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HOMA Events & Activities in Lima, Peru
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HOMA Therapy in Cuenca, Ecuador
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HOMA Therapy on Galapagos Islands
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Homa Therapy in an Alcohol- and Drug-Deaddiction Center


Depressed Person

Same person 3 minutes after AGNIHOTRA ASH intake

Person, who practices AGNIHOTRA regularly


Consecutive Pictures of Agnihotra fire taken in Bhrugu Aranya (Poland)

after 1st offering of rice during 2nd offering of rice after completing whole Mantra
Agnihotra Flame appears like an Angel. Photo taken in Bhrugu Aranya (Fire temple in Poland) Parshuram Temple in Bhrugu Aranya surrounded by many circles of Light (Mandalas) in different colors. Light Circle just above the Agnihotra pyramid. Luis and Maria Mamud doing the Agnihotra sunset fire.

Light Circles appear in the "Eco-Homa Festival" in the Universidad Nacional de Piura, Peru, South America