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 Today, we are watching an economic global crisis and most people wonder about their personal financial future. When it comes to usage of money, maybe people can be grouped as:
1) basic workers: to fulfill basic needs
2) common workers: to fulfill their vanity
3) extra ordinary workers: to help others
4) keepers: hold on to the money
5) investors: to increase the gains
In which group are you?
What do you do with your money?
a) keep it
b) share it
c) buy
d) invest
Any laymen know that the economy is good when the money flows everywhere. If it is stuck somewhere or misused, the economy eventually collapses.
So, the next question is: once your basic needs are taken care of, what to you do with the rest of your $$?
a)   Save it in the bank
b) Buy more (clothes, jewelry, cars, houses, etc.)
c) Get more pleasure (liquor, cigars, foods, sweets, sex, travels, etc.) 
d)  Give it to charity
e) Give it to support Satguru's (saintly person) work

f) Invest in:
  - Business such as: factories, real estate, entertainment, tourism, energy, food, drugs, weapons, war, etc.


   - Education
   - Research
   -Land with sustainable agriculture
   - Water resources

Some of these might be very good. Is there any investment accessible to anyone? Agnihotra heals the atmosphere and our mind. Also, when we do Agnihotra (the basic Yajnya), we are investing with certainty. Agnihotra is a prescribed duty (Dharma) that leads to prosperity (Arhat). Logically, the good actions will lead to good results. Agnihotra can help anyone to become an extra ordinary worker and investor. Agnihotra is the basic process of the Fivefold Path. Practice the Fivefold Path (Yajnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya).  This is the highway to peace, love, wisdom, joy and prosperity.
Remember, Agnihotra is the Greatest Investment for most people. Put it to the test and let the great law, the law of Grace, operate. OM OM OM.

Please see: “The Golden Messages of Shree Vasant” in

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Homa Healing Stories

Azucena Perez Rodriguez, Bogota, Colombia, South America

"I am 46 years old. After I was in the first Agnihotra, while I was returning home, I lost something sticky from the eye. I looked at myself in the mirror and found that I had lost most of the pterigium (outgrowth on the eye). That was a miracle. It happened with the first Agnihotra. Only a little bit is left.
We found Agnihotra so magic, so good, and so beautiful that we decided to practice it  at sunrise and sunset. I was continuously telling my husband "love, take the Agnihotra ash", because he suffered of rhinitis. After a few days, when he realized that he did not have any more problems, he looked for the ash by himself. He was suffering of rhinitis for more than 20 years and in less than 3 weeks it was taken care of. Also, there is more harmony in the house. I have noticed a psychological change within me . I suffered a lot since childhood. My father was an alcoholic and womanizer. He left my mother with 6 children for another lady.

Azucena Perez with her husband Miguel Angel Lasprilla at Agnihotra

When this happened, my mother gave us some poison to put an end to everything, but a lady walked into the house and saved us. Still, my mother was very nervous and worried because of our economical situation. So I was psychologically very disturbed, although I have searched for help and utilized many therapies, including Yoga. Now I have found the Peace in my Heart and Light in my mind. This happened with the Agnihotra fire. After all, I still have the same home, the same husband, the same situation, but I could not be grateful and peaceful. Now I feel very happy, I have everything, I have my body, health, my husband, my house, etc. and I am very grateful. It is a state of joy. Before I was very depressed.
Another effect of this Homa fire is that it improved the relationship with my husband. We feel very close and harmonious now. We forgot about the many differences we had. Our relationship is very, very harmonious; he is more loving and attentive."


Elizabeth Cortes
Bogota, Colombia, South America

"I am 53 years old. I went to the Expo Harmony Festival in the Botanical Garden where there were a lot of activities with Yoga, vegetarianism, presentations of alternative medicines and other very beautiful things. I enjoyed it a lot, but I also had a strong headache and therefore I did not want to stay longer than necessary. I get these headaches because of the use of the cell phone. By the way, my father died with cancer in the brain, because of the cell phone. I was desperate with this pain. But after the Agnihotra was finished, the pain was gone and it has not returned. I can speak on the cell phone and

no pain. This happened 15 days ago and the pain has not returned. Homa Therapy is very effective and I am very grateful. Now I am starting with the practice of Agnihotra because I know that many of my problems will be solved."



