13th March 2007


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Let’s continue with our Self investigation “Swadhyaya”. The following statements are not true, unless you realize them and come to the same conclusion. Let’s start from the Beginning. Whose Beginning ?
The Bible and other Holy Books make references like: Once upon a time there was Nothing (???).
But the Divine decided to manifest itself and created the Universe, including men and women (Adam and Eve?). They were in Paradise (???). But they committed an error or the so-called “Original Sin” (???). So they were expelled to suffer the consequences in this life, full of a few ups and many downs ( ? )   By the way, this story is similar to others throughout the world, where some people were sent away to be punished for their crimes. Now, let’s suppose you will be sent to the jungle, where you will run into many creatures and crocodiles (???) that want to devour you. You were told to prepare your luggage and get out of “Ever Bliss Land” and go to “Ever Pain Country” (???). What would you pack? Food, clothes, soaps, knife, spoons, etc.?

Now, we are in this jungle (urban, rural, Amazon-like, etc.) which is full of surprises, some of which are pleasant, but many are painful. Here, in this jungle, many creatures are hiding for their own protection and others are getting ready to attack during the day. But it is worse at night. We use our instinct and intellect to survive. We use many materials and instruments to stay alive on this fight. However, we run into situations, when the regular electrical light (???) cannot make the enemy visible.
Sometimes, these subtle enemies-crocodiles (anger, greed, envy, jealousy, lust, attachment, etc.) are covered up in such a way that we do not see them. These “Blood Suckers” could be around or even inside of us in a subtle way. This was foreseen by the Divine. And therefore “Yagnya” was prescribed as a way to “Light up” the Return Home. Yagnya is a subtle process that makes the enemies visible and eliminates them. Agnihotra is the basic Yagnya. Agnihtora is the flashlight that helps us:
1. To open our hearts to love
2. To look beyond the shadows
3. To find our way back to “Ever Bliss Land”.



The regular practice of Agnihotra makes the enemies visible and eliminates them.

Next Newsletter: What else can I do to steady the mind throughout the day? What is Mantra?


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Healing with Homa Therapy

Hamilton's wife Irma Elisa is very happy, grateful and released that her husband and father of their son Allan Eduardo is free of cancer.

Hamilton Colon Noboa Miranda
Hodgkins Lymphoma
Guayaquil, Ecuador

I am 31 years old. Last year, I was diagnosed with a Hodgkins Lymphoma in SOLCA (Ecuadorian Society against Cancer). I had a tumor in the cervical region. My lymph nodes were swollen and they did a biopsy and the results were positive for Hodgkin Lymphoma. Later I came to know Dr. Montufar, who taught me all about Homa Therapy from the Ayurvedic Medicine. Since then I practice the HOMA treatment with him and I feel very well.
The latest medical controls, done in SOLCA, show complete negative results.

There are 4 main categories of cancer.
Carcinomas affect the skin, mucus membranes, glands and other organs; Leukemia are blood cancers; Sarcomas affect muscles, connective tissues and bones; and Lymphomas affect the lymphatic system.


Healing with Homa Therapy

Marisol and Stephanie Solis
Epilepsy, Constipation
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

I am Marisol Solis and my daughter's name is Stephanie and she is 16 years old.   my daughter was having convulsions every 3 hours.
This began when she was 8 years old and now she is 16 years old. Sometimes she had convulsions the whole night through, one after the other. I had to run to the hospital and we returned the following day. She has been taking the medicine Tegretol, but still continued with the many convulsions.

Mrs. Marisol Solis and her daughter Stephanie are happy having found health improvement with Homa Therapy.

Thanks to God and to my aunt ,we arrived  at the "HOMA Medical Center The Good Shepherd." Now, she rarely has convulsions and ,if she does, it is light and short. We come to Agnihotra every day and we take the Agnihotra ash. We have 4 months with HOMA Therapy.
In my case, I couldn't go to the bathroom, sometimes for one week. But since I take the Agnihotra ash, I go every day, sometimes even twice. It seems also that I have gotten rid of the parasites.
I didn't believe in this. I am a woman of little faith, although I know that miracles exist, but I said that they will not happen to me and my daughter. But now I feel, that this miracle has happened. Now I know and I tell  my friends that people are getting healed of cancer and HIV + with Homa Therapy.


