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We think about Medicine when we are facing a disease, pain or discomfort. Usually there are as many types of medicines as there are pathologies and sometimes there are several kinds of medicines for one problem. The effectivity of these medicines may vary depending on the individual’s constitution and other factors. Nowadays, there are so many elements that can affect our health and toxins are among the most prevalent ones. These toxins lead to the most common chronic degenerative diseases.       . Most naturopathic approaches to health start with “detox programs” for the removing of toxins out of our bodies. These toxins come from our foods and other sources. They tend to accumulate in many body parts at different levels. Usually, the colon (large intestine) cleansing is recommended at the beginning along with special diets to avoid more food toxins coming in. The Medical Doctors, nurses, therapists and health-practioners are dedicated to bring “relief” and help the patient to go back to health, go back to balance, go back to “ease”.
Among the many approaches to help, Homa Therapy is one that is:
- easy to apply
- inexpensive
- holistic (body, mind, etc.)
- wholistic (atmosphere, waters, soils, plants, animals, man, etc.)
- complementary to any other medical approach
- preventive medicine and curative in many cases
- natural, scientific, bioenergetic and vibrational medicine

Can a fish be healthy living in polluted waters? Can man be healthy living in a polluted environment?


Nature and men are ONE. What affects one, can affect the other indirectly. These Homa healing fires treat man and Nature at the same time.
We all pollute, so we are part of the problem. But we can neutralize the pollution and also become part of the solution “easily” with the practice of Agnihotra.

So the question is:
Did you do your Agnihotra today?
It is important what we say, but it might be more important what we do.
Agnihotra gives the patient an opportunity to become an active agent on his/her own healing and the healing of mother Earth.
The Agnihotra atmosphere and the Agnihotra ash have a profound effect on the body/mind unit.
You might want to find out the meaning and meditate on the following verse:

”Om asato ma sad gamaya
Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya
Mrityor ma amritam gamaya
Om shantih shantih shantih”

Practice of Agnihotra =     . spreading Love
Let’s fill all the spheres with Agnihotra.
Let’s fill all the spheres with Love.

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
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Homa Healing Stories - PSORIASIS

Dr. Apolinar Tenorio Collantes
Jaen, Cajamaraca, Peru, South America

"I am 50 years old and I had Psoriasis that began a year and half ago. The skin started to change its color, then it began to itch and then it expanded quickly, like an explosion, especially on the arms, then it appeared on the legs. I was very worried. I thought that it was cancer. The medical doctors form the clinic San Pablo in Lima told me that it was Psoriasis. They prescribed me some ointments that they themselves prepared. I bought two of those ointments, thinking that this was enough to get healed. The second time I went there I bought ninety bottles of this ointment for 25 dollars each and nothing happened. I felt desperate, because the Psoriasis also appeared in my hands. And I must say, that I never had felt rejection before, but when I wanted to shake hands with my friends, they took their hand away. Then I was very worried, because I felt excluded.

Dr. Apolinar practicing sunset Agnihotra

At that time I meet with Eng. Luis Tafur, whose help I appreciate a lot. I told him that I really could not work any longer, that this disease also had become a great psychological problem. Then he told me that Homa Therapy has helped him and that his problems were worse than mine. I asked him, how I could learn this. He said that he will invite some friends who travel all over the world teaching Agnihotra. I asked him, 'when can they  come? I will sell everything I have, if necessary, to bring them over here, because health is the most important."
So Dr. Abel and his wife came to Jaén. We learned Homa Therapy and I did Agnihotra for 2 months and I also applied the Agnihotra ash crème. Although I was not doing it regularly, 90 % of the Psoriasis disappeared.
We have seen other miracles and we have started a Homa Center in Jaén  where people come daily to do Agnihotra and  receive healing. I recommend that people practice Agnihotra and then help others to get cured, because the world is full of sick people.

Now I feel happy and I have learned that money is not everything. And I have a slogan: Health and Freedom, the rest is silence."


