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Homa Therapy heals Mental Illness










We would like to invite you to continue with the study about the Self, who am I?
This is also called Swadhyaya in Sanskrit. This is a trip of self discovery that can be more exciting than any other conventional trip. It is an outer and inner exploration with remarkable findings. Let’s remember that the answer is within our reach and within us. We will simply throw some questions and some ideas for you to reflect upon. So let’s start.
What is the mind? Some people say that:
* It is subtle matter that can be disturbed easily nowadays.

* It is “creative”, isn't it?
Many machines and objects around us were conceived in someone’s mind. Is our world a reflection of our creative mind?

* How “healthy” or “harmonious” is our state of mind?
We will know, i
f we look    carefully inside and outside that
there are many psychosomatic diseases.

”Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God,  with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.”
Bible, Mat. XXII - 37
When you say ‘this is my house’, does this mean that you are the house?
When you say ‘this is my car’, does this mean that you are the car?
When you say ‘this is my arm’, does this mean that you are the arm?
When you say ‘this is my mind’, does this mean that you are the mind?
The answer is obviously ‘NO’.

Answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the following questions:
Do you always do what you feel and think is the best for you and everyone?_______
Sometimes we want “X”, we think “Y” and we do “Z”.
Are our body, mind, heart and our actions moving in one direction? ___
Are they synchronized?____
Are they in phase?____
Are they in the same wave length?_

The mind can be pulled in many directions at the same time by objects and other factors through the senses and other means.

.Can your mind (driver) always  control the senses (wild horses) and other factors that pull you in different directions in order to reach specific goals (objects, desires, ...)?
Can you picture a driver and a chariot pulled by horses? Who is in control? The driver or the horses? What are your goals or desires?
What can I do if I have an addictive behavior? How to change our "focus" and keep our interest "ON"?

The mind can be pulled in many directions at the same time by objects and other factors through the senses and other means.

We might know that we have to change our mind (driver), but we do not know how.
We might know we have to pick other goals, but which ones?
How to discern better? How to increase our will power?
1) a positive action  2) dignified object
3) self inquiry           4) others
How to purify the mind and get rid of the common toxins (selfishness, anger, envy, lust, greed, pride, etc.) gently?
We are told :
“Be transformed by the renewal of the mind.”
Bible, Romans XII – 2.
But how to do this EASILY?
Just as gold is purified by heating it on fire, so the mind is EASILY PURIFIED by sitting in front of the Agnihotra fire inducing a state of spontaneous meditation.

If we can change our mind, we change our world. Agnihotra can do this.

Agnihotra quiets the mind and brings clear thinking. Agnihotra promotes Inner Peace and great Joy. Let's share it!
"For the being who has conquered the mind, the mind is his best friend, but for one who's mind is uncontrolled, the mind acts as his worse enemy."
Bhagavad Gita VI -6

In the next Homa Newsletter we will reflect upon “the soul”. Does it need to be purified?
Are the mind and the soul the same thing?

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter,  please write to
Dr. Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
Please add to your email the city, state and country you live in. This will help us to be more efficient. Thanks!


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HOMA Therapy - Healing mental illness (Schizophrenia)

