. Agnihotra worked, even though we did not know how.
I continue practicing Homa Therapy because it allows me to enter into silence and do some inner work which we need so much. Today, there is so much information and so much confusion. Homa Therapy has helped me with my work. How can you help others? what can you give?
First of all, you have to help yourself . I am working on this by doing Homa Therapy. It does not mean that I am the best now. No, it is work and  we are getting these results in the process .



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Every time we visit Tapovan, it seems we find ourselves on another planet. The garden with all its plants, flowers and trees seems to have its own life and all its beings live life fully by sharing their delicious flavors, fruits, colors, sounds...enchanting everyone. We see miracles everywhere, like the papaya tree (photo right) with 4 branches carrying fruits! Has anyone seen this before? This tree, sown by birds, is only 2 years old and has a height of 7 meters. It gave its first fruits after 6 months. The fruits are sweet and delicious and it is not the only tree of this kind. There is also a papaya tree with a broken off tip whose branches started  to give fruits. It is the garden of Eden.
The secret?
HOMA FARMING. Many Agnihotra fires are done daily at sunrise and sunset and Tryambakam Homa is being maintained since 8 years round the clock (24 hours) in this Homa Resonance Point. Does  the photo below look like a dry desert? This is Tapovan!

Some bananas are grown in Tapovan. But  bananas need to be bought additionally from the village when many guests come,. They are the same variety  but the size, color, TASTE and smell are completely different  and, of course, also the nutritional content (see right photo ).
The banana bunches in

Tapovan have an average weight of 25 kilos, reaching up to 38 kilos. On neighboring farms the average weight per bunch is 20 kilos and it can as low as 12 kilos. Not to mention, the original banana shoots Tapovan planted were of low quality since nobody is really a farming expert. The farmer who sold those 'left over' shoots, could not believe that Tapovan at the end had a better harvest than him.



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Bruce Johnson from Tapovan (in photo first right) is a Homa Teacher in India. He invited a group of foreign Homa Teachers to learn more about Homa farming in India. In a one-day, intense workshop we learned theoretically and practically more about the 3 farmers friends, without whom farming is not possible.

In above photo Sanjay (second from the right, Tapovan manager) teaches the practical aspect of making earth worm beds in order to produce vermicompost. Adding Agnihotra ash and being maintained in a Homa environment speeds up the reproduction process of the worms and therefore the droppings are produced in greater quantity in less time.
The vermicompost is also used in the Homa 'Gloria Biosol' preparation, which is an essential fertilizer on a Homa farm.

The 3 farmers' best friends are:
The cow
is not only supplying ghee and cow dung for the essential Homa fires, also cows urine is used is different ways. The bullocks are helpful for transportation and field work.
The earthworms contribute their "black gold", full of minerals, essential nutrients and micro-organisms, which are necessary for a good soil. Their droppings also improve the pH of the soil along with many other benefits. Master Shree Vasant remarked once, "They work night and day and do not form 'laborers' unions' to charge higher salary. They do their job for free." In hot Indian climate it takes normally 42 days to receive the vermicompost, in Homa atmosphere it only takes 21 days!
The honey bee pollinates. Many fruit trees, vegetable plants, flowers and crops depend on the honey bee for pollination. Honey is a staple food, has no expiration date and is a healing substance, specially when it is Homa honey.
In Tapovan Homa farm over 200 wild beehives exist with several types of honey bees. Nobody ever brought them to the farm. They are attracted by the lush green gardens, many trees and flowers, all over the farm, providing an ideal environment for them to live.

Bullock carts can be seen all over India as a means of transportation and for field work. Many farmers rely on this cattle for help and their survival.

Earthworms reproduce quickly in Homa atmosphere and are diligent workers, they need half the time to convert compost into droppings.

Honey bees are attracted to Homa farms; they pollinate and give delicious honey. While worldwide the honey bees are disappearing, in Homa atmosphere they thrive.


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The World's Top 10 Worst Pollution Problems

From the residue of mining to untreated sewage, the world is grappling with a host of environmental problems
By David Biello
October 22, 2008

According to the Blacksmith Institute, an environmental health group based in New York City, The top 10, in alphabetical order, are:

artisanal gold mining; contaminated surface water; contaminated groundwater; indoor air pollution; metals smelting and processing; industrial mining; radioactive waste and uranium mining; untreated sewage; urban air quality; and used lead–acid battery recycling.