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Homa Healing Story - ALCOHOLISM


"I grew up in a marginal area of Guayaquil and I started taking drugs at a very early age. When I was 25 years old, I  started my artistic activities, but I also started drinking  alcohol. I managed to stop taking drugs 8 years ago, but I could not stop the drinking.
This year, 2008, I met Maria Jose, who asked me to help her in a art competition project. A little later, we visited her parents, Vicky and Fernando Zurita, in Quito, who run a Homa Center. Immediately I began to take Agnihotra ash and we did the first evening Agnihotra fire. My anxiety for alcohol was so big that I wanted to run away and look for a drink. But I

took the Agnihotra ash and that removed the anxiety. I was taking 20 glasses of water with Agnihotra ash daily to get relief. One day, I found a closet full with  over 100 bottles of alcohol, which the family had received as gifts. I stood trembling with joy and sadness at the same time; joy, of seeing so many untouched bottles of different brands. Immediately the little devil in my mind came up, insinuating to grab one. But right away I took water with Agnihotra ash.
I did not know that Maria Jose and her parents were checking me out. I simply closed the door and went to continue my painting. I did not want to talk about it. And again the little devil came. So I went to the closet to grab a bottle, but surprise: It was empty! They had taken all bottles out. I said 'well' and I stayed 2 months doing Agnihotra and lots of Tryambakam in this Homa Center.
Homa Therapy has changed my life and my way of thinking, now I want to do good things

"Ethnic Flames" by Jorge Jaen

in life. There are good things to be done and there are good people. I have been doing Homa Therapy for nine months and I feel very happy. I started on October 10th 2007 and today is Julio 2008.
I am again united with my family and this is very important for me. I am 47 years old and I have been in drugs and alcohol for more than 22 years, maybe even more than half of my life.
Nobody in my family used to believe in me. They looked for me in the "Extra" newspaper, where they picture the people who have died, like in accidents, prisoners, etc. When I disappeared, they would check with the police, the high way patrol, the morgue, etc. Those were the places where my mother and brothers searched for me and sometimes they found me there.



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continuation: Homa Healing Story of Jorge Jaen

Let me tell you, when I used to visit a house for the 1st time, I would look for the bottles immediately. I was pulled by the propagandas of alcohol. That would stimulate me to drink; once I took the first drink, I could not stop until the next day. Now, I don’t care for it. Before I used to worry, what would I do with my time if I stopped drinking? I needed something in my hand, a bottle or a glass. Now, I do something more productive, I paint about the changes in my life. I feel as I have not been drinking for many years, but it only has been for 9 months.
My friends ask me: ‘What makes you look younger?  What happened to you? What is so strong that  changed  you?’ What a great change!

As you can see in the newspaper, I was well known  for partying among the artists, poets, writers and musicians in Guayaquil. I had a studio, called 'El Ojo del Chicharo', where under the pretext of creating, the artists would gather at 6 in the morning to consume alcohol. Now, I would call it  a ‘Center of Doom’.
Now, when my friends ask me, if I want to drink, I reply: ‘No, it doesn’t tickle me’.
Homa Therapy has given me the strength and confidence to talk to anybody, looking into their eyes. Now everybody opens the doors for me. Recently I was named the director of the art studio, in the Casa de la Cultura (House of Art) of the province of Guayas.

Paintings full of suffering and darkness before beginning with the practice of Homa Therapy.

Now I get exhibition rooms wherever I want. Before, I had to request them and wait up to two years in order to do an exhibition. Now, in this year alone I have had 3 exhibitions. Homa Therapy has opened the doors of gratitude, it is a Divine blessing. Now my family believes in me.
The parents of my friends request me to help their children, because they see my changes. A friend, who was involved in drugs and who recently came out of jail, came to participate in Agnihotra and started taking the Agnihotra ash regularly. Now he is clean and his

parents are very grateful towards me, even though I tell them that I have not done anything. A musician friend, Pichimbo, who had a stroke and suffered from paralysis on one side of the body, came for 21 days in a row to participate in Agnihotra in my house and he took a lot of Agnihotra ash. For three years he could not play the guitar, now he does. This is really a wonderful testimony.
Now, my plan is to do Homa Therapy, Agnihotra and Triambakam Homa with a group of friends in my art studio."

