13th of Dec. 2008


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In many parts of the world, December is a time for gifts and parties. For many, it is time for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday, His life and mission. It is the time for the Santa Claus’ gifts for many children. It is time for inventory for some. And it is also a good time for self evaluation and self study for anyone.
So let’s start with the basic questions.
Why do you give?
What do you give?
When do you give?
Where do you give?
How do you give?
Whom do you give?
You may give: clothes, jewelry, electronics, books, food, liquor, service, attention, money, etc.
The act of giving can be a practice to reduce the mental tension created by the problem called “Attachment”. Master Shree Vasant Paranjpe says that "giving" becomes DAAN when it meets the following conditions:
1) You share your own assets
2) It is not done for name and fame. It is done in secrecy. It is a self-less act.
3) You share in a spirit of humility. Rich and poor can do DAAN.
4) It is your duty to do DAAN. So you don’t have any expectations and you are grateful to the one who receives from you.

Let’s practice Agnihotra and enhance the fire of Love in our hearts.


5) You give to the proper person who will make good use of your gift.
This brings us to a Divine Gift: AGNIHOTRA.
This healing fire was given to humanity at the time of Creation in order to keep balance in all the ecosystems and neutralize the toxicity on all levels. It is part of the Science of Medicine called Ayurveda. It  is also Silent Psychotherapy. It meets the previous five  requirements.
Let’s remember that Agnihotra and DAAN are part of the Fivefold Path (FP); this is the easy path to prosperity, peace, health, wisdom and joy.
There is a crisis almost everywhere, but we can see the situation as a challenge and an incentive to practice the FP to experience Bliss here and now! Agnihotra can bring happy days. So, let’s do Agnihotra and share the Best of us: our love and gifts.


Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter,  please write to
Dr. Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
Please add to your email the city, state and country you live in. This will help us to be more efficient. Thanks!


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Homa Healing Stories


Guillermo Urrutia
Popayan, Cauca, Colombia, South America

"My name is Guillermo Urrutia. I am 63 years old. I live in 'Los LLanos', inside the Municipality of Popayán, Cauca, Colombia. Today is my 4th day of participating in Agnihotra.
I suffered from asthma, heart disease, rheumatism, migraine, fever, bone pain everywhere and a lot of heat in my hands and feet. I perspired at night and I could only be covered with a thin white sheet. Then I was connected to an oxygen tank which later did not have much effect. I lived like this for several months. I could not do anything. I could not even put on my socks nor take a bath. Others had to do everything for me. I was also very bored. I heard on the radio about Homa Therapy in the SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendisaje = 

National Service for Learning).  I already knew about some therapies which helped me in the hospital and I wondered if these were the same ones.  I was very sick. So I decided to live or die and I took off the oxygen mask and came. When I arrived here I could not speak, neither laugh. I was short of air and could not complete the words. I could not greet anyone for. I could hardly eat. Then I participated in Agnihotra and took the Agnihotra ash. Then I  felt super well. Now I already have strength to walk and to speak loud as you can hear. I can do almost any thing. I have a little headache like migraine
and I get tired only when I walk long distances. However, today I come walking from Los Llanos, which is far away. It takes a normal person more or less one hour  to walk that distance at night. Today, I came walking because I didn't have enough money to pay the bus. Someone gave me some money, which I will use for the return ticket. I do not  feel tired. I got up very happy because I have slept well thanks to Homa Therapy."


Gladys Guevara, Popayan
Popayan, Cauca, Colombia, South America

"I am 67 years old. We came yesterday to the SENA and I brought my grandchild for the Massive Healing with Agnihotra. He suffered from chronic sinusitis for 6 years and he could not live without inhalers. He could not sleep and he could not be without the inhalers. Last night, when we arrived at home, I decided "no inhalation tonight". Since he sleeps in a separate room, I got up 3 times to look after him but he was in deep sleep. He didn't need the inhaler. Usually, he needs it every night. He took the Agnihotra ash last night and he slept the whole night without inhaler! Thank God.