Dr. Irma Garay and her daughter

Psychologist Irma Garay
Lima, Peru, South America

Hyperactivity, Aggressiveness, Schizophrenia

My name is Irma Garay, I am a graduate in Psychology. But it seems that God likes the psychologists to be tested. God gave me the opportunity to face the situation of my daughter's mental health at an early age. My girl showed problems of aggressiveness and hyperactivity and she took "Ritalin" when she was small. She was also taking 5 pills of Carbamazipine daily until I found the Homa Therapy. She also took other medications in order to be controlled. Then, at the age of 12 , she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. This meant constant crisis and our house seemed to be a psychiatric hospital. Many times ,we arrived at the emergency room in the Hospital Emilio Bardisan and the nurse asked: "Who is the patient here?" Because I was also in crisis and I could not control her.
My desperation was even greater, because I saw her die alive. The medication for the Schizophrenia, as you know, is extremely strong. We gave her injections that doped her. We made her sleep 24 hours a day. It was terrible and as I said it was seeing her die alive.
Thanks to God I learned about Homa Therapy. Many of you saw my daughter, when we arrived at the Clinic Turiassu. She was screaming during the time of Agnihotra, and this happened for hours in our home. But in the third Agnihotra session, she stopped screaming and until today we never again had to face a crisis of aggressiveness and her total lack of control. So much so, that within 6 months and gradually, by my own will, after her psychiatrist told me: "Under your own risk, do what you think", I took her off the medication little by little. In 6 months I removed the medication totally. Now she is completely well and she does not take any medication, we only practice Homa Therapy. Thanks to this I am very happy and very glad and we owe a lot to Homa Therapy. I have many experiences and could spend hours talking about them. But I decided to commit myself to spread the Homa Therapy and maybe some day I will write a little bit more about it, so that this Therapy can be known. Because your lives truly change totally, if you decide to practice it.
But like any science. it requires discipline. If one does it with discipline and with perseverance, you cannot imagine the benefits. I tell you Our lives have changed so much. In the beginning I believed that my daughter's health was a bad Karma, now I say it was a blessing. Because thanks to her problems, we met Homa Therapy and this changed our lives totally, even financially it has brought us many benefits, that you cannot imagine. I want to finish only suggesting you to practice it, just try it and see the results.

click here to see the video of Psychologist Irma Garay

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Homa Farm Bhrugu Aranya, Poland

Homa Vegetables grow abundantly in spite of the analysis of Dept. of Soil, which states that nothing will grow on this type of soil.

Homa herbs are very potent in their culinary and healing characteristics.

Frogs appeared  and live now protected on the Homa Farm.

Jarek and Parvati Bizberg

In our concentric circle garden we grow vegetables and herbs. When we came here, of course it was just a field which had not been gardened. This is not a farming area. The soil is very bad, acidic. We kept working the soil and things were growing beautifully. And then we felt we should have the soil tested. So we tested it and it was tested very acidic and the people in the department where we had it tested said to us: “We are sorry to let you know that nothing will grow here. But as you can see everything is growing here.
We have every year a really good harvest with healthy, beautiful Homa vegetables and this is a miracle of Homa Gardening.
What we do here is also get in touch with the Devas. We have group circles here and we sit and we ask for the Devas to be present and ask for guidance and what to plant, where to plant, which companion plant and it is incredible the information that comes through. It is like, once you are willing to work with them, they are so willing to work with you.
From the very beginning they have guided us to have a concentric circle garden, everything is in circles. This pond in the middle was created as an energetic center and one day we were sitting doing an attunement. (before starting with the gardening work we sit in a circle and chant or sing and call on the Devas to work with us) and afterwards we all looked at each other and said ´we need frogs´ and at that time there were absolutely no frogs. And just as soon as we finished talking we went over to the pond and there were frogs. Now it is a frog pond. A biologist was here a few months ago, who was amazed at the variety of frogs that we have here. He said that a lot of the frogs are becoming extinct.
Around the center we have mostly herbs growing like parsley, thyme, oregano, comfrey, coriander, cilantro, chamomile and more. And the beautiful thing when you have Homa herbs is that not only the taste is amazing but the potency is amazing. Usually chamomile tee in the package or even lose does not have such a calming effect when you want to sleep for example, but if you take some of our Homa chamomile – you are out! Very powerful.
On vegetables we grow cabbage, which is difficult to grow, nobody around here grows it. The neighbors who have been here forever, they only grow beans, potatoes and rye, because that is basically what can grow in this type of soil and they have to use some kind of chemical fertilizer as well as the tradional method of cow dung. Just cow dung alone is not enough for this kind of soil. But we are fortunate thanks to Homa Therapy (definitely not thanks to us, because none of us is professional gardener), to grow all of the cabbage family, that means also broccoli for example. Then lettuce grows very easy, also celery, leeks, beets, carrots and even corn grows here. And none of these things any neighbor can grow. You need to understand that we are in a mountain area and not at all in a farming area. This is basically an area for wood, since there are many trees and forests.
We have tomatoes in the green house. They are fantastic tomatoes of different varieties and you can’t get taste and texture like that if you go to a shop. One year we were in town and we overheard these women say ´Nobody has tomatoes this year; absolutely nobody could grow them, not even in their green houses´. So we stopped and told them, that we have tons of tomatoes, and asked what their problem was? So they talked about all different problems with diseases. Our little green house was totally filled with the most succulent, incredible delicious tomatoes at a time when absolutely nobody else in the area could grow them. That is the Power of Homa Therapy.
Our cows move freely in the fields and during winter they are fed with hay, that we cut on our farmland.
Our community is growing. We have a lot of visitor from different countries and we welcome people to come. Hopefully they can buy some land nearby and also build, so this community can evolve for example with a herb nursery with healing herbs and culinary herbs.

