13th April 2007


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 “In the beginning, there was the Word (Sound), the Word was with God, the Word was God.” John 1:1
Then the Creation was manifested through the Word.

Om poornamadah poornamidam
poornaat poornamudachate
Poornasya poornamaadaya
poorname vavashishate
Om shantih shantih shantih

That is Whole (perfect).
This is Whole (perfect).
If you remove the Whole from the Whole, what remains is Whole.
Peace, Peace, Peace.
(Thou art born in the Image of Thy Father. Be Thou perfect as Thy Father in Heaven is perfect.)

Have you asked yourself …….
Who uttered this Word?
Which one was the Word?
Why was it uttered? etc.
Those people, who investigated and searched seriously the answers, went Within. And the knowledge was Revealed. They heard the primordial or original sounds. These Spiritual Scientists (Rishis) tell us, that this concrete matter that we perceive with our ordinary sensory organs, was subtle matter at the beginning. These Seers (Rishis) of the subtle realms say that these words, called Mantras, can transform matter and  the mind is subtle matter.
“There are vibrations that exist everywhere. It is only vibrations when you go into it. Where there is vibration, there is also sound. When we do these Mantras, the sounds we utter activate these special vibrations that will create certain atmosphere or effects. Then the desired results are realized. These vibrations exist for everything, so anything can be activated, controlled or changed by Mantras.” **
We use the common language to establish a connection with people around us. This language can:
1) help us to express our needs, feelings and desires
2) produce pleasant or unpleasant situations and feelings in our relationships
By being more aware of the Power of our ordinary words, we can improve our relationships with the people and ourselves.
Maybe through sacred words, prayers and Mantras we can also link ourselves to natural subtle forces and entities.

** Shree Vasant  'Homa Therapy Our Last Chance'


... and we can also go back to the Source through the Word.

By being more aware of the power of Mantras, prayers, chants, bhajans, kirtans, etc. we can improve our relationship with the subtle beings or spirits around us. By the proper and constant usage of these sacred words we can connect to our spiritual preceptors and GOD (The Source of LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT).

Om asato ma sad gamaya
Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya
Mrityor ma amritam gamaya
Om shantih shantih shantih

(Oh Lord) From Untruth lead me to Truth
(From Illusion to Reality)
Lead me from Darkness to Light
(From Ignorance to Knowledge)
Lead me from Death to Immortality (Amrut)
Peace, Peace, Peace.

Sooryaya swaha sooryaya idam na mama
Prajapataye swaha prajapataye idam na mama

Agnaye swaha agnaye idam na mama
Prajapataye swaha prajapataye idam na mama

Etymologically “soo” means to give birth to, to create. The word Sooryaya refers to an aspect of Almighty Power, the Creator. Prajapati means Lord of Creation, another aspect of Almighty Power. The words Soorya, Prajapati and Agni - all refer to aspects of Almighty Power.
By uttering the word “Swaha” in the proper way, a special effect is created on the Kundalini system.
Idam (This) Na (no) Mama (mine) means, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.”

Through the manipulation of Light (Fire) and Sound (Mantras), we can reestablish a subtle connection with the Divine (Inner Sound and Light) and experience Peace.
By Divine Grace we can experience the ONE-ness in the center of all.


Note: please don’t take these ideas for granted, check them out!

In the next Newsletter: Master, why have I not seen God yet? and What are the Vedas?

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Healing with Homa Therapy

Eduardo y Teresa Bejarano have experienced many blessings through the Agnihotra fire. 

Eduardo y Teresa Bejarano
Greenacres, Florida, USA

My name is Eduardo Bejarano, I am 62 years old. I am a resident of Greenacres, Florida, United States and I want to give my testimony about the Homa fires. They have changed our lives significantly. I have a serious ailment and through Homa Therapy I have recovered most of my movements. Thanks to Dr. Mario Chaves and his wife, Yuri, who has taught me the Homa fire and has recommended the use of the Agnihotra ash.
Regarding our home, since we are practicing the Homa fires, we have found quite surprising changes. Among them is the harmony, the tranquility, the serenity and the happiness we experience. That has been quite notorious. There is something else, very curious, it is a little bird that comes hitting the window every morning, as if it was saying “I am here, thank you”. He is a Robin who comes with his wife.