He is Brian Alexis Flores Guevara and he is 9 years old and he suffered for 6 years. Now, he is well."
Note: Mrs. Gladys indicated that the inhaler lasts him 15 days and its' cost oscillates from 20 to 40 dollars depending on the brand. They came daily to the HOMA healing session and the lady confirmed that he no longer uses the inhaler.



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Homa Healing Stories

Maria Agustina Mejia
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"I am 41 years old. One year ago, I learnt about Homa Therapy through my husband. In the beginning, I didn't believe in the fires, as it happens with all of us. But my health was quite delicate. First I was told that I had an intestinal problem. Later they told me that I had Celiac,  which is related to food. Soon after this, I suffered from severe anemia, headaches and muscular pains. I had lots of cramps in the legs. I began to lose my eyesight and I   fainted sometimes. I could hardly walk since I was not able to breathe as a consequence of the anemia. I spend a lot of time in bed. All this provoked an emotional imbalance. I suffered with this for three years. I was prescribed liquid food for one

year. When I ate something solid, I got a very strong infection.  I was afraid of the pain and  the 'washings'. The serums and the medications were very strong. More or less in February (2008) I began with the constant practice of Homa Therapy. Soon after that, I noticed that I recovered my health and my joy. Now I take the Agnihotra ash with every food like pepper in the soup and I even sprinkle it on top of the ice cream. I suspended all the medications and devoted myself completely to Agnihotra and its ashes in order to find out if it was true that Homa Therapy heals. The anemia disappeared. As Prof. Abel Hernandez says: "The Celiac is Gone!"
Personally I am very happy and content because I have overcome all my problems. In my house my children are peaceful. There was a revolution in my house and everything is running smoothly with my husband  now. I am very calm because I am emotionally well.  My health is good. I have also noticed a big change in my skin. My secret  to  this healthy skin is to apply ghee when I do Agnihotra in the morning and  evening. I left all other creams behind. Agnihotra is not only for health, it is also for beauty!
The Homa fires really have helped me very much. We are all happy in my house. We are calm and peaceful.
If there is somebody with a similar problem, I would tell her/him  to do the fires and not to stop this practice. In the beginning, I did not believe and  I think  this is normal. But the perseverance, doing the fires constantly is what leads to the healing. I suspended the medications to see if it was true, and YES, it was true, I was healed."


Patricio Vicente Feijoo            (Maria Augustinas husband)

"I am 47 years old. I am practicing Agnihotra regularly for nearly one year.
At a personal level, I have seen more tranquility, much more tranquility. We were in a difficult situation, difficult in many aspects. As all Ecuadorians, I also suffered from economic battles, the crisis did reach us. At the personal level many things were pending. We had a very serious problem and we thought it was unbeatable. We could not find any solution. I was looking for some

alternative and talked with Prof. Abel and  he said this was really "Our Last Chance". So we started with the practice of Agnihotra. We have felt more tranquility, more peace and we are no longer worried about the problems. We stopped occupying ourselves with worries. Now we are occupied in solving them. On the family level, we have seen very positive results with our children and with the health of my wife. She began more or less one year ago with Agnihotra and she has not stopped doing it since. The changes in my wife's health, I consider them a miracle  because she needed to be operated, but due to her anemia  which we could not get under control, it could not be done. She had an intestinal problem called Celiac. Her intestines were destroyed and she had to have an operation. Now she is healthy. The whole family is happy."



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Mrs. Roselvira Santillana from Arequipa, Peru, South America reports her experience with Agnihotra:

"Hello dear Homa family:
I am happy to be part of you. My name is Roselvira Santillana de Rodriguez. My first experience with Agnihotra was confirming. I took the wonderful ash of Agnihotra and applied it to an old, very dry and thin geranium plant which some said that we should throw out. This happened at noon and as the evening arrived I

placed my hands out of  curiosity over the plant, because I am blind. I felt that the plant had more leaves. I called my oldest son who knew the geranium well and these were his words: 'It is impressive, there are many tiny leaves, sprouts and little flowers.'
Now we are convinced that Homa Therapy will extend over the whole World like a lightning that comes from the east to the west. Here is the picture of the geranium. Goodbye my friends of the sacred fire. Be always blessed. Rosael"

