13th Feb. 2007


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Let’s continue our Self- study that can lead us to Self- discovery. We can learn about our physical component (the
body) in any anatomy and physiology book. But to learn about the mind and other subtle components, we might need to use subtle approaches such as:
Self- observation, Self- analysis, Self- study and meditation. We simply have to “be aware”.
We see cycles in nature (sun, moon, planets, water, etc.) everywhere. But what about the mind? Does it have cycles? The moon can influence the mind and body according to some researchers.

Agnihotra is the Master Key to unlock the door to love ourselves and others unconditionally.



 Let’s put ourselves under the microscope of Swadhaya (Self- study). As we can recognize a tree by looking at its fruits, we can also recognize our minds by looking at our actions. Let’s check the following events:

1) Someone "A" says nice words to B. This is pleasant to B´s ears. So B´s mind likes that and commands B´s arms and legs to walk towards A and hug A. If this happens quite often, B´s mind wants to hear these compliments more often and it can become attached to them. If this happens often, usually B would like to get closer to A and perhaps build a relationship with A.
2)"A" insults B. This is painful to B´s ears. So B´s mind dislikes this and commands B´s arms and legs to move away from A or hit A. If this happens often, usually B wants to stay far away from A or destroy A.

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   Editor's Note continued:

What to do with A ? This can be very confusing and stressful to the mind specially in this polluted (physical and
mental) atmosphere. Most of us seem to be caught by these “Chains of likes and dislikes”. We can cut off these chains on any particular point, but
1) First of all, we must want to get out of this roller coaster of ups and downs.
2) Then we can sharpen our intellect to make the right decision.
3) Built up our Will power to follow through with right actions.
Then things will change into the Path of Equanimity.
How can we change the processing of our Mind easily into the direction of Equanimity?
Agnihotra is the Master key to open those locks and bring light to our mind. Agnihotra brings relief and freedom to love others and to love ourselves unconditionally. It helps us to experience Divine Love.


Healing with Homa Therapy

Pooja Dharmendra Jain, Parola, Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Problem: Penicillin-cephalosporin allergy

Pooja Jain before treatment with Agnihotra ash

Pooja Dharmendra Jain was afflicted with this allergy at the age of 5 years after receiving cephalosporin injection.
For 8 years her parents were trying for a cure. They consulted 21 doctors during that period.
Doctors’ bills amounted to Rupees 120,000 ($2,700)
No-one was able to help her.
After only 2 months treatment with Agnihotra ash and ghee both internally and externally her allergy has improved dramatically.

Pooja Jain after 2 months treatment with Agnihotra ash


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Article by Jimena Clarke, UK

Huglett´s Wood Farm nestles deep within the rolling hills of the Sussex High Weald. It is the only HOMA & AHIMSA farm in the UK and the only farm animal sanctuary, which operates a dedicated Cow Protection Program.
I first met Wenda and her partner, Matthew, back in 2003, when I went to visit the farm with two friends, looking for a supply of fresh, organic cow dung for the fires. Nothing could have prepared me for what I would encounter at this place. For this reason, I want to share my experience with the readers of this NEWSLETTER.
Although when I visited Huglett´s Wood Farm, I had been practicing HOMA Therapy and Agnihotra for more than twenty five years, I had had little contact with cows. I had always felt a bit scared of these big animals. I never had too much interest in pondering the meaning of their existence. Like so many of us, I thought of them only as suppliers of dung and ghee for the fire and of milk and butter for the home!
I remember my journey to the farm so vividly. We drove through the beautiful English countryside; down narrow lanes that twisted and turned until we found ourselves completely lost. Just as we were ready to give up on our search for the elusive Huglett´s Wood Farm, my friend Bev, managed to reach Wenda on the phone and get new directions.
“You will know when you have arrived at the farm as you will come to a long driveway. “ She told us. “It’s almost a wild lane that leads down to the forest”. It was there, as we arrived, that my heart started beating so fast and a slight headache appeared. At that moment, I remembered the words of Wenda’s email that I received the day before: “Drive down the lane SLOWLY as there are deer and pheasants”. We were met by a tall, very attractive lady, who was standing waiting for us with two dogs at her side. I don’t know how many ducks, geese and chickens wandered around the farmyard or how many sheep peered through the hedges to gaze at us lazily, as while they chewed over the grass they had just eaten. Over 30 cows of all different colours and sizes were grazing contentedly in the fields.
The moment I stepped out of the car, I felt that I had known Wenda all my life. When Matthew came to meet us, I had the same sensation.

Sharing a Homa Fire on Huglett´s Wood Farm.