My name is Teresa Bejarano, I am 60 years old. I have to say that everything my husband said, I am also experiencing.
Since we are doing Agnihotra, for more or less one month, what has impressed me the most, is the effect it has on our plants. On one little tree, we never saw flowers. We thought of pulling it out and it is a beauty now. It has many flowers, they fall and constantly new ones come up. Before it didn't have a single flower. My husband and I like gardening a lot and so he transplanted some plants from one spot to another, but still they didn't flower, they were like dead. I said that they might lack fertilizing, so we applied it, but still there were no flowers. When we began with the practice of Homa Therapy ,the plants started flowering. Every morning, when I go out I am marveled. We also bought 2 jasmines, because they smell so wonderful, but they did not have a single flower, nothing. Even a gardener came and I told him to please have a look and let me know what I can do, but he did not find a solution. If you see them now, they are filled with buds and flowers, which were beginning to grow after we started the Homa fires. That is marvelous. Moreover , there is a lot of tranquility in the house. I am also happy, because I am doing very well in my business. My business is the mortgage and real estate, which is practically a dead business for a lot of people nowadays. Since I am independent it also affected me. There was practically no business in November, December and January, but  deals are coming from all sides now. During February and March I was full with work. I attribute this to the practice of Homa Therapy, because I ask for health, which is the most important thing, for help for my children and the whole family and for the things we need. These Homa fires are a true blessing.


Carmen Hidalgo
Bogota, Colombia

I came from Colombia 3 days ago. I participate in the healing fires since then and I did my first Agnihotra with Ms. Leo in Bogota one day before coming. She gave me the Agnihotra ash. I began to take it from that day on. I have taken it for 4 days and my blood sugar level is 117 now, it used to be around 280. That is an incredible improvement. I had such a pain in the leg that I could not walk, and I arrived at the airport in a wheel chair. Now I am walking easily and I feel supremely well. I feel very thankful, because I feel very well. My sugar level has lowered and I am very sure, that it was due to the Homa Therapy and the Agnihotra ash, because there is nothing else, I am doing. I usually take many medicines, but I have forgotten to take them lately.

Ms. Carmen is even able to sit on the floor comfortably to do Agnihotra.



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Five-Fold Path teaching through
“Yoga, Art & Nature for Children” Workshop

Practice of yoga postures which imitate animals, plants and objects.

Jessica Auza, Lima, Peru 
e-mail: jessica_auza@yahoo.com

Captivated by “Yoga & Meditation for Children”, a beautiful book written by Fran Rosen-Sawyer and Bonnie Maltby; Charito, Carla, Jackie and me (the subscriber) ventured into offering a program of “Yoga, Art & Nature for Children” at “Hana” (Lima, Peru). We got together with the intent to share with children the simple and wonderful tools presented in that  book. We had never done something similar before. Even our professional lives had little or anything to do with it, yet within us , we felt that it was something we had to do together, that despite our lack of experience, we would have something to offer and that it would be a learning experience for us all.
          We shared out the tasks and carefully prepared each and every class, which were oriented towards the teachings of the Five-Fold Path, in a practical way. Thus each class revolved around a different subject such as sharing (DANA), auto-discipline (TAPA), self study (SWADHYAYA), purification of the atmosphere (YAJNYA), good actions (KARMA), etc. Finally , when the first day of class arrived, Charito, having bravely volunteered to be the teacher, had to face a great challenge for she had just found out she was expecting her third baby plus realized that mostly boys! had registered to the course.
          In class the children practiced asanas (yoga postures), meditated, painted mandalas, planted their own vegetables and herbs in the garden, prepared vegetarian snacks and played instruments around the Agnihotra fire. It did not take us long to understand that it was not possible to demand from 6-year-old children much passive attention for a long time. Children rapidly make us step on the ground; teach us to be more flexible, to be permanently connected to our present and to flow with them.
          With each class we could see each group of children developing nicely in their own way! They were encouraged to practice asanas while telling them a story, which kept them motivated and attentive. It was wonderful to see them learning, to know that they were practicing at home and teaching their little friends, and to feel that something was changing in their personalities. Some shy ones opened up; other restless ones learned to be quieter; others learned to share more; and yet others to accept their difficulties without feeling so frustrated by comparing themselves to the rest. Their parents used to say to us that the children liked to work at the garden very much. We see that the connection to nature is very important to the children, that it helps them to relax and allows them to channel their energy in a positive manner.
          I was given the task to teach them Agnihotra at sunset. The fire captivated many while all of them shared their happiness when they saw the fire turn into different colors. On the first Agnihotra class I realized that everything had to happen quickly in order to keep their attention. I was left with a strange feeling. However, it was surprising and exciting to see later a circle of light in one of the pictures which Carla had taken during that sunset Agnihotra. I understood that even in such apparently “imperfect” moment, light beings had been with us. On the second Agnihotra class the children remained quite still near the fire, and while it was still burning, I took the guitar and we started to sing them a song which talked about Agnihotra. Each child chose an instrument to play. There was a sort of light in their eyes while each one at his/her own rhythm created his/her own music. It was wonderful! Far from what could have been expected from such a scene, the different sounds and rhythms found their way to harmonize. There is always magic in the presence of fire. It does not matter if we are not experts at singing or playing some instrument. I believe that anyway we have to do it since God will make sure our voice tunes with our heart.
          We have learned many beautiful things in this program. Maybe the greatest lesson is that we always have to let Divinity guide us and be absolutely certain that we will be good instruments wherever we are called to serve. We feel extremely grateful to those children who accompanied us in this adventure. Thank you Carlitos, Luciana, Santiago, Mark, Maria Paz, Franco, Angel, Joseph, Jimena, Patricio, Kabu, Norbu and Belen for having been our little masters and for having enlightened our paths with your shining light.

