13th Jan. 2007


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Do you remember the last time you heard somebody say: “Rest in peace”? Chances are that this was in a funeral. For many people, life is a continuous struggle, even though they want peace of mind. There are some natural changes that create tensions, but there are very many artificially created situations that multiply a thousand fold this struggle. Let’s take a quick look:
- war in Irak, Gaza, Africa, etc.
- terrorism, suicides
-child abuse, women abuse, family  violence
- nature abuse
- natural catastrophes
- unemployment, diseases, etc.

This is far away from a peaceful world. It seems like mans greed, anger and fear is making him act like a mad animal, which is killing himself and nature. Man´s mind is clouded and many of his decisions are mistaken. We might feel trapped. How can we get out of this?
Well, let’s share an idea, which is not necessarily a complete truth, but it might trigger some thinking.
Let’s look at this picture:
1) Our bodies, minds and hearts are part of a greater MAN.
2) All these parts or cells must interact.
3) Many bodies are infected, sick or weak.
4) Many hearts carry hate, fear, anger, envy, etc.
5) A few clouded minds are leading many clouded minds. (The blind is leading the blind.)
6) Even the space between these cells is contaminated.
7) Many cells (people) of this MAN are affected by a Cancer like behaviour.
Cancer grows abnormally and takes over other spaces.
But many approaches have been tried and this MAN is still in “Critical Condition”.
However, the ancient science of Medicine, Ayurveda, points out a simple, practical, inexpensive and powerful solution for this patient. The Medicine is AGNIHOTRA, the basic healing fire of Homa Therapy. Agnihotra can bring *Balance, Health and Peace to this MAN.

* Normally the cells synchronize their effort for the benefit of the whole, even though there are different types of cells, they still support each other. It is team-work.

 We can choose:
a) to close our eyes to this picture and be part of the problem and wait for
death to get some peace (maybe?).
b) to wake up and be an active part of the solution. Let’s do Agnihotra to
clean the atmosphere, light the mind and live in peace.

Can you see any connection with the following story?
“Once upon a time, there was a great kingdom with a wise king. People practiced simple living and high thinking. Most people walked barefoot. It was a peaceful life for most of them. However, some people came to complain, because they hurt their toes, cut their soles or stepped on a thorn. So the king called his advisers. One suggested covering all roads and side walks, but this was a little complicated. Another said ´make everybody wear shoes´, but it sounded to dogmatic. And finally someone said ´lets make enough shoes for however needs them´. The king said ´That seems okay.´ Then people continued their peaceful walk without many problems.”


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   Healing with Homa Fires

Teachers and children singing together the Tryambakam Homa daily as part of the school program.

Teacher Agurto with daughter Claudia and grandchild Lucia.

Pilar Roosevelt Libertad Agurto Plata
Bernal- Piura, Peru, South America

The practice of Homa Therapy allowed me to experience many positives changes as a teacher in the drawing and painting workshops at “CEP. TERESA DE CALCUTTA”, a school for handicapped children.
By carrying out the fires of Agnihotra and Triambakam together with workshops for Spirituality for the children , they progressed and responded quickly in the classes. They were able to quiet down, relax and practice meditation. So their aggressiveness in games and the screams in the school halls decreased gradually. They improved their performance and their attention span and in the classes. The children experienced positive changes in their behavior and they look forward to the daily practice of Triambakam Homa. The teacher staff and the parents always appreciate the blessing that come with these healing fires.
For me personally, Homa Therapy is a discipline. It came into my life at a crucial moment, when I was suffering of severe pains in the joints, generally feeling uneasy, stress, anger, etc. After almost seven years of practice my problems attenuated or disappeared completely. I eradicated the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. I changed my eating habits and I recaptured the joy of living to serve with a smile.
I became aware of the importance of proper breathing, which purifies our mind and our body and elevates our spirit in a Homa atmosphere. Homa Therapy helps to find inner peace, a clear mind and contentment. Through these healing fires I learnt to see life as a simple, but great experience, because love flows so easily and problems can be faced with a smile.
Nowadays, my daughter Claudia Eillen and my grandchild Lucia live a prosperous and happy life. We have a positive outlook on the present and the future, Thanks to the practice of the fires of the Therapy Homa and we are happy they are carried out in many parts of the world. A big hug to all. Pili