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Eng. Fernando Valladares
Lima, Peru,

South America

(Continuation of his testimony from Newsletter #9)

Something else that I love about Homa Therapy is the effect on the plants. Since I began with the practice of Agnihotra, I have seen that the plants became stronger and that they fructify better. I have two gardens of a total area of approx. 30 square meters. Accidentally I applied Agnihotra ash on a sunflower plant and I observed the following day a positive strong effect and so I began to apply the ash to other plants and gradually increased its use until applying it almost daily. Maybe it is not necessary to apply it so frequently.

By combining the Agnihotra and Its ash with my organic agriculture practices, I have found very good results and a visible improvement of the plants.
A very interesting example is the case of Oidium, that attacks the papaya tree in Lima, due to the humidity and environmental contamination. I was trying hard to save some of my papaya plants from the Oidium that had attacked them. I applied horse tail extract, Neem extract and Chamomile, I also applied sulfur and lime powder, but I was not able to always eliminate this disease. The plants went from bad shape into worse shape and many died. So, one day I threw some Agnihotra ash on the two plants that were still alive but in a very bad state, actually ready to die. They healed in less than one week. They  healed completely. This is very difficult because of the climate in Lima and the season of the year. Now, the plants are growing with lots of vigor. The Agnihotra ash has eradicated the Oidium to 100% from these papaya plants and also from the Cedar plant. This has surprised me very much.

Cedar and Papaya plants healed 100 % from Oidium with Homa farming.

The little orange tree recovered quickly from the "Fumagina", when treated with Homa Therapy.

I have a little orange tree that was attacked by the white fly, which produces "Fumagina". This also introduces a virus that makes the leaves pale. Before I had applied various organic insecticides, but without achieving good result. Every time I stopped the application, the plague proliferated again. Now, I have applied powdered Agnihotra ash daily and the white fly has almost disappeared (only 5% is left). And this has happened during summer time, which is the most difficult season to control the plagues and it happened just in a few weeks of applying Homa Therapy. Due to my daily practice of Agnihotra, the plants are sprouting and produce many new buds. When I did the Agnihotra fire right next to the plant and left the pyramid there during the day, the orange tree recovered quickly, showing more vigor and this was a pleasant surprise.
(continuation page 4)


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In a yellow pepper plant, the effect of Agnihotra was also very noticeable. Agnihotra was done near her, and she filled herself with fruits. Only once in a while she gave some few fruits. Now she is loaded; she has 13 fruits and she looks very beautiful.
I have Payco (native plant of Peru) that has surprised me how it has grown. This growth coincided with the beginning of the practice of Agnihotra in my house. Usually, these plants do not grow so much. This plant is also used to prepare a green soup and to eliminate intestinal parasites and is also. It has a very pleasant aroma.

The Caigua had a plague and the fruit dried before it could ripen.

I have a Caigua plant and its fruits were attacked by a plague when they were still tiny and they dried up. When I began to apply the Agnihotra ash, the plant healed 100%. She had an abundant production of fruits, even though it was out of season.

Healthy and abundant Caigua fruits with Homa Therapy.

I also have a fruit-bearing native species of Peru, called "Capulí" or "Water Blanket", which has increased its fructification and was healed of a virosis in the leaves, soon after beginning Agnihotra in my house.

The Geranium plants have increased their quantity of flowers.
I also have many ornamental plants like roses, which have produced a much bigger quantity of flowers; it seems to be a vase of roses with a very special fragrance.
Another plant is the "Alisum" or "Virgin's Mantel", a species that attracts beneficent insects. Also the yellow ivy and many other ornamental plants are benefitting from the practice of Homa Therapy. 

I have also noticed that my biohuerto is attracting the little birds. Like we know in organic agriculture, these are the controllers of insects and plagues. So I have noticed that the little birds are eating the lice and worms off the plant with more efficiency than before. Before, I took off the worms manually from the broccoli, but now I leave them there, because they are food for the little birds, which come every day. My bio-garden is a special place. The little birds sing more than ever before. Since I began with Agnihotra, their song has become more beautiful. It seems to be a choir of birds. Before they sang early in the morning or at dusk, but now they sing very strong in any given moment.

A home made Homa earthworm bed, something that could inspire us to copy. This way we always have good soil for plants.

I have had several earth worm beds for several years, where I produce humus. By applying Agnihotra ash to the  earthworm beds, the first very obvious effect I noticed is that the process of the decay of the organic material is much faster. This humus now has a very pleasant scent. The earth worms have also lightly increased their size and their clitelio (their reproductive apparatus) is anatomically better developed.
Recently I started applying the Agnihotra ash solution and I have already been able to observe its repellent effect on the cockroaches that are in my biogarden. Before it was very difficult to control them, since there are many hiding places for them.