Small-scale gold miners, like this man in Thailand, use toxic mercury to extract the gold from dirt. Heating the combined elements with a blowtorch drives off the mercury--polluting the local and global environment--and leaves gold nuggets behind.

And the problems created by the pollutants are not confined to the areas immediately surrounding these types of pollution. Mercury vapor, for instance, once burned off by the artisanal miners can drift high into the atmosphere where it crosses continents and even oceans before settling back to the ground. Once in the food chain it bio-accumulates (increases in concentration as it passes up the chain from plant to plant-eater to meat-eater) until it reaches top concentrations in predators such as tuna fish.
"Many of the toxins we find in our evaluation are transboundary and actually move from the point of emission over to our own ecosystem and food chain," Fuller notes. "So mercury from artisanal gold mining can end up in tuna to poison our own children."

Everything from the pesti-cides used in agriculture to mining waste ends up in groundwater, which is all that's available to local residents.

Chromium is a heavy metal used in tanning hides and making stainless steel. It also causes blistering and, in extreme cases, lung cancer and kidney failure.

There is very little, if any, oversight of La Oroya mine in Peru, which allows U.S. owner--the Saint Louis based Doe Run mining company--to extract lead, copper and zinc without safeguards, poisoning local miners and their families.

Agricultural toxins, such as DDT, are among the threats in a longer list of pollution problems, including coal power plants and oil refineries as well as industrial contaminants such as polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs.

Uncontrolled emissions of smog-forming nitrogen oxides and other pollutants from industry and vehicles leads to pollution clouds over cities, like this haze hovering over Russia's Stalin-era industrial showcase, Magnitogorosk.

This sewer runs right through a dump and into a small town in the African country of Guinea. Residents of this town are among the at least 2.6 billion people worldwide who have no access to sanitation, according to the World Health Organization.


Workers in the developing world, such as this one in Kenya, sort through used lead-acid car batteries, which are then melted down to extract the lead, poisoning the workers, their families and the local environment.

We have only got one planet to leave our children!



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A group of 40 Bank managers came to Tapovan to have their meeting in this wonderful Homa atmosphere. As sunset time approached they joined the Agnihotra session in the Tryambakam hut. After that, Prof. Abel Hernandez explained them how the practice of Agnihotra is helping people in all different countries and continents to improve their health and be able to do organic farming with better quality and more production.
Agnihotra is not connected to any religious system. Thousands of people practice it, for example, in South America, and no one belongs to the Hindu religion. Homa Therapy is a science of Sound and Light, it is beyond any belief system.

Photo left: Women's healing circle in Tapovan with songs from different countries in different languages. Mrs. Lee Ringma from Australia with her glorious voice ignites many hearts to join these devotional songs.
Photo below:  Men's healing circle with lots of laughter, music and also the Tryambakam Mantra during the entire meeting. In the beginning it took time to get all the guys together, but once they did, they were rockin' & rollin' ...



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Kanhery, District Jalgaon
Mr. Sunjay Patil, Tapovan manager, is explaining Agnihotra to people in the Kanhery village, after having visited a farm in this area with Bruce, Abel and Simon Peter to see if it will become another Homa farm.
Sunjay manages Tapovan and he lives there with his lovely wife Manusha and their 2 children. He has known Agnihotra since childhood and has experienced not only miracles in Homa farming, but also in healing.

Bhadarpur, District Jalgaon
Ms. Nilima Mishra has invited a group of foreigners to her home town Bhadarpur and introduced us all to the wonderful work she does with many other helpers. This includes feeding the poor, old and sick over establishing small business' for women, who do handicraft to arranging low interest loans for farmers. Ann Godfrey from Tapovan Homa farm has helped with money making ideas for the women's business and still provides them with a lot of work, which sustains hundreds of women and their families. Milena is active in over 150 villages and her supportive system reaches thousands of people in India. She has given her life for this purpose only.

