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SAIS PAMPA, Km 18 CFB, Property "The Sovereign" 

For:                       Dr. Gloria Guzman representative of Ecoland Arkadia S.A 
From the worker: Sixto Sanchez Arteaga 
Matter:                 Technical report of the milk production on the cattle raising farm SAIS PAMPA, 
                               Property "The Sovereign." 

In am a worker (cowboy) of the cattle raising farm, called "the Sovereign" of the company SAIS PAMPA, located in the Km 18 C.F.B. The farm has a bovine livestock of 19 cattle. I observed in the cows through effect of Homa Therapy and the Agnihotra ash an increased milk production. We obtain 77 liters of milk with a number of 18 cows. 
The milk production before we started with Homa Therapy was 35 Liters with a number of 15 cows. 
I also observe that the milk is foamy and contains more butter. 
The cows, which are approximately since 8 years productive, gave prior to Homa Therapy 4 liters of milk but they have increased their production to 8 or 9 liters due to the effect of Homa Therapy and the subministration of Agnihotra ash. 
It should be considered that some cows are at the end of the productive stage since their breeding already has an approximate age of one year. 
One can also observe that the grass grows green in spite that we are in the middle of summer. In the previous years at this time the grass was already mostly withered or dry. 
Also the production of manure of the cows that receive the Homa Therapy effect has increased. The manure has the consistency of a paste that quickly forms cakes in the grass; they are of great volume and dry quickly in the sun. 
They don't have an unpleasant scent, they are of grass color. From the manure of cows treated with HOMA THERAPY I elaborate the cookies for the execution of the healing fires of the Homa Therapy and I observed that they are of very good quality. Even during burning in the Homa fire they leave a pleasant scent. 
I conclude this information expressing my most cordial greeting. 

SAIS PAMPA, Km 18 C.F.B. Farm "The sovereign" 
Date: September 11, 2002

Santos Sixto Arteaga
D.I. 32039851