It wasn’t until much later on, I discovered the reason that in spite of all the positive energy there, I felt that the place held so much sadness.
I asked Wenda if I could do Vyahruti Homa as I felt it would help. She agreed immediately. Later, as we went to collect some fresh cow dung and see the cows, the fun started! Wenda introduced us to each of the cows in turn. First, Sam, the head of the herd, and so on. I was terrified! Never in all my life have I seen or been near to such big creatures. We are talking about fully grown bullocks, some of whom weigh two tons. She “talked” to them and told them why we were there. Then she stood back quietly, and left me (and my

Wenda doing a Vyahruti Homa with the cows.

other two friends) to interact with the herd. I couldn’t move. I think I was in shock! All of a sudden one of the biggest bullocks stood up and came towards me. The only thing I could think of doing at that moment was to repeat OM SHREE, OM SHREE. He moved slowly and gently and stopped just in front of me. His eyes looked straight into mine as he breathed into my hands; a warm, sweet breath. Again he looked at me and my soul melted in a wave of love that I had only ever experienced in front of Shree and at the births of my daughters, when they opened their eyes and looked at me for the first time! It was such an amazing and over-whelming experience that I could not tell anyone. What I didn’t know at the time was that my friends were also having similar experiences.

I think that day I received one of the deepest healings of my life.


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Huglett’s Wood provides sanctuary for over 200 animals and birds. They care for 35 cows, oxen and calves.

After that first visit, I did not see Wenda again, until a year later. When I returned to Huglett´s Wood, she had already decided that the fires were the missing piece in the jigsaw of her life. In 2005, we asked Jarek Bizberg from Poland to come to the farm and open a Resonance Point. He and Parvati came, and on the 14th of July (* Independence Day in France!) the Point was opened. It was a very special day. Orion gave a beautiful message about this place …
ORION message was given to Parvati while at Huglett’s Wood:

The fires are the highest practice one can do to heal the land and restore the balance of Nature and humankind. Returned to its rightful custodians, long period of grieving has now past.
Upon first glance one can see the harmony in Nature and refuge for all animals, not only cows, as well as for Devas, Earth Spirits and Light Beings.
In ancient times there was torture and slaughter of animals particularly here on this very land. Acts of violence beget acts of violence. The cycle has been broken. Today is *Independence Day for this land.
Energies radiating from this site at times of sunrise and sunset will serve to heal and balance Nature. The activation of the resonance point at this particular farm serves to create an opening through which the Light can emanate way beyond the borders of this property. Today the Devas are in song.”  OM TAT SAT.

Love on 1st sight: Gromit, the ox &Matthew

Ever seen a smiling cow?
Here Duncan presents herself.

As Orion said Huglett’s Wood Farm had once, in years gone by, been a place where there was great suffering of animals and birds. It was this that accounted for the over-riding feeling of sadness that I felt at my first visit. Three years later, this has all but disappeared and the land exudes pure, positive energy.My experience is that here at Huglett’s Wood Farm Nature come into her own, gently, nurturing and sustaining all forms of life. Everything here is in harmony, every blade of grass is in harmony, every tree in the wood is an example of how Nature can communicate with us if we are alert and work with her in harmony and with respect..
Agnihotra fires are burned in the Farm temple every sunrise and sunset. Daily Om Tryambakam Homa helps to maintain the powerful Homa atmosphere that produces the perfect environment for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. Homa farming techniques are also used to aid the regeneration of the 18 acres of Ancient

broadleaf woodland that belongs to the farm. Once sadly neglected and completely mismanaged, over a number of years, the woodland was slowly dying. Now under careful coppice management, the woodland provides the material for many traditional products. Sussex charcoal and artists charcoal are produced through summer months; logs and kindling through winter and a whole range of woodland products are marketed year round. An oak and chestnut nursery raises saplings from the seeds of existing trees. Once large enough, they are planted back in the woods to replace the trees that were destroyed by previous owners. Wenda and Matthew grow a wide range of vegetables, salad leaves, herbs and fruit, which is marketed through their Box scheme; delivering freshly harvested, organically farmed HOMA produce to their customers.
As well as being a working, vegan farm, Huglett’s Wood provides sanctuary for over 200 animals and birds. They care for 35 cows, oxen and calves. Some of whom were born there and know nothing other than love and kindness; others, not so lucky, have also found their way to them and now live in peace.
You may have already read about some of the cows from the farm and how they have been treated with Homa ash, in past issues and the story of Dickie, a little, dying calf, who came to the farm having been left outside in the snow and freezing cold without shelter or food. The Vet gave him no chance of survival and said he would at best, (due to the lung damage he has sustained) have no more that a few weeks to live. He now runs happily with the big cattle. This is a real love-story and maybe I will be able to persuade Wenda to tell you about Dickie and his fight for life; how she slept with him in the barn during the hardest winter months, to make sure he was breathing easily through the night. For now you can enjoy the photographs.
If by any chance you are in England, you must pay a visit to this place. I warn you now, it’s a life-changing experience. To appreciate it fully, you need to be open, to listen to Nature, to listen to these wise creatures that are instruments of the Divine, guiding us all the way home…
Although Huglett´s Wood Farm is a working farm and not a center, I am quite sure Wenda and Matthew would be happy to spend some time with you, sharing their vast knowledge of farming and cow protection. If you’re really lucky you may even get to meet the cows like I did. If you do, I guarantee, your life will never be the same. I cannot explain how very humbling this experience was. Every day I give thanks for the opportunity to help on this special place. I am so grateful to the Divine and to Shree, (with Whom Wenda has just spent some time in India, last November), for having these two people in my life and for the love of those 35 boys and girls. I give big thanks to those amazing creatures for allowing me to be close to them. Om Shree!
Many happy Fires and all the best for all of you. Keep those fires alight, wherever we are, whatever we do, One we are One!


