June 13th2006


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Editor's Note

How Agnihotra fights the Chikungunya fever


from Natural Disaster through the practice of  Homa Healing Fires 


Homa brings Union, Harmony and Understanding into the Family



Homa heals subsoil water

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HOMA gives Protection against Radioactivity





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Editor's Note:

Let's see what is happening around us. This is the movie that we are watching .And we are also the actors. We may be playing in the scenery A or B or both.
Scenery A. There are:

floods, droughts, drastic climatic changes, global warming, damage on the ozone layer, ecological disasters, pollution, acid rain; radioactivity; extinction of species; genetically modified organisms (GMO's); chaos, war, violence against woman, children, innocent;
hunger, pain and famine; corruption at all levels;
more physical and mental diseases; breaking down of the family unit and society; technology for mind control,
violation of (human, animal, plant ?, nature ?) Rights;
consumption of drugs (legal and illegal); etc…
A starving child  like it happens in too many places of our planet

If we try to burry our head in the sand because we don't want to see this, it will not disappear.

Let's see the other side. Scenery B. There is an increase in :

ecological awareness , self sustainable eco-villages;
organic agriculture including Homa farming;
search and application of alternative energies;
recycling and conservation of natural resources;
sense of unity between all people (brotherhood, sisterhood);
use of communication tools (TV, radio, internet, satellite, news, etc.) for service and assistance; etc.
(Picture shows happy and healthy children on a HOMA Farm.)

Which forces do you think are winning?
THIS Time has been foreseen by the Mayas, Aztecs, Kogis, Hopis and many other seers and saints in the past. Many Scientists say the same TODAY: There will be great destructions which will wash away many coasts and many catastrophies and many will not survive
(For more information on this matter please read "The Secret Pentagon Report" http://www.grist.org/pdf/AbruptClimateChange2003.pdf )

However, the Bible points out that after this cleansing, there will be "Heaven on Earth". Master Vasant says that "there will be JOY, BLISS and PROSPERITY for EACH and EVERY ONE ".

Now let's ask:
Is there anything that we can do which is Powerful, Practical, Easy, Effective and Inexpensive that can help us to bring balance to the eco systems (nature and human) and soften this transition into the Age of Peace? 

Master Shree Vasant says positively  "YES" and
"The massive practice of Agnihotra IS THE SOLUTION".

This is the time for Homa Therapy to be known. This is the time for Agnihotra to be practiced by the masses. This is also The time of Rejuvenation, Awakening, Self Realization and Real Joy. This is the time to celebrate Life, Light and Love.
Let's remember that every lock has a key and every problem has a solution.
Along with Creation, the keys to live in harmony were given. Agnihotra is one of these keys. We can use this master key, Agnihotra, to unlock the power within and our ability to love and serve unconditionally.
Agnihotra can help us to re-establish balance in our Eco-Systems, reestablish the equilibrium of the energy cycles of Mother Earth, our Pachamama. Agnihotra also brings balance into our personal lives. Agnihotra heals Nature and it heals us. So let's perform Agnihotra for the benefit of all.
We can join our hearts through the constant practice of Agnihotra. Let's keep this Fire of Love ignited inside and outside. Love overcomes hate and Light overcomes darkness.
"Right after the darkest moment of the night, the Light comes." It is quite dark now, but the Light is coming. This is the Dawn of a New Age. This is the Dawn of a New Man.
We can welcome difficulties with a smile, because we have a Master Key and so we can use our Free Will to free ourselves from selfishness, anger, pride, hate, envy, lust, etc.
As Master Vasant says, only Science can get us out of this situation.
Agnihotra is the basic practice of this SCIENCE. This is the time to share the Agnihotra healing fire.

Besides the healing experienced by individuals and families, you can read here about the protection generated by HOMA Therapy against natural catastrophies, radioactivity, plagues and diseases that are occurring nowadays. Let´s follow the steps of  these SOLDIERS OF LIGHT.

No more fear. This is the moment to act. We can do it! The Time is today!