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The Stern Review says that climate change represents the greatest and widest-ranging market failure ever seen. And on the basis of this intellectually rigorous and thorough report, it is hard to disagree

Mr. Blair said the consequences for the planet of inaction were "literally disastrous".
"This disaster is not set to happen in some science fiction future many years ahead, but in our lifetime," he said.
"Investment now will pay us back many times in the future, not just environmentally but economically as well."
Climate change fight 'can't wait'
The world cannot afford to wait before tackling climate change, the UK prime minister has warned.
A report by economist Sir Nicholas Stern suggests that global warming could shrink the global economy by 20%.

Sir Nicholas warns the world will face more floods and droughts

Poor countries to be hit hardest by global warming Power firms have to cut emissions by 60-70%, the report says An end to deforestation is advocated in the Stern report

Pia Hansen, of the European Commission, said the report "clearly makes a case for action".
"Climate change is not a problem that Europe can afford to put into the 'too difficult' pile," she said. "It is not an option to wait and see, and we must act now." It concludes that the biggest obstacles to the take up of technologies such as renewable sources of energy and "clean coal" lie in vested interests, cultural barriers to change and simple lack of awareness.

Let's not forget when reading this catastrophic news, that the massive practice of Agnihotra Healing Fire can reduce greatly the impact of the climatic changes.
Agnihotra is a gift to humanity and comes from the Ancient Vedic Sciences of
Bioenergy, Medicine, Agriculture and CLIMATIC ENGINEERING.

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Homa Therapy meetings and sharing of evening Agnihotra in Lima, Peru, South America in the "Parque de la Exposición" every Saturday and Sunday. Everybody is welcome to experience the Peace and Healing that comes immediately with the massive practice of Agnihotra Healing Fire. 
Homa Therapy Presentation and  practice of Agnihotra for the employees of Cantayo, a five Star Hotel in Nazca, Peru, South America . The owners, Enzo and Lucia are implementing Homa Agricultural Supertechnology and Homa Harmonization Therapy for their Tourists and  employees.

Dr. Marveys Hernandez is sending this picture from a Festival of Alternative Healing in Caracas, Venezuela, South America, where she had the chance to introduce Homa Therapy to a group of people and also demonstrate the practice of this healing fire at sunset.

Konrad worked as a Homa Volunteer in Sta. Elena de Guayren, Venezuela, South America doing daily, beside the morning and evening Agnihotra, also many hours of Tryambakam Homa. This Yagnyaman is surrounded by light circles and it looks like they are caressing him for being instrumental in all the good vibrations and healing brought to Mother Nature through the practice of these HOMAS. 


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Thanks to David Sawyer and Mike Branning of Madison, VA, USA, Homa Therapy and Agnihotra were professionally exhibited for 2 days at the "Green Festival" in October in Washington, DC.
Agnihotra was performed each evening outside the DC Convention Center in the Park at Mount Vernon Square. Morning Agnihotra was performed six blocks from the White House.