Artistic experience through Mandala drawing and painting.

Vegetable and herb planting and harvesting in the garden, fertilized with Agnihotra ash.

Practice of relaxation techniques and guided meditations.

Light orb appearing during the
performance of Agnihotra fire.


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Since we are frequently being asked 'How to prepare the cow dung cookies' , we want to present here a simple method and the steps how to do it. Cow dung can be dried anywhere, even in big cities like Miami. If we have the chance, it is good to have our own source and be independent.

Find one farmer in your area, who feeds his cattle fodder without fish meal. In Miami e.g. exists a district which is called "Horse Country", there are many small cattle farmers, mainly from South America. You can bring some Agnihotra ash for the cows.

Collect the fresh, clean dung. Here Mr. Castillo helps to get the precious matter in a container.

Prepare at your or at a friends backyard a table covered with plastic. Leave enough plastic at the end to cover the cow dung at night and in case of rain. Prepare some wooden sticks, bricks or stones to hold down the plastic cover.

Spread the fresh dung in quite a thin layer on the table (you may use gloves)

then form squares with a plastic spatula, so that when it dries, it is easy to break and use.

Then pray for a few days of nice sun. It is recommendable to cover the cow dung at night, if there is high humidity.

After one day of good sun, the thin cow dung patties are ready to be turned over and get some sun from the other side. It may be necessary to repeat the process of turning around.

Once the cow dung patties are dry, they are completely hard and ready to be packed. It is ideal, if you can sing the Tryambakam Mantra or listen to the Mantra tape while you are preparing the cow dung for additional positive energies. Now they are ready for use!

Prepare lots of stock of your precious cow dung cookies for the healing Homa fires. You can prepare as much as possible in the summer season, when it is easier to dry. It is good to store in paper bags, and they do not have an expiration date.



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The Silent War on the People of India
Excerpts of: Arun Shrivastava CMC – via The People’s Voice March 22, 2007
This is a global emergency

No bombs have been dropped in this war. Instead, the aggressors have chosen two weapons that kill silently, slowly.
Those weapons are :
1) deliberate contamination of India’s seeds with genetically engineered organisms and
2) radioactive contamination of around 400 million people in India.

The aggressors are: the United States Government and the multinational seeds companies [chiefly Monsanto and its Indian partners]. Other Ag-biotech firms are not far behind. The United States Government, Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Dow, Bayer and a few others comprise a group that should rightly be called the mega criminal corporation
Genetically engineered seeds and foods ( GEs and GMOs ):
Seeds are nature’s creation, God’s gift to mankind. Farmers all over the world develop and save seeds for themselves and neighbours so that they could feed the world healthy food. The truth is that the best seeds have been developed by farmers themselves; the lie is that seeds are developed by multinational companies and agriculture scientists.
Genetic engineering [GE] is a technology that allows patenting of seeds; it has no other purpose. The truth is that neither these seeds increase yield nor do they enhance nutritive content of foods. The lie is that they increase yield by reducing crop losses due to pest attacks or help plants withstand vagaries of weather: both claims are spurious and based on fudged facts. But these patented seeds ensure huge profits for the multinational corporations.
Multinational companies do not own something that nature has given us, yet they are doing exactly this with full support of the US and many European Governments. Every Government is being systematically forced to approve GE seeds.
Whilst it is possible to reverse chemical pollution, biological pollution replicates itself in the environment. There is no known method to reverse the process. And these seeds and foods can alter genetic purity of species and transmutate in ways that are unknown. Genetic engineering is an imperfect technology. It is a cell invasion technology through which inter-specie barrier is transcended. For instance, nature has devised mechanisms that make a fish work as fish and a tomato work as tomato.
What GE technology does is transfer the selected traits of one specie [for example ability to withstand low temperature in a fish] to another [say for example tomato] so that the engineered specie [tomato] withstands cold temperature.
However, in the complex world of nature, this type of invasion of cell and gene manipulation can wreak havoc.