We would like to invite you to download ,watch and share some of the video clips in the websites that show the Amazing Benefits of the practice of Agnihotra. www.terapiahoma.com/video/index_healthvideo.htm
All love

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AGNIHOTRA fights the Chikungunya fever

Something terrible was happening in Mauritius. Since last year a terrible infection known as "Chikungunya" fever caused by mosquito bites was affecting thousands of people in Reunion Island, which forms part of the Mascareignes Islands in the Indian Ocean. Being in the neighbourhood, "Chikungunya" did not spare people of Mauritius where about five to eight thousand people were infected by this disease.
This virus infection is caused by a particular mosquito which is active only during early morning and evening. If this mosquito carries the virus and eventually bites a person, that person will be affected by the "Chikungunya". This virus causes high temperature, inflammation of all the body joints and acute pain. Lots of people have contracted this fever and others are using mosquito repellants to avoid the viral infection.
I performed the Agnihotra daily and discovered its virtues at home. I found that after each Agnihotra, lots of dead mosquitoes would be on the floor inside the pooja hall and outside the windows.
I also took to the habit of spreading the Agnihotra ashes in flower pots and in tulsi plants.

With time, all the plants become revitalized and beautiful. My family members are not affected by the "Chikungunya" fever.
I have been meeting people in my workplace, friends and other devotees, advising them to start the Agnihotra. Its virtues are extraordinary.
I hope that gradually this knowledge of Agnihotra will be spread so that the island will be free from diseases.
This is the message I want to share with friends worldwide.
With love,
Sheila Moloo, Mauritius Island



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Francisco and Cecilia Fernandez
Valley del Elqui, Cochihuaz, Chile

We were in the midst of what is the so called "Bolivian or altiplano Winter". In the mountain range there was a little rain during  few hours, very little, but there was lightening and thunder.
 On February 15 , Francisco did one hour of Om Tryambakam Homa in the morning .Later, he and  a lady doctor  did some special meditation. "Albaricoque" has several cabins for tourists.
It was around 5:40 pm when the gardener ran all over the place warning the people to vacate the cabins immediately, because an avalanche was coming from the Kankana mountain, which is right in front of us from the North. We saw an immense river of mud rapidly coming down towards us and the cabins. People started moving up the road and this way running away from the river of mud.
Francisco and me, we did the opposite, we got closer to the avalanche in spite of the desperate yelling people who tried to warn us. Francisco started to chant some Mantrams and we also kept saying "Back! Back!" and repeating the Mantra
Then, on the side where the mud should have reached first the parking lot and then the cabins, a three

The avalanche stopped right in front of Albaricoque and then turned. It did not touch even a hair of this property where the Homa Fires are being practiced for 20 years.

meter tall wall of mud rose up towards us without advancing, it did not even touch the car which had remained in the parking lot, because it had been to late to get it out. The back of the car was touching the bamboo-like fence which was leaning towards it and was filled to the top with mud from the other side. The car however did not get a single stain of mud!
In Conclusion, the avalanche literally turned and because of the high wall formed on the side where we recited the Mantrams, the river of mud passed by the side of the fence of the cabins, without even touching a hair of the Albaricoque place.
The people who were there could not believe it and took many pictures. The TV came the next day and we gave our testimony that THANKS TO THE HOMA FIRES  AND THE DIVINE GRACE THIS PLACE  WAS PROTECTED.


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 Before Agnihotra, my family was practically destroyed. Each one of its members lived and looked in a different way. One looked to the south, the other to the north and each one of us had his/ her own view. And we, the parents, were about to split. Our family lived in a crisis: first my husband, who suffered a heart attack that almost killed him. Then my oldest daughter got pregnant and my second daughter had to repeat the school year. All this happened in one year.
I began the practice of Agnihotra on the day my husband left the hospital with three bypasses on the heart. From that day on, I am practicing Agnihotra and that is approximately three and a half years. Everything has changed.  Fernando and I, are again a couple with a lot of love and respect. We have made a home again. Almost everybody can have a family and a roof over his head, but that sweet feeling and protection of arriving at home, we only get it thanks to Homa Therapy.
We change houses often due to my husband's work.

Vicky and Fernando with their daughters are teaching now Agnihotra in their HOMA CENTER in Quito, Ecuador.

 So wherever we go, we travel with our pyramids. And I can tell you, we do Agnihotra when we arrive at a new house and immediately we feel that we are in our home.
The harmony that we are able to live with our daughters is very wonderful. My daughter Carla, who has been very lazy, she is now the first of her class. Well, we all practice Agnihotra.
We thank God for  be
ing able to practice Homa Therapy. It has healed our family and each one of us.
My testimony is dedicated to all the families, so they know that they can find the happiness again, as we have found it through the practice of Homa Therapy.
With Love,
Vicky Morales de Zurita


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"Deva's Harvest" is the name of a one acre HOMA farm in Jackson, Mississippi. There many of the herbs and vegetables grow in raised beds arranged in energetic circular forms (Mandalas). Lumbriculture, compost and other natural methods are also used to obtain abundant and tasty crop.