Abel Eufrasio Navas Zambrano

President of the National Coop. of
Farmers and Sectors affine (CONASA)
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"I am 61 years old. I came 2 times to the Homa Center of Guayaquil and the secretary gave me two small bags with Agnihotra ash. I had 13 hectares of papaya trees sowed, but then the rain came and took 12 hectares with a flood away and I stayed with less than 1 hectare. In this area,

 I applied Agnihotra ash to  10 papaya trees  and I requested the boy that takes care of the property not to apply any: herbicide,  insecticide,  nematicide,  fungicide,  fertilizer. To leave them only with the Agnihotra ash. These 10 dying  papaya trees reacted amazingly and I can

Abel Navas: These 10 dying  papaya trees reacted amazingly and I can say  these  trees are OK  now.

tell you that these 10 papaya trees are OK now. And all this happened with only one application of Agnihotra ash. Now I come again  because I want more Agnihotra ash for my seedlings.
After this incident, I sowed inside this plantation approx. 2000 more papaya plants.  Now the employee asks me "when do we start applying Homa Therapy?"



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USGS: Chemicals Remain in Public Drinking Water after Treatment

WASHINGTON, DC, December 9, 2008  (ENS) - Low levels of manufactured chemicals remain in public water supplies even after they have been treated in selected community water facilities across the country, according to new research conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey and released today.

Water from nine selected rivers used The Harry Nice Bridge crosses the Potomac River at Morgantown, Maryland. (Photo by Geoff Greene)
Public water systems were analyzed for the study. The populations in communities served by these water treatment plants vary from 3,000 to over a million. Testing sites include the White River in Indiana; Elm Fork Trinity River in Texas; Potomac River in Maryland; Neuse River in North Carolina; Chattahoochee River in Georgia; Running Gutter Brook in Massachusetts; Clackamas River in Oregon; Truckee River in Nevada; and Cache La Poudre in Colorado. Scientists tested water samples for about 260 commonly used chemicals, including pesticides, solvents, gasoline hydrocarbons, personal care and household products, disinfection by-products, and manufacturing additives. Low levels of about 130 of the chemicals were detected in streams and rivers before treatment in the source water at the public water facilities. Nearly two-thirds of those chemicals were also detected after treatment.


NGOs Oppose World Bank Management of Climate Funds

POZNAN, Poland, December 9, 2008 (ENS)
Bearing banners with the message "World Bank Out Of Climate," and "Climate Justice Now" environmentalists protested outside the main entrance to the UN climate conference in an attempt to keep the bank from controlling climate change finance.
Today, 142 nongovernmental organizations issued a joint statement rejecting any such

(Photo courtesy Earth Negotiations Bulletin)

role for the World Bank. International Finance Campaigner Karen Orenstein with Friends of the Earth US said, "The World Bank is not a credible institution to play any role in addressing the climate crisis. Its Climate Investment Funds are irreparably flawed and should be shut down." "Developing countries urgently need billions of dollars - to cope with the increase of storms, droughts, famines and floods that they face due to climate change, and to build low carbon economies. But these funds must come through financial mechanisms controlled by the UN climate convention, in which all parties have equal say," declared Orenstein. The Adaptation Fund was approved at the Bali talks last December. Theoretically, the multi-billion dollar fund provided by industrialized countries is supposed to help least developed countries cope with the potentially disastrous effects of climate change and build low carbon economies. "World Bank climate funds force developing countries to pay for the industrialized world’s pollution by providing loans for them to adapt to a climate crisis they did not create," the NGOs said in their joint statement. "The World Bank has serious conflicts of interest with tackling climate change," the NGOs state. "As a major climate polluter and a major deforester, the World Bank is in no position to address the climate crisis that it is helping to cause. The Bank increased its lending for fossil fuels by 94 percent between 2007 and 2008; coal lending alone increased 256 percent. It is even financing coal in the name of fighting global warming."



