13th Dec. 2006


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Let’s start quoting the Bible. Then God said "Let us make man in our Image and Likeness  …” Genesis 1-26
The Bhagavad-Gita says: “The Atman cannot be killed, cannot be born, cut, dried, wet, burned, .................."    B.G. II -20, II – 23
The Koran says: “O serene soul! Return to your Lord, joyful and pleasing in his sight…”

“The Atman (soul) cannot be grasped by the mind …” B.G. II-25                                               But It can be experienced.        What is this?
Well, there are many experiences that cannot be fully explained with words, but they are still real. Examples are: the fragrance of a rose, the sweetness of honey, the warmth of a hug, the blue color, the feeling produced by a song, a look, a word, a picture. However, we use poetry, dance, paintings, music, sculpture, parables, comparisons, analogies, etc. to project those feelings. But we are also totally conscious that the transference of these experiences is still incomplete in most cases. However the mind still demands an explanation. So let’s start with a tale, which is half  true. Let’s concentrate and analyse it.

Once upon a time, there was someone called Mr. S. living in a beautiful Home (oo-om?) where he had everything, anybody could want. But someone, Mr. B., came by and talked to Mr. S. about another land, where he could have other more exciting experiences. So Mr. S. decided to leave Home in search of new experiences and new joys. He got into a car and the driver, Mr. M. drove away. Later, Mr. S. got tired and frustrated with these so called exciting experiences and he just wanted to return Home. But Mr. M. was driving where he wanted, independent of Mr. S’s wishes. Mr. M. will stop wherever he smelled a good pizza, heard a good song, saw a nice lady, etc. Mr. M. was so distracted by what he saw on the road, that he forgot that Mr. S. was the passenger in the back seat. Mr. M. was so entangled with what was happening on the road, and so concerned about the fuel, the mechanical, the electrical, the body and other aspects of the car, that he forgot the presence of Mr. S. and his desires to go Home.

Sometimes Mr. M. would see some signs pointing Home, but there were many temptations making him turn into another direction.

 In the meantime, Mr. G., who was Mr. S’s father,  and everybody else were missing him back Home. Mr. G. sent some brothers to look for Mr. S. and help him find the way back Home, but Mr. M. was drunk, angry, wasted, entertained or simply occupied most of the time , so he did not listen and follow the brother’s directions.
However, there was one brother, Mr. X, who got Mr. M’s attention and told him
Stop, and look inside. Look at the back seat. There, you will see Mr. S., Listen to him. Your purpose, Mr. M. is to bring him to the Promised Land, Home. If you do what is right for you, it will bring you Everlasting Joy. So, forget about your desires for a moment and try to please Mr. S.
So Mr. M. decided to do that, since everything else he had done, had brought him one gram of happiness (short lasting) and a ton of misery (long lasting). Mr. M. decided not to let anything change his path and they got Home. This brought joy to Mr. M. for doing his duties and happiness to Mr. S., Mr. G., Mr. X and all the family.
Now, they are all ONE BIG FAMILY.

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   Editor's Note continued:

In this story, the Misters can also be Miss and Misses, and the characters can have different names, but some Self study (Swadhaya) along with Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa and Karma will bring more clarity into this tale. So ask yourself, who am I in this story? Am I on the road or at Home? Am I lost? Do I have a map? Can I see the signs?
Let’s reach inside ourselves with passion and reach out with the FIRE of LOVE.
We can celebrate Christmas (holy birth) and Home coming (holy return) daily. Have wonderful Self -realizations.

Aleta and Abel

Women's Healing Circles with Homa Fires

Luisa Requena de Arteaga
Piura, Peru, South America

Thursday is a very special day because that day we represent all the women of the world who are looking for help and a path of self-improvement.
In these meetings I have learned how to choose, to think reflexively, to make decisions, to face difficult situations, and solve daily problems. I consider that our work in the Homa Healing Circle for Women has a significant impact on the women as a whole.

 AGNIHOTRA strengthens us, opens our hearts and fills us up with Divine Love, which we so much need to heal ourselves.
We can feel the contact with the Devine through the Homa fires. This is a healing process. We need to involve the Spirit for life to have meaning and Homa Therapy brings this spiritual health that is needed to experience true happiness.
Through my daily practice of the Homa fires and my participation on Thursdays I get balanced, harmonized, clear and my feelings and actions are guided by love. I realized that Spirituality can connect my soul with others at a deeper level. I learned to stop negative behaviour. Homa Therapy allows me to change my attitudes easily.
I would like to invite all the women of the world who practice Homa Therapy to make more of these Healing Circles for Women in your towns and cities. I can assure you that you will not regret it.


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Bernarda Guerrero, Cuenca, Ecuador
South America

I could see the effects of these Homa Healing Fires in my garden  after two to three weeks.