Mrs. Ysela together with Sister Estrella and other friends practicing Agnihotra in the Humboldt Chapel on the Island San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador, South America

Mrs. Ysela Cobos Cordova
Teacher Age: 44 years
San Cristobal, Pto. Bacarizo Moreno
Gallapagos Islands, Ecuador,  South America

I was sick, one or two months ago. I was in bed with some terrible pains in the abdomen due to cysts that I have in the ovary. I took pills, but it still hurt. The first day, when I came to the HOMA Therapy, the pain was gone. The next day I felt a pain similar to the one you get after a race. So I began to attend every day the Agnihotra fire. Gradually the pain disappeared. Now I have no longer any pain.
I could not sleep for several days, but I started sleeping placidly from the first day I attended Agnihotra fire.
I have 10 days doing the HOMA Therapy. I was allergic to all the foods. I got sick after eating lobster, shellfish, pineapple or melon. So I had to take medications or a sun bath or go to the sea. Now I do not have any allergy, before my body was always itching. I also had an ugly and dry cough for one year. It would go away for a month and return. 
                  (continued on page 3)



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Healing with Homa Fires

Continuation of the Testimony of Mrs. Ysela Cobos Córdova

Lately I was even drinking milk with garlic because my mom told me that it will alleviate a little. But the cough has disappeared the first day that I came to the HOMA Fires. However, in spite of all, I was incredulous. But now I can speak wholeheartedly. Here, my student can say what occurred in the classes. As soon as I tried to speak I would cough and that worried me because I thought that it was something related to the lungs. I was planning to go to the continent (firm land) to have this checked. Now, HOMA Therapy has taken care of all these problems and I hardly remember how many illnesses I had. I don't like to talk about my illnesses in public, but I know that HOMA Therapy comes from God, and I tell everyone, that in fact, this is something good and it can help us. I am very well and happy thanks to HOMA Therapy.


Homa Therapy and the changes in my Life

Eng. Fernando Valladares
Lima, Peru, South America

(First part of his testimoy:)

I am an Zootecnic engineer. But, I have been devoted totally to the teaching of Ecological Agriculture. And I am surprised by the good and positive things that I have found with the Homa Therapy. I was looking for something related to organic agriculture, but I realized that Homa Therapy is also good for the human health. And it affects the mind very quickly. First of all, I feel very relaxed, peaceful and happy. I have greater willpower and self-control. I also practice the Mantra “OM SHREE” during Agnihotra. It is beautiful, very beautiful! I sleep better and get up earlier and have more energy to work.
Homa Therapy also helps me to get deeper into my yoga

practice. This is my sixth week with Homa Therapy and I experience more Spirituality. Sometimes I feel a Universal Love and I believe that is due to the Homa fires. When I walk down the street, I feel heightened affection toward all the people I see. I feel something like joy. This is it what I like most about Homa Therapy. I am a sensitive person, and I can feel the subtle vibrations, and I noticed that the atmosphere of my home has been saturated with very positive vibrations. And these are attracting positive things into my life at this time.
My friend, Alberto, told me that incredible things will happen with the practice of Homa Therapy and it is true. I had a so called “enemy” for years but now we made friends. That did astonish me! This is because of the practice of Homa Therapy, undoubtedly.
I experience that the practice of Agnihotra and Triambakam brings prosperity. That is for sure. Now I give more Organic Agriculture Workshops. Before I put propaganda in the radio and they didn't call me much; now I receive many phone calls. I also have made some important contacts for Consulting Services. This is coinciding with the beginning of Agnihotra; I can see that it is a very positive influence in my life.
I will incorporate Homa Therapy in my Workshops. I will begin teaching Agnihotra and the uses that I am giving to the Agnihotra ash when mixing it with other preparations. I like to investigate and I am making some discoveries with the Agnihotra ash. I plan to combine it with extracts of plants and share my findings with the lovers of organic agriculture.
I have seen that Agnihotra and Triambakam Homa have a very powerful effect. I have noticed that they are very auspicious in the mornings. They pull the good things. I am truly surprised what is happening these days. Yesterday, I needed more information about agriculture, so I went to make some photocopies of a book I lend. In the copy place was a lady that said: "Where is there an agricultural engineer? My husband is an engineer, but he is old, my children have not studied agronomy. I am already old. He wants to give all his books to someone, because we do not know what to do with them.” So I told her, that I am agricultural engineer and we are in touch. This incident got my attention. This never happened to me before. It was amazing.




