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Nowadays, many people say that to solve most problems, we have to go 'back to Nature'. But what does it mean?
For some people, it might mean:
-to use plants or any other naturopathic treatments.
For others it is:
-To leave the city and move to the country side {*}.
Some say, it is:
- To eat and drink real foods (100 % organic, free of synthetic agrochemicals, no GMO’s, no artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives)
- To follow the natural cycle of rest and work, sleep and recreation, eating- drinking and excreting- cleaning
- To stop the use of:
  a) microwaves for ultra fast cooking, which destroys the nutrients in the foods
   b) synthetic clothes like polyester, which does not let the skin breathe properly
   c) materials and products which are not biodegradable such as plastic bags
   d) any activity that is detrimental to the planet and all its inhabitants
Some people might even say that to go back to the nature of things, we have to cancel out the unnatural mental- emotional toxicity (selfishness, anger, jealousy, lust, fear, greed, resentment, etc.) and return to love, compassion,


kindness, playfulness, friendliness, amazement, truthfulness, etc., which are common qualities to our child Nature.
For some, it simply means to go back to the Source.
Whichever is your answer, please remember that this anti-pollutant Agnihotra fire helps us to live in harmony with all ecosystems and all beings. This healing fire can bring more light, greater understanding and realization about the beauty of going back to Nature.
So let’s do Agnihotra and go back to Nature. Let’s go back to Love, all Love. OM

{*} In most houses, there is a great deal of indoor pollution due to the disturbing electromagnetic fields and the   synthetic substances which are in the furniture, walls, paints, etc.

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Homa Healing Stories

Duglas Rangel, Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"We have 4 years practicing Homa Therapy and it has changed our lives. We began these fires, because we had an 8 year-old son, who was urinating in the bed and we did not succeed in curing him. We heard about the fires through my friend, Sonia Hunter, who invited us  to come to the fires. We took our son with us and the following day we got our own instruments and we began to practice the Agnihotra fire in our house. After one week, our son no longer urinated in the bed. I was told that there was no medication for this problem, that the only way to help was psychiatric treatment. We had to wake up the boy 2 or 3 times during the night to remind him to urinate, but that was not a cure. We visited numberless doctors, and none gave us an effective solution. The boy now is

healthy and he is 12 years old.
Another very pleasing experience we had, is the one of my wife, who had a facial paralysis. It was a very severe paralysis and she suffered a lot, because she is a young woman. But   she got well with the healing Homa fires. That illness lasted only 15 days.
I also want to share that Homa Therapy has helped us a lot in my marriage. Homa Therapy unites the bonds. This Therapy is connected with love, with tolerance and with understanding. It is a nexus with something higher. Far from believing or not believing in God, having or not having a religion, it works. We also take Homa Therapy as a daily discipline, which helps us to face everyday life.
We are grateful to Homa Therapy and we recommend it to everyone. Thank you. "


Tito Lopez Montes
Antonio Sotomayor, Ecuador

"I am 37 years old and I live in Antonio Sotomayor, in the canton Vinces.
The Medical Doctors told me, that I had a renal infection in the urinary tracks and an intestinal infection. I usually had difficulties to urinate. It took me sometimes 15 to 20 minutes to urinate. Sometimes I urinated a lot and I felt a relief, but sometimes I only urinated a little and stayed with the pain. I suffered with this for 15 years. I was taking antibiotics every 15 to 20 days, because I could feel the heat from the kidneys in my back. Also my legs were falling asleep. Sometimes, when I didn't have a stick at hand, I fell

on the floor. I had to sit there for a while till my legs became alive again. Then I began to do Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset and the Tryambakam Homa here on the farm "Fuente de Alegria" (Source of Joy). I do daily 4 to 6 hours of Tryambakam Homa. Already after 3 days, I urinated as if I never have had any problem. Of course, I also take the Agnihotra ash 3 times a day and sometimes even more often. I could stop the antibiotics.
Before, I also suffered from headaches and sinusitis. Now my head doesn't hurt and I don't have any sinusitis. Before I also felt pain in my back and in the lungs and now no more; also no more pain in the kidneys and the legs are back to normal. Now I do walk a lot and that without any problem. By the way, the name of the farm was changed from "Dolores" (meaning 'Pain') to "Well of Happiness", because with Homa Therapy one gets better production, a better life, better health and it even stops the floods. And the people are happier too.
Another case of healing is my father, who suffered from heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and rheumatic pains, which deformed his fingers and toes. He had to walk with a cane. He follows the Homa Therapy treatment for I gave him the Agnihotra ash and I prepared him a crème with Agnihotra ash for his pain. Now he walks without a cane! I just came from visiting him and I found him laughing really hard and also he was cooking,  something he has never done before.  Now he feels happy and his health is improving."