Nilima (first to the left in red shirt) is also practicing Agnihotra and has the wonderful opportunity to bring the healing fire to so many people in need. She herself is experiencing how Agnihotra helps her to deal with the daily stressful situations she faces dealing on so many different levels. She is with part of the staff of the NGO that she founded, 'Bhagini Nivedita Gramin Vigyan Niketan' .



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GO SHALA, Maheshwar
Preparations for the Somayag are fully in process. Building, plumbing, painting, installing solar systems for hot water, laying electric lines, gardening, landscaping, preparing cow dung cakes, arranging kitchens and rooms for the visitors and not to forget cleaning, cleaning and once again cleaning.
Special thanks to the organizers Abhay, Karin, Anne, Ulrich and all the wonderful helpers who have come from near and far to participate in the preparations.

Thank you Sarvajit, Hrishikesh, Irma, Mariana, Joah, Lee, Frits, Thomas, Luz, the Tapovan and Maheshwar boys. Also, thanks to Abel for his early morning energizing Yoga classes!
Photo above: After a good days' work, Agnihotra is a wonderful tool to calm down and relax completely in order to have fresh energies for evening singing and dancing!

A group of 50 engineering students came from Indore to learn also about  "engineering of body and mind through Homa Therapy" like their teacher, Prof. Coronel Prakash Inamdar put it.
Then we practiced Agnihotra at the Narmada river side (photo above) and  they heard more about "How Homa Therapy (H.T.) works" through short videos from Prof. Abel.  Mr. Bruce explained with a slide show the success stories of H.T. in India (photo left).



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EVENTS around the WORLD


Popayan, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Mr. Pedro Ariza and his wife Dr. Aida Garzon
continue the daily Agnihotra teaching and sunset Agnihotra sessions in their hometown Popayan in the SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendisaje=National Service for Learning) They are happy to be able to share this precious Agnihotra with many people in need.


Caracas, Venezuela, 11th January 2009
Dr. Marveys Hernandez Castro and her husband Conrad Bogochwalski
organized an Agnihotra meeting in the Botanic Garden (Fundación Instituto Botánico Venezolano Dr. Tobías Lasser).

Dr. Marveys writes:
"I will be in this wonderful Garden from this moment on and continue my work as a soldier of service of Homa Therapy as I have done it so far. This gives me Life and Hope in a better future for all of Nature. We give our thanks to the President of the Institute Dr. Anibal Castillo Suarez for this opportunity to serve. My best regards with lots of sincere love from Venezuelan ground."



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Pharm. Monika Koch, Germany

The Happiness of health
Maintain health - Restore health

The happiness of health lies in using all possibilities to enjoy a day. A successful day can look quite differently in accordance to our own personal situation. But always our personal valuable potential helps, if we are healthy, to set the blue print for a successful day.
Part 1: I feel healthy

This is more simply possible if I am already healthy and can focus completely on my present-day possibilities. But one forgets that to be healthy is not to be taken for granted and that it can change anytime, if I do not care about remaining healthy.
Why? Even if my body is at the moment stable, full of strength, well nurtured and without pains and trouble, it is, however constantly exposed to different types of stress:
- the day to day life with its challenges
- continuous radioactivity, smog, radar-supervision from satellites, car exhaust fumes, industrial pollution, etc., Mobiles, Chemtrails, etc. incriminate us very much, even if we are not aware.
Not only are our body and cells continuously disturbed in their function, but also our life-source, the sunlight, is heavily disturbed by all this. Each sunbeam that comes through our polluted atmosphere to us is disturbed – carrying our vitality for us the people, but also for animals and plants and all the life on this planet.
Therefore, it is important for our survival that we protect both the sunlight, our life-source, and our body, the instrument, with which we make our days in order to maintain our vitality best possible.
The simplest and most effective help for this is Agnihotra, the basis of Homa-Therapy. Agnihotra simply contributes to achieve the right balance and helps us to maintain health! That means, that at the place where Agnihotra is done, a canal is established up to the sun, where the solar energy and nutrients flow again can flow, nurture and balance correctly. The whole human being can reestablish its strength and if necessary recovers again. The human body has sufficient self-repair-systems in order to be able to heal himself – it constantly renews its cells anyway. We only must take care that he has sufficient strength and potential for this to happen.
The healing power of Agnihotra is also sealed in the Agnihotra ash. So additionally to Agnihotra we can use the Agnihotra-Ash to strengthen our vitality: the healthy human being to maintain health and the sick human being to restore health.      
(To be continued.)
Pharm. Monika Koch is the author of the book: "Homa Therapy - the Ancient Science of Healing".  She has conducted many years of studies with the Agnihotra Ash medicine.