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Homa Center Guayaquil, Ecuador  -  There is always a group of people sharing the daily Agnihotra fire. Many miracles have occurred in this place and many have started here their first Agnihotra practice. Once a week, people also meet to do Tryambakam Homa. The Director of the Homa Center, Sonia Hunter, has been serving her community with these healing Homas for many years .

Homa Center Guayaquil, Ecuador - we were very happy to see Ms. Alina Loor and her daughter Yensy Elizabeth (in the center) again. Ms. Alina Loor is very grateful to Homa Therapy for all the help  she and her family have received through the practice of the healing fires. Yensy was born with Down Syndrome but through the practice of Homa Therapy, her daughters' IQ  increased and she has become fairly independent!

Homa Center Guayaquil, Ecuador - the Agnihotra practice creates a wonderful atmosphere of peace, tranquility and wholeness for all the participants. It is just the right thing to end a busy day and feel regenerated, calm and full of love.



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The Homa Clinic 'The Good Shepherd' of Dr. Montufar in Guayaquil is always full at Agnihotra time. Agnihotra is an integral part of all treatments.

In spite of Dr. Montufars' absence for 2 weeks, his daughter, Italia took the initiative to continue with the Agnihotra practice in the clinic. First, she was on her own, then the word spread quickly and the patients appeared happily. They do not like to miss Agnihotra, which is part of their treatment. With wonderful young people like Italia, the WORLD has HOPE and a BIG CHANCE for change!

15 year old Italia Montufar is sharing Agnihotra daily with the patients.
What a lovely and courageous young woman!


"Center of Urban Organic Agriculture with HOMA "            Government Agency of the Province of Guayas

Agnihotri, Eng. Gilberto Navarro, is the Director of the
Agnihotra and Homa Farming Classes for Leaders in the urban communities of Guayaquil.

Program "Organic  Agriculture  in Guayas" (POA)



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Piura, Peru: Over 20 Agnihotra pyramids were lit at sunset at Aleta and Abels' home in Piura. Photos from the blessed Colombia Homa tour and video testimonies about healings were shared. It felt like Christmas with the family!

Chiclayo, Lambayeque:
The director of the Center of Research, Consulting and Promotion (CICAP), Sra. Leonor Rocha Valencia invited us for a Homa Farming Supertechnology presentation in their head quarters. Engineers and the administrative personnel were fascinated by the many applications of Homa Therapy and it's amazing results. Eng. Luis Tafur also talked about his experiences with Homa Farming. Some of them are now practicing Agnihotra.

Homa Center Jaen, Cajamaraca:
Dr. Apolinar Tenorio, his wife Sonia and Eng. Luis Tafur invited us to come to Jaen to see the Homa progress in this city, situated in the Peruvian mountains. We could verify that many people have found relief and  solution to their health problems. The testimonies of TOTAL Healing are very impressive, such as the case of Mr. Manuel Esteban who suffered from Parkinson disease and could not even sign a document due to the "shaking."

Now he is completely healed.
Mr. Daniel Echevarria Aliaga and his friend came from 'New Piura' in the Municipality Utcabamba to give his healing testimony of "tremendous fevers and infected tonsils which could not be operated. Due to the antibiotic treatment with penicillin, I developed an allergy. All these problems disappeared thanks to the healing fires of Homa Therapy."

(Above photo) Homa Farming Supertechnology Presentation with Eng. Luis Tafur, the managers (Jonathan Requejo Astochado and his brother Miguel) and the workers of the Hacienda "El Potrero" in Jaen. Some already began with the practice of Agnihotra.



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Agnihotra Healing sessions in the Homa Center Jaen, where many people come to find relief to their problems.


Agnihotra in the State Hospital (ESSALUD) 'Reategui' of Piura, where Dr. Luis Vega, chief of the 'Complementary Medicine Department' supports this initiative.