Recent painting, titled: FRUIT ROMANCE



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Center of Organic Agriculture
of the Government of the Province of Guayas,
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

Director Eng. Gilberto Navarro

We decided to combine the technology of organic agriculture with the technology of Homa Farming when María de Belen Cajas, a University student, came for internship. She supplied the Agnihotra ash. She and her parents, the Architects Alejandro and Estefania Cajas practice Agnihotra since many years.
It is very difficult to grow tomatoes in Ecuador in winter. There are really many problems like: phytophthora, fusarium and plagues like the "Blacky." It is difficult to work with this solanacea in the rainy months. However, we treated two tomato varieties, one that is small and juicy, and another variety for salad. We were really amazed at the results after two months of treatment with the Agnihotra ash solution! We saw how the tomato plants kept their green color and developed wonderfully. The tomatoes didn't present any attacks of plagues like the phytophthora, which usually shows up  at that time. They stayed free of viruses. The tomato usually does present virus.
Let us remember that the organic cultivation is more susceptible to plagues and diseases. But that doesn't occur with Homa Technology, which also expands the time of productivity; so it seems that more life was given to the cultivation. These plants have not received any water in 10 days and you don't see a single fruit that has problem of bacterial stains, phytophthora, spoilage or fungi. You can check each plant and each tomato. And you should taste these tomatoes. They are wonderful!

Tomatoes planted outdoors in February, which is the rainy season and this year, 2008, the rains were very strong. Now, 5 months later, they are still producing. This is the eighth harvest of healthy tomatoes!

 We are now obtaining the eighth harvest in these tomatoes. Look at these plants! The plants have already finished their lifespan; however, they are still producing. I still can take out 300 more pounds of tomatoes. And note that this is a hybrid that we have used for 5 years and we sowed it this winter. The experience that we have had in other years with this crop is that we get only 2 or 3 harvests due to the virus attacks, even if we use  resistant varieties.
There is also a symptom that is manifested in the tomato, which is called “Culillo”. This is

caused by the deficiency of calcium in the soil and inadequate watering. It is a brown spot on the tomato. We have not found a single “Culillo” attack. And I have not applied any calcium treatment to the soil.
This  is very important to face the Global Food Crisis. People can do this type of farming in their patio, in their garden, on the roof, etc. Homa Farming can give products which are healthy, nutritious, filled with vitamins, zero agro-toxins and at a very low cost.

We also applied Homa Farming Supertechnology to bell peppers which were already suffering from an insects attack, but after applying the Agnihotra ash, the plants began to emit new leaves, new sprouts and the production went on. We were surprised because this crop, which had already finished its cycle and was almost completely dead, started to produce."



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Ghislaine Lanctôt
Author of the best seller:
The Medical Mafia (Ed. Vesica Piscis)

• Competition is being eliminated. Researchers are being reoriented. Dissidents are imprisoned or being shown up and reduced to silence. The alternative products hat are profitable are being recuperated by multinationals thanks to the legislation of the Codex of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the patents of the WTO.
• Cunningly stoked by the authorities and the media that serves them, a fearful panic of sickness, of aging and of death is haunting the population. The obsession to survive at all costs makes the international traffic of organs, blood and human foetuses prosper… also at all cost.
• Food is irradiated, milk pasteurized, genes modified, water is contaminated, and the air is poisoned. Children receive 35 vaccines before entering the school system. Whole families are drugged; the father on Viagra, the mother on Prozac, and the children on Ritalin. Soon, their security, their normality, and their happiness will be assured by the implantation of the micro chip, as we do with animals. In fertility clinics we produce, by artificial insemination, triplets and quadruplets, and a good quantity of embryos are being stock-piled. Human cloning is around the corner. You have gone mad, the cows cry at us.
• During this time, costs are rising and services diminishing. The health system is drowning in a profound chaos that only privatization can save. Financiers are coming to the rescue, the same people who have conceived, put in place and then killed the health system. It had to be first adopted as a public monopoly to be able to then transform the system into a private monopoly. Well done, Dr. Rockefeller and your associates of the Trilateral Commission. Yet…
THE MEDICAL MAFIA IS IN AGONY                                (more info in internet...)


"Globalized industrialized food is not cheap: it is too costly for the Earth, for the farmers, for our health"
Dr. Vandana Shiva
Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Globalized industrialized food is not cheap: it is too costly for the Earth, for the farmers, for our health. The Earth can no longer carry the burden of groundwater mining, pesticide pollution, disappearance of species and destabilization of the climate. Farmers can no longer carry the burden of debt, which is inevitable in industrial farming with its high costs of production. It is incapable of producing safe, culturally appropriate, tasty, quality food. And it is incapable of producing enough food for all because it is wasteful of land, water and energy. Industrial agriculture uses ten times more energy than it produces. It is thus ten times less efficient."
Dr. Vandana Shiva, scientist, world-renowned author, and grassroots leader in India. Member of the Policy Advisory Board of the Organic Consumers Association.