1000 Agnihotra Fires - IN THE COVERED STADIUM 'CAMPIN'
on MAY 17th 2009

The Unity of body, mind and heart in an individual is reflected in his/her single pointed (concentrated) actions.
The Unity in ideals, thoughts and physical efforts of a group can be manifested in TeamWork.
This event is a wonderful opportunity to play an active role in this super powerful bioenergetic Healing Event. Let's do it for our CHILDREN, for Colombia, for our Mother Earth.

Please pass this invitation on. For more details contact: agnihotra@terapiahoma.com



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                  Light will be given to the planet from the River Narmada. There is a song of the Narmada.

                   The power will generate the SOUND CURRENT which will send healing throughout the planet Earth.              

                 All of you, this is a call for UNITY, unity in thought, word and action. Unity in every aspect of life now. Let your words be humble and revealing. Let your voices all come together and be heard. Music is the tool to reach the young people. Focus energies not only on your close circles of friends, but on the greater whole. And the children, do not forget them. They carry the seeds of Divine Spirit with them.

                  It is Our fervent wish that all of you begin a new era of understanding and of Unity, of brotherhood, sisterhood on Fivefold Path. Where there are conflicts, seek to resolve them, but do so with an eye to permanent solution rather than temporary respite.

                  If there is a problem and others bring one's attention to it, one would do better to look into oneself to find the source of that problem and resolve it within. Do not become defensive when someone reveals a part of you which needs your attention. See it as the blessing and treat it as an opportunity for Swadhyaya. You only stand to learn from it and benefit from it. When you truly utilize the information given to advance your self-development, you come closer to your own liberation.

(Above are Excerpts of Messages from Shree Vasant received through Parvati)



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On healing arts
Those of you involved in healing arts, if your aim is true, then the highest energies are at your disposal now. All healers for whom healing is a SERVICE and not only a vocation, will notice an increase and intensity in energies which you utilize in your practices.
There has indeed been a shift in conscious awareness on your planet.

On environment and priorities
Yes. Yes. As the planet spirals toward destruction, human beings hold onto what they feel will give them hope. They become more protective and possessive of their property, guarding their assets even with use of firearms–to ensure their security.
Others hold onto religious tenets which have been widely misunderstood, in an effort to gain a foothold at least in the next world should this one crumble beneath their feet. Others find solace in meditation and prayer, consistently more positive than the alternatives.
In this time, what is required are practical methods with which to move forward into the future. Simple prayer and meditation will certainly have a positive effect. Sending Light and healing to regions of the planet most in a state of emergency shall have a huge effect on the heart of humanity.
However, one need employ practical methods daily to combat stress, establish a healing atmosphere, reduce toxins and radioactive elements in the atmosphere, purify air and water resources, and be able to grow one’s own food even in the worst soil.
The practical method made available through Divine Will is a scientific process based on biorhythm of nature–sunrise and sunset. This tool is AGNIHOTRA. The simple practice of this ancient science is guaranteed to produce healing effects on the atmosphere,

body, and mind. The resultant ash is the healing substance required by every being in order to heal and purify the organism and neutralize radioactivity.
It is not enough to pray for change. One must be a part of the change. Pray but take action as well.

We find it interesting that it is the economy that creates the greatest concern for human beings, when the environment does not concern the masses. It should! It is your planet’s environmental crisis which most concerns us. Without land and healthy oceans, sufficient oxygen and air to breathe, your money will not be worth a thing! We would say that, with the newly elected U.S. president’s imminent inauguration, begin to lobby for urgent changes in the global warming debate. What is required now is immediate action and more stringent laws and stronger fines for those companies and countries that do not obey. Without more stringent control, there will no longer be a window of opportunity to avoid the resultant destruction of planet Earth.
Yes. Yes. Every moment is another opportunity. Still, still there is time to reverse the trend of destruction. However, the Earth shifts and changes to come will occur. There will be safe zones.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Newsletter!

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