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‘Joaquín de los Andes’ School, Port Montt, Chile

Teacher Claudia Flores informs us about the happenings with Homa Therapy in the school:
"This is a Special School whose students are deaf children from the town of Port Montt, Chile. We have 18 students from a few months old to twelve years of age. Thanks to the love and openness of several professionals, the project with the fires Homa was started in 2006 and it keeps going till today.
I learned about Homa Therapy and fell in love with it. Claudia, the director of the school, suggested to incorporate it within the educational practices. It was an entire success. We started by explaining to the parents and children what Homa Therapy was all about. We showed some videos and educational drawings; we showed the Agnihotra pyramid and the different Homa materials and we prepared cow dung among other activities.
It was wonderful to see how the power of the mantra along with the heat, the light and the fragrance of the Homa fire brought about a change in their attitude. The children were calmer, some were a little sleepy and their attention was directed towards the fire. It was a moment of peace and quietness during the week, not only for the children but also for the adults who participated.
That year, we participated in a scientific school fair, where we showed these Homa fires. The children explained through sign language what they have learned to other children. We showed pictures, videos, educational material, etc. Our participation was so well received that 2 months later we were invited to be part of a school fair for the whole region, where we talked more about Homa Therapy. By the end of the school year, the school board decided to incorporate Homa Therapy as part of our educational project. It became an intrinsic part of our school.
During the following year, we continued practicing the Homa fires weekly with the children and we started to give some workshops to the parents about the use of the Agnihotra ash. Then we went back to the Scientific Fair with the project of ‘Homa Medicines’, where people experienced Agnihotra, took the ash, prepared some Agnihotra medicines and shared them with children of other schools. We included the Agnihotra ash medicines into the first-aid emergency kit of the school, which could be used at any time. After practicing Homa Therapy and applying its medicines, I realized that it has been tremendously valuable for everyone. A whole community opened up to receive it and share it. This is a precious opportunity to share between children and adults. This empowers everyone in education with a way to do something different and teach how we can love and care for the planet easily and effectively.
Ms. Hilda, school manager: "We have been practicing Homa Therapy for 2 years in the school. We have noticed that Kristel has been doing very well. According to the doctors she has a respiratory problem and should not be exposed to smoke and dust, but she breathes and relaxes very well. She is more sociable and more attentive. HOMA THERAPY IS LIKE A BATH OF POSITIVE ENERGY FOR ALL. Homa Therapy is so familiar to us that we sing the mantra at home."

We were invited to a regional Scientific Fair with the project of ‘Homa Medicines’, where people experienced Agnihotra, took the ash, prepared some Agnihotra medicines and shared them with the children of other schools.

We participated in a Scientific School Fair, where we showed the Homa fires. The children explained through sign language what they had learned to other children. We showed pictures, videos, educational material, etc.



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From Homa Farmer Abhay Mutalik Desai
Sutagatti, Belgaum, Karnataka State, India

"Mr. O.P.RUPELA,  scientist in Microbiology from Andhra Pradesh visited our Homa Organic Farm on 23 August this year and remarked the following:
'The crop production system in this Homa farm reflects a complete balance, which can only be achieved when Nature is in perfect balance and harmony. The farm is a good place of education and research for agricultural scientists...'
This year (2008), India is experiencing erratic rains which have resulted in heavy crop losses. March is supposed to be a hot and dry. But streams and rivers were flooded and ready to harvest wheat in Northern Karnataka, Rice in Kerla and pulses in the coastal

area of Karnataka were destroyed. In the last 50 years, I have never seen a monsoon climate in this area in the month of March.
 Surprisingly, these rains happened after I had harvested my 4 acres of wheat, intercropped with sugarcane. And actually these heavy rains were a boost for my coffee, pepper, sugarcane and one month old summer groundnut. Then, the month of April up to May 20th was a dry spell. Four Agriculture students from Dharwar University stayed on our farm to study Homa organic principles. 

