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Sometimes we let the senses rule over our intellect like the horses that take the chariot into wilderness. This happens because the intellect (the driver) can be sleeping or distracted or intoxicated or cloudy or absent. To avoid this, we practice Tapa.
Once upon a time a saint was asked: “What is the difference between you and me.” The saint said: “Tapa.” But what is Tapa? It is not just keeping the senses checked; it is also monitoring the mind, the language, etc.
Another time, the owner of a beautiful small hotel asked a wise person “How can I increase the number of clients?” There were only few clients even though it was well kept, clean and managed. A lot of people passed by, but they did not get in. The wise man said “Simply, place 4 bells outside with a big sign that reads ‘The five Bell Hotel’. Soon, people read the sign and walked into the hotel to tell the manager that the sign was wrong, since there were only 4 bells hanging out there. They were given a cup of tea or a drink, while they waited for the manager. Also they noticed that it was very clean and it had a nice atmosphere (Agnihotra ..?). They were treated with respect and promptly. So, more people started to rent rooms and everyone was happy.
Mind is like that for many people. It tends to search for errors to point out. And many times it does not acknowledge the good qualities in others easily. Sometimes we run into people who have good qualities, but we tend to hold on into their errors or faults. By doing this, we don’t help them or ourselves for whatever we focus on would grow. Some people enjoy criticizing others negatively without realizing that they run the risk of committing the same mistakes in the long run for our thoughts tend to materialize and become part of us

We materialize what we think.


 as we ponder on them continuously. It is like collecting garbage from other people’s houses and taking it into our home (mind and heart). After some time, our house (personality, behavior, language, etc) would stink. Negative thoughts are trashes that nobody needs. However, we can also use this principle on our favor and open our ears and sight to focus in the best qualities in everyone. This will be good for everyone. If we entertain beautiful thoughts in our mind, plant loving seeds in our hearts and do good actions selflessly, we can harvest more joy. If we recognize the good qualities in others with positive thoughts, encouraging words and kind actions, everyone benefits. By giving sincere complements to our neighbor without expectations, we spread positive vibrations that benefit all of us (the giver and the receiver).  This Tapa teaches us how to love ourselves so we can love our fellow later. Agnihotra (the basic Homa) gives a push into the direction of love, into the direction of Tapa. This is part of the Fivefold Path (Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadyhaya) which empowers and brings us closer to our hearts and closer to each other. Let’s do Tapa and grow in Love.

Note: for more information about Tapa, you can read “Light Towards the Divine Path” by Master Shree Vasant Paranjpe.

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Homa Healing Stories

Manuel Esteban Bustamante
Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru, South America

"I am 78 years old. I started with the practice of Homa Therapy 4 months ago. Before that, I suffered from high blood pressure, and  I had a stroke. After that, my legs got swollen from the soles up to the waist. I could not even walk two blocks.  And then the Parkinson disease struck me.
In one of those lucky days, I had to sign a document in the presence of Dr. Tenorio Collantes, but I could not because of the shaking. So he said to me:

Mr. Manuel Esteban Bustamane and his wife Gloria Santano Montenero practicing Agnihotra in the Homa Center in Jaen.

“It looks like you have the Parkinson disease but if you want to heal yourself, I have a therapy to offer which is called 'Heal yourself with fire' or Homa Therapy. If you want, try it. I have healed myself with it."
After participating in 3 sessions  about Homa Therapy in Jaen with Prof. Abel, I got my Agnihotra kit and started the practice with my wife, Gloria Santano Montenero, in the Homa Center of Jaen. I had  swollen legs and could not walk, suffered with  Parkinson. After the 4th Agnihotra session , I got rid of all of that .”


David Echevarria Aliaga
Nuevo Piura, Cajamarca, Peru
South America

"I am a teacher in a school in 'Nuevo Piura' in the Department Cajamarca. I suffered from high fever and amigdalitis. The Medical Doctors told me that my tonsils were rotten and that they could not operate me because my whole throat was like a big wound. They could not do anything for me. Due to the injections of Penicillin and Benzetacin , I developed an allergy to many things even water. Then Engineer Luis Tafur invited us
to Piura and  we participated in the Homa fire. As soon as I returned home, I started Agnihotra.  After one month of practice, I was completely healed and till today (4 years later) I am healthy. All these problems have disappeared thanks to the healing Homa Fires. I want to invite all of  you to experiment with Homa

Therapy so that one day you could have your own healing story to tell about this therapy. Thank you very much."