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Homa Therapy has become a regular academic subject at the undergraduate level for the Bachelor in Science of Natural Health (Naturopathy).
Many conventional Medical Doctors, therapists and technicians are expanding their knowledge to treat disorders, syndromes and diseases in a more holistic way. Professors and authorities in the medical field in this pioneering University have acknowledged the benefits of Homa Therapy and promote the study and application of this Science amongst the students of Natural Sciences for Health.

This was the 2nd year of the Homa course in the Metropolitan University and each day more students were present and more Agnihotra fires were burning.  The students  not only learned about the Science of Homa Therapy, but also experienced the effect. One student who was suffering from asthma was ready to run out of the door with the slightest sign of discomfort, but not only did he remain  in a closed room full of Agnihotra smoke without any problem, but he also felt relief from that very same problem.

Dr. Abel Hernandez and Aleta Macan were the facilitators of this Homa course. There was great interest and a very dynamic participation of the students. The main topics were:
1) The Main problems humanity is facing
2) Pollution as the main cause
3) Health and food
4) Food Crisis and Homa Farming Super-technology as the Answer
5) Physical, Chemical and Vibrational Basics of Homa Therapy

At the end of the 2nd Homa Therapy course, the Chancellor  of the Metropolitan University, Eng. Jose Barrezueta Becher, the Director of the Natural Science Program, Dr. Luis Almeida and Dr. Abel Hernandez handed out the Certificates to the students. Dr. Abel Hernandez received the title "Honorable Professor of the Science of Natural Health" .



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Continuation from Homa Health Newsletter # 26
Homa Farming Technology in the Hacienda "Fuente de Alegría"
("Source of Joy"), Vinces, Ecuador, South America

Eng. Hernan Posas has a 100 ha banana plantation which  is in Transition from conventional to organic agriculture with Homa Technology.
The statistics below compare the years 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. In 2008, with the practice of Homa Farming Technology, we observe (left) an increase in the weight of the banana bunches and (right) an increase of the banana clusters per bunch. That means bigger bananas and more bananas with Homa Farming Technology in such a short time.

Eng. Hernan Posas explains: "Till the 5th period (i.e. till may 17th) of this year we harvested 1,804 boxes/ha and therefore our "Fuente de Alegria" reached for the first time the NUMBER ONE place in PRODUCTIVITY of all the banana plantations in our area. We are the only ones using Homa Technology. Other farms use conventional agriculture.
Seeing the listing below of the first 20 ranks in productivity, we can observe that there are some farms with double  size, which are not reaching the productivity we have."

Rank Farm Hectares Total Boxes Boxes /
1  FUENTE DE ALEGRIA 100.0 180,360 1,804
2  ISABEL II  81.0 139,104 1,717
3  ISABEL MARIA   124.0 206,617 1,666
4  ISABEL I  86.0 136,375 1,586
5  DELICIA  80.0 122,905 1,536
6  VOL. DE DIOS  75.0 107,856 1,438
7  MAPAN  109.0 151,389 1,389
8  ERIKITA 190.5 261,936 1,375
9  MERCEDES  64.0 85,728 1,340
10  MINA  44.0 47,165 1,072
11  CARLOS HORACIO  75.0 78,234 1,043
12  VIOLETA  96.0 97,746 1,018
13  PARAISO I  52.0 52,409 1,008
14  MARIA LORENA  44.0 43,802 996
15  GUARUMAL  125.0 122,214 978
16  VICTORIA CHAPULO III  118.0 115,158 976
17  JOSEFA  82.0 77,810 949
18  NUEVO  PORVENIR  65.6 62,141 948
19  VICTORIA CHAPULO II  215.0 201,593 938
20  SAN MIGUEL  110.0 101,756 925