Sugar cane intercropped with wheat.

Three of them were not sure about the effects of Homa, they thought that just organic is enough. I had already told them about my earlier experiences of 2000, 2003 and 2004 when it had rained only on my farm and village. On May 13th, we were all working on the farm, it was hot and there was no trace of a cloud anywhere. Exactly at 2.00 pm in the afternoon a small cloud formed over our farm only, the remaining sky was clear blue. Suddenly a sound of thunder came from within the cloud and rain drops poured down only on our farm area with bright sun rays in the background. All the workers, the students and I were surprised about the 20 minute rainfall.
Pre monsoon rains started on May 20th. My 5 acres of summer groundnut were still not fully matured because of late sowing in February. Only in the 1st week of June I was able to harvest and I needed sunshine that week to dry the harvested groundnut. The metrological department had predicted an early monsoon. It rained till 28th of May and then it stopped. On June 10th I finished my harvesting and drying of the groundnut along with sowing of 3 acres of rice and then the Monsoon continued till 16th of June. I immediately sow 1 acre of groundnut and once again the rains followed!
During monsoon there is always a shortage of farm workers. I had to undertake weeding in 14 acres sugarcane, 3 acres rice and 1 acre groundnut and I needed the rain to stop. Unbelievably, there was a dry spell in our area between 24th of June till 4th of August in which I could finish all  the weeding. But farmers all over Northern Karnataka who had done sowing in May were loosing their crop. I absolutely had no problems. However, I did increase the hours of Tryambakam Homa beginning with July 20th.

The heavy rains started again on August 4th and our Ghataprabha river was flooded and the Hidkal Dam was full in just one week. The back water entered on one acre of our rice field and one particular variety, Krishna Kumud, was totally submerged in water. (left)

I thought I would loose the seeds of a rare variety of black aromatic rice as the dam was full. In the third week of August the water in the dam reduced and our Black Rice was saved. Now, all the rice is out of water and we are looking forward to a good harvest. (photo below)
So, in times of drastic climatic changes which are occurring in every part of the world, we  survive and succeed using Homa Therapy. I had the same

experience in past that whenever there was need of rain, it rained, although surrounding area was all drought. And when in the surrounding area heavy rains came and it harmed the crops, just in our area no rains came and there was no destruction. Reading today's (11th Sept 2008) newspaper headlines: "Heavy Rains in Bidar District of Karnataka destroys millions of Rupees worth of pulses", "Neem tree, which flowers in the month of April is flowering now". (The weather is crazy.) We are thankful for having Homa in our life."



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Information emitted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States reveals that we waste away between 500 trillions and a quintillion plastic bags approximately around the world every year. Less than 1% of the bags it is recycled. It is more expensive to recycle a plastic bag that to produce a new one. “A rough economy exists behind the recycle of the plastic bags. To process and to recycle a ton of plastic bags costs $ 4.000; the same quantity is sold in the market for $ 32.00", said Jared Blumenfeld, Director of the EPA in San Francisco.
Prohibit plastic bags
Bangladesh prohibited the plastic bags; China prohibited the free plastic bags. Ireland was the first in Europe in putting taxes on the plastic bags in the 2002. So, it has reduced the consumption in 90%. In the 2005, Rwanda prohibited the plastic bags. Israel, Canada, western India, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Africa of the South, Taiwan and Singapore have also prohibited or they are in the process of prohibiting the plastic bags. On March 27 the 2007, San Francisco was the first city of EE.UU. prohibiting the plastic bags. Oakland and Boston are considering the prohibition.
The plastic bags are made of polyethylene: a thermoplastic that is obtained from the petroleum, a non renewable resource that provokes so many fights and wars...

