Moldavite is the name given to the meteorite that fell to our earth 15 million years ago. The area where it landed is in a small section of the Czech Republic. How it was formed is still a mystery. It is believed by some to be a fusion of the molten meteorite and the high content of silica in the
soil that give this substance its glass like consistency. It is thought also that the high content of iron in the soil gives Moldavite its striking green color. It is the only extraterrestrial substance that is considered gem quality, as it can be faceted into any shaped and is translucent.
Moldavite is perhaps the most rare gem on earth. There are only a few numbers of sights where Moldavite can be dug. Out of the Moldavite that is dug only some of this is good enough to be sold in raw form. From an energy standpoint Moldavite is unbelievably powerful when activated. Its full power lies trapped within it and only by special means can its full potential be accessed. It is a catalyst, and its effects on ones life cannot be underestimated.
Like the rest of the stones history, its spiritual significance is also shrouded in mystery. It has been recorded by many historians that in numerous ancient civilizations meteorites were held sacred and were said to have incredibly mysterious powers. The most interesting example is in Egypt where meteorites were found in the Great Pyramids and in tombs. The connection between the Egyptians and the constellations Orion and Sirius is a well-known one. It is no coincidence that Moldavite is from Orion. The stone is the energy of fire and one of its names is the Stone of Ra.
Moldavite, which is sold by the Arkadian Collection has been brought from the Czech Republic to an ancient sight, called Bhrugu Aranja, in the Tatra Mountains of Southern Poland. They are charged for 24 hours in a healing temple where Ayurvedic Healing Fires and Mantras are maintained daily. This process activates the energy locked within the Moldavite, increasing its potency.
The following are transmissions from Orion, received by Parwati, a lady who resides at Bhrugu Aranja. The information included here is about specific things, which were told about Moldavite, which they take a keen interest in:
"Yes. Yes. Yes. Indeed, the celestial substance, Moldavite, as you call it, has unknown origin. Myth has it that it comes from Orion constellation as you have been told. Yes. Yes. This is confirmation of transmission you received prior to this new information. Yes, we confirm its origin to be correct...
Moldavite is a very powerful healing tool. However, to utilize its energies, ONE MUST VIBRATE ON THE SAME HIGHER FREQUENCY...
Obtain large quantities of Moldavite, IF THIS SUBSTANCE IS CHARGED OR ACTIVATED IN THIS SACRED TEMPLE, in presence of Divinity, indeed it will be most powerful substance with great healing properties. It can NOT be misused. If it should fall into the hands of those who would have intent to misuse it, the substance will not respond and soon will disappear from the presence of such beings. However, it has properties of transformation and can be used to raise the vibration of the individual even without their knowledge of it.
The connection between this substance YOU call Moldavite and the ancient fire that you practice is a very powerful connection like that of a light beam and light; radiant, transparent and strong as steel. Indeed, to use this tool in the presence of Agnihotra shall boost its effect. The substance Moldavite absorbs the energies of the Higher Sources. It resonates with these Sources. Indeed it is one with this fire.
Activated Moldavite is miraculous. To utilize it to its maximum intensity, one must vibrate at the higher frequency. In previous transmissions we advised that, unless one is attuned to it, it will lie dormant. Those who are meant to work with its energy will have no trouble obtaining it. In fact it will come to you, as it came to you....
Moldavite is not its original name.
Then what you send out will be healing and have the activation and blessings required. We are deeply joyous beings of Light and honor your efforts in bringing our mineral to the people of planet Earth. Greetings to all, who receive them.
Yes, yes. Moldavite is not the name of this precious healing, quite powerful gem. Indeed, it has been referred to by several other names, neither of which are known particularly to us...that is, it is not necessary. Names are given for human beings only. We require no names. We ask that the vehicle refer to Moldavite as such for public use. It has been also referred to as stone of Ra. However, that is not a known one. You may call it as you will, but handle it with honor. It is energy, fire energy.
The point where Moldavite appears is actually where points of Light intersect. Moldavite was dropped there, if you will, but was meant for a future time, which is NOW."