This is a Gardenia, it was not growing and it was dry. Now with HOMA Therapy the leaves have a new green color and the plant is standing straight.

These are Manzanillones, which did not flower for more than 5 years. Now you can see many flowers and the plant is tall and strong. There was not a single flower here before, it was just a green plant for five years. Now it is with flowers and buds.

This plant of red Pepas (tomato like fruits) only had leaves. Now you can see green and red fruits and flowers. This shows another important progress through Homa Therapy.

This is a Plumilla plant, also called Esparraguina. It was not growing well and the plant was dry, even though I watered it. Now it has more vitality, green leaves and height. Here there are some Irises, which I also had for many years (more than 5) without achieving there flowering. After practicing these Homas, they have flowers all the time and buds that are waiting to open up. I had completely forgotten about the violet Jasmine, which you can see beside the red Tupirosa. I just recently realized its existence, because its flowers appeared. It had never flowered before.
I could also appreciate a significant progress in the strawberries, which produced very brilliant, vigorous and delicious fruits. Furthermore, I saw an increase in the production of the Blackberries, through the 9 months of simply practicing Agnihotra.


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Report from the Ministry of the Presidency - INADE (National Institute of Development)

The Headquarters of the Zone Leoncio Prado-Padre Abad


For 7 months, in the area of Alto Huallaga, an Organic and Ecological technique called HOMA THERAPY, is being applied in the rejuvenation of the crops of the region, achieving a substantial reduction in the existence of different pathogenic agents. As a consequence, plagues and diseases were eradicated, the yield of the harvest was increased, the fruit grew healthy, with better color, taste, weight, texture, etc. For many years, efforts were made to get out of the emergency situation concerning plant health with methods such as: cultural control, chemical control, biological control, legal control, etc., without having achieved any success.

In the zone of Alto Huallaga , we have 30 modules established and more are being installed in agricultural areas in which HOMA THERAPY is being applied, each one with 40 hectares. This makes a total of 1,200 hectares. All of them are under an integrated system of permanent crops such as plantains, bananas, papayas, cocoa, citrus, avocados, coffee, tea, star fruit, mango, etc. These cultivations are combined with plants of short vegetative cycle such as rice, corn, soy, nuts, sesame, etc., and complemented with apiculture activity and breeding of cows and bulls.

We give full support to Dr. Gloria Guzman Mendez in her capacity as expert and the person in charge of AGRICULTURAL HOMA THERAPY in our area of influence and we have considered to give total support to the farmers who have been working in the application of HOMA THERAPY, because with their work, they are making a contribution in favor of agriculture,  conservation of soils, forests and the preservation of the environment in the area of Alto Huallaga.

Tingo Maria, May 17th, 1999

Special Project Alto Huallaga

Engineer Jose A. Munoz Cardenas
Chief, Support Office of the Zone L.P.-P.A.

Translation from Spanish original document signed and sealed by the Republic of Peru, Ministry of the Presidency-INADE (National Institute of Development). Special project Alto Huallaga



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Sea Levels May Rise Suddenly
29th November 2006
by John Henzell

Ross Ice Shelf

Scientists have determined that the Ross Ice Shelf in the Antarctic could collapse without warning in a matter of days, causing a disastrous worldwide sea level rise of sixteen feet. If the West Antarctic Ice Sheet behind it were to then slide into the sea, the increase in sea levels would reach a catastrophic level of over fifty feet, and essentially destroy every coastal city in the world.
Evidence obtained from Antarctic ice cores indicates that the Ross Ice Shelf will collapse, and that the disaster will be sudden, as has happened in the past when, for natural reasons, earth has experienced global warming events such as the one we are causing now. It is not clear when the shelf will fail, but the Larsen Ice Shelf disintegrated in 2002 virtually without warning. The melting of the Larsen shelf did not cause an increase in sea levels because the ice was already floating. This is not true of the entire Ross Shelf, and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is on land, and thus would add its over eighteen million cubic miles of water to the oceans.
The New Zealand Herald reports that the Ross Ice Shelf is a huge piece of ice the size of France. An ice drilling team from New Zealand has discovered that cores from the ice shelf contain three million years of climate history. They reveal that the Ross Ice Shelf has suddenly collapsed in the past.

Let's not forget when reading this catastrophic news, that the massive practice of Agnihotra Healing Fire can reduce greatly the impact of the climatic changes.
Agnihotra is a gift to humanity and comes from the Ancient Vedic Sciences of
Bioenergy, Medicine, Agriculture and CLIMATIC ENGINEERING.