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Dear Friends of HOMA Therapy in Colombia,
we are very happy because we will have the opportunity to be soon with you.
If you want to learn more about the Homa Healing Fires or share them with others, please call us at Dr. Orlando Gomez': 01 - 8028 429. We will be arriving  in Bogota by the middle of August. 
There is a lot of illnesses, pain and suffering in many peoples life,

 in their homes, etc. We can watch the News and realize that there are many problems everywhere. But THE GOOD NEWS is that many of these problems can be resolved through the Ayurvedic Science of Homa healing fires. Homa Therapy has demonstrated its effectiveness worldwide in:
   - Human Health (physical, emotional and mental).
Some Doctors talk of "Homa  Miracles".
   - Agriculture       - Cattle raising          - Ecology      - and much more
(Click here for more details about the this trip)

Granja Homa SHREEDHAM, Algodonales, Spain

offers a Ayurvedic Cooking Course in a Homa atmosphere  with products grown on this Homa farm. It is a 5 day intensive course  into a lacto- vegetarian diet according to the basic principles of the ancient Science of Ayurveda. The course is led by the ayurvedic cook Javier Tallo.
Days: 18th to 22nd of august, 2008
Place: Granja HOMA, Algodonales, Spain
Info and inscription: christa7homa@yahoo.com 



During the month of July, a course on Sanskrit was held at the Eco Homa Farm of Luis and Kika Valenzuela in Olmue, Chile. Carlos Bustamante was the instructor; he is a University professor of Physics and a Sanskrit Scholar. He teaches at various Universities in Chile.
Several hours of Om Tryambakam Homa, are being done during weekends and holidays at the Eco Homa Farm (see photo of Japanese bridge on the farm), by a group which is increasing day by day.
Rudra Yajna was transliterated according to IAST (International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transcription).
It is possible to download it from the address given below and it is available for all people:




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Homa Promoter Eng. Luis Tafur and Dr. Apolinar Tenorio Collantes invited us for a follow up visit to Jaen, in the Department of Cajamarca, Peru.          . Wonderful healings have happened with the practice of Agnihotra and the use of its medicinal ash in this city.

1st evening Agnihotra was done in a family circle, followed by organizing the work plan on how to spread Homa. Eng. Luis Tafur with his daughter Lucia performing Agnihotra

2 hour Mind training & Anti-Stress workshop (ENRAM) with the President and the employees of the Regional Government of the Dept. of Cajamarca. It concluded with the sunset Agnihotra that created a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

Muncipality of Jaen: Agnihotra practice and Homa video presentation showing its wide effects in human health and agriculture.

The Director of the Department of Education invited his professors, teachers, and administrators to come to the Superior Institute of Technology 'San Augustin'  for a Homa video presentation and Healing Agnihotra. We could see during our time in Jaen that there is a lot of interest in Homa Therapy in all different levels of society. Nowadays, even with medication, many patients cannot find relief for their pains & emotional anxieties. Homa Therapy does show THE WAY OUT!



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Full of joy and ready to serve with a big smile, Dr. Apolinar attaches the sign on the new Homa Center, which invites everybody to the daily free Agnihotra sessions at sunset. His wife Sonia is also excited, she wrote us recently saying that  20 to 25 people come every day and she thanks the Divine for this opportunity to serve. She is very happy!

Inauguration of the Homa Center (photos above) with several Agnihotra fires and many people looking for healing. Eng. Luis Tafur, Dr. Apolinar and his wife Sonia, Sr. Raul Compadrito, Sr. Julio Lumba Tirado with his family are the Homa promoters, grateful for their own healing, they want to serve now others and feel fortunate to be able to do so.


Domingo (left) teaches his friend
all about Agnihotra in the hospital.

The Agnihotra in the State Hospital (photo above) was a magic event for our friend Anselmo from Spain. Before reaching the hospital, he shared his fear that every time he goes to a hospital, he feels physically and mentally very disturbed. But for the 1st time in his life, he experienced himself calm and feeling good in this situation. The Zapata-Gonzales Family and other Agnihotris are doing the Homa fires there regularly for more than 5 years.