Banana bunch with Homa Technology healthy & nutritive


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Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry

By Sally Fallon

(Part II)

Many people, particularly our children, cannot tolerate the stuff that we are calling milk that is sold in the grocery shelves. And you can see why. It starts with cows in confinement, cows fed feed that cows are not designed to digest, and then it goes into these factories for dismantlement and reconfiguration.
The protein compounds in milk have many important roles, including protection against pathogens, enhancement of the immune system and carrier systems for nutrients. However, like the proteins in grains, the proteins in milk are complex, three-dimensional molecules that are very fragile. The pasteurization process deforms and denatures these proteins. When we drink pasteurized milk, the body mounts an immune response instead of deriving instant nourishment.
Numerous animal studies in the 1930s and 1940s showed the superiority of raw milk over pasteurized in building strong bone, healthy organs and a strong nervous system.
Powdered Milk
A note on the production of skim milk powder: liquid milk is forced through a tiny hole at high pressure, and then blown out into the air. This causes a lot of nitrates to form and the cholesterol in the milk is oxidized. Oxidized cholesterol contributes to the buildup of plaque in the arteries, to atherosclerosis. So when you drink reduced-fat milk thinking that it will help you avoid heart disease, you are actually consuming oxidized cholesterol, which initiates the process of heart disease.
Orange Juice
Now let's turn to the orange juice in this supposedly healthy breakfast. In the processing, the whole orange is put into the machine. Enzymes are added to get as much oil as possible out of the skin. Oranges are a very heavily sprayed crop. These sprays are cholinesterase inhibitors, which are real neurotoxins. When they put the oranges in the vats and squeeze them, all those pesticides go into the juice.
What about the orange peel used for cattle feed? The dried left-over citrus peel is processed into cakes which are still loaded with cholinesterase inhibitors and organophosphates. Mark Purdey in England has shown these neurotoxins are correlated with "Mad Cow Disease" (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis or BSE). The use of organophosphates either as a spray on the cows or in their feed is one of the causes of the degeneration of the brain and nervous system in the cow and if these components are doing this to the nervous system of the cow, there's a possibility they are doing this to you also. In fact, a study carried out in Hawaii found that consumption of fruit and fruit juices was the number one dietary factor for the development of Alzheimer's disease. The researchers speculated that the real culprit was the pesticides used in fruit—and concentrated in the juices due to modern processing techniques.
The FDA has decreed that we can no longer buy raw juice, because it might be a source of pathogens. But it might surprise you to know that they have found fungus that is resistant to pressure and heat in the processed juices. They also found E. coli in the orange juice that was pressure resistant and had survived pasteurization.
In one study, heat-treated and acid-hydrolyzed orange juice was tested for mutagenic activity. In other words you have got cancer-causing compounds in your orange juice.
Another study shows just how toxic and damaging these juices are to teeth. They found that rats had more tooth decay from these commercial juices than they did from soda pop, which is loaded with sugar.
One more thing about processed orange juice. Have you ever wondered why processed orange juice stays cloudy, why the solids do not settle? This is because soy protein combined with soluble pectin is added, and this keeps the juice permanently cloudy. It might be interesting to know, for those of you who are allergic to soy.



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During the Fair of Alternative Medicine in the 'Crystal Palace' from the 20th to the 22nd of June, thousands of people received information about Homa Therapy and other alternative disciplines like Reiki, acupuncture, massage, reflexology, etc.
This fair, organized by Michelle Barrapáu, was a great success. More and more people are looking for alternative treatments. For many, conventional medicine is out of reach, or does not bring any more the desired and promised results.

During the day video clips were presented, showing the results of Homa Therapy application in human health and in the field of agriculture. Tryambakam Homa was also performed.

Even without chairs or comfortable seats, it was crowded. Everyone wanted to have a snap of the healing atmosphere and a little bit of healing Agnihotra ash.