The sisters ,Cristina and Alejandra ,use Homa Farming methods and they have experienced that biological controllers take care of damaging insects and diseases on their land. They also apply Homa Farming in their 2 Greenhouses.

You can read more about Deva's Harvest in the cover story of "Mississippi Today" in the websites mentioned in the section "Homa in the News".

On the HOMA FARM "DEVA'S HARVEST" gourmet organic vegetables, edible flowers and culinary herbs are being grown by two young entrepreneurs who managed to combine their love and care  for Nature with business. These organic ecological gourmet HOMA prodcuts are exquisite in taste and nutrition.


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Report from Hunter Valley
New South Wales, Australia
"Om Shree Dham"
Homa Therapy Teaching and Healing Center
By Lee and Frits Ringma

The Gift of Water
Perhaps the most miraculous demonstration of how Homa heals Nature with Divine Intelligence and Love, and how Nature in turn responds to the true needs of the people who are helping Her , is the story around our bore well.

When we purchased the land in 1994,it was in drought and the only source of water was harvested rainwater held in concrete tanks. With ongoing drought, we had to resort to recycling our water. The bath water washed the clothes and the dishwashing and clothes washing water watered the non-food trees and plants. One day, a water diviner turned up and after thoroughly dowsing the land, he told us there were no underground streams to speak of. However, we had a bore well drilled, despite the prognosis of the diviner.

Attracting Healthy Water Resources
Sub-Artesian water was found at thirty-three meters (100 Feet). It was laboratory tested and found to be HIGHLY SALINE AND ALKALINE. So, here was an opportunity to see what HOMA Therapy could do.
We did AGNIHOTRA by the bore and regularly placed AGNIHOTRA ASH down the bore well. The State Department of Water Resources was conducting regular tests on the bore wells in our neighbourhood and we were all amazed to see the  salinity and alkalinity drop with each lab report until we had POTABLE DRINKING WATER.

Fire hut of Om Shree Dham, where daily Agnihotra fire
is practiced at sunrise and sunset.

The story does not stop there however. Another diviner, highly renowned for his intuitive ability, recently turned up at Om Shree Dham to learn about Homa Therapy. He was interested in divining the land. After walking the land, he came to us saying that the underground water was acting very strangely. He said it traveled along a certain course, then made a sharp ninety degree turn, proceeded under the fire hut and to the other side of the property and then turned back on itself and continued back to the original course along the other side of the property. We asked him to show us where it turned back on itself. It had made a beeline for the borehole and then returned to its original course! We had not told this diviner that we had a bore well and, as a shed is built around it, there was no way he could have known it was there.

The Beauty and Effectiveness of Homa
Over the years, we have experienced and it has been noticed by others frequently, how the land has taken on a much greener, lush and harmonious mantle compared to the surroundings that reflect the harsh, over-farmed nature of the Hunter Valley in general.
In drought, we have had so many incidents of timely rain nurturing recently planted seedlings. It has even happened that it would rain over Om Shree Dham alone, miraculously demonstrating the  PRESENCE OF THE HOMA BIOSPHERE.


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"According to a report by the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL), particularly lettuces are strongly contaminated with pesticides as well as peppers, grapes, berries and apricots. Every third sample of rucola is contaminated and every fifth sample of peppers. The ten most contaminated vegetables include cucumbers and lamb's lettuce.
In the almost 16,000 samples tested, the share of fruit and vegetables contaminated with pesticides was 60 %

(comment: If this happens in Europe where they have very strict regulations about food management, imagine how contaminated and toxic are our food products in the Americas (North, Central and South), Asia, Africa, Australia, etc.)