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EVENTS around the WORLD


"We carried out a Homa event in a place called "Los Palos Grandes" in Caracas in April in the house of Mrs. Eda during the visit of Dr. Irma Garcia. We are happy to be able to contribute our grain of sand in the spreading of this ancient and effective healing method.

We are a group who loves the Indian culture. Some of us are vegetarians, naturists and some are devotees of Sai Baba. We practice Homa Therapy privately in our homes, but one day we invited a lot of new people who did not know Homa Therapy. People really liked it. Beside the excellent lecture of Dr. Irma Garcia, informative material about Agnihotra was distributed. Above picture was taken by Mr. ZACKY MÉNDEZ. When I receive the Homa Newsletter I forward it to a lot of people who like this wonderful practice. Sending you loving greetings. Namaste, Yanina Elena Wilson."


Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sunday 26th October 2008

Homa Therapist Devy Johnson, M.D. from Chile (second from the left) visited Buenos Aires and thanks to Mr. Gabriel Rugiero was able to teach Agnihotra to a wonderful group of people (picture below). Also a "Women's' Healing Circle' was established in the house of Mrs. Ilda (picture left).



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more EVENTS around the WORLD


Mr.Diego Castañon writes from Vancouver, Canada:
"...here are some nice pictures of Agnihotra being performed in Vancouver. My dear friend Josh is in charge of the web site www.agnihotracanada.org and we would be very happy if we could include our activities and results in the English Homa Health Newsletter sent monthly... It has been fairly easy thanks to the help of Josh, Joseph and Jennifer to spread Agnihotra en Vancouver. They are doing a great work! Approx. 100 pyramids have gone into the city in 3 to 4 months of time. Joseph Tyls holds weekly Homa gatherings in his shop."

HARIDWAR, INDIA - Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (DSVV)

Since September every day Agnihotra, sunrise sunset fire is being performed at the University campus and also at the Tryambakam healing hut in Pragya Kuti as well a in the Gau Shala. Several individual devotees of Shanti Kunj have purchased Agnihotra copper pyramids and are doing Agnihotra in their homes.
We could already witness several healings taking place which did occur after Agnihotra ash was applied to wounds, infections and skin diseases. Doksahib Pandyaji said that the importance of Agnihotra Homa Therapy was mentioned by HIS Guruji Pt. Shriram Sharma Archariya long time back.

Now is the time where Homa will go to every house and home to help and heal our mother earth. Dr. Pandyaji said it is HIS responsibility that this happens.


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more EVENTS around the WORLD - AUSTRIA

"My name is Thomas Stiasny, I was born in Austria and I practice Agnihotra for about 5 years and really love the fire and I had amazing experiences with it. For me, its something special to be able to perform such an ancient holy technique and thus heal myself and the environment.
I worked on different organic farms in different countries and experienced that the performance of Agnihotra and Homas create an special atmosphere and really is a way to happy living in peace and harmony with Nature.
There are many things to spend one's time with and for me doing Homa is definitely something positive and uplifting and it gives peace. Anyway, I think it is something to be experienced and it is not possible to describe in words. Om Shanthi!"

Homa Gatherings in USA Photos from Thomas' travel visiting Ms. Maria Rathner (photo left) in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Ms. Esperanza and Daniel (photo right) in Los Angeles, CA. On his trips, he shares and teaches Agnihotra.


Bruce Johnson writes about his visit to Sri Lanka: "In May I visited Sri Lanka to teach Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. I stayed with Mr. Leel Randeni and his family in Kumbaloluwa, about 40 km from the capital Colombo. Leel works for the Ministry of the Environment and he is very environmentally conscious. I gave several talks and demonstrations to farmer groups with Leel assisting with translation into local language. Several people purchased pyramids to start Agnihotra. Leel and his colleague Wijesinghe are actively working on preserving the traditional rice varieties of Sri Lanka."



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more EVENTS around the WORLD


Chile, Olmue

Sunday, 5th of October 2008
Service in Eka Chakra of Catemu. Luis Valenzuela talking about Homa Organic Agriculture to Hare Krishna Devotees, after performing a Vyahruti Homa. The place is called "Island of the Lord Shiva".