What Genetically Engineered foods can do to us?
Foods made from GE food crops are a threat to health and life. Animal studies show severe damage to vital organs [liver, kidney, alimentary canal], growth of cancerous cells, and damaged sperm, among other debilitating health impacts. The technology was introduced without long term impact assessment on human and animal health in the US in early 1990s and is responsible for a major health catastrophe
Contamination across species
In the 6th February meeting of farmers from all over India organized by Navdanya [a Delhi based NGO], farmers came out with observations on probable impact of Bt cotton seeds that [a] traditional broad-leaf [Peepal (Ficus religiosa) and Bargad (Ficus bengalensis)] and medicinal trees [like Neem, Azadiracta indica] are dying, [b] women are reaching menopause at as young an age as 30 in Punjab, and [c] goats and sheep grazing on farms growing GE crops have died. Now, some of these observations need to be scientifically validated, but which scientist would do it when nearly all
Government scientists have sold their souls to the gang of mega criminals?
Depleted Uranium [DU]
Depleted Uranium blowing off the Himalayas, over Pakistan and the oil rich sands of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat, is contaminating the northern half of India and the Himalayan headwaters of nine major rivers of southeast Asia. Heavy grid and carpet bombing with depleted uranium by the U.S. military, on the eastern side of Afghanistan
beginning in 2001, guaranteed heavy contamination in areas where deep snows in the mountainous regions provide water for Pakistan and parts of western [central and eastern] India. By contaminating vital water supplies in vast regions with radioactive contaminants, a secret and invisible low level nuclear war is being carried out against South Asians.
This low level radiation undetectable with conventional means will mutilate the DNA of all exposed living things. This is not just a war against people, it is a war against the environment. Few living things will escape the slow radioactive
poisoning which mutilates DNA, and is passed on to all future generations.” [Leuren Moret, From Hiroshima to Iraq – 61
Years of Uranium Wars: A Suicidal, Genocidal, and Omnicidal Course]
I have estimated that 21 national capitals and about 957 million people living in these 21 countries are contaminated with depleted uranium. It is blowing in the wind; we are breathing it right now, this moment. How it will kill us, will be apparent soon when the over 90 different types of illnesses destroy us, including multiple cancers within the
same person, a gift of the US Government to the people of South and West Asia.
INDIA AND SOUTH ASIA IS SET UP FOR DEPOPULATION. Therefore, we need facilities for detecting GM-toxins and DU induced illnesses, which we do not have.
We have no option but to declare a NATIONAL EMERGENCY, “people’s emergency”, in our respective countries, and in India. We have natural right to demand complete ban over GMOs and penal action against those who deliberately contaminate our farms and forests. We have a right to ask questions why biological and radiological contaminations
were allowed. The Indian officials are complicit and, rightly, they should be charged with treason and tried for that ultimate crime called genocide. So should US officials. And so should the officers of Monsanto and others, exactly as the goons were tried at Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.
March 22, 2007 Arun Shrivastava MBA, CMC, is a certified management consultant living in Delhi. He can be contacted at: arun1951@yahoo.com


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14th of March, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA: Presentation of Homa Healing Videos and Agnihotra session in the Natural Health Center "Ma-Yu" of Dr. Mario Chavez and his wife Yuri. They have been teaching Agnihotra for a long time.
15th of March, Weston, Florida, USA: A nice group of Agnihotris and Newcomers came to the Homa Therapy meeting at Vicky Chaparros home. There the women meet every Thursday for the "Ladies meeting with the Healing Fires" as initiated by Dr. Irma Garica.
16th of March, Greenacres, Florida, USA: Agnihotra meeting in the home of Eduardo and Teresa Bejarano. They invited all their friends to hear about Homa Therapy and its wonderful healing effects, which they have already plentifully experienced in their lives.


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17th and 18th of March: Miami. Sharing Agnihotra and Homa Video clips from South American countries with new and old friends and family. Our hosts, John and Marlene Papavaritis in Miami, have gone out of their way to help spread the healing fires of Homa Therapy.

19th of March: El Doral, Miami. Homa Introduction to a group of new people. Ms. Gladys Rozenthal, a long time Agnihotra practitioner from Colombia and her husband Rafael did organize this Homa Presentation and Agnihotra Healing event.

20th of March: Miami. Agnihotra meeting and Homa Video Presentation in the home of the Gonzales family. Agnihotra healing fire is a good reason to bring people together.