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China about to pass US as world's top generator of greenhouse gases.
The San Francisco Chronicle
Monday 05 March 2007

A report released last week by Beijing authorities indicated that as its economy continues to expand at a red-hot pace, China is highly likely to overtake the United States this year or in 2008 as the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases.
"Now or Never" for Climate Action
BBC News - Sunday 18 February 2007
All EU nations must back proposals to cut harmful emissions by 30% by 2020 or risk jeopardizing the global effort to curb climate change, warn ministers.
The call for unity among the 27-nation bloc was made by the UK Environment Secretary, David Miliband, and his Spanish and Slovenian counterparts. Failure to act would threaten efforts to get nations such as the US and China to agree to cap emissions, they said. EU environment ministers will discuss the proposals at a meeting on Tuesday.
In an article on the BBC News website, the ministers wrote: "We all know that the current Kyoto deal does not go far enough."
"If we are going to avoid the dangerous impacts of climate change ... then the EU must stand up and lead the debate on committing to further action."



Sangolqui, Quito, Ecuador, South America
Homa Therapy Video Presentation in the Auditory of the Municipality of Sangolqui. Thanks to Ms. Mayra Querejeta (who took one day off from work in order to distribute 2,000 last minute invitations with Vicky) many people came to know about Homa Therapy and the solution to their  health problems. 

Now it is easy to recognize the Quito Homa Center even from outside. A big poster invites to the daily practice of  Agnihotra free of charge. 

The 3 sisters had been at the Homa Video Presentation in the Municipality of Sangolqui. 2 days later they arrived for sunset Agnihotra in the Quito Homa Center and told us their stories. They suffered from constant pain in the shoulders and legs, from insomnia and other problems. After the Agnihotra fire in Sangolqui,  their pains disappeared.

On the 3rd day the 3 sisters (all over 80yers old) already practiced their own Agnihotra fire. Now they are doing the fires daily together in the house of the youngest sister. On of the sons helps them with adjusting the watch with the correct time  through internet. 

The practice of Agnihotra means a ´New Life´ for our elders, a life free of pain, anxiety and fear. They are able to live happily and enjoy their last years.


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EVENTS cont.

Quito, Ecuador, South America

Several workshops and Homa Therapy presentation were given in the "Institute of Human Development - CreSer" . Several of the teachers of the Institute are practicing Agnihotra.
The director, Yolanda Suarez, already experienced some amazing results of the practice of Homa Therapy and intake of Agnihotra ash in her family.

Quito, Ecuador, South America
With each presentation  of Homa Therapy more pyramids came together and were lit during Agnihotra time. All were united in Peace and Tranquility - young and old, rich and poor, with academic titles and without. The LOVE, which is one of the byproducts of Agnihotra, makes us feel as ONE.

Vyahruti Homa in the "Center of the World"
North of Quito, Ecuador, South America
(Latitude: 0 degrees, 0 minutes, 0 seconds)

The "Medical Homa Center The Good Shepard" in Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America, also has  a big Homa poster (illuminated at night) inviting everyone to participate in the free Agnihotra Healing sessions.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

The patients of the "Medical Homa Center The Good Shepard" are used to start with the Tryambakam Homa as soon as they enter the Clinic till the time of their appointment and treatment. So every moment is used for their healing. 


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EVENTS cont.

Rudra Yagnya in the Homa Center of Guayaquil, Ecuador  before we left  to Peru.

Rudra Yagnya en Piura, Peru, South America with  "Soldiers of Light". Many of them practice the fires for many years and teach others the Homa Therapy.

We received a letter from the Committe of Yagnya Shala Kharagpur, Potor Koli, India, informing that only in the month of february , 206 Rudra Yagnyas were done. Their aim is to reach 1,000 (one thousand) in the year 2007. These Rudra Yagnyas are practiced under the Supervision of Prof. Dr. S. G. Mulay. The Yagnya Shala is situated very close to the place where Master MAHASHREE GAJANAN MAHARAJ from AKKALKOT was born.