La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Hello beautiful people:
We are sending you a picture of us performing Agnihotra. Astonishing things, big surprises and beautiful processes have happened through the practice of this bio-energetic technique.
We decided to open a Homa Center.
Greetings and blessings for you.
Hugs of light,
Architect Cristina Curubeto
ARKRIS Group."


Letter of Dr. Marveys Hernandez from Caracas, Venezuela:

"El ATENEO de  CARACAS, Cultural Center of the City, was the place of the event "ENIGMA" where we presented Homa Therapy.

We would like to thank all supporters, specially to Lic. Silvia Arteaga, Dr. Trino Maccini, his wife Dr. Maria Rosa de Maccini, Lic. Lea Mandelblum de Davidovitc and her husband, Mr. Isaac and Lic. Magdali Quintero de Casabonne for their unconditional service." Above Photo: Dr. Marveys Hernandez teaching and practicing Agnihotra at the ENIGMA Festival.



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Please see TV commercial     "HOMA FESTIVAL 2008"
click here

produced by
Mr. Fernando Pujadas  
in www.youtube.com

 Healing Testimonies,    Video presentations, Music, Dance, Songs, Surprises ... and lots of Love, laughter & Healing Energies.

Where:  'Universidad Politecnica Salesiana Domingo Comin'
(Ave. Domingo Comin and Daule, diagonal to the Church 'Maria Auxiliadora')

When: Sunday, 14th of December
Hour: 3:00 pm                                         Bring your Agnihotra kit, your family and friends.

(click on top of the poster to see it in bigger size)

"1st National HOMA Congress"


South America

13th and 14th of December
from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Colegio Palermos de San Jose

For further details, click here.


Sunday, 21st of December
at 3:00 pm

"Tacos Revolucionarios"
1766 Westchester Ave.
BRONX, NY, 10972 - 3022

Info: 718 - 823 6846
Mrs. Cecibel, Mr. Miguel and Ms. Michelle



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SOMAYAG IN MAHESHWAR, INDIA (February 9th - 14th, 2009)

What is Somayag?
AGNIHOTRA, tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset is the basic YAJNYA which any person can perform with only a little effort. There are Yajnyas to be done at the juncture of two seasons when there is a climate change. There are medicinal Yajnyas (HOMAS). There are some special Yajnyas to be performed based on astronomic conditions. Somayag (Soma Yajnya) is one such special Yajnya. This lasts for six days. An intelligent young person would take about

twelve years to learn this technique with proper Mantra chanting. The person has to follow strict disciplines. This Yajnya is called Somayag because SOMA juice is used as the main oblation. Soma is called the king of medicinal herbs. This special Yajyna will provide an extra powerful boost of Healing Energy for the whole world. This Yajyna is one in a series of seven Somayags, which have been planned to be held at the site of Maheshwar Go Shala. The beneficial effect of each of these HOMAS lasts for several years. The atmosphere becomes medicinal, nutritious and disease-free. Somayags yield a qualitative and quantitative improvement in the psyche.
As well as Agnihotra, Somayag is given in the ancientmost body of knowledge known to mankind. Mantras are taken from Vedas.
During the process of Somayag one feels elevated as if being purified to the core of one's personality. And at last a sense of oneness with the universe can be felt, so one becomes ready to devote oneself to serve the whole world.

If you wish to participate in this PLANETARY HEALING EVENT in person or through a DONATION please click here for further details.