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Report of Eng. Irma Jimenez, SENASA (National Service of Agrarian Health), Piura, Peru, South America

Caupi bean field in the "El Aromo" Farm

Tec. Homa Lidia Ato, Eng. Irma Jiménez and owner of the "El Aromo" Mr. Klaus Mucke.

Good harvest with Homa Farming Methods in ALL CROPS

We have a National Program for plague control, for which I make evaluations. I am a professional and objective person and now I was able to evaluate the good results with Homa Therapy. From the time I started these evaluations, I did them with a scientific approach.
In this case we are talking about the Farm "Aromo" in the valley of Alto Piura.
We began the evaluations in the cultivation of the beans variety Caupí and the results were truly surprising. I observed that there was a plague, called "Oidium" in "Aromo", but with insignificant percentage, which began to attack to the Caupi beans. But simultaneously a bio-control was developed 100% with the Cilobora, which is a Coccinelido that feeds on the fungi Oidium. That truly surprised me. In "Aromo" just by the methods of Homa Therapy the production reached 4000 (four thousand) kg / hectare approximately.
In that time also in the area of Chauchape cultivations with Caupí beans were developed and the evaluations were made.

Then I began to compare:
Chauchape had 100 hectares of Caupí beans under the same climatic same conditions. The disease "Oidium" also attacked in Chauchape. These gentlemen worked with an agricultural company. Due do economic problems they suspended their chemical applications, they grew everything with chemical fertilizers. They suspended these chemical applications and they had ZERO production.
I myself made these observations in Chauchape as well as in the Aromo and this it is my experience.

Eng. Godofredo Garcia Perez from Piura, Peru, South America  wrote following about his 40 ha Homa farm:
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007

Dr. Abel Hernandez:
We continue advancing with the Homa Therapy in our farm with good results. The mango Kent flowered late but it flowered and this is the reason that the harvest will be later, but with a very good projection.
The neighboring farms flowered very little or  they did not flower at all in most  cases
Thanks for everything,
Eng. Godofredo Garcia Perez

Eng. Godofredo Garcia Perez on his Homa farm in front of the Agnihotra cabin

ver más testimonios de la Agricultura HOMA en http://www.terapiahoma.com/agricultura/index.htm



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               NAIROBI (Reuters) - Unchecked climate change could drive up to 72 per cent of the world's bird species into extinction, but the world still has a chance to limit the losses, conservation group WWF said in a report on Tuesday.
In Canada's northern Hudson Bay, the report said, mosquitoes were hatching and reaching peak numbers earlier in the spring, but seabirds breeding there had not adjusted their behaviour.

Death toll statistics in Darfur (Sudan, Africa) vary widely, ranging from 70,000 to the nearly 400,000 estimated by the group Coalition for International Justice over a 26-month period. The United States has called this tragedy by the only name that captures its meaning, the only name it deserves –“ Genocide," said Rice in a speech to the Africa Society.
KHARTOUM (Reuters) - Sudan's government and Darfur rebels have agreed to a 60-day ceasefire and a peace summit sponsored by the African Union and the United Nations as steps toward

stopping the violence in west Sudan, a visiting U.S. official said on Wednesday. Experts estimate 200,000 people have been killed and 2.5 million driven from their homes since mostly non-Arab rebels took up arms in early 2003 accusing the government of neglect. Struggling AU forces have been unable to stem the violence but Sudan rejects a U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing 22,500 U.N. peacekeepers to take over the Darfur AU mission.