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Centro Homa de Guayaquil

An 'ocean' of healing flames busted out with sunset Agnihotra. Babies, children, teens, elders and adults gathered to celebrate healing, love and peace. Many testimonies of health, well-being and family harmony were shared. Where can we buy a pill to understand each other better, or have a better communion with our husband / wife?
Gabriela Montufar, a 3 years old child, is doing her own Agnihotra with great concentration  (left lower corner, she sits on the floor). She has been practicing it for several months already.



In the Homa Center 'La Zenaida' Agnihotra is done daily without fail. There are wonderful testimonies of people with serious illnesses that have received healing. The family Carriel offers this service gracefully and with a lot of affection to the community.

Video presentation of the effects of Homa Therapy in human Health for the workers and administrative personnel on the Hacienda 'Source of Joy' of Eng. Hernán Posas. Several of the workers already have been able to check the healing effects, since a Homa Resonance Point was installed in this farm.



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Meeting with several leaders of various agricultural communities, the local Medical Doctor and the school teachers (who already do Agnihotra), and public. They showed lots of interest. (Community Hall of Olón,  Santa Elena County).

Parents are surprised to see their children  deeply asleep after performance of Agnihotra.



Rita Hirt did an Agnihotra tour through Kazakhstan with much success. There is lots of interest and many more pyramids are needed.


Agnihotra at the Horticulture Dept. in Solan, Himachal Pradesh (H.P.)

Agnihotra with farmers at Kashauli, Rampur, H.P.



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              The word interest comes from the Latin 'Inter esse' meaning to be in it, meaning in all, in which you have any sort of interest you are trapped. It puts a chain around you and binds you.
               Be untouched by all, whatever you notice. Use your abilities for the benefit of the whole without any attachment.
         Often dreams, abilities, clairvoyance etc. are given either as a test to see whether you are caught up by it and let yourself be impressed by it, which at once means a stop on your spiritual path. Alternatively such things are sometimes given that we become able to support, to help others better or to see our own way more clearly. Then however, those abilities are only to be used for that special purpose but not make any ego proud which also would mean at once a stop or downfall on the spiritual path.
               Also if nothing is given, no dreams, no wonders, no abilities, you have to remain totally unattached to that.
               Sadguru is giving everything to you and you give all thanks to him. But what is the advantage to the rest of the world? Sadguru gives you all Love and you have to carry that gratitude to your fellow beings and make them stronger on the Divine Path. They in turn will carry the blessings to others and this way the SATSANG circle widens.
               Training the mind to become unattached and to do this with a smile and not with a long face or a collapsed jaw is the key to any spiritual progress.

Gurudeva Shree Vasant's
Agnihotra Ash formed above water crystal (done by Dr. Emoto).



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On environment
Yes, yes. Aspects of the environmental collapse shall be certainly attributed to depleted ozone levels, as well as to global warming and the unnatural natural state of Nature in response to chemical warfare, genetically modified takeovers, and the increasingly persistent spraying of the world with chemicals under the thin guise of climate control for the benefit of humankind! Indeed, aspects of environmental decay can be attributed to these reactions. However, a great deal of the crises in the world’s environment are directly to due to the systematic, horrific world domination program which is in operation on this planet today. And woe be unto those who oppose the giant machinery, for indeed should they rise higher in the ranks of the opposition, their days shall be numbered and counted with care. This planet is self-destructing, because it is programmed to do so!
Nature shall rise up and claim back her lands and it will not be man-made storms or cyclones which will erupt on command—but by Divine Will alone. This planet will survive, due to the same.
On food storage
Begin, in this community, with FOOD STORAGE. Alternative energy can wait until more funds are available. However, food storage cannot wait.

Begin storing healthy, organic grains. Once that is done, then go to other staples. Concentrate first on grains. You may also store some canned goods, some jarred foods, and prepare your own foods to store at summer’s end. Begin with grains, specifically rice and wheat. When storing long-term, jars may be preferable to sacks of grain. It depends upon the length of desired storage. It is not simply that prices are going up, but availability of pure, non-GM grains is being threatened. Indeed, grow your own grains. Look into what grains grow easily in this climate and soil, as well as what requires least amount of energy to prepare for eating, what harvest is simple. Do prepare the soil for planting the grain at the right time. Bhrugu Aranya community should become proactive in the area of Food Storage and consider it as important as purchasing weekly staples. Just do it.


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