"Farm organizations and groups are organising a movement across India to combat suicide among farmers and the recent decision of the Centre to import wheat during the harvest season. The Director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, Vandana Shiva, said the deaths by suicide of more than 40,000 farmers since 1997 could only be called "genocide." The report shows the trend of increasing dependence of farmers in the suicide belt on hybrid and genetically modified seeds, which were costly and could not be saved. It also refers to the increasing attempts to privatize seed supply and the emergence of multi-national seed monopolies."

both articles are from: www.biofach.com/archive


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These Conferences will be given starting the 3rd week of June till beginning of July.
For more details and information please contact:
and Ricardo Mena
Tel. 34-956-560693 / Fax 34-956-560200
email: christa7homa@hotmail.com  

There will be a series of Conferences and Bioenergetic Healing Sessions en Spain about the Benefits of HOMA Therapy in Human Health and in Organic, Ecological Homa Agriculture.


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Article by Karin Heschel

Homa Cows and their milk was not affected
by the Chernobyl Radioactivity.

 At the time of Chernobyl nuclear accident, in 1986, we had a farm in Austria where HOMA farming was practiced. After the government informed the public about the accident, they also came forward with some rules for farmers.

Every farmer who was supplying milk was asked to bring
a sample of milk and a sample of fodder to the nearest control station, so that the scientists could find out the degree of radioactive pollution.

After a few days the scientists asked us to come down
to the control station, there was some confusion about our milk samples. So we went there. They were asking us what we were doing, because our milk and fodder samples did not show any radioactive pollution and they said that after Chernobyl actually this is not possible.

At that time I did not realize the magnificence of
this statement as I had full trust in the PROTECTION that HOMA THERAPY gives and this was just another example that shows how Homa Therapy truly works.

We told the scientists what we were doing, that is
AGNIHOTRA pyramid fire at biorhythm of sunrise/sunset, many hours of Om Tryambakam Homa, on full moon and new moon days 24 hours of Mantras and Homas and the use of Agnihotra ash for farming, but the scientists were not ready to listen to our story, though they had the results in their hands.


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Agnihotra and Radioactivity

One Eastern European scientist said:
"Normally scientists will not understand easily how radioactivity can be neutralised by doing AGNIHOTRA. They always think of burning something as a chemical process only. But if it is only a chemical process then the nuclei of the atoms are not changed. Therefore radioactivity is not affected at all.

In the last few years there were some articles on so-called 'Cold Fusion' where under quite normal conditions in laboratories atoms were fused. Most scientists do not believe that this might be possible. However, these reports were correct. In the Agnihotra process there is also something like cold fusion. This explains how radioactivity can be eliminated. The brainwaves of a person sitting near Agnihotra have an impact on the flame. If you measure the frequencies of the flame by some optical methods we could get something like EEG without even touching that person."


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"New illnesses stemming from man's misuse of his resources and genetic modification of food sources will now begin to be diagnosed. These new illnesses are a DIRECT result of genetic modification and excessive use of pesticides and fungicides used in order to mass produce foods pleasing to the taste but deadly to the system.

The only way out is that each community starts ORGANIC SEED BANKS & ORGANIC HOMA FARMING. Indeed it shall come to pass that without the use of Agnihotra, the resultant ash and healing atmosphere, less and less will grow. This is in the beginning stages now. We see your future and there will be no food. Only those whose lives have been blessed to have found this healing fire will be able to live a completely full and healthy life."


To read further



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This website can be a window to the world that shows what you are doing with these HOMA Healing Fires in your daily life.

If you are doing AGNIHOTRA for Physical - Mental Health, Harmony in the Family, Education, Rehabilitation, Behavioral Change, Agriculture, Cattle Raising, Ecology, Research, supporting the Circle of Life and Energy Cycles of the Earth or any other reason, please let everyone know about your experiences and write us. By sharing our experiences with others we bring HOPE to many.

Master Vasant is an example of this SHARING. Let's follow HIS steps. There is a lot of space in the web sites for documents, pictures, audios, videos, etc.
This information can also be made available in different languages. We ALL can play a greater role as Instruments of the Divine through Agnihotra. But we have to move from Thinking into ACTION. You can do this by expressing Love in all your actions and by sharing Agnihotra HOMA.

Please send your pictures of Agnihotra with your family and friends. Maybe you are already sharing this knowledge in cultural, scientific or spiritual events. Maybe you are already doing it at home, hospitals, schools, health centers, work or public gatherings. Communicate your experiencies!

Let's hear YOUR News. Let's be part of the Loving HOMA Wave that is spreading all over the world.


Check the following web site for a list of these harmful genetically modified foods: http://www.truefoodnow.org/shoppersguide/guide_printable.html


Please share this HOMA Newsletter with friends and family. We are all part of these important changes. Thanks!


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