Christa and Ricardo Mena from Spain, teaching Agnihotra during their Holiday  trip in September to  Mauritius Island.

The Madison Community in VA, USA
celebrating Agnihotra together.

If you need an Agnihotra time table please write with anticipation to  agnihotrahorario@yahoo.com  and let us know your name, city, district, state, country and phone number. Thanks!

Invitation to participate

Please send your pictures of Agnihotra Fires with your family and friends. Maybe you are already sharing this knowledge in cultural, scientific or spiritual events. Maybe you are doing it at home, in a hospital, school, health center, work, public or private gathering. Communicate your experiences!

Let's hear YOUR News. We all can be part of the Loving HOMA Wave that is spreading all over the world.

We thank very much for  the contributions, fotos, assistance  and help for the HOMA HEALTH Newsletter and we keep inviting you to use this Newsletter as a window to the world that shows how wonderful these HOMA Healing Fires work.
Please send us your experiences with Homa Therapy. By sharing our experiences with others we bring HOPE to many. Your experience can also be made available in different languages in the HOMA web site.

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"Our army has to be full of love. Do not become so disciplined as to lose sight of JOY. Discipline and joy are not separate or exclusive of each other.

You may worship in a mosque or a synagogue, in a forest or in a humble grass hut; you may worship in a palace or under a box in the city street, We recognize no religious or racial boundaries. In love no boundaries exist. No limitations.

Let there be singing daily at specific times. Non compulsory. Joy will inspire and uplift others to join in it. When you sing it is like prayer. So do more of it.



Silence gives breath to life.
Silence reveals all the secrets of the Universe.
Silence will provide all answers.
When you are silent HIS voice is more clear.
But silence is more than NO speech!
Silence is to still the mind.
To fill it with holy name, mantra.
To drown out fear.
To reduce desire.
Silence is the first step towards attuning Free will with Divine will.
How can you know what is Divine will if your mind is so full of illusion.
Silence will bring you to it.
Silence will bring you to it.

click here to see video "Doctors of Fire" with Master Shree Vasant giving a message

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Yes, yes. What is coming is not to be taken for granted, nor is it to be taken lightly. The future of humankind is to be seen ahead of time and prepared for with full knowledge of the consequences for being unprepared. Begin with stockpiling all necessary medicines, first aid supplies, all food that can be stored sufficient for six month period, supply of water, supply of candles for light, of sanitary supplies, of sufficient clothing and materials for building and heating. If you heat with wood, stockpile wood for six months-one year minimum. If you heat with electric, consider your own source of electricity. And so on. Be aware of any personal needs you may have. If you are an artist for example, have materials for your art. If you are a musician have the instruments you require on hand. It may sound over-cautions, but it is better to be prepared for such advent of catastrophes and calamities as will mark the future times.

            Now, those who wish to hide from the fact that this planet is going through and will continue to go through major changes and challenges over the next ten years, hide if you must. However, being prepared psychically and physically for the challenges to be faced can only assist humanity in its evolution. Ignoring the facts that are being laid on the table by a number or reliable sources is being negligent to yourselves and others. Being prepared does not mean living in fear or operating from a base of fearfulness. It is quite the opposite.

If one knows what to expect, one can prepare oneself for that eventuality, and thus be calm when the time comes.

If one does not prepare because one chooses not to face the possible reality, one keeps oneself in the dark and thereby becomes paralyzed with trepidation when the time comes! Indeed, prepare and be ready for any eventuality. Perhaps in your area, there will be much less destruction and chaos. Still, if you are prepared, you will be better able to serve, house and support others who come from areas which are devastated by floods, famines, earthquakes or war. Either way, preparedness can only be a positive way of living one’s life.

Yet, in HOMA atmosphere, much of the stress from environmental pollution is neutralized.

To see the complete Orion Transmission please enter: www.oriontransmissions.com

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