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Women's Healing Circle with Homa Fires



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Editor's Note:

In this issue, we would like to talk about SERVICE.
We will simply throw some ideas to
be analyzed and reflected upon. The purpose is to make us think. They are not be accepted "a priori". But first of all, let's compare:

  Self - service              vs. SERVICE
Focus me others
Joy short lasting long lasting
Benefits one person many people
Heart closes opens
Force pushes others inspires others to follow
  controlling positive leadership & fellowship
Motive selfish altruistic
Example Dictator Saint
Effect Disharmony Harmony
Sense of Superiority/ Inferiority Equality
Act of keeping sharin
Love shrinks GROWS
Result Separation Integration
Purpose to take to give
Transformation outer Inner
Result Attachment Freedom
  holding releasing
Consciousness narrows widens

There are many acts of service we can do during the day to help others such as:
cooking, cleaning, feeding, washing, listening attentively, supporting, talking none judgmentally, praying, singing, chanting, farming, loving, meditating, playing, working, etc.

Is there an act of Service that is
1) easy to perform

4) inexpensive
5) very powerful
6) brings Joy and Harmony
7) beneficial to all around us (people, animals, plants,
nature, Earth, etc.)

The answer is: YES, YES, YES

HOMA-Festival in the National University of Piura, Peru where over 140 Agnihotra Pyramids were lit for sunset and over 700 people experienced this "Miracle of LOVE".
(Can you see the circles of LIGHT?)

Let us remember that our purpose in life is to learn to be always full of Unconditional Love.
1) "Love God with all your  heart, mind and soul."
2) "Love your neighbour as you love the self."

If there is Love, there is no cheating, stealing, etc.
Service is an expression of Love.
Mothers are serving. Mother is Love. This "Mother Nature" is not outside only. It is also within all of us (men and women). We can get in touch with it. We can radiate Motherly Love through Service. We can speed it up through the practice of Agnihotra. We can optimize it. We can counteract through the mass practice of Agnihotra what was predicted by prophets and confirmed by the scientific community.
, we can open our eyes, ears and heart and connect. Do not be afraid. The solution has been given into our hands.

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On the Farm "El Corzo", Sevilla, Spain
11th & 12th of July 2006

Elizabeth Mena Linder  -   e-mail: lisilinder@hotmail.com

A week ago, a couple (Cesar & Estrella) called my parents to learn Agnihotra. They had participated in a session with them some time ago where Cesar had felt very well. He did not cough as he inhaled the Agnihotra smoke. Not only that was unusual for him as a smoker, but also did he feel some relief inhaling the Agnihotra smoke. This plus the fact that his 43 year old sister was recently diagnosed with cancer, motivated them to learn Agnihotra. Accidentally (or not) my parents were in the Canary Islands that week. So they called me wondering if I could teach them how to do Agnihotra.