Deaths of thousands of animals such as birds, turtles, sea lions and many fish are caused by the intake of plastic bags. They confuse them with food (Greenpeace estimates that more than 18.000 pieces of plastic bags are floating in each km of our oceans.)
The time that takes a plastic bag to decompose: It is calculated that the garbage of plastic bags take a long time (approx. 100 to 400 years) to break down when they are treated technically; in some cases, they never decompose.
There is also an increment in the risk of cancer due to toxic chemical compounds that some plastics contain.        ¡¡Say "NO" to plastic bags!! - Let's use cloth bags.


Environmental News Network (ENN):
From: Triple Pundit, October 11, 2008 09:12 AM

Cost of Deforestation is vastly Greater than that of the Current Financial Crisis. We are actually losing more money through deforestation than through the current financial meltdown.

The reasoning behind this is clear when we start calculating the often overlooked value of Natural Capital - resources provided by our environment including minerals, water, air, sunlight, heat, plants, animals, and other organic matter. Looking at the costs of deforestation and other forms of resource depletion from a purely economic perspective may seem perverse to many environmentalists, but it may be the only way that these issues are ever going to get real attention from government, big business, and society at large. The study cited by the BBC comes from a Deutsche bank economist who states: ... whereas Wall Street by various calculations has to date lost, within the financial sector, $1-$1.5 trillion, the reality is that at today's rate we are losing natural capital at least between $2-$5 trillion every year (emphasis mine) Bear in mind that's an annual cost... and it's just about forests. Burning or bulldozing complex ecosystems such as tropical forests removes the benefits that those ecosystems provided for a short term gain - such as whatever price you can get for the lumber. But leaving an ecosystem more-or-less intact allows it to continue to provide "ecosystem services" such as clean air and water, plant pollination, climate regulation, soil regeneration, ozone protection, shade and shelter, etc. - all of which must be replaced by artificial means costing lots of money. If you want to get even more depressed, read the Stern Review which attempts (not without some criticism) to calculate the overall cost of climate change in general.
Now, the good news: The fact that calculations like this are being made means that economists, governments, and businesses are starting to listen. It also provides hard data that didn't exist in the past to make the case for land conservation, resource efficiency and a more proactive stance on environmental issues in general.



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On Sunday Sept. 21st Agnihotra was part of the Expo Harmony Fair in the Botanical Garden. This New Age Fair, which attracted many people, was organized by TV star, Xiomi and the Foundation 'Vida Sana'. It was an outdoor festival with music, songs, dance, vegetarian food and many stands showing how to live a healthier life. The practice of Agnihotra crowned this event creating a sense of unity, warmth and love.
Of course, if we make Agnihotra the center of our life, everything else falls into place without much effort. Try it!

Sunday, Sept 28th Homa Therapy presentation - "PEACE for BOGOTA"
About 300 people gathered  in the 'Maloca' of the Botanical Garden to learn about Homa Therapy through an introductory talk, a video presentation and all experienced the Healing Power of Agnihotra at sunset where close to 20 Homa fires created a wonderful peaceful and loving atmosphere. All the people received a packet of Agnihotra ash labeled with a phone number for more info. Many people are calling. So much need everywhere for true healing on many levels which the practice of Agnihotra brings.
The Maloca is a meeting hall established by the 'Muysca' Tribe in accordance to a certain geographical position and orientation .They are the original people of Bacata (original name of Bogota meaning 'River of diamonds'). It is energetically the 'Heart of the city  Bogota'. This meeting has been a blessing to everyone present. Massive Agnihotra meetings are taking place in this special energetic space every Sunday. We want to express our thanks also to Mr. Suagagua Neusa, Mr. Herman Martinez Gomez, Dr. Jose Antonio Magmud, Dr. Orlando Gomez, Mr. Michel Molina, Mr. Jaime Valbuena and all the helpers who made this wonderful healing event possible and who continue their support.



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Daily Agnihotra meetings and sharing of experiences in the home of the Drs. Orlando Gomez and his wife Julia Emma Garzon. Several Agnihotris have many years of constant practice and many miracles to tell. The family of Light is growing every day ...

The Chief of the Muysca tribe , Mr. Suagagua Neusa, his wife Timi and others members came to get special Agnihotra training in order to be able to share it with others. Mr. Suagagua immediately felt the bond of brotherhood and acceptance beyond words through the common practice of these Sacred Healing Fires.