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Mr. Ramesh Chandra Tiwari
Village: Khanpursirauli, Post: Hasanganj, District: Unnao, U.P., India

The Homa farm of Mr. Ramesh Chandra Tiwari has set an example in Unnao District. This farm is free of plagues and diseases and has an excellent production.
Mr. Tiwari has noted a very rare phenomenon on about 10 trees in his orchard. The mango fruits are growing directly from the branch instead of from the cluster of leaves at the end of the branches. Dr. Pathak, chief of National Horticulture Mission, said he had never before observed this phenomenon on a mango tree.

Photo right: Mr. Tiwari proudly shows his Homa mango farm to visitors, Newspapers and TV, who have written several articles and broadcasted a documentary about this pioneer in Homa agriculture in the mango belt of India.

 Excellent mango production. Total production was 70 tons of mangos, from 8 acres (3.3 ha) in off year of production.

 Large in size, sweet, tasty.

 Weight between 500 and 900g.        No diseases, no die-back, no mango hopper, no mealy bug.
 Weeds which were formerly a problem, have totally cleared up naturally.

Photo from left to right: A happy worker, Dr. Pathak from the National Horticulture Mission, Ann Godfrey and Karin Heschl (sitting) from FP Mission documenting the Homa farming results.

Note: All of the Conventional mango farmers in the Unnao District have problems with diseases and pests like mango hopper and mealy bug. Recently a new pest has come which is a caterpillar making something similar to spider webs in the trees and thus cutting off the new shoots.  In the local language it is called 'Chaala'. The quantity and quality of production of the conventional mango farmers is therefore greatly reduced.



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Obama Vows Dramatic Action Towards a Greener Economy
FAIRFAX, Virginia, January 8, 2009 (ENS)

- President-elect Barack Obama today pledged to quickly implement a plan that will save or create three million jobs by doubling the production of alternative energy; weatherizing 75 percent of federal buildings and two million American homes; and investing in new infrastructure, science, research, and technology.

In a speech at George Mason University, Obama said the multi-billion dollar American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan he will advance immediately after he takes office on January 20, represents "not just new policy, but a whole new approach to meeting our most urgent challenges."

A new smart grid is needed to move power from new alternative energy sources such as this SunEdison photovoltaic power plant near Alamosa, Colorado.
(Photo by Tom Stoffel courtesy NREL)


The girl that silenced the UN

Severn Cullis-Suzuki has been active in environmental and social justice work ever since kindergarten. She was twelve years old when she gave this speech at the UN, and she received a standing ovation. Now 23, Cullis-Suzuki spearheads The SkyFish Project and continues to speak to schools and corporations, and at many conferences and international meetings. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Please click here to see Severn Suzuki's speech

The Green Century Special Report by Severn Suzuki: The young can't wait
Source: The Collage Foundation
When you are little, it's not hard to believe you can change the world. I remember my enthusiasm when, at the age of 12, I addressed the delegates at the Rio Earth Summit. "I am only a child," I told them. "Yet I know that if all the money spent on war was spent on ending poverty and finding environmental answers, what a wonderful place this would be. In school you teach us not to fight with others, to work things out, to respect others, to clean up our mess, not to hurt other creatures, to share, not be greedy. Then why do you go out and do the things you tell us not to do? You grownups say you love us, but I challenge you, please, to make your actions reflect your words."
I spoke for six minutes and received a standing ovation. Some of the delegates even cried. I thought that maybe I had reached some of them, that my speech might actually spur action. Now, a decade from Rio, after I've sat through many more conferences, I'm not sure what has been accomplished. My confidence in the people in power and in the power of an individual's voice to reach them has been deeply shaken.
click here to continue reading her article



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Again this year over thousand (1200 plus) people gathered to participate in this HOMA Festival of Love, Joy and Healing. Dr. Jaime Montufar, his wife Olga, daughter Italia from the Homa Medical Center El Buen Pastor, Sonia Hunter from the Homa Center in Guayaquil together with many, many helpers organized this colorful and marvelous event. Patients talked about their amazing healing testimonies and  Homa video clips were shown. This  Scientific Presentation was integrated with dances, songs, music and lots of laughter. It was a Great Festival !!!!

Over 100 Agnihotra pyramids were lit in the big Catholic Chapel of the Salesian University. It created the unique "Homa Atmosphere" in which everything comes into balance so that peace and harmony can easily be experienced and healings can happen on a profound level.



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Many children participated in the event . At Agnihotra, they were serene, quietly sitting and  meditating. After Agnihotra  everyone received gifts chosen with love, bought with love, wrapped with love and given with love.
Children feel attracted to Agnihotra and it helps them in their holistic development . Parents, who practice Agnihotra regularly report wonderful stories.