 I agreed, even though it was a challenge for me, because I was not in Sevilla and it was the first time for me to teach Agnihotra to someone I didn't know. And on top of it started my period that same day. But there was no one else who could have taught them the fire.
Estrella picked me up. We went to their farm with a 16th century farmhouse located 20 km northeast of Sevilla. When we arrived, I realized that this was a very wealthy family and the house was more of a palace than a farm house.
They showed me the whole property (9 hectares) with a Polo Club, horses, swimming pool and even a creek that limits their land. That day the weather was strange. A storm was coming from the deserts of northern Africa with lightening and the sky was cloudy, dusty and full of sand and the temperature reached 49 degrees Celsius. 
Cesar did the Agnihotra following my guidelines, and his wife and his one and a half year old daughter were also present.
Just a few seconds after chanting the Agnihotra Mantra the wind suddenly put off the fire. However, all of us experienced a deep sense of Peace as if an angel had passed by. None of us felt like talking. So we decided to take a walk to the river. Half across the polo field Estrella decided to lay down and only Cesar continued his walk. While laying in the grass, we experienced an incredible well being and when looking into the sky, we saw to our surprise a perfect blue circle opening up just above us covering more or less the limits of the farm. The end of the circle seemed to reflect the colors of a rainbow. We called Cesar and watched all together this circle for over 10 minutes.
That night it rained, after many months of drought. And on this farm the rain was heavier than in other places.
Before leaving I asked about the history of the farm and I was told that roman and also Arab archaeological remains were found and that the house was constructed only in the 16th century upon archaeological material. They also told me that a slaver had lived there and that a lot of people probably died and were buried there.
They asked me to come back the next day to teach them once more the Agnihotra.
Estrella then said, that Cesar is very sensitive to subtle energies and that he could feel good and bad energies in this place. And amazing enough, he felt the negative energies in the same wing of the hacienda where I had felt fear  (strong fear like in a horror movie) the day before. I asked if they had ever done an energetic cleansing and when they said no, I suggested to do the Agnihotra inside the house. I explained them that Agnihotra can cleanse and liberate suffering souls that might be looked in there. I do not know why I said all this, but my mother told me several days afterwards that certain fires and Mantras are used for this purpose.
Again, Cesar did the Agnihotra following my instructions. Then he thanked me for doing Agnihotra in that room. He felt very well afterwards. That evening we witnessed an amazing spectacle of singing and playing birds right before sunset.
Later, when we were laying again in the grass and saw an even bigger circle than the day before, embroidered with white clouds, leaving us a completely clear sky.
Since that day Cesar and Estrella are looking forward each day to practice the Agnihotra fire and for me it has been a very special experience, which has given me strength and courage to share and teach Agnihotra with others.


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Womenīs Healing Circle with the Sacred Homa Fires strengthen the sisterhood.

Women's Healing Circles
with Homa Fires

Liliana Llanos, Piura Peru
e-mail: lllanosq@textilpiura.com.pe

I came to know Homa Therapy Homa in the year 1988 through a friend. From the first day on up to the present time I practice Agnihotra daily at sunrise and sunset.
In the year 2004 I was able to meet Master Vasant and he recommended to have the Meetings of the Women's Healing Circle with the Homa Fires in my house. Starting from that moment we meet every Thursday and we have succeded in establishing a sisterly bond among all the participating women.

In my case, I can say with all conviction, that I have been able to overcome my individualism, the apathy and the daily routine that wraped up my life. In these meetings I have taken consciousness that there is force in the union and more so if it is developed in a fraternal climate and with the objective of working for the good of our Planet Earth.
Every day I feel more connected to these healing fires which open my consciousness to guide my acts, thoughts and feelings toward nobler goals. I have learned how to discipline myself and how to share.
In my case, at the beginning, the changes were very subtly, I was not aware that Homa Therapy was helping me, but little by little it became more evident. With my 56 years I have more energy, I have begun to develop my creativity learning new things, I am more aware of my character flaws and I work day by day to transmute them. I feel that my mind captures with much more ease new knowledge and I do my work with much more happiness and love. I feel at ease in realizing my errors and trying to overcome them.
Homa Therapy is a Crusade of Love and I am happy because I am learning through it how to give and share.
In the physical plane I feel more vital. I have left many medications that I used mainly for my constant colds before knowing about Homa Therapy. Now I hardly catch a cold. Also for my menopausal process I am not taking any hormones, I only use Agnihotra ash. Also I have had the will to stop eating meat of all types and I am following a lacto-vegetarian diet since 3 years.
I would like to emphasize the importance I feel of forming Women's Healing Circles with Homa Therapy in all countries where Homa Therapy is practiced, because of the strength that is acquired through these meetings and because we absolutely need that to face our daily lives.
I dream that some day, not very distant, all the women that have been blessed by the Divinity to find these Healing Fires, will form healing circles and that we can meet in sisterhood and work united, contributing to bring Light, Peace and Love to our planet Earth.