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Dora Luz Aragon, Dr. Marco Aurelio Cabezas and his wife Esperanza Paredes invited us to come to Ibague, Dept. of Tolima to promote Homa Therapy in this city. Their daughter, psychologist Linda Cabezas arranged Radio and TV interviews and also a meeting with a group of school teachers (photo below right). There were wonderful meetings sharing Agnihotra with the family (Photo right) and friends (photo below), who also started the practice of this simple and powerful healing fire.

This Video presen-tation about Homa Therapy  and its effects in Human Health and farming raised a lot of interest at the 'University of Tolima'. After evening Agnihotra, a lady reported relief from a pain in her arm. She had for several weeks.

A group of people arrived at the 'Foods' Restaurant in the Plaza Bolivar  (the Center of Ibague) to learn more about the power of Homa Therapy and to share Agnihotra. (bottom) Homa Eco news in Radio Ibague.



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Raaja Fischer, Wendland, Germany:
Agnihotra during a lecture we gave about Homa Therapy at the Demeter farm of Tangsehl in our area. About 50 people attended and there was much interest. Some of the people  belong to our Agnihotra group now.
Here, you see the Agnihotra Tipi at our Unicorn Natural Voice & Dance Camp this year in July (Wendland, North Germany). We were about 140 adults and 60 kids at the camp , singing and dancing every day. Agnihotra provided a harmonious atmosphere for all these things to happen.


Rob Bagnall, Chiang Mai, Thailand
After 3 months Homa Therapy, I observe:
The snails and fish are really coming back to life here next to the house. I walked outside in the back of the house this morning and looked in the water and there were snails everywhere. Fish are back and the chickens from next door now prefer to come into my yard as apparently the earth worms are in greater quantity. The coconuts which we took pictures of are also growing noticeably daily. All the flowering plants and trees in the yard behind the house are showing signs of improvement. The leaves have stopped turning brown and are have nice green, almost shiny. Also I have noticed a lot of new healthy growth. I like to call it the 'Genesis Effect'. It seems as there is a rebirth of numerous species of valuable insects, birds, fish, micro-organisms, etc. all in such a short period of time. It really is extraordinary.

Photo above: The coconut shows old bunches with 3 and 4 fruits and new growth with up to 20 fruits forming since Homa Therapy is practiced.

Photo left: Dr. Suwiwek, Robert Bagnall and Anne Godfrey doing Agnihotra in the back yard.



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Homa Organic Farming Training Course at Tapovan, Jalgaon district, Maharashtra, India

The first Homa Organic Farming Training Course at Tapovan was held in July 2008. It was a 3 day residential camp attended by 20 farmers and agriculture extension workers. Participants were mainly locals

from Jalgaon district, the banana belt of India. But we had people from as far afield as Mumbai, Karnataka and Uttaranchal.
The training course was presented by Fivefold Path Mission. The course was conducted by Bruce Johnson and Sanjay Patil, manager of Tapovan in 3 languages - English, Hindi and Marathi. Hrishikesh Paranjpe, Dilip Patil and Sanjay Roman assisted with translations. Topics covered were:

  • Present status of agriculture

  • Homa Organic Farming - Evergreen Revolution

  • Applications of Homa Therapy in agriculture

  • Vermicompost and Gloria Biosol

  • Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa

  • Resonance Point

  • Farmers' friends - cow, earthworm and honey bee

  • Ecological Pest Management

  • Homa farming results and Testimonial videos

These Organic Homa Trainings classes are ongoing. For further information please see: www.tapovan.net

ECO-HOMA FARM of Olmue, Chile
invites to the workshop:
Sunday, 19th October 2008

A Garden +  Homa Therapy= Health.  
A garden by itself can mean health. If we apply Homa Therapy, the healing goes beyond the  physical body.
Homa Farms exist all over the world and  Olmue is one of them. Organic Homa Gardens are showing the way to get great healthy yield at a low cost. The moment has come to develop this type of gardening. The Homa Garden  balances  all the ecosystems and promotes health.