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The pharmaceutical industry has transformed the illness into a big business

The pharmaceutical industry has transformed the illness into a  big business. The globalization has allowed the development of a new way of power, the Pharmacracy, able to decide who deserves cure. 90% of the budget dedicated by the pharmaceutical industry for the investigation and the development of new medications is dedicated to illnesses that suffer only 10% of the world population .
Millions of people in Asia, Africa and South America suffer the calls forgotten illnesses; according to the World Health Organization (WHO), illnesses like the lymphatic filiarsis, the hemorrhagic dengue, the illness of the dream or sleep sickness, the oncocercosis or the "mal of chagas", that affect more than 750 million people and they put an end to the life of more than half million people every year. Illnesses caused by parasites, transmitted by means of unhealthy water or stings of insects. Pandemics that fall in the forgetfulness because they only affect to the poorest communities. Victims that don't have the enough money to pay a treatment that is very expensive, ineffective or, in many occasions, nonexistent...
The vaccine for AIDS could take years locked up in a safe box of some multinational pharmaceutical company. it would be no profitable to market it, if we keep in mind that the people that are more exposed to this illness could not pay for it and that the sick persons of the developed countries already pay important sums of money for their treatment. Even in the world of business, there is an ethics that cannot be forgotten, specially in the field of health, pain and illness.
Source: Alberto Sierra (CCS / Argenpress)



Piura, Peru, South America
This was the video Presentation
in the auditory of the Regional Government office. It´s title was: "How to prepare for the Climatic Changes?". The event was closed with the teaching and practice of Agnihotra. 

Dear brothers and sisters: Loving greetings for all you from Barquisimeto, Venezuela, South America.
I am sending you this picture of my brother and his family doing Agnihotra. One can observe the intense Light that is manifested in this in this fire, in which we have great Faith and Trust. Thank you for sending us the Homa Newsletter,
which I share with my friends, which is helping to increase the circle of Agnihotra practitioners. All love from Maria Esperanza Osorio of Rodriguez

Prof. Egberto Oriel Pacheco teaches Agnihotra in his native village Huarmaca, Piura, Peru, South America during vacation. He lives in Villa El Salvador, Lima and is in charge of teaching Homa Therapy every Saturday and Sunday in the "Parque de la Exposicion" .


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EVENTS cont.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America: Agnihotra Gathering in Guayaquil, in the "Malecon del Salado", where several doctors and many patients gave their healing testimonies with Homa Therapy in front of a big audience. The testimonies were given by people of all ages and oscillated form deep not closing wounds, toxoplasmosis, bedwetting, diabetes, asthma, etc. to Hodgkin Lymphoma and AIDS.

With the regular practice of Agnihotra and taking the Agnihotra ash and applying the Agnihotra ash cream and/ or Agnihotra eye drops or any other Agnihotra ash preparation people are getting cured of  many diseases .

Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America:
A very special testimony was given by Dr. Jaime Montufar´s patient, Silvia Ortega, who told her Homa healing story from AIDS. Her husband had died some years ago with AIDS. One of her 3 children was in ICU (intensive care unit) with AIDS and she also had AIDS.Now,she does not have AIDS through the Agnihotra treatment with Dr. Montufar and she is also FREE

of the AIDS VIRUS. She showed the 2nd exam (which is the repeated  exam after 6 months of the first negative result) and it is confirmed that she is now HIV negative. She was brave enough, to stand up in front of many people and to talk about her healing through the Homa fires.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America: daily Agnihotra meetings and teachings in  in the Homa Center.

Cuenca, Ecuador, South America: The Foundation Mukunda invites daily to share Agnihotra healing fire.


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EVENTS cont.