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Francisco and Cecilia Fernandez performed a Rudra Yajnya in a school for deaf children in Puerto Montt, Chile.

Massive Rudra Yajnya in the Homa Center in Piura, where over 30 Agnihotris lit their pyramids for a Rudra and chanted lots of Swahas.




Healing Women's Circle in Golan Heights, Israel (left) and in Piura, Peru (right), where Homa fires are performed and devotional singing, dancing, lots of laughter and good feelings are shared between the sisters.



Mr. Frederico Landaeta from Caracas is happy to visit the state of Merida and loves to prepare cow dung cakes with fresh dung, which he finds abundantly in the fields for his Homa fires.

Dr. Suwiwek (left) and Robert Bagnall have decided to take Homa Therapy to the children of the community in Sukothai, where they will be teaching Homa farming. "The children are the messengers to the older generation. If the children say we must do Homa Farming, then parents will do just that", says Dr. Suwiwek.



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              Lord Krishna asked one of His devotees to ask for any boon and he would grant it. The lady who was a wise person replied "Lord, always keep me in misery so that I will be remembering you all the time".
Any pain or misery comes to our lot, we should consider as coming to teach us some lesson. Sometimes it so happens that for you to make further spiritual progress Divine sends misery as an agent to keep our attention, concentration on the Divine Path. It is Grace operating. When your heart yearns for liberation from the bondage of Karma your intellect is still in the grooves of old habits. The Divine arranges circumstances which help you get out of the clutches of intellect. Accidents, buffets of Fate are created to keep you on the right path.

                AGNIHOTRA and DAAN are the material aids to keep you on the right track of spiritual development. You do not have to think anything. Your mind becomes so much reshaped in the direction of Total LOVE and non attachment to worldly matters is automatically generated giving contentment in life. Then comes TAPA i.e. body and mind discipline. Also you have to remember that any Karma you do shall be for self purification. Spreading the knowledge of Healing Vedic Fires is a great good Karma. If you follow intently the Fivefold Path of Vedas i.e. Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaya automatically you progress on the spiritual path as if lifted by escalator of Grace.
                  There is darkness, rage, greed, envy, chagrin only when man turns his consciousness away from the Sadguru. The more he turns away the more fearful the world would be for him. By practicing the Fivefold Path of Vedas all the factors that lead to this turning away will automatically disappear.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Education and sustainable living—Solutions
Becoming knowledgeable about the great deceit being foisted upon humanity and the world is only part of the responsibility of every living breathing human being. Education of the masses should be undertaken, from young to old. However, simply becoming aware of the clouds of deceit as they cover the world will not be sufficient. Human beings must fight back! Fight back with education, with protests, with becoming self-sufficient and learning all the old and new skills to live on the land and in communities without depending upon the machine for your sustenance. That is first and foremost. Sustainable living, Eco villages, intentional communities for those who are community-oriented, forming support networks supplying organic foods for those still remaining in cities. These are some ways to become active, as you begin to disconnect from the ‘matrix’. Disconnecting will be essential. Some of you may need to remain connected for now, dependent in some ways for utilities, for education…though we strongly suggest forming schools if you have the wherewithal and possibilities to teach your children. There will be a time when you can ‘walk away’ from the system which is failing you, but for now, those of you who are in a position to affect change can do more good than harm assisting others who remain unable to change themselves. Speak the truth as you see it. Soon, there will be greater numbers of those speaking out against the

madness. Do not be afraid to be the first one on the dance floor! Others will follow.

On Chemtrails and GM foods
Yes, yes. The preoccupation with Chemtrails does not help unless some form of protest or educational exercise follows. Seeing them in the sky and discussing amongst yourselves is not enough. We have made reference to the skies for years as being sprayed with poisons. However, the name ‘Chemtrails’ is relatively new on the horizon. We have noted that the skies have been poisoned and this very act is likely to cause crops not to thrive on farms around the world. However, with the present tools being utilized on Homa organic farms, including but not limited to the healing fires, crops will thrive. In fact, astounding successes will be noted on farms following the strict usage of all tools employed for healing soil and providing nourishment to plant life. It is not only plants which need to survive, but insects such as the honey bee which are dying at enormous rates.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Newsletter!

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