22nd of March: West Palm Beach, Florida. In the American - Cuban Club a Homa Mind-trainings program was given. Close to 100 people participated actively in this Swadhaya (Self Study) workshop. Some of the participants told their healing experiences after the massive practice of Agnihotra fire. Dr. Mario Chaves and his wife,Yuri, organized this workshop.


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25th of March: Palm Springs, Florida. Homa Presentation in the Church "Comunidad de Fe". It brought a new group of people, interested and in need of this ancient healing technique. Thanks to Mr. Helman Ruiz from NBC News and Padre Moreno, this wonderful and perfect place was found.

During Agnihotra everybody experienced a wonderful, peaceful and healing atmosphere and we came to hear interesting healing testimonies.

Carlos Mahecha and Helman Ruiz from ¨Hablando con la Comunidad¨in NBC, did a great TV report on Homa Therapy in West Palm Beach, which helped to reach many people with the Good News of Homa Therapy.

1st of April, El Doral, Miami, Florida. Another Homa Mind-Trainings workshop inspired by its participants. There is so much to learn and share and these workshops create the atmosphere for this to happen. Simple Yoga exercises helped to keep the body in shape and the mind focused. After the 30 pyramid Agnihotra, we heard various testimonies. 2 ladies, suffering of asthma, who were thinking that they might just have to leave because of all the smoke, said, that they were surprised not to have had an attack and actually to feel so much better now, after the Agnihotra healing fires. One person came with headache and it left, etc.

No matter, where, with whom and how many people attend, we bring a little more peace into our hearts and into this world by practicing these simple ayurvedic healing technique.
... there is not enough space to continue placing all the wonderful photos of all the wonderful meetings with all the wonderful persons we were blessed to meet in Florida. But the point is, there are many, many fires joining at sunrise and sunset to aid this planet and our own evolution.
Sharing Agnihotra with Meche & Orlando and Angel from Cuba, Vicky from Greece, Eulogio from Peru, John from Cuba and Marlena from USA, Abel from Venezuela and Aleta from Germany/Canada ...The Homa Family is growing and every day is a sharing experience with the Homa Fires.



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The courses will be given in Maheshwar, a small village on the banks of the Holy Narmada River.

Come join us in these Certification Courses

          Start of next course: June 2007

    seed preparation, bio-fertilizers, intercropping, etc.)
    (Pancha - Karma, Ayurvedic diet, Ayurvedic Beauty, etc.)
  • For further information about the courses, dates, cost, etc. please enter:  


Self Development

We are not here to change people. If they change or evolve in this atmosphere or in our presence, wonderful. If they are willing to serve, to help the work, spread Agnihotra, then we say "Thank you. Do this, Thank you". Process of self development is just that SELF DEVELOPMENT Not I develop you. I develop me. You develop you. If it is like that if you can be instrumental in to change that is different. Assisting others to change infers that

(a) They are willing to change.

(b) They are already in the process of change.

Perhaps they have asked you that you help them. That is also different.

Do not offer your opinions or ideas or suggestions unless asked. If someone asks you, you say "If it is Divine will whatever words I speak let them be HIS". Then when you open your mouth to speak out will come TRUTH.

Just temper the personality so that there is only this PURE TRUTH. Speak less and listen more. Once quiet all our words will be HIS.


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Develop support networks for the times ahead. Know where to turn to for assistance and where to turn to give assistance. Learn as many survival skills as possible. Take workshops, learn to build and to heal, learn to make clothing and medicines, learn to give emergency medical treatment, learn to chant and pray, learn to dance and sing. There are no separations between dancing and praying and learning to build ecologically or garden organically! You see, all are needed to achieve a sense of balance in life.
One cannot live in an ashram with no contact to outside world and consider oneself an asset to humankind. One must reach out and learn that no man is an island. Become aware of the interconnectivity of all human beings on this great planet. We are aware of your greatness as a planet, as human beings in search of peace. Those of you who are in search of peace, those of you who are in search of meaning, in search of the ultimate LOVE, learn to look within your souls. In each of you lies the answer—the searched for gems all lie within.
Trust your own inner guidance. Begin to learn how to access that which is your birthright, your conscious connection to Divinity, which is available to you all.

Listen. Learn from those whose listening has become more acute. They will teach you how to listen too. Many will hear no voice speaking great truths, but instead will learn to trust an inner intuitive sense which only needs stillness to be found. And once you know, then teach a child how to find their own voice, how to sing their own songs and how to move with certainty through a world so uncertain, how to believe in a power greater than their own desires, and how to learn to trust and open their wondrous souls to TRUTH which is for all beings, only a teardrop away. Let those be tears of JOY. Let there be no more sorrow, no more separation, no more disease and fear on this planet. Begin with one and move forward to the ONE.

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