Fire Festivals are Festivals of Love, Peace and Understanding beyond words and family boundaries. Let's follow what Master SHREE VASANT said:



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BRONX, NY Cecibel Avilez, her husband Miguel and daughter Michelle (from Babahoyo, Ecuador) invited us to promote Agnihotra in New York where they live at the moment.
Ms. Cecibel Avilez worked for several years with Dr. Jaime Montufar in the Homa Clinic in Guayaquil and she has seen hundreds  of so called "Homa Miracles". She is one of them. She suffered from Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and she was given ten years to live which have passed already years ago. The medical tests done 2 years ago show no sign or trace of the Lupus disease anymore.

Agnihotra in the family truly brings the peace and harmony we are so much looking for  specially in these Christmas days. Agnihotra brings joy and union, it is a gift beyond what we can buy in any store. Have you heard about a pill that brings PEACE and HARMONY to you and your loved ones?

Prof. Abel Hernandez presented Homa Therapy in the Restaurant "Tacos Revolucionarios" daily during one week through video presentations and evening Agnihotra sessions. People from different South American countries came and started enthusiastically their own Agnihotra. 6 year-old Gurumel (on the table beside his parents (Mrs. Celia and Mr. Gregorio Florentino) was a hyperactive child when he came to the first Agnihotra fire. After the 2nd Agnihotra session his surprised parents said that their son has changed so much. After coming home, Gurumel sat on the sofa in Lotus position and started to meditate with serenity and a peaceful expression on his face, something they had never seen before. Gurumel is in love with Agnihotra and has now his own pyramid.
Ms. Cecibel Avilez and her family continue daily the Agnihotra fire in their Restaurant in Bronx, New York and everybody is welcome to participate!



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Homa Teacher Bruce Johnson visited South Africa:

"While in Capetown I stayed a couple of days with Priyesh and Cissel in Hout Bay where they are developing an eco-tourism centre at their place which they call Long Acre Farm.
Photo left: Morning Agnihotra in Kent’s (second from left) house on the Berg-en-Dal farm.

Visiting the well maintained permaculture vegetable garden on Kent’s plot at Berg-en-Dal, surrounded by one of nature's most beautiful sceneries.   Naomi and Jolene are with him.

The next evening, I gave a talk about Agnihotra at Long Acre Farm to about 10 local people. Several people took pyramids to start practicing Agnihotra. Morning Agnihotra at Berg-en-Dal eco-village, near Ladismith, Western Cape.

On 30th December, we established a Resonance Point on the farm. And at sunset, the first Agnihotra in that hut was performed by Kent Cooper, permaculture teacher and founding member of Berg-en-Dal eco-village community. About 15 people are  actively participating in the community. I feel this is the beginning of a strong community of fire in South Africa."



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Reiner and Manu Szcypior report from Haridwar, Uttaranchal (U.CH.):

"We are residing in the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya University ground since October 2008 in order to share Homa Therapy with the people living in Shanti Kunj and at the Gayatri Kunj (University ground) as well with the students and the many people, who come from all over the planet to visit this powerful place close to River Ganges.

A group of volunteers were trained to run the Homa Therapy project of the University. Every day Agnihotra and 4 hours of Tryambakam Homa are practiced. Manu holds regularly Women's Healing Circle and Agnihotra Medicine Workshops (see photo above). We have witnessed wonderful healing results in a short time with pains, skin diseases, chemo therapy damages and open wounds.

Ms. Saraswati came with an allergic skin reaction due to some medication she had received against skin pigmentation and both her hands were swollen, very hot, red with big blisters like burns and very painful. Since 15 days she could not touch anything and she was not able to sleep (photo below).

After the first Agnihotra cream application she slept right away for two hours and recovered her good night sleep. Already after 5 days the swelling and pain was completely gone and a new skin had formed (see photo below). Ms. Saraswati started also the regular practice of Agnihotra."