Let's not forget when doing Agnihotra, meditating and praying to send Light and Love to the war zones, areas of catastrophes and sufferings.
Agnihotra is a gift to humanity and comes from the Ancient Vedic Sciences of
Bioenergy, Medicine, Agriculture and CLIMATIC ENGINEERING.

Charged with Healing Agnihotra Fire Energy

Mrs. Pilar was amazed when she saw the pictures taken in a Agnihotra Circle of Friends.
You can see the crystal Mala "lights up" after the practice of Agnihotra. Mala is like a rosary, used in meditation.

"Angel of Fire" send by Jimena from England. May she "light" our way throughout the New Year and carry peace with her.

Photo taken before Agnihotra.

Photo taken after Agnihotra.


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Video Conference:
“How To Prepare for the Climatic Changes “

Main Auditorium of The Regional Government, Piura, Perú

Saturday 20th of January at 5:00 PM
Free Entrance
Sponsored by Agrohoma.N.G.O

Piura, Peru, South America
Wonderful results from the first day on with practice of Agnihotra in a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, called "The Good Shepherd". More cooperation amongst the 54 patients, better sleep, less depression, less medication, less physical and mental pain, more joy and happiness among them.

Christmas Reunion with the Piura Family.

Agnihotra meeting in Piura, Homa Center.

Receiving the New Year 2007 with the blessings of many Fires and vibrations of Peace, Love and Harmony.


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Cultures may vary. FIRE unites all cultures FIRE is at the root of all cultures. If you turn the pages back to the time of the ancients you will surely find FIRE, even what is referred
 to as FIRE PURIFICATION, ETERNAL FLAME and so on. Any ancient culture Africa , old Incan culture, Jewish culture, Muslim culture to mention a few. Science of energy is not new.

One has to place his own development ahead of all material concerns, social concerns, illusions, delusions, ambitions. All must go. This does not mean that the person must be aimless or purposeless quite the contrary. HE IS TO FIND HIS TRUE MISSION IN LIFE. The GURU will tell what it is. The disciple finds the Truth through the practices he has been taught by the GURU.
The GURU does not say “This is it” necessarily. He will say instead “This is the way to get there. These are the practices which will help you attain your goal.” Goal is always ENLIGHTENMENT. The true GURU has no interest in any other goal. Always his aim is your ultimate liberation even if you do not “Think” of it in those terms.

Mind must always affirm the holy.

To see Master Shree Vasant´s talk on Homa Therapy click here: http://www.terapiahoma.com/video/shree_explaining_ht.wmv

To see the last video of Homa Therapy presented on the National Peruvian TV click here: http://www.terapiahoma.com/video/franqueza.wmv


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This is the age of discovery and the power of TRUTH will unfold. Keep the faith.

LISTEN. Become involved in perpetuating change on the global frontiers. Become involved. Become committed. The ways are many. The time is crucial...

The force of the fire will heal the Earth, but more hands are required...

To read the complete Orion Transmission please enter: www.oriontransmissions.com

If you have the space and infrastructure to assist beings less fortunate than yourselves, do so. If you are able to fulfil the role of counsellor for example, do so. If you are simply able to offer home cooked meals and comfort, then do so. If you can assist another being in moving clear from drugs or alcohol, or to escape an abusive situation, do so. Do not hold back on the loving you have been imbued with. Tools are being handed to you all every day. These tools are certainly to be used for self-discovery, self-development, but there is a point you reach where this knowledge and wisdom, this experience and hope must be shared. .

And it shall come to pass that great waves of destruction shall engulf planet Earth. There will be walls of flame, waves of rain, floods and famines, darkness where there should be light, days with no sun. There will be night day, and day, night. But hark oh children, there will come a pure and elemental shift in consciousness followed by great peace and sublime joy that one could ever imagine exists!

So, fear not. All is going according to plan. Actually there have been great strides made in the last few weeks time.

Thanks for all the contributions and keep writing us and sending YOUR Agnihotra experiences.
Thanks for sharing this Homa Health Newsletter.

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