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Picture 1:
An eight year old cross breed cow, named Sweet Sunday, has suffered with chronic skin irritation
each year that she has been brought inside for the winter months. Past treatments have proven to be a long drawn out process with varying results. Winter 2005, we began treatment with Agnihotra Ash and ghee. This photograph shows clearly the extent of the irritation and damage to skin tissue.

Picture 2, Day 2 of Agnihotra Ash treatment:
 Inflammation has completely disappeared. Signs indicate that the itching has stopped, as Cow is not rubbing skin. Open wounds have healed completely.
Treatment continued only one more day to ensure total healing.

Dickie Hornbeamīs Agnihotra Ash story:

On 24th November 2005 a dying bull calf, named
Dickie Hornbeam (Makhan-chor) was received at the farm. He had sustained serious lung damage as a result of untreated pneumonia. The veterinarians' prognosis was not good. It was not expected that he would live. Treatment with Agnihotra Ash was commenced immediately - in the water bowl and - rubbed on his body around his chest area. At nights a Yantram was put against his chest while he slept. The calf also began to take Agnihotra Ash internally, licking it from my fingers. Homeopathic remedies complimented the Agnihotra Ash treatment.
Dickie Hornbeam arriving very sick at the farm.

Mrs. Jimena Clarke treating the calf with Agnihotra Ash.

After one month, the calf was breathing more easily and the catarrhal cough was not as severe; after two months the calf demonstrated discomfort only at times the weather changed; three months after the start of Agnihotra Ash treatment the calf began growing and all symptoms improved.

Today the bull is healthy and joyful (with Matthew)

The ten months old, Makhan-chor now breathes easily; there is very little indication of lasting tissue damage. His weight and body condition are above average for calves of his age.


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'Clear' human impact on climate
(May 4, 2006)

A scientific report commissioned by the US government has concluded there is "clear evidence" of climate change caused by human activities. The report, from the federal Climate Change Science Program, said trends seen over the last 50 years "cannot be explained by natural processes alone". It found that temperatures have increased in the lower atmosphere as well as at the Earth's surface.

Source: BBC

Glaciers are melting at their fastest rate for 5,000 years
(Jun 27, 2006)

Mountain glaciers are melting faster now than at any time in the past 5,000 years because of an unprecedented period of global warming, a study has found. Ice cores taken from mountains as far apart as the Andes in South America and the Himalayas in Asia have revealed how climate change is leading to a full-scale retreat of the world's tropical glaciers.

Source: Independent

HYDERABAD, India - Indian rescue workers persisted with efforts on Thursday to reach hundreds of thousands of people stranded by days of flooding, but as water levels receded in some regions, officials warned of the risk of disease.
More than 350 people have been killed and around 4.5 million people forced to leave their homes across at least five states in India since the weekend after rivers overflowed and authorities were forced to release water from brimming dams.
Hundreds of villages and some towns, mainly in the south and west of the country, have been submerged, leaving hundreds of thousands of people marooned, some stranded on rooftops and in trees for days without food and water.
Petroleum, gas and power plants have also been hit and crops have been devastated...


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Homa Therapy Presentation and Agnihotra Gathering at the Homa Farm "Haldenhof", run by Susanne and Ulrich Berk, Stockach, Germany

Visit at the Homa Center "Bhrugu Aranya" in Poland where Homa experiences from trips around the world were shared.

Following are Homa events in Germany,  Poland and Austria:

Many friends arrived at Monika Kochīs "Homa Healing Center" in Bankholzen, Germany to find out more about the success of  Homa Therapy in South America and also to share their "Homa Miracles".


Homa Therapy Presentation in Austria, where many people still have not yet heard about this simple and powerful Healing Technique, but are very interested and in need of it.
A lot of work is awaiting the Austrian Homa Teachers.
Tschagguns, Austria
Agnihotra Evening Fires and Devotional Singing with lots of fun and laughter  in the Women's
Healing Circle of the wonderful Austrian family.



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This HOMA HEALTH Newsletter can be a window to the world that shows how wonderful these HOMA Healing Fires work..