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SOMAYAG IN MAHESHWAR, INDIA (February 9th - 14th, 2009)

What is Somayag?
AGNIHOTRA, tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset is the basic YAJNYA which any person can perform with only a little effort. There are Yajnyas to be done at the juncture of two seasons when there is a climate change. There are medicinal Yajnyas (HOMAS). There are some special Yajnyas to be performed based on astronomic conditions. Somayag (Soma Yajnya) is one such special Yajnya. This lasts for six days. An intelligent young person would take about

twelve years to learn this technique with proper Mantra chanting. The person has to follow strict disciplines. This Yajnya is called Somayag because SOMA juice is used as the main oblation. Soma is called the king of medicinal herbs. This special Yajyna will provide an extra powerful boost of Healing Energy for the whole world. This Yajyna is one in a series of seven Somayags, which have been planned to be held at the site of Maheshwar Go Shala. The beneficial effect of each of these HOMAS lasts for several years. The atmosphere becomes medicinal, nutritious and disease-free. Somayags yield a qualitative and quantitative improvement in the psyche.
As well as Agnihotra, Somayag is given in the ancientmost body of knowledge known to mankind. Mantras are taken from Vedas.
During the process of Somayag one feels elevated as if being purified to the core of one's personality. And at last a sense of oneness with the universe can be felt, so one becomes ready to devote oneself to serve the whole world.

If you wish to participate in this PLANETARY HEALING EVENT in person or through a DONATION please click here for further details.



CONCERT OF HOMA BIO-ENERGETIC HEALING - You are invited to participate in this HISTORICAL EVENT in Bogota.
This is a great opportunity to experience the magnificent effect of 1000 Agnihotra fires in the presence of 17.000 people. Don't miss it!
Bring your instruments (Agnihotra kit) and your friends!
Please pass this invitation on and contact us for more details. E-mail:



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With every breath, see how you can SERVE humanity.
Carry the FIRE with you wherever you move.

Read the words left behind; the teachings carry every answer.
We have brought forth the blessings of Shree Gajanan Maharaj to all of you.
We have completed Our Mission. We have been summoned and therefore, We have returned.

Let there be UNITY amongst you.
Only harmony and Light.
Seek to rebuild relationships which have fallen apart due to negligence or fear.
Seek to build bridges of understanding between all of you.

Let the work increase. Let your focus intensify and become more one-pointed.
At no time, allow fear to control your mind.
When all assurances have been given-have complete, total faith in it.

More song and chanting of Holy Name.
All love and blessings be with all of you now.


(Above are Excerpts of the Message from Shree received through Parvati
shortly after His Mahasamadhi )

Master Shree Vasant left His mortal coil (physical body) on December 30th, 2008. However, many people who had contact with Him or His teachings feel that He is very much alive in their hearts and through Service with the Fivefold Path. He sparked the Divine Love within us to share. Let's follow HIS footsteps!   Long Live Shree!



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On our civilization and need for change

... Where is the truth? Where are those who will stand for it? Where are those who will go to the frontline, not to war but to peace, not to ridiculous manmade conflicts, but to serve as bridges to human understanding and the resolution of conflict. Where? Where? Oh humanity, listen. Listen.

Nothing can be glorified or immortalized in order to sustain a living presence in the ‘matrix’ machine. Nothing can be said that has not already been said! Live the solutions in your very lives. The only way to affect a change is to BE THE CHANGE. And when speaking of CHANGE, be specific. What will you change. What will you DO to affect the change? List the steps you can take, as individuals, to make a dent in the matrix wall. It is your concept, the matrix, which we have adapted to explain simple truths. Most of you are stuck at some point in this ‘matrix’, in the machine. Detach. Move out of the matrix. Shift gears. Take a new approach. Very little can be actualized within the existing systems, particularly governmental. Move beyond what blocks you individually and collectively.

Now, for example, what is it that you wish to change within yourselves or in your lives, which will permit you to become more efficient, more effective, more humane and more aligned with Truth? What blocks you? All blockages, whether exterior or interior, are ones which you have created or accepted to be part of your life. If you have a blockage with emotional matters, this is your choice. You can shift beyond that, so you do not fall victim to your emotional experiences. You learn to FEEL, but release, as opposed to react.

When one takes full responsibility for one’s life, one’s attitude changes, one’s priorities undergo a necessary change. One begins to realize that one has the power to shift gears and head in any direction one chooses to take. With accepting responsibility for one’s thoughts, words and deeds— thus one’s situation in life—one evolves to the next level automatically. At that point, one shall take care not to fall into the trap of feeling guilty for mistakes made in the past or errors in judgment which eventuated in difficult circumstances which now one must face. No matter. In accepting responsibility for these past errors as well as positive life choices one has made, one begins to come to the realization that one can change. Change is the force which will propel you into the next stage.

One learns to accept oneself and thus, one may now begin to accept all others. This brings such great relief that it will likely draw all kinds of people to the one with the ability to accept, as this leads also to the ability to forgive. One begins by forgiving oneself for one’s own mistakes. This creates an energy field of positive vibrations, which thus create an environment where true change can occur and swiftly, we might add. Beings can change their lives in moments.


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