CONCERT OF HOMA BIO-ENERGETIC HEALING - You are invited to participate in this HISTORICAL EVENT in Bogota.
This is a great opportunity to experience the magnificent effect of 1000 Agnihotra fires in the presence of 17.000 people. Don't miss it!
Bring your instruments (Agnihotra kit) and your friends!
Please pass this invitation on and contact us for more details. E-mail:



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             Verily these are the last days. Soon the whole planet undergoes terrific change. Much destruction comes soon to Eastern Europe by earth caving in. Large areas of Asia may have to be quarantined due to disease similar to AIDS. West coast of U.S. is sinking. East coast gets heavy storms. Midwest drought. Texas becomes wasteland. Such terrific things are happening.
             Under such conditions of the planet we have been blessed with knowledge to reset the energy cycle by healing fires and Mantras. It is all Grace. What a privilege it is to be able to serve others in distress and do good Karma without expectation of name, fame or reward.
            Only by doing intense good Karma one can negate the load of past Karma and be free. If we lose this opportunity to work out our karma with so little effort we have no one to blame but ourselves.
This is the time when all of us who have been blessed with this knowledge should come together in the spirit of service.
           We will all experience joy in doing this TAPA and in service to others on this Divine Path. Let us not think of our own needs. They are and will be fulfilled.
           If we want peace it must begin inside ourselves. One must search inside for the answers, for the directions, for guidance. All the professionals in the world will not be able to do our Swadhyaya. 
         We must learn that personal desires only bring pain and more pain in an endless cycle. Let us never complain. Let us serve the fellow man. Service will set us free.

           We should keep our mind only on Mantra, meditation and prayer. This is the only way to rise higher. This is a small price to pay for peace and bliss. Our whole way of life must change. Our attitudes will have to be altered. We will have to break ourselves as gently as possible but still it is going to be painful. Yet this is the only way. Service to others lightens all the burden.
           What greater blessing then to bring another out of darkness and into light? Let us demonstrate that Love with all compassion and no attachment.
          Terrific forces of destruction are let loose on the planet. To all of us who are committed to HEALING let us never forget that in healing others we become healed.
So let us make sure that among the people there is no gossip, no backbiting, no harsh criticism, no antagonism. Let there be only love, forgiveness, patience and service. There needs to be more effort towards harmony, more effort towards understanding, more effort towards caring und kindness towards other. It is not a pretty world and we must begin to HEAL in a big way now. It is time to unleash the Power and great healings begin. These are the times of the great return to the ONE.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On retrograde and faith
Yes, yes. We would say that the Master’s comment on the over-concern over Mercury in retrograde is quite insightful. “Why worry about mercury in retrograde when the whole planet is in retrograde?” Indeed! When the beings, in whom the power of the Light lies, embark upon a mission during which the planet is to receive great healing energies through their works, there makes no difference whether Mercury is in retrograde, the sign of the moon, whether it is full or on the wane! What matters is that the will of those working for the Light is in tune with a Higher Will which supersedes the phases of the moon and uplifts these beings from mundane influences, as well as cosmic ones. ..
Once one embarks upon one’s spirit path, one begins a slow process of surrendering to Divine Will. That is easy to say, but hard to maintain! However, the tools with which you are associated, especially the Vedic healing fires, provide not only the impetus to begin but also the balance required to continue. ...

On teaching children
Yes, yes. We would reiterate the Mantra, “Have no fear’’, but add “Have Faith.” Always give the mental processes another alternate route! When you say to a child, “Don’t touch this”, always provide another object the child can touch. If you say, “Don’t say that. It’s a bad word,” offer an alternative which is acceptable, but also one which is acceptable to one’s peer group. Say, all the friends swear, can there be another popular expression which could be substituted for the one which is more obscene. Children prefer the shock value

associated with cursing, especially when they’ve been raised not to! Discussion of vibrations and examples of such can appeal to the more rational mind. Explaining how one feels in different circumstances when exposed to negative language or angry speech, can assist a child in learning on his or her own what FEELS right and what does not. Be patient with the children of today. They know way more than you did at their age. Theirs is a totally new set of parameters.

On finding home
There are those of you who are without a home, whether out of financial struggle or a shift in geographics. You will find yourselves anxious to settle. Do not be driven too hard by this ‘angst’. Thought the need to settle into your places and expand your roles is vital now, your homes will be like magnets for you and you will be drawn to them by an unexplainable sense of longing. Worrying will not bring you closer to home. Leave it in Divine Hands. Make effort. Look. Listen. But relax in your searching. You will know without a doubt when home is beneath your feet. Let it come.


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