Please let everyone know about your experiences and write us. By sharing our experiences with others we bring HOPE to many.

Your experience can also be made available in different languages in the HOMA web sites.
We ALL can play a greater role as Instruments of the Divine through practicing and teaching Agnihotra.

Please send your pictures of Agnihotra Fires with your family and friends. Maybe you are already sharing this knowledge in cultural, scientific or spiritual events. Maybe you are doing it at home, in a hospital, school, health center, work, public or private gathering. Communicate your experiences!

Let's hear YOUR News. We all can be part of the Loving HOMA Wave that is spreading all over the world.


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"Divine gives you whatever you need. Once you rise a step higher you will realize that there is nothing in this world worth hanging on to, be it family, money, worldly security.
You give it all up and you devote all moments to serving others.
You have to go out in the world as an instrument to serve others.
You can begin this SADHANA of service with all you meet.
You can rise so high only by serving everyone with that total love and devotion.
You reach a point when the ego will go..

"All sources of divine knowledge are pure. It is only in man’s interpretation that someone becomes overzealous and judgemental of others.
In all ancient knowledge, whether recorded or not there is also reference to FIRE purification.
In the Bible, there are direct references to these times in which we now live. Great turmoil and chaos are predicted. Rising of the great seas is also predicted.
Agnihotra is the purification referred to in the Bible.
We are only instruments to bring the FIRE to every strata of the people and to every strata of the earth."
"Showers appear as blessing when actually more and more, the rains become toxic. 
The worst is coming but THE BLESSINGS ARE UNFOLDING NOW. Let us prepare for great Earth changes now. Floods. All devastation. All starvation. Famine.
Have no fear. KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS COMING. All Grace. No fear, no anxiety.
Time has come. Time has come.
Now the job becomes not only farms, but how to plant trees. How to start new forest so that people will have oxygen to breathe.
Trees would be uprooted. The soil will no longer be able to sustain the weight of the trees. The trees will not be able to extract nutrients from the soil. So the root system will atrophy and the trees will begin to fall over. THIS IS FROM ACID RAIN. The planet is doomed. IT IS ONLY THE GRACE OF ALMIGHTY FATHER THAT WILL SAVE THE PLANET.
How will the children play and what will be left for them to play with?

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Excerpts from the June, 2006 Transmissions

"Atmosphere is affected by pollution, but not only. Atmosphere is affected by human aggression in the form of war or injustice being marketed as defense. It is affected also by tremors beneath the Earth's surface that may affect one area of the world profoundly and another area subtly. Still the effect of every natural cataclysmic disaster no matter where it takes place on this planet is registered on some level on every continent, in the cells of every being. The human race is far more connected than it would care to realize. Humans are all interconnected. When one suffers somewhere on the globe, that suffering takes its toll on all of humanity, even if that humanity appears to be apathetic to the suffering of those less fortunate than themselves.
We would say that once one begins earnest practice of the meditative arts, healing arts, subtle energy work, even yoga, what happens is the connection to the other beings on this planet becomes more clear and the beings begin to sense and feel others' lives interacting with theirs on subtle levels. More beings who practice healing or meditation become increasingly more aware of this through dreams, visions, in prayer, in creative expressions such as arts, music, writing and the like. With the increased awareness of the planet's interconnectivity comes a finer sensitivity toward the plight of humankind. Then, the next step is reached and that is, conscious SERVICE.
This is when human beings turn their attention outside the realm of the ever-important self to the realm of spirit in action, which is Service.

This is when each human being begins to make the step toward actualizing his/her human potential.

"Again, we would suggest that those of you who are able to, move to communities or create communities where these healing fires are prominent. The effects of these fires will be more pronounced against pollution, mind control-whether it is via mass media or chemicals in the atmosphere-and poisonous foods as a result of both GM production and dangerous chemical additives to soil and plants. You cannot imagine the positive effects these fires produce on body, mind and spirit."

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