City Hall of Cuenca, Ecuador, S.A.:
Video Presentation about the Climatic Changes and  the massive practice of Homa Therapy as The Solution to our problems. There was also a lot of interest in the personal healing aspects of Homa Therapy. Many people cannot afford to pay for : one doctor visit (US $ 40 up to over US $ 200)  or the prescribed medicines. 

Cuenca, Ecuador, South America (S.A.):
After  one year, we returned to the CRA (Center for Rehabilitation of Drug- and Alcohol Addiction)  and we could share more information and an evening Agnihotra with them. This Rehab Clinic has taken Homa Therapy as a regular discipline into their program with very good results.

Teaching and practicing Agnihotra at the new location of the Homa Center in Quito under the direction of Vicky and Fernando Zurita. You are invited monday through friday for the sunset Agnihotra. Phone: 234 2829, Armenia, Quito, South America.

Video Homa Presentation, teaching and practice of Agnihotra at the Integral Human Development Institute "CreSer", Quito, Ecuador, South America Everyone and the director, Ms.Yolanda Suarez were taken with these Healing Fires and already organized a Homa Anti- Stress workshop and the continuous practice of Agnihotra in this Institute. It is All Grace!

Please see the 2 minute Agnihotra video clip made by the Baltimore Homa Community and give it a rate: http://blip.tv/posts/?category=20

For timesheets please write to: agnihotrahorario@yahoo.com


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EVENTS cont.



The course will be given in Maheshwar, India a small village on the banks of the Holy Narmada River.

Come join us in a 14 day Certification Course that will be given by Experts in India :
    (Pancha - Karma, Ayurvedic diet, Ayurvedic Beauty, etc.)
    seed preparation, bio-fertilizers, intercropping, etc.)
    (preparation of all different formulas for many medical problems)

To receive further information about travel dates, hotels, prices, etc. please contact us at: terapiahoma@yahoo.com

Click here to read a Message of Shree Vasant about Self-Healing


On Spiritual path one is like a sapling requiring careful pruning and care, protection and even a stick to straighten its growth to keep it upright and safe from falling. This is the great importance of keeping proper company, SATSANG.

One has to learn to discern what intentions are pure and what are not. One must align oneself with TRUTH. If one's longing is true and one's fortitude steady one begins to see clearly who is true and who is false in the world of illusion. Once one finds one's true path, once one find one's guru in this life one shall strive with all one's heart to follow the way with every ounce of determination and strength.

If a big show is made of one's spiritual accomplishments that person is likely to be led by ego and not by TRUTH. HUMILITY is the mark of the True Divine Entity, the true servant of Almighty.



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We see hope, but not simply wishful thinking or even visualizing positive outcome. We see this future already in place. It is already in existence. All one has to do is believe in it and it will manifest. But even if one does not believe, it is sufficient to imagine it or even desire it, since it will be, will be. ...
May the blessings you have accrued in this lifetime inspire and motivate all of you to live your lives in TRUTH, with integrity, respect, equality and love. May you honour the planet upon which you live as you learn to adjust to and honour each other. There are many hues in the rainbow of life. Keep hope alive. Keep planet Earth’s survival first and foremost in your minds and hearts.

Blessings. Blessings. Blessings to all.

To read the complete Orion Transmission please enter: www.oriontransmissions.com

As 2006 therefore comes to a close, we ask you to reflect on the plight of this great planet and, since it is customary to make one’s list of shining, hopeful New Year’s resolutions, will you place this planet’s environment as #1 on this list? Please realize that there is truth in the concept that one being can have a powerful effect on this world and can create change where change is due. When all of Nature is crying out for the attention of every man, woman and child, we call upon each of you to indeed heed her call. This is one call which should not be put on hold!
We will not reiterate the shocking climate changes and the effects upon the environment of global warming, the rampant misuse of Nature’s resources, contamination of all the elements and the apparent disregard of human dignity and the fate of future generations. The weather, the land and its inhabitants speak for themselves.
LISTEN. Become involved in perpetuating change on the global frontiers. Become involved. Become committed. The ways are many. The time is crucial...
Yes, yes, the close of another year in the life of our human counterparts. We see that there have been many changes in this past year, most of them detrimental to the health and well-being of those on planet Earth. We have witnessed senseless killings, both in times of war and in times of relative peace. We have seen the environment suffer, as the Earth gasps for breath in a storm of pollution unchecked by governmental standards. Whose standards? And yet, we foresee a glorious future for humanity.

How is it that in the midst of chaos, a future can be clearly foretold which is glorious, even majestic in its richness and in its beauty? How can we see harmony through the mayhem of this world? It is so. That harmony which we foresee lies in the hearts and the minds of many alive today who will bring it into reality.

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