If you are interested in participating, please register with Mr. Jorge Soto: tel.9 815 5242 or Mr. Luís Valenzuela: tel. 9 250 2816. This course is dictated frequently.



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             All those sensual pleasures are totally automated in the average person. Any opportunity to seek pleasure is quickly grasped by the mind and automatically the intellect tries to find ways how that enjoyable situation can be extended.
                 If your goal in life is God intoxication, liberation, 'Not my will but Thy will be done' then you have to make special effort to get out of the grooves of mental behavior and set in to motion another automated behavior pattern. Instead of sense enjoyment you have to think how you become a better instrument to execute HIS will. You have to make a serious conscious effort to achieve this. This is a very special process in your life. When you succeed in doing this you will come to know what real joy in life is. Simultaneously you will be accumulating great good Karma without attachment to the fruit and the Law of GRACE operates.
                   First you have to make your vessel empty before Sadguru can pour HIS Grace in it. This means all your selfishness    has  to    go.    For   this  to happen begin practice of AGNIHOTRA and DAAN, the two material aids of happy life. Concentrate your mind on the Sadguru. Take Mantra as a help.

                  Mantra should be steadily repeated with attention on the energetic meaning. Thus the energy field is maintained by repetition.
                   Yajnya fire atmosphere takes you from gross to more subtle levels of consciousness. It is a place where the Supreme Power, Almighty power bends towards us, to bless us. Get into the habit of performing Karma for self purification and automatically you will be lifted higher into HIS Kingdom of GRACE.
                   You may feel lonely or deserted. However every single thought of yours is known to the Divine. If your prayer is earnest and if you are trying to be more and more pure, if your aim is to be most fitting instrument to spread HIS Grace towards other human beings it shall be done and your load of past Karma is reduced.
                 Practice the Fivefold Path of Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, and Swadhyaya. You will be lifted from the valley of death and illusion into the Kingdom of Heaven which is within us.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On tribes
Yes, yes. This is a community of more creative beings, yet it is also a type of family.
Let us address the issue of tribes. Tribes are formed when beings are drawn together by a common denominator, such as family, similar spiritual interests, and basic similarities as individuals forming a whole. However, tribes go beyond even this minimalist definition. Tribes are often even primal by nature. Beings drawn together by a force greater than themselves form a tribe. There is often a non-verbal communication which goes on, beyond words and definitions, beyond rules and guidelines which later form the structure of an otherwise organic form. There is also an innate recognition when you meet a member of your tribe. That tribe can be spread across the world, but the commonality of the members is as if all were in one moment of time and one place in the world.
The fire of Agnihotra can cross lines from one tribe to the next and that no one tribe can lay claim to it being only for them. Agnihotra truly is a universal tool for rejuvenation of body, mind, spirit and environment. ...
One’s tribe may include beings from every walk of life, every race, religion, and creed. This is the reason why many beings have shifted and are continuing to do so, to other countries. The place of one’s birth is no longer a sentence handed down by familial bonds, but a stepping off point which is likely going to take one far to one’s final place of being. Therefore, one may find him or her self in an entirely different culture on the other side of  the world and yet,  feel  more at

home there than in one’s country of origin. It is now like that, the global family being greater than that of one’s immediate ancestry. ...

On spiritual path
... When one ventures upon a path, call it ‘spiritual’, his or her initial reasons may be self-serving—seeking inner peace or a better life, seeking quiet, a healthier way of life. However, if one truly moves on one’s ‘spirit’ path and does not remain poised at the point of entry, one’s awareness will naturally expand to eventually include at least glimpses of a harmonious whole. One’s family expands, one’s bubble grows larger. As one evolves, one begins to find one’s higher purpose, one’s inner voice with which one can sing and join the host of other beings yearning for Oneness. And the harmony becomes whole, as one moves closer to manifestation of one’s true purpose as a being of Light in a band of Light that encircles this universe and beyond. Yes and this is only a beginning. OM.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Newsletter!

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