EVENTS EN US in March, April and May 2007

 Dear friends,
Aleta and Dr. Abel will be traveling in USA and sharing the Homa Therapy through gatherings of Agnihotra practitioners and people interested in the healing aspect of this Bio-energetic Super Technology.
They will also present the Anti-Stress workshop based on the Mind training guidelines given by Master Shree Vasant. There is also the possibility to HOMA Mantra workshops. They can travel anywhere in the US, where there is enough interest. They are ready to give Homa Therapy Introduction talks and Agnihotra sessions to support groups, schools, organizations, universities, etc.
All these workshops are at NO COST for the participants.

Helping our brothers and sisters, is helping ourselves. Loving others and loving ourselves can be expressed through Service. Everyone can help in one way or another.

Note: they carry all the necesary materials for people who want to start with the practice of Homa Therapy.

Aleta and Dr. Abel can be reached in the USA at: 305 - 238 3308 and cel.: 305 - 300 1738
at the home of  John and Marlena  Papavaritis.
also through e-mail: terapiahoma@yahoo.com 



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The courses will be given in Maheshwar, a small village on the banks of the Holy Narmada River.

Come join us in these Certification Courses

          Start of next course: June 2007

    seed preparation, bio-fertilizers, intercropping, etc.)
    (Pancha - Karma, Ayurvedic diet, Ayurvedic Beauty, etc.)
  • For further information about the courses, dates, cost, etc. please enter:  


Unless past resentments are healed, the person develops an illness or disease in the body that carries more resentment. Many diseases especially Cancer are due to harboring old hurts, old resentments, in particular, anger.

All concepts of TIME AND SPACE are subject to change.
For so many, cupboards are bare. So many walk the earth without shoes on their feet. KARMA. AGNIHOTRA, gift to humankind brings great prosperity, peace and bliss to the planet.
World is concerned with economics and material prosperity. Let us then, use the language they understand and they will listen. AGNIHOTRA gives you material prosperity and a mind full of love.

There will come a time in very near future when GM foods will be outlawed but by then, so much damage will have already been done.

Now is the time to move everywhere activating sanctuaries of fire. We always move quickly without fanfare. No show. This is service on a very deep level.



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….Balance your lives, so that you are not too deeply spiritually inclined as to miss the practical aspects of future planning and preparing for times of no food, spoiled resources, lack of rain, depleted sources for heating and cooling, electrical outages and for times of extremes in climate and times of chaos and fright. Be aware that you will need to develop alternative sources to rely upon and open your homes and your hearts to those less fortunate, who perhaps did not listen to repeated warnings to ‘plan ahead.’
….You are learning the ancient arts, revering ancient teachings and chanting ancient Mantras and sutras known from the days of old. These are the ways to access the diamond of knowledge which holds the keys to future civilizations.

To read the complete Orion Transmission please enter: www.oriontransmissions.com

Homa gardens will survive while others fail, once the soil is eroded, water polluted, air poisonous. You see here, at such places as super Homa farms where this pioneering work is being done regularly, the changes come much faster than expected. Rejuvenation is not limited only to plants and trees, but to beings as well. Health will improve long-term in a place of this nature. Of course, the common cold is still one thing which everyone is susceptible to, since socialization breeds ailments which spread easily from germs. But in a Homa environment, it is likely to heal quicker and more thoroughly than in normal circumstances.
…..Simply, it is cold where it should be warm and warm where it should be cold. This is the beginning of the extremes. As, or if global warming continues, these extremes will be accelerated and the gap between ‘normal’ and ‘extreme’ will become quite wide. Extremes in temperature will be noted, making life uneasy at best.
…The issue of global warming is only just beginning to become shockingly apparent to most beings. Until it touches their own area or plays out in their own lives, beings are not much interested in what science is predicting for their planet. Once they can see snow in summer and heat waves in winter, they begin to take notice. However, at that point, the damage is already well underway and the prognosis dim. When the symptoms become most apparent, the disease is already spreading through the land. Listen. Listen now
In areas where Agnihotra is done in large groups or in large numbers individually, there will be fewer extremes in temperature. This is nutritive atmosphere.
…. Many beings are needed to participate in this massive raising of consciousness. It begins with each of you.

Those of you for whom the practice of these healing fires is of crucial importance—that is those who truly realize the vital nature of your practice—should band together in groups for peace. Send healing Light and energy toward the Middle East, with fires preformed en masse. That is, for example, in open parks or spaces where these fires can be made large and in a circle of people, each performing own individual Agnihotra, send the Light forth…. do so whenever possible.

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