Lima, Peru, South America
Homa Video Presentation and performance of Agnihotra  with a group of Agnihotris for the "International Conference of Eco-Villages in the XXI Century" in the Agrarian University La Molina (UNALM) The practice of Homa Therapy gives us everything in order to live harmoniously with Nature, with each other and with  ourselves.

Lima, Peru, South America
Association Khuyana was established by parents with children suffering from autism, ADS, hyperactivity, etc. We talked to the parents about our experiences how Homa Therapy helps these children and we practiced Agnihotra together. The parents were surprised about the minutes of silence with the children during the sunset fire.



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EVENTS cont.

Lima, Peru, South America
The restaurant "Small Vegetarian Corner" is the newest Homa Center in Lima, Miraflores. The address is: Recavarren Street # 156, Miraflores  where  Prof Humberto Guerrero teaches sunset Agnihotra  from Monday through Saturday.

Dr. Marveys Hernandez is sharing Agnihotra with friends and family every Wednesday and Sunday in the house of Cachi Bozo in Caracas, Venezuela.

Greetings from Austria where Sabine practices Agnihotra with her children and their friends.
(The practice of Homa Therapy helps in the Integral psycho-physical development of our children.)

We are practicing Agnihotra in the Clinic in Azogues, Cuenca, Ecuador, South America
we have so many results in healing with Homa Therapy, specially among the diabetic patients. The man sitting on the bed is blind and under dyalisis. One month ago, he was a wreck, today he feel so much better! Many patients are also relieved of arthritic pain. We are very happy about this.
May God bless you. OM SHREE
Dr. John Matlander

In Peru, South America like in any other part of the world Santa Claus is always welcome, specially when he brings some toys and  the healing fires .


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We train the mind step by step like a child learning to walk. We do not expect a small child to be able to run before walking. First one step then the next. You have to treat the mind like a small child.
Only thing is the small child be easier to train than the mind.

In future communication will be via SOUND VIBRATION AND THOUGHT MANIFESTATION.

If you take care of people in such a way that helps them to take care of themselves then you have done them a great service. But if you only take care so that they become dependent on you then this is a disservice.

Personality is like a wild stallion that becomes tame.

Look for Divine in all eyes. Look only at that. Do not look for faults in others even when you see them. Look beyond them. Begin this immediately.

The aim of all spiritual practices is the same .ONE HAS TO FIND THE MASTER WITHIN. This means find peace within. That is enlightenment, being one with the Divine. Any practice which brings you closer to the Divine within you that you should keep. On any spiritual path there should be a lot of Joy. Let there be no judgment, judgment of oneself or others, but especially do not judge yourself.



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worst offender being the current GM foods and the shocking manipulation applied in every country to defy laws and force agreements with this chain of evil. We shall see a definite fall within the structure which supports this evil. As we said before, TRUTH will be revealed. It has to be revealed. This is the Age of Truth. Man, if he does nothing at all, will still be able to read ‘the writing on the wall’. It is time for it...
Rarely is one able to evolve by pursuit of the intellectual alone.
BALANCE. BALANCE. BALANCE. Physical-Mental-Spiritual. Proper rest, nutritious diet, organic foods, meditation, Satsang and SERVICE should balance one’s mental inversions and diversions, as the case may be.

To read the complete Orion Transmission please enter: www.oriontransmissions.com

Our purpose is to uplift humanity to the next level and bring this planet into harmony and Light...
This is the age of awareness and of revealing, uncovering and realizing the TRUTH.
And so much has been hidden. There will be a continuum of exposés, leading up to the shocking 911 cover-up being uncovered before the masses...
If you fear, you are part of the problem which is being unmasked. Do not give into fear. It is the main weapon of the ‘opposition’ to the opposition. This is President Bush’s main tool for keeping the American public in the dark, FEAR...

Yes, yes. There has been a turn of events which we had predicted would occur, but the far-reaching effects will be noted in every area of life—environment, health, levels of pollution and in scientific research. Global warming is exempt from this turn of events, as it will take much more to reverse the trend of negative effects produced by industry and the lack of safe controls of emissions and gases. However, on the positive front, there indeed has been a shift in awareness which many Light Workers may rightfully lay claim to having influenced. One must keep in mind that any action taken in full faith and intent to heal has a profound effect on the whole of humankind. So, if there are massive YAJNYAS being done by various groups, those Yajnyas being performed with full intent to heal, the effect of such fires is now amplified, as planetary evolution is accelerated. Credit is not due to any one group or nation, religious body or spiritual foundation. What it is now,it is the effects of a multitude of prayers, healing YAJNYAS, Mantras, and blessings being sent outward to all are bearing fruit  . We can see the shift in energy and the reversal trend in some areas of environmental concern. However, greater more concerted effort need be made in order to overcome resistance on the part of big business